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The Program
  • The Sales Leaders Certification blends a unique value proposition that inspires the best from Sales Managers by equipping them with the right set of skills to lead their sales force’s success
  • Key takeaway from The Sales Leadership Certification: A Personalized Action-Plan and Change Contract that empowers you to implement what you learned. This unique Program Follow-Up Webinar and Personalized Coaching Session provide participants the guidance they need to make an impact in their careers and with their teams

This Program is Particularly Suited For

  • High potential salespeople to be promoted Sales Managers
  • Recently promoted Sales Managers
  • Experienced Sales Managers looking for knowledge improvement and cutting-edge sales leadership education

Program Outline

Program Content

Day 1
What is Great Sales Leadership?
  • Your Sales Management Life Today
  • The Sales Leader’s Real Job
  • The Balance: Numbers vs. Relationships
  • Time Management
Day 4
Authentic Leadership
  • 5 Secrets of Authentic Leadership
  • Motivation and Recognition
  • Leading through Influence vs. Authority
  • Thinking Big – Building Growth Strategies
Day 2
Advanced Sales Strategy
  • Understanding your Market
  • How Customers Buy
  • Complex Decision Centers
  • Managing Customer Relationships and Information
Day 5
Putting it to Work at Work
  • My Sales Leader Case Study
  • My Change Contract
  • My Action Plan
  • My Progress Control
Day 3
Powerful Salesperson Relationships
  • Hiring, Training and Developing the Right People
  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Coaching
  • Performance Management
Program Follow Up
My Personalized Action Plan
  • The Post-Program Webinar
  • My Personal Development Plan
  • My Personalized Coaching Session
  • My Action Plan Results

How We Teach at SEI?

  • Small Group not exceeding 20 participants to ensure personal attention and productive interaction
  • Online Pre-Training Assignments
  • Challenging Lectures
  • Video Role Plays
  • Teamwork
  • Workshops
  • Leading Guest Speakers
  • Personal Action-Plan and Change Contract
  • Program Follow-Up Webinar and Personalized Coaching Session
  • Online Post-Training Blog Community
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