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The Bauer Career Gateway

Bauer students and alumni may access job postings, internships, information sessions, career fairs and workshops specifically for Bauer business majors through the Bauer Career Gateway. Access is easy, simply login via Access UH and click on the Bauer Gateway button. For any questions or additional assistance with your Gateway account, contact the Rockwell Career Center.

On-Campus Recruiting Orientation

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) is a program that allows students to interview with employers on-campus for internship and full-time positions. To be considered for an interview opportunity, students must indicate their interest by submitting their résumé online via the Bauer Career Gateway system. To learn more about how the On-Campus Recruiting program works, please review the document listed below.

NOTE: Students are strongly encouraged to review this document to fully understand how the On-Campus Recruiting program works.

For more information, please contact us at or 832-842-6120.

University Career Services

In addition, on-campus recruiting opportunities, job postings, internships, part-time jobs, information sessions and student employment opportunities for all University of Houston students and alumni can be accessed through University Career Services.

NOTE: You may be required to complete the CRW (Campus Recruitment Workshop) once a year in order to interview through the University Career Services office.