The Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Programs

Since 1991, the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship has provided students a stimulating and exciting learning environment integrating real-world experience with traditional classroom education. We believe entrepreneurship is not just about high-stakes business competition on the global stage. It’s about preparing individuals to personally seize the information, skills and opportunities to succeed in whatever suits their interests, talents and goals. Regardless of whether our graduates become business owners or employees, their entrepreneurial skills prepare them for leadership roles.

The cross-functional philosophy of teaching the CEO’s perspective is a balance of academic rigor and real-world experience, with students learning from veteran entrepreneurs both inside the university and from the surrounding business community. Our professors and mentors bring students not only valuable business knowledge and entrepreneurial experience, but also the lessons learned from their successes and failures.

The Wolff Center offers a unique model for entrepreneurship education. In fact, program founder William "Bill" Sherrill was named the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year (Educator) in 1994 in recognition of our model.

Our program has four primary components:

  • Academic instruction, because world-class education programs require academic rigor.
  • Enrichment programs, because the successful entrepreneur needs more than purely academic instruction.
  • Outreach and community service, because our students have been given a great opportunity and are expected to give back. Appropriately chosen service can reinforce the lessons of our program, enabling our students to do well for themselves by doing good for others.
  • Competition, because we welcome the opportunity to test ourselves in competitive environments.