Helpful Tips for Transfer Advising and Registration


  • Submit any updated transcripts so that everything can be reflected when you get here.
  • Bring any unofficial college transcripts if you haven’t submitted them yet. This will help during the advising session/registration.
  • Be aware that the BBA program at UH Main Campus is a daytime program; classes in the evening/online are limited.
  • Be aware of the holds that you may have on your Student Center profile in your myUH account so that you can clear them when you get to campus.
    • i.e. the Meningitis hold
  • Browse through the Bauer website, specifically the BBA Degree Plan, to become familiarized with Bauer before your arrival to campus.
  • Be ready and prepared to learn (almost) everything about Bauer and why we are a place where Awesome happens!


Q: What if I want to take a course externally to transfer credit to UH?

A: Make sure to fill out the “Permission to Register” form to let Bauer know you will be taking a course outside of UH so that it can transfer as UH credit.

Q: I didn’t know what class to take because I did not know what professor to take. What should I do?

A: Every professor at UH Bauer has different teaching styles, but they are all great at what they do. You will learn the same material since each course has the same concepts across the board.

Q: Why can’t I take STAT 3331 if I took a BCIS (or any other computer class) at a community college?

A: Taking a computer class at a community college, like BCIS, is only part of the pre-requisite to take STAT. If you wish to take STAT because you have taken a computer class, then you also need to take an assessment called the Excel Competency Exam which tests the skills you need to know for STAT. If you take MIS 3300 at UH Bauer, though, and get a C or above, then you don’t have to take the Excel Competency Exam and can register for STAT for the following semester.

Q: What if I want to drop/add a class because my schedule changed during the summer?

A: You are able to add/drop any class, upon seat availability, until a week before school starts (August 20, 2018). The process is the same as when you registered for classes when you were on campus for your orientation. Keep in mind that there will be more orientations after yours, so certain classes may become full.

Q: Why am I still not able to enroll into a certain class if I’ve already taken the pre-requisite for it?

A: More than likely, your transcript has not been processed yet. If you have not submitted an updated transcript from grades for Spring 2018, then make sure to do so as soon as possible and immediately after your orientation ends. If you have already submitted an updated transcript from grades for Spring 2018, then make sure to give the admissions office a call to make sure they have received it and will be processing it soon.

Q: I don’t know where my classes are for the Summer/Fall semester. What should I do?

A: If you can, visit the campus and the college to become more familiarized with the university! Make sure to also download the “UH Redline” application on either the App Store or Google Play Store. This app shows you a map around campus; you can enter the location of your class (for example, MH 160) and it will act as a Google Maps which will direct you to that specific location on campus.

Q: I have another question that is not on here. How should I go about that?

A: If you have any sort of questions related to Bauer, or the University in general, you can email your Peer Assistants and they will be more than happy to answer any questions!

Q: I’ve done everything above. What should I do now?

A: Get ready for a new, adventurous, and exciting chapter of your life! See you in the Fall, and #GoCoogs!