Bauer Undergraduate College Academic Notice

Pre-Bus majors who have earned between a 2.00 to 2.49 cumulative UH GPA are placed on College Academic Notice. Note: Any coursework taken at a different institution will not be counted in your UH GPA, only coursework completed at UH will be counted.


Achieve a minimum 2.5 UH cumulative UH GPA and meet all other requirements to file a degree plan by the time 45 hours of college credit is earned. Students are limited in terms of course options towards a BBA until a minimum 2.50 overall UH GPA is achieved and a degree plan is successfully filed.

College Academic Notice Polices

  • Students must be able to achieve a 2.50 UH GPA with remaining BBA course requirements by the time they have reached 45 hours. If it is not possible to achieve a 2.50 UH GPA with remaining coursework, a student will non-eligible to continue in the Bauer College and will have to either successfully change their major from pre-business to another non-business major or transfer to another university.
  • Pre-business majors with below a 2.50 cumulative UH GPA are required to be advised each semester until that GPA is achieved a degree plan has been successfully filed. Advising appointments are scheduled online by students through their my.uh.edu account.
  • Students must seek tutorial and academic assistance from Learning Support Services each semester until a 2.50 UH GPA has been achieved and a degree plan has been successfully filed.
  • Students with below a 2.50 UH GPA should check their cumulative UH GPA each semester through their my.uh.edu account. Students can determine their target GPA for upcoming semester and how many hours are needed to raise UH cumulative GPA to at least a 2.5.
  • Review the Academic Regulations for Enrollment Page .
  • Students should familiarize themselves on the policy on academic probation.

Early Advising

  • To avoid long wait times, please see an advisor at these times.
  • Bring an In-Progress Grade Sheet to your advising session with your mid-semester average grades in each class.
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