The Benefits of a Bauer Dual Degree

Earning a dual master’s degree from Bauer can provide numerous benefits to individuals looking to advance their education and career. Some potential benefits of earning a dual master’s degree from Bauer may include:

  1. Increased knowledge and expertise in two distinct areas: By completing a dual master’s program, individuals can gain a thorough understanding of two distinct academic fields, allowing them to develop a unique and valuable skill set. This can make them more competitive in the job market and open up new career opportunities.
  2. Expanded networking opportunities: Pursuing a dual master’s degree at Bauer can provide individuals with the opportunity to connect with other students and faculty members who share their interests and goals. This can help them to build a strong network of professional contacts that can be valuable in their future career.
  3. The opportunity to specialize: Many dual masters programs at Bauer allow students to choose a specific area of focus within their chosen academic fields. This can allow individuals to tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals, and can help them to become experts in their chosen areas of study.
  4. Improved job prospects: Earning a dual master’s degree from the University of Houston can improve an individual's job prospects in their chosen fields. This can make them more attractive to potential employers and can lead to better job opportunities and higher salaries.

Overall, earning a dual master’s degree can provide students with numerous benefits that can help them to advance their education and career. By gaining expertise in two distinct academic fields, expanding their professional network, and improving their job prospects, students who earn a dual master’s degree from the University of Houston can set themselves up for success in their chosen careers.

The dual degree allows qualified graduate business students to earn an MBA and an MS degree by completing between 63 and 69 credits of graduate business courses by applying corresponding graduate credit hours to both the MBA and toward one of the specialized MS degrees offered at Bauer College.

We have found that acquiring the depth of an MS degree in conjunction with the breadth of an MBA degree is likely to greatly increase students’ perceived value and earning potential among employers.

Dual Degree Programs

How to Apply

Candidates for the MBA/MS dual degree are required to submit an online application for both the MBA and the MS program and be admitted to both prior to completing either of the two degrees.

Admission to each program is determined independently by the respective program. After being accepted to both programs, students must submit a general petition to the Bauer Graduate and Professional Programs office to notify that they are pursuing the MBA/MS dual degree.

Students who have completed the GMAT or the GRE as part of the admissions process for one of the degrees will not be required to take either of these exams again as part of the admissions process for the second degree.

Additional Details

A Bauer MS degree requires between 30 and 36 credit hours. The Bauer MBA degree requires 48 credit hours. Students pursuing the dual degree will need to complete all requirements for both the MBA and the MS degree. Where applicable, the dual degree will leverage existing overlaps between the MBA and MS requirements. In addition, students pursuing the dual degree will have the possibility to use MBA electives to fulfill some of the MS degree requirements. The MBA/MS dual degree will require between 63 and 69 credit hours.

Ideally, students who are petitioning for MBA/MS status should not have completed more than 50% of the credit hours required by their first degree program at the time of their enrollment in the second degree program.

To graduate, the student must meet all graduation requirements of both the MBA and MS degree. If a student fails to complete the requirements of the dual degree program, but chooses to proceed with one of the two degrees, the student must complete all the requirements for that degree. The student must file for graduation from the University of Houston with both degrees in the same term through his/her myUH student center. MBA/MS students will receive two diplomas.

Students would be able to complete the dual degree in as little as 30 months. Progress and academic standing in one program does not affect progress in the other program, although shared credit is only granted for courses satisfactorily completed with a grade of “P” (Pass), “C” or better.