The Business Minor: A Major Asset

A business minor in the Bauer College of Business could be a major asset – Check out the possibilities!

New Business and Interdisciplinary Minors available beginning Fall 2013

Business Foundations (for non-business majors)

Requirements: A 2.0 cumulative GPA at UH and junior standing.

The Business Foundations minor is designed to provide non-business majors with the foundation of business in accounting and computer literacy, and course selections relating to personal finance, professional selling and entrepreneurship with an overview of business, from a small business and a corporate perspective, to international business and globalization. In GENB 3301, students will learn how to leverage a non-business major in a business environment. This minor will replace the Global Business minor and the International Area Studies minor.

Energy and Sustainability
(an interdisciplinary minor for business and non-business majors)

Requirements: Junior standing and a 2.5 cumulative GPA on 15 or more hours at UH.

The Energy and Sustainability minor is designed to provide both business and non-business majors with an interdisciplinary approach to broad issues regarding energy and sustainability, with a common introductory course and capstone course. Topics would include existing, transitional, and alternative energy resources; and energy and sustainability from the perspectives of economics and business, architecture and design, public policy, and education. The administration of this minor is through Bauer College, but is an interdisciplinary collaboration with other colleges and departments across campus under the direction of Dr. Joe Pratt. For further information, email esi@uh.edu


Minors in specific business areas

A 3.0 GPA on the last 60 hours is require unless otherwise noted

Minors for Business
and Non-Business Majors

Minor only for Non-Business Majors

Business Administration

Energy and Sustainability

Business Foundations







Management Information Systems (MIS)




Personal Financial Planning


Risk Management and Insurance


Sales (requires admission via interview)


Supply Chain Management


Human Resource Management


A minor is not required for business majors.

In order to enroll in upper-level business courses in the Bauer College (with the exception of Business Foundations minor requirements), students must be a declared business major or minor, or be in a business related program.


Request to Declare Business Minor

Questions? Email bba@uh.edu or bauerhonors@uh.edu (Honors College students)