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Interest Areas


Description of career opportunities

The second largest number of career opportunities for marketing majors is in Retailing. There are two broad types of retailing jobs: merchandising and operations.

Positions in merchandising have titles such as Buyer, Merchandiser, etc. These people work at the company’s headquarters and are responsible for deciding which items to carry in the stores, how to present them, how to price them, and how to advertise.

Positions in operations have titles such as Department Manager, Store Manager, District Manager, etc. These people work in the stores and are responsible for managing the stores and scheduling and supervising store employees.

Most retailers have one headquarters and many stores, so the large majority of career opportunities in retailing are in store management (i.e., operations).

How many jobs are available?

Quite a few. These jobs are available through Rockwell Career Services, personal networking, and want ads.

Who is it good for?

Retail merchandising is a good career choice if: the idea of choosing and presenting retail merchandise appeals to you; you think you have good judgment about what merchandise will sell; and you will be comfortable working with numbers that area product sales rates and profit margins.

Retail operations is a good career choice if: you like being in stores; you like the idea of running your own operation with your own employees; you have the firmness and fairness needed to manage employees effectively; and you are willing to make a commitment to great customer service.

Suggested courses

Courses recommended for students interested in retailing are as follows:

Strongly suggested courses:
  • MARK 4364, Retailing Management
  • GENB 4396, Business Internship (taken in a retail management context)
Suggested courses:
  • MARK 4362, Applied Buyer Behavior
  • MARK 4365, Electronic Commerce
  • MARK 4368, Pricing
  • MARK 4367, Advertising and Promotion Management
  • MARK 4372, Services Marketing
  • MARK 4339, Database Marketing

These courses should improve your skills in: managing retail merchandise and operations; understanding buyers; pricing merchandise; managing communications and promotions; managing service; and analyzing customer information.

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courses at the UH Academic Catalog

Overview of Marketing Interest Areas

Course Number Course
MARK 3336 Elements of Marketing R R   R
MARK 3337 Professional Selling R R   R
MARK 3339 Marketing Strategy R R   R
MARK 4338 Marketing Research     SS SS
MARK 4339 Database Marketing S S SS S
MARK 4362 Applied Buyer Behavior   S S SS
MARK 4363 International Marketing       S
MARK 4364 Retailing Management   SS    
MARK 4365 Electronic Commerce   S   S
MARK 4366 Business to Business Marketing S     S
MARK 4367 Advertising and Promotion Management   S   SS
MARK 4368 Pricing   S S  
MARK 4372 Services Marketing S S   S
MARK 4373 Advanced Professional Selling R      
MARK 4374 Sales Force Management R      
MARK 4375 Key Account Selling (R)      
MARK 4376 Sales Force Automation R      
MARK 4179 Sales Practicum R      
MARK 4390 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations       S
HRMA 4397 Revenue Management      S  
GENB 4396 Business Internship      SS SS SS


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