Bauer Honors

Curriculum & Course Offerings

The Bauer Honors Program provides students with exclusive access to Honors business courses in each business discipline. Our small, discussion-based classes allow students to interact closely with professors and classmates. All Bauer Honors classes are taught by experienced faculty and include in–depth exploration of course material through case studies, engaging research projects, and intensive writing assignments. The first-rate education achieved through Bauer Honors curriculum provides students with a competitive advantage when entering the job market or pursuing graduate education.


Curriculum Requirements for Bauer Honors Students

In addition to the 10hrs of Human Situation coursework required of all Honors College students, Bauer Honors students must complete a minimum of 18hrs of Business Honors curriculum (6 courses), including:

  • SCM 3301 Honors (this is the Honors Colloquium requirement for Business)
  • Minimum of 9hrs (three courses) selected from FINA 3332H, MANA 3335H, MARK 3336H, and STAT 3331H.
  • Minimum of 6hrs (two courses) in Bauer Honors sections from elsewhere in the BBA degree plan. Click here to view Bauer Honors Degree Plan.

The 18hrs of Business Honors curriculum can be applied towards the 36hrs of total Honors coursework required by The Honors College.

Petitioning for Honors Credit

Classes which are not offered in an Honors section may be petitioned for honors credit. Check the Honors College Coursebook for business classes that are recommended to be petitioned for honors credit. Completed petitions must be submitted to The Honors College within the first three weeks of the semester. To access the Honors Credit Petition form, click here.

Note: No more than two courses may be petitioned for Honors credit in any semester. Honors petitions will not be accepted or approved for the following: POLS 1336, POLS 1337, a non-honors section of a course flagged with an “H” in the Honors Coursebook, or courses taken during the summer.

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*Students taking the 3hr accelerated Honors INTB courses must still meet the 120hr minimum needed to complete the BBA degree program.