Program Structure

The Bauer Online MBA is a fully online learning program that you can execute from anywhere. You'll get a premier education with maximum convenience while also building connections with other Online MBA students, blending business fundamentals with invaluable networking so you can take your career to the next level. Mirroring our highly regarded Professional MBA Program curriculum, you will have access to the same leading-edge content without ever needing to come to campus.

100% Online. 100% Flexible.

You need a program that can keep up with you — not the other way around. Enjoy being able to take classes from anywhere in the world.

What types of classes are in the OMBA program?

At Bauer, we've taken a unique approach to developing our Online MBA program. Where many colleges and universities have a one-size-fits-all model, we believe each course warrants a different mix of learning methods. Our team of world-class faculty and instructional designers have created courses that you will find engaging and enriching.

There are two forms in which OMBA courses are offered:

Synchronous: Or, put another way, “Live Online.” In this mode of instruction, the faculty member will deliver live lectures at designated class times (weeknight evenings) using either Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This allows students and faculty to build connections and engage in rich conversation weekly. In addition to the regularly scheduled live classes, faculty also hold live, online office hours using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Asynchronous: Or, you may also know this as “self-paced” or “on-demand.” In this format, the faculty posts all the course content including any recorded lectures/videos, reading materials, and assignments, on the course website - but students do not meet at a set time. While there are no set meeting times, the asynchronous mode of instruction still has live, one-on-one, online office hours using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

What is the mix of synchronous and asynchronous?

We believe that live instruction is important in the OMBA degree, so candidates should prepare to have some level of synchronous coursework in their program.