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Bauer Honors Student Advisory Board

The Bauer Honors Student Advisory Board (BHSAB) is a student-run organization within the Bauer Honors Program that is dedicated to enhancing the academic, professional, philanthropic and social endeavors of Bauer Honors students. In addition to providing feedback to faculty and staff regarding Bauer Honors curriculum and programming, the BHSAB hosts networking events, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. Comprised of elected student officers and members, participants meet twice each month to establish new initiatives and plan events.

Our Mission

The Bauer Honors Student Advisory Board strives to enhance the Bauer Honors curriculum by providing meaningful leadership, professional development, and academic opportunities to Bauer Honors students. BHSAB connects students to their community and creates well-rounded future leaders through various professional development and fellowship initiatives.

Past BHSAB Activities

  • Volunteer at the Martin Luther King Day of Service
  • Valentine's Day Cards for Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Weinstein Spira Professional Meeting (Middle Market Public Accounting Firm)
  • Big 4 Accounting Mixers and Socials
  • Gulf States Toyota Professional Meeting
  • Bauer Honors Movie Night at the Student Center Theatre
  • Mentor and Tutoring at the Nehemiah Center
  • Exclusive Fortune 500 Guest Speakers

BHSAB Community Engagement Session

Volunteering adds to your résumé, fulfills philanthropic goals, and gives you something great to talk about at networking events and interviews! The BHSAB Community Engagement Session will provide you with great opportunities to get valuable, résumé-enhancing experience through volunteer work! Check the Bauer Honors Calendar for upcoming BHSAB event dates/times. If you are able to participate in service projects from any of the organizations attending the BHSAB Community Engagement Session, please print out this Service Verification Form, fill it out, get it signed by the administrator of the service project, and turn it back in to the Bauer Honors Commons. For questions, please contact a BHSAB officer.

BHSAB Officer Information

Vivek Patel

Vivek Patel
Email Vivek

Veena Vinod

Veena Vinod
Vice President
Email Veena

Kavi Kohli

Kavi Kohli
Director of External Relations
Email Kavi

Diana Maldonado

Diana Maldonado
Director of Fundraising
Email Diana

Jasmine Saenz

Jasmine Saenz
Director of Community Engagement
Email Jasmine

Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen
Director of Membership
Email Nathan

How to Get Involved

To join the Bauer Honors Student Advisory Board you must be a current Bauer Honors student in good academic standing with Bauer Honors and The Honors College.

Applications are currently being accepted*. Click here to fill out the application.

*Note: Applications can be submitted year-round, but are reviewed by BHSAB at the end of each semester. For questions about membership, please email