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“#1 Reason we love University of Houston Sales Excellence Institute is their program is diverse and inclusive that assists with our Cultural goals at 3M, as well as requiring the students to actually sell during each semester providing them with real sales experience unlike most collegiate sales programs that we hire from.”

#2 Reason we support and recruit from University of Sales Excellence Institute is their research specifically focusing on sales, sales management and executive leadership.”

Scott Holway, 3M | Strategic Partner

“In our business, I cannot overstate how important it is to have team members that can connect with clients to further assist them with their needs. I believe the Sales Excellence Institute at UH provides invaluable coaching and experience for students looking to further develop their personal attributes that will enable them to interact effectively with other people. In looking for potential candidates to start in our industry and team, the experience these students possess from their time in the program shows immediately. With such a large and diverse group of students with these skill sets, it’s a no brainer on why we continue to partner with PES.”

Bayard Hamid, Corebridge Financial | Program Partner