Division of Technology

Research Databases

Vendor Database Dataset
AcademicEDGAR+, LLC directEDGAR directEDGAR
Bloomberg Bloomberg Bloomberg Terminal 1
Bloomberg Bloomberg Terminal 2
Cowan Research, LC Eventus® Eventus® WRDS
CQG Services CQG Market Data NYMEX, EUREX US, ICE, CBOT Delay, and CME Delay
ISS RiskMetrics Directors Data and Corporate Takeover Defense Data
Ives, Inc. Audit Analytics Audit and Compliance
  Advanced Restatement Dataset
  Corporate and Legal
  Accounting and Oversight
Markit Group Limited Markit Database Corporate Debt CDS Data-WRDS
Markit Database CDS History
Mergent, Inc. Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database NAIC Bond Pricing Transactions Data
  Bond Issuers & Bond Issues + Ratings
OptionMetrics, LLC OptionMetrics Ivy DB US Options Database
Qualtrics Qualtrics Survey Qualtrics Research Suite
Standard & Poors Compustat® Compustat BackData Segment - WRDS
  Compustat Bank - WRDS
  ExecuComp - WRDS
  Compustat Full Package - WRDS
  Compustat BackData - WRDS
  Compustat Global - WRDS
Capital IQ Capital IQ
Telvent DTN Telvent DTN IQFeed
  Retail API-Annual Licensing Fee
The University of Chicago   CRSP 1925 US Stock Database
Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters 13 F Ownership Current & Historical WRDS
  Academic Global Summary History - WRDS
  Institutional Holdings (13F) - WRDS
  Mutual Fund Ownership-Current & Historical - WRDS
  Insider Filing Data Feed (IFDF) - WRDS
  Guidance Feed-WRDS
  SDC Academic - Worldwide Mergers & Acquisitions
  DealScan WRDS First User
University of Pennsylvania WRDS Wharton Research Data Services
  NYSE Euronext Trade and Quote (TAQ)