Curriculum & Enrichment

The Wolff Center has created a balance between a rigorous academic curriculum and real-world experience. WCE believes that through exposing students to myriad learning opportunities, they will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. WCE’s extra-curricular offerings have changed and evolved over the years, these are a few of the long-standing and very well-received enrichment opportunities:

Lunch & Learns

The Wolff Center invites outside speakers to discuss a new business perspective each week, exposing students to some of the essential and unvarnished truths associated with being an entrepreneur. The series demonstrates the Wolff Center’s emphasis on broadening students’ academic instruction by bringing in community leaders who discuss a variety of topics.

Lunch & Learns are held most Thursday throughout each semester. Topics presented parallel those being taught in the classroom that week. For example, if the class discussion is on raising capital, the speaker will be an experienced banker or investment banker that can discuss current capital acquisitions options or to review needed skills necessary to approach a capital market source. The lunch and learn subjects include insurance, corporate form, audited financial statements, term sheet preparation, hiring attorneys, distribution strategies, internet economics, business modeling, and the like.

Mentoring Program

The Wolff Center has developed a robust mentoring program to support each student throughout his or her time in the program. With these opportunities students are able to establish long-term relationships with community leaders who will support them upon graduation and in their future.

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Mock-term Negotiations

This program offers our students the opportunity to negotiate a mock term sheet while being coached by seasoned business executives and attorneys. We bring together attorneys from Porter & Hedges and students from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, seasoned business leaders along with executives in the banking, finance, corporate, and venture capital fields.

Business Plan Competition

The Wolff Center students have an opportunity to vie for a spot on the business plan team which will represent WCE in competitions across the country.


WCE students attend a weekend retreat each semester that they are in the program. This off-campus experience drives home the point that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle choice, not simply a business decision. It also serves to build a strong relationship among the students as they share information about their dreams and goals, and explore ways of merging their personal lifestyle choice with a successful business and career.


Wolffest was an idea, started by its own entrepreneurship students, to provide real-world scenarios for students to learn what it really takes to start a business. It has since become part of the WCE capstone course and is the final step in completing a BBA in Entrepreneurship from the Wolff Center.

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College Credit Internship

With all that the WCE program teaches, we understand that students will always benefit from hands-on exposure to the entrepreneurial perspective. The day to day decision making, along with the short and long-term consequences of those decisions, can best be learned from the CEO or business owner. Hence, the Wolff Center offers a 12-14 week internship program where students can obtain college credit in addition to experience. Internships are offered as a part of WCE students’ last semester in the program and are available with a number of organizations such as; the Houston Technology Center, SURGE, Houston Angel Network and a wide variety of local entrepreneurial businesses.

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Warren Buffett Visit

Students from WCE were given the chance of a lifetime when one of the world’s most respected and successful investor, Warren Buffett, extended a highly coveted invitation to Berkshire Hathaway Inc. headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Students had the opportunity to visit some of the Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries and participated in a Student Q&A Session with Buffett during the two-day visit.