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Inside Bauer

We are excited to share with you the latest issue of Inside Bauer, the award-winning magazine of the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston!

In this issue, we examine trends related to the evolving workforce, reinforcing our message that at Bauer College, The Future Is Our Business! You'll read about students who are thriving in Bauer programs, alumni who have successfully navigated the job market of the last three years and faculty who are researching industry changes like remote work and organizational shifts.

We also highlight the rapidly rising rankings of Bauer programs over the last year, with a fourth consecutive Number 1 ranking for the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, and the reimagined Bauer MBA program, which is propelling professionals in the workplace.

This special digital issue includes exciting video content as well as related links to other stories and virtual interviews! Please take a moment to explore Inside Bauer, and let us know what you think. You can also share your thoughts and favorite stories on social media, using #InsideBauer.

Winter/Spring 2022

Inside Bauer Magazine: Winter/Spring 2022

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Winter/Spring 2021

Inside Bauer Magazine: Winter/Spring 2021

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Spring/Summer 2020

Inside Bauer Magazine: Spring/Summer 2020

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Spring/Summer 2019

Inside Bauer Magazine: Spring/Summer 2019

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Spring/Summer 2018

Inside Bauer Magazine: Spring/Summer 2018

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Fall/Winter 2018

Inside Bauer Magazine: Fall/Winter 2018

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Spring/Summer 2017

Inside Bauer Magazine: Spring/Summer 2017

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Fall/Winter 2017

Inside Bauer Magazine: Fall/Winter 2017

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Spring/Summer 2016

Inside Bauer Magazine: Spring/Summer 2016

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Fall/Winter 2016

Inside Bauer Magazine: Fall/Winter 2016

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Spring/Summer 2015

Inside Bauer Magazine: Spring/Summer 2015

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Fall/Winter 2015

Inside Bauer Magazine: Fall/Winter 2015

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Spring/Summer 2014

Inside Bauer Magazine: Spring/Summer 2014

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Fall/Winter 2014

Inside Bauer Magazine: Fall/Winter 2014

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Fall/Winter 2013

Inside Bauer Magazine: Fall/Winter 2013

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