Peer Assistant Tips & Tricks

  • Managing your time is a key component to being successful during your college career and beyond!
    • Balancing work, homework, student organization activities, and life in general can be a challenge and soon you’ll realize (if you haven’t already) that there just isn’t enough time in the day; therefore, planning strategically based on what works best for you is important. Investing in a planner can be a great way to start!
    • We highly recommend getting a planner. And, once the semester starts and you’ve received all your course syllabi, start writing down all due dates for assignments and exam dates so you already know what the next few months are going to look like.
  • Commuters! Try to schedule your classes to where you arrive to campus without having to worry about rushing, or worse, being late to class. Traffic is something we ALL deal with, so it is not a good enough excuse for being late or excusing yourself from class. Find out how long it would typically take you to arrive to campus and give yourself at least an extra 45 minutes because you also have to factor in parking. Depending on which parking lot or garage you’re assigned to you will have to either walk or ride a shuttle to get to your destination on campus.
    • For example, if it takes you about 30 minutes to arrive, try to leave an hour and 15 minutes or NO LATER than 1 hour in order to give you plenty of time to arrive, park, and take a shuttle or walk to the building your class is in.
  • Get involved! Do your research on all the Bauer student organizations and pick a few that interest you. Then at Rush Week (the 2nd week of classes), you can interact with officers and decide which one best fits your interest.
    • Why is being involved so important? It gives you the opportunity to build relationships with other students who may be pursuing the same major as you (which helps tremendously with developing study groups). It also exposes you to professional events such as office visits, workshops and professional panels.
  • Utilize all the resources Bauer has to offer! Tutoring services, advising, career counseling, and special programs and certifications are all available to us as Bauer students. Why wouldn’t you use all the opportunities to set yourself apart from your competitors for your dream job?