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MIS 4372 Transaction Processing II
Parks -- Spring 2019

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  • Assignments will only be evaluated on the final exam.
  • Career Planning and Interviewing:
             30 Second Elevator Speech
             Behavioral Interview Questions
             Star (Situation, Task, Action, Result) (aka PAR (Problem, Action, Result) )
  • Writing Letters
COURSE SUMMARY: This course is the second part of a two course sequence on transaction processing in the client-server environment. This second course concentrates on server-side processes involving submission and processing transaction information across the Internet. The primary technologies employed are: HTML5, XML, XSL, WSH, Microsoft's Visual Studio and ASP.NET 4.5 (VB.NET and C#), Microsoft SQL Server emphasizing XML. We will also examine the LINUX and PHP alternatives.
The course will discuss two major technologies. In the first half the course will present server side scripting options and the second half will discuss Microsoft's server-side ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio technologies.
TEXTS: We will not start using this textbook until MON MAR 4
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5.1: In C# and VB (or later edition) by Imar Spaanjaars
Wrox (Wiley)
ISBN-13: 978-1118846773 ISBN-10: 111884677X
OFFICE HOURS: 1-2:30 MON and WED, 280E Melcher Hall
by appointment 713-743-4729
  1. There is one in-class exam (WED MAR 27).
  2. There is a take-home Exam 2 that will be distributed in class on WED APR 17 and be due MON APR 29 at 5:30 PM in 280MH.
All grading issues are handled in-person during office hours. Do not send e-mail to the instructor regarding any grading issue. Grades assigned for drops after WED JAN 30 (last day to drop without receiving a grade) will be based on your current class grade. If you have a failing grade at the time of the drop, you will receive an F otherwise a W.
Exam 1 (in class WED MAR 27) 40%
Exam 2 (provided on WED APR 17, due back MON APR 29 at 5:30PM) 60%
See the programming assignments necessary for the final here
MON JAN 14 .Introduction to the Transaction Processing in the Client/Server Environment
. Traditional ASP and SQL -- Part I
. The great ideas were done by these people
In-class scripting examples:
WED JAN 16 .Traditional ASP and SQL -- Part II
MLK Holdiday -- No classes
TUE JAN 22 -- Last Day to Add a Class
WED JAN 23 .Server Processes: How your server accounts and SQLServer DSNs are created (word doc)
.Request Variables servar.asp (see asp code servvar.htm)
.Getting client data into the server-side program
.Browser and screen resolution detection
.Object Models Overview (reference)
.Traditional state maintenance asp template example ( source code)
MON JAN 28 .Database History, Nuances and Scale
WED JAN 30 .SQL Server and ADO Fundamentals
    (CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) SQL reference)
.Your Exam Databases:
    .Execute glrestor.asp
    .Get Source Code for glrestor.asp
WED JAN 30 -- Last Day to Drop without receiving a grade
MON FEB 4.Traditional ASP Scripting Examples -- Column #1 only
WED FEB 6 .Connections and Recordsets for ASP here
.ODBC vbs OLEDB connections timings here
.Command Parameters (source)
.Error Collection (source)
.Creating pages on-the-fly
MON FEB 11 .Text File Processing (ASP example  --   source code here)
.Dave Whalen's Cookie FAQ
.Client-Side Cookie examples (write,read,kill in both VBScript and Javascript)
WED FEB 13 .Sample assignments
. Javascript Frameworks Comparisons
.Receiving and Displaying XML on the Client
.Creating XML on the Client (this is AJAX see here)
    . IE Example AJAX for GL Account Query
    . Cross Browser Example AJAX for GL Account Query
.Receiving and Creating XML on the Server
.Sending XML from the Server to the Client
.Boatwright & Higdon's Complete XML example
WED FEB 20 .Walking the XML tree
.Example AJAX for GL Account Query
.RSS Examples
.Family Cookbook (AJAX based)
MON FEB 25 .Control breaks  
WED FEB 27 .Regular Expressions
.A Simple Encrypt/Decrypt VBScript Security (same in javascript)
MON MAR 4 ..NET Framework
.Visual Studio Introduction
. Simple ASPX Examples (see the C# and VB.NET columns)
. Installing IIS on XP Professional (here)
. Installing IIS on Vista (here)
. Inline code, Code-Behind (or this), Model-View-Controller
..NET Languages at MSDN
.VB.NET Language
.C# Language
.ASP.NET Pages
WED MAR 6 .Server Controls
.Web Forms I
. Client-to-server object references (postback) (here)
.Web Forms II
.Simple Data Controls (mis4372_ex1.aspx, source)
. Data Binding to Controls (also IsPostBack) (mis4372_ex3.aspx), source)
. Connecting Events to Server-Side Code
MON MAR 18  . Web Services:
     .Gauge Maker Version 2.1
     .Separation Anxiety Puzzle Game Version 1.7
     .Button Maker Version 2
     .Consuming a Web Service: Weather Station Version 2
WED MAR 20 ..NET Collections
.Server Controls
.Web Services
.Data Binding
.SQL Injections -- Part I (here)
MON MAR 25 .Midterm Exam Review  
WED MAR 27 MIDTERM EXAM (scripting topics)
Sample Midterm Exams:
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MON APR 1 .Post Midterm Exam Review
.Injections and other Nasties-- Part II (here)
.XML with MS Server
.Tamino by softwareAG
.Portals, Frames, Ajax, Dashboards and Sharepoint
.Dashboard Navigation Template
.ASP-PHP Comparison (here)
WED APR 3 . Email
THU APR 4 -- Last Day to Drop
MON APR 8 .Web Crawling (here)  
WED APR 10 . .net graphics
MON APR 15 .HTML 5: Canvas (Basics, Graphs, Dashboards, Slide Shows, range (sliders); new input types  
WED APR 17 .HTML 5: video; borders; progress and meter.

DUE MON APR 29 5:30 PM
MON APR 22  .Cloud
 .Responsive Design
 . Web Services and Dashboards II
WED APR 24 . Audit Controls
.COBIT (see MIS 4373)
.COSO/ERM and ITIL (see MIS 4373)
.Server-Side Bots and Spiders (here and here)
.Creating Excel on the server
.Bauer IP
. Due in class 5:30 PM MON APR 29
. Sample Exams:
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MON JAN 21MLK Holiday
TUE JAN 22Last Day to Add a Class
WED JAN 30Last Day to Drop or Withdraw without receiving a grade
MON-SAT MAR 11-16Spring Break
WED MAR 27Exam 1 in class
THU APR 4Last Day to Drop a Class
MON APR 29Take Home Exam 2 due 5:30 PM. Last Day of Class
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