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Bauer College Alumni Association
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Bauer College Alumni Association extends it deepest condolences to John Reinert's family and loved ones. He was a great asset to the Bauer College Alumni Board, bringing a passion that set new standards of excellence for fundraising and engagement. Bauer Alumni will sorely miss his support and contributions that have surely developed and furthered Ted Bauer's legacy gift. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family this holiday season.

The Bauer College Office of Alumni Relations was established
with the goal of increasing alumni engagement.

Mission statement:

The mission of the Bauer College Office of Alumni Relations is to provide meaningful engagement opportunities for all Bauer College alumni to be involved with the college and with each other. This will be accomplished in collaboration with Bauer College alumni, faculty, staff, and students; the Bauer College Alumni Association (BCAA); the University of Houston Alumni Association (UHAA); and the University of Houston (UH).

Vision statement:

The Bauer College Office of Alumni Relations will be a premier organization that actively engages and supports future and current alumni in a lifelong relationship with the Bauer College. We envision that prospective students will choose Bauer in part because of the strength and vibrancy of its alumni network.

Core values:

The Bauer College Office of Alumni Relations’ core values are teamwork, collaboration, leadership, integrity, inclusiveness, commitment, and fun.