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When people find out that I work for Bauer College, they often ask if it’s fun to spend my days on a college campus.

Don’t get me wrong — I love the University of Houston campus and (if asked) will talk your ear off about my favorite places from Spur 5 to Scott. But as executive director of communications for Houston’s business school, my office tends to be all over the city and surrounding areas.

Bauer College is so connected to this community that it was only natural for us to create an advertising campaign a few years ago, boldly declaring, “We are Houston. We are Bauer.”

Our students often grew up in or around Houston, and those who move here for college quickly become proud Houstonians by choice. Our graduates fuel the Houston workforce, making our alumni base the driving force behind the global economy. Our faculty have partnered with companies across the city to produce research and case studies that solve real business challenges. Our programs are designed with industry in mind — as Dean Ramchand so often says, Bauer College can best be described as a resource for the business community.

Because my job is, put simply, to tell the Bauer College story, I often have the opportunity to see Houston, whether it’s interviewing an alumnus who’s making a difference in the East End, helping to organize “road show” events downtown, in Clear Lake and north of the city, or pitching in at photo and video shoots at landmark destinations across town.

I wasn’t born in Houston, and I didn’t grow up here, but thanks to Bauer College, I consider myself part of one of the most dynamic and diverse communities in the world. #HTownTakeover, indeed!

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Jessica Navarro
(BA ‘07, MA ‘12)
Executive Director of Communications



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