Course Track

Graduate Sales Leadership Curriculum

Fall Semester

Pick 1 Class:

Spring Semester

Pick 2 Classes:

Strategic Selling

Selling Skills
Major Account Management
Complex Buying Centers

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Lifetime Value
Salesforce Activity Management
Customer Prioritization

Sales Leadership

Organizational Leadership
Sales Forecasting
Rewards and Compensation
Personnel Management

MARK 7378

MARK 7377

MARK 7379

Summer Semester

Pick 1 Class:

Optional Classes

Pick 1 Class:

Business to Business Marketing

Identify & Analyze B2C/B2B
Successfully Market
Research Specific Industry Segments

Sales Analytics

Descriptive, Diagnostic, and Predictive Analytics
Analyzing Sales Data Using Machine Learning
Leading with Sales Analytics

MARK 7373

MARK 7397

MBA students are required to take 9 credit hours of sales courses to qualify for the Sales Leadership Certificate.

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