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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Pooya Tabesh Ph.D. Candidate 713-743-4657 Management 310A
Josh Tabin Lecturer 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Alexander Tawse PhD Student 713-743-4657 Management 310A
Ramona Taylor Program Director 713-743-4705 Graduate & Professional Programs 424G UCBB
John Barry Teare Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4845 Accountancy & Taxation 360H MH
Candace TenBrink PhD Student 713-743-4680 Management 310B
Asha Thomas MARK & ENTR Academic Advisor 713-743-8963 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 223D Melcher Hall
Whitney Thompson Program Manager for Student Success 713-743-4913 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 262J Melcher Hall
Dale Tibodeau Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4691 Decision & Information Sciences 275D
Marie Tighe Department Business Administrator 713-743-4557 Marketing & Entrepreneurship 385A Melcher Hall
Lisa Tillman Front Office Manager 713-743-6120 Rockwell Career Center 204 Cemo Hall
Seshadri Tirunillai Assistant Professor 713-743-7113 Marketing & Entrepreneurship 385C
Reginald Toussant Career Development Specialist 832-842-6126 Rockwell Career Center 221 Cemo Hall
Michael Tran Program Manager 713-743-0185 Sales Excellence Institute MH 365
Amy Tran Administrative Coordinator 713-743-4896 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 228D MH
Julia Trevino Admissions Coordinator 713-743-4638 Graduate & Professional Programs 424E UCBB
Peter Truong Network Control Manager 713-743-4468 Division of Technology 102C
Henry Tu Application Developer III 713-743-4899 Division of Technology 216
Stuart M. Turnbull Professor 713-743-4767 Finance 230G
Chris Turner Pre-business Academic Advisor (Se-Z) 713-743-4911 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 262A Melcher Hall