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Bauer Accounting Research Symposium

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2016 Accounting Symposium

10th Annual Bauer Accounting Research Symposium

2015 Accounting Symposium

9th Annual Bauer Accounting Research Symposium

2014 Accounting Symposium

8th Annual Bauer Accounting Research Symposium

  • Anne Beatty, Fisher College of Business, "The Effect of Banks' Financial Reporting on Syndicated Loan Structures"
  • Jennifer Blouin, University of Pennsylvania, "The location, composition, and investment omplications of permanently reinvested earnings"
  • Sunil Dutta, University of California at Berkeley, " Financial Reporting, Growth, and Risk Premia"
  • Jonathan Glover, Carnegie Mellon University, "Relational Contracts as a Foundation for Bonus Pools"
  • Stephen Penman, Columbia University, "Connecting Book Rate of Return to Risk: The Information Conveyed by Conservative Accounting"

2013 Accounting Symposium

7th Annual Bauer Accounting Research Symposium

  • Philip G. Berger, University of Chicago, "The Rational Modeling Hypothesis for Analyst Underreaction to Earnings News*"
  • Ronald A. Dye, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, "Voluntary Disclosure and the Duty to Disclose"
  • Michelle Hanlon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Understanding Why Firms Hold So Much Cash: A Tax Risk Explanation"
  • Chandra Kanodia, University of Minnesota, "How Frequent Financial Reporting Causes Managerial Short-Termism: An Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Reporting Frequency"
  • Siew Hong Teoh, University of California at Irvine, "Headline Salience and Over- and Underreactions to Earnings"

2011 Accounting Symposium

6th Annual Bauer Accounting Research Symposium

  • Richard Sloan, University of California at Berkeley, “Detecting Earnings Management: A New Approach*”
  • Joe Weber, MIT Sloan Management, “The Influence of Elections on the Accounting Choices of Governmental Entities”
  • Frank Gigler, University of Minnesota, “Necessary Qualities of Accounting Information to Provide a Confirmatory Role for Voluntary Disclosures: the Relevance-Reliability Tradeoff”
  • Richard Sansing, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, “Financial accounting measures of tax reporting aggressiveness”
  • Michael Willenborg, University of Connecticut, “How Do Auditors Behave During Periods Of Market Euphoria? The Case OF Internet IPOs”

2010 Accounting Symposium

  • Peter Easton, “What Drives Stock Price Movement? Short-term and Long-term Cash Flows and Implied Expected Rates of Return”
  • Madhav Rajan, “Dynamics of Rate-of-Return Regulation”
  • Peter Wysocki, “The impact of risk, complexity and monitoring on CEO compensation”
  • Nahum Melumad, “Advising and Monitoring CEOs: The Dual Role of Boards”
  • David Burgstahler, “Earnings Precision and the Relations Between Earnings and Returns”

2009 Accounting Symposium

  • Jerry Zimmerman, “Unintended Consequences of Granting Small Firms Exemptions from Securities Regulation: Evidence from the Sarthanes-Oxley Act”
  • Chandra Kanodia, “How Frequent Financial Reporting Produces Managerial Myopia”
  • Mary Barth, “Earnings Announcement Equity Volatility and Risk Premia: Evidence from Equity Returns and Option Prices”
  • Robert Bushman, “Price Discovery and Dissemination of Private Information by Loan Syndicate Participants.”
  • Paul Zarowin, “Economic Consequences of Real and Accrual-Based Earnings Management Activities”

2008 Accounting Symposium

  • Shyam Sunder, “Value of the Firm: Who gets the Goodies?”
  • S.P. Kothari- “The Value of Earnings Comparability”
  • Anil Arya, “Friction in Related Party Trade When a Rival is also a Customer”
  • Mark DeFond, “Was the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Good News for Corporate Bondholders?”
  • Ron Dye, “Valuation Issues Related to Buy in Payments in Cost-Sharing Agreements”

2007 Accounting Symposium

  • Daniel W. Collins, “The effect of SOX internal control deficiencies on firm risk and cost of equity”
  • Stanley Baiman, “Incentive compensation and the choice of inventory buffer”
  • Lynn Rees, “Stock option plans, management earnings guidance, and a firm’s information environment”
  • Katherine Schipper, “The applicability of the fraud on the market presumption to analysts’ forecasts”
  • Raffi Indjejikian, “Performance evaluation of business unit managers: Theory and empirical evidence”

2006 Accounting Symposium

  • Terry Shevlin, University of Washington, "The Information Content of Dividends: Do Dividends Provide Information about Future Earnings?"
  • Mark Penno, University of Iowa, "The Assignment of Decision Rights in Formal Information Systems"
  • Dana Hollie, University of Houston, "SFAS No. 131: Determinants and Information Content of Segment Reconcilable Differences"
  • Jonathan Glover, Carnegie Mellon University, "Robuste Auctions"
  • Doug Skinner, University of Chicago, "The Role of Deferred Tax Accounting in the Japanese Banking Crisis"