Tuition & Costs

Below is the estimated total program cost for the Executive MBA program. Please remember that program costs vary depending on the number of hours undertaken and the status of the student.

  • Total Texas Resident Cost - $74,700*
  • Total US-Non-Texas Resident Cost - $106,845
  • Total International Cost - $113,528

Program costs may vary depending on the number of hours undertaken and the status of the student. Program costs are subject to change without prior notice. Some international students may qualify for a reduced "International-Resident" rate. Detailed cost breakdown information is available upon request.

The investment for the Executive MBA Program is $74,700* for Texas residents. This includes registration, fees, books, all class materials, the International Business Residency, parking, and food. Individuals receive a number of outstanding services, including a lock-step curriculum, minimal time spent dealing with administrative tasks, and the inclusion of essentially all costs associated with the degree program. The participant in the Executive MBA Program can focus on maximizing the value obtained from the curriculum and from ongoing interaction with fellow participants.

Cost Breakdown

The tuition, less the acceptance fee, is paid by semester to the University of Houston. We do not break out all the various costs associated with the Executive MBA Program. We view our programs as an integrated educational offering of superior educational value to the participants and to their organizational sponsors. Additionally, EMBA fees support an administrative structure that is in place to serve only the students in these programs.

As an exception we have provided estimates concerning costs for books & direct educational support materials (article copies, course-related software, etc.). Historically these costs constitute 15-20% of total program costs, but, of course, this varies depending on the precise text and learning materials choices made by this program office and by the faculty.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to US citizens, US nationals and U.S. permanent residents through the federal government. Financial aid is made up of loans. Students are encouraged to complete their FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1st of the year they plan on attending UH. A graduate student in one of these categories is eligible for $20,500.00 per year in Federal Direct unsubsidized loans. Repayment for both types of loans begins 6 months after graduation or anytime the student drops to less than 5 hours per semester. An application is available through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid web site, at

If the Federal Direct loans are not sufficient to cover a graduate student’s cost of attendance (as set by the UH Financial Aid Office) other types of loans are available. Students eligible for Federal Stafford Loans may also be eligible for the Grad Plus Loan or a private bank loan. These loans do check credit history. International students may receive a private loan so long as they have a creditworthy cosigner. Additional loan information is available on the UH website, or through your local bank.

The Bauer College of Business is unique in that it houses a financial aid advisor that exclusively serves its graduate students. If you have any questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Advisor, Karina Galvan, in the Bauer Graduate & Professional Program at

Notes on Cost

*Fees are based on eligibility to claim State of Texas residency. Any additional fees for non-residency must be assumed by the applicant and are billed separately. If you need more information regarding this matter, please call 713-743-5158.

Note: Tuition, fees, course scheduling, sequencing, curriculum, classrooms and instructors are subject to change.