BBA in Marketing

Interest Areas


Topics covered in Marketing (MARK) courses include how to conduct market research and analyze buyers, how to price goods and services, how to sell, how to advertise and promote, and how to develop a marketing plan.

There are several different interest areas in Marketing that students can choose from and are appropriate for students who plan careers in these areas of Marketing.

  • Selling and sales management
  • Retailing
  • Market research and analysis
  • Marketing communications


For Marketing related internships and career positions, visit the UH Bauer College Rockwell Career Center.

Academic Advising

The Marketing major consists of core classes, pre-business classes, required upper lever business courses, and specific Marketing coursework. Please see the general degree plan linked to above in the gray link box for more detailed information on courses.

  • We encourage current students to meet with an academic advisor to select courses, get support, and stay on track. 
  • Students selecting Marketing as a major must declare by filing a degree plan.  After completing pre-business classes and meeting all other requirements, students should fill out this online form to declare a Marketing major.  **Please review the links for degree plans, requirements, and prerequisite information. 


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