Department of Accountancy & Taxation

Our Faculty

Teaching accounting at the Bauer College of Business is about teaching students to succeed by teaching the language of business. Professional programs offered prepare students to be CPAs auditors and tax experts. In the process they are also learning leadership, decision making and teamwork.

Academic rigor is a given – the Bauer account faculty ranks second in Texas and 23d nationally based on research in top publications. And so is connecting students with the energy of Houston. This energy goes beyond finding oil and gas. It is the force behind a city built by entrepreneurs, by risk takers, by global dealmakers and by builders great and small. Bauer teaches students how to thrive as accountants. And it reminds them it’s up to them to define success based on what they really want to do, whether it’s residing in a corner office or running a non–profit offering health care to those in need.

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