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Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY)

Welcome to the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSACCY) and thank you for considering our world class program! Our program is one of a select group of universities that has its own separate accounting accreditation by the AACSB.


"... Coming to this school is one of the best decisions I have made."

—Kaala Jacobs, MS Accountancy

Bauer College offers a learning environment that rivals the top business schools across the nation. The diversity on the campus of the University of Houston is a major contributor to the uniqueness of this school. The cultural mix of students, faculty and staff mirrors the international business world.

The school’s location in the heart of Houston makes for a very distinctive student body at the university. Many employers and recruiters can attest to that statement. Houston is considered the energy capital of the world. Bauer’s proximity to the city’s corporations and professionals is unparalleled and offers immense opportunities to the students here. What most people would consider an unconventional student is what we consider the norm at Bauer. It is not uncommon to have classes with several students who are not fresh out of high school, who have started families and who have previously worked in the corporate world. The mix of students enriches class discussions and ultimately the entire collegiate experience at Bauer. In addition to cultural diversity and exposure, Bauer students are expected and encouraged to thrive academically and professionally.

Coming to the University of Houston and Bauer was never in my college plans. Four years later, and one semester into my second degree, I can say that coming to this school was one of the best decisions I have made. In the classrooms and common areas of Bauer, I have learned a great deal about myself, other cultures and the business world. I would not have gotten these same experiences or opportunities at any other school.


"... It provides courses with cutting-edge knowledge that are personalized ..."

—Wenxi He, MS Accountancy

I am pursuing my second master’s degree at Bauer after I’ve had one from Australia. Bauer gave me the confidence to restart planning my academic and professional career in the U.S. because it provides courses with cutting-edge knowledge that are personalized based on my own background. I benefited a lot from the one-on-one academic advising session tailored to my needs.

What’s more, Bauer offers a nice environment to get connected to all students, faculty and staff. We have social events to network with students and professors like the MSACCY lunch. I’ve met a lot of friends and professors every day when I come to campus, and chatting with them makes me feel like home.


"... It is the unique set of professors that have academic and real-world experience ..."

—Erica Cervantes, MS Accountancy

My experience at Bauer has been nothing short of amazing.

I began the business program a shy sophomore, with no knowledge of business other than a few basic accounting classes in high school. While any business school can show a student the course material, it is the unique set of professors that have academic and real-world experience who teach the material that set Bauer apart. It was with their help that I have been able to become the professional I am today. In my courses I was not only shown the theory of how to deal with things like managerial issues and how to design accounting controls, I was given a mock experience at how situations may turn out through projects and group work. Without the unique professors and their ability to teach not only theory, but what situations that students will be faced with at Bauer, I doubt any student would become the successful professional they can be.


"... My time at Bauer has shown me that the professional world is so interconnected that it seems quite small in reality."

—Zach Poncik, MS Accountancy

Bauer has been a place where I have been able to grow professionally and shape my future.

When I started my accounting courses at Bauer, I got involved by becoming a member of Beta Alpha Psi, the premier student organization for financial services majors, and eventually was elected to serve as one of the Student Officer Vice Presidents.

In addition to my time as a Beta Alpha Psi Officer, I was given the opportunity to be a part of several accounting case study competitions. I participated in Deloitte’s FanTaxtic Regional Competition; Deloitte’s National Case Study Seminar, where my team won the Regional Competition; PricewaterhouseCooper’s xTax Competition, where my team won the Campus Competition; KPMG’s International Case Competition; and UHY’s Accounting Smackdown, where my team won the inaugural competition.

Through these experiences, I was given an extraordinary amount of opportunities to network with individuals and expand my professional network. Houston is such a large city, but my time at Bauer has shown me that the professional world is so interconnected that it seems quite small in reality. The realworld experiences that Bauer has provided me, through classroom integration, case competitions and my internship at Deloitte has been invaluable to my future. These experiences have been an integral part of my success and it was all because of my time at Bauer.


"... Bauer students have many more internship and job opportunities."

—Justin Neumann, MS Accountancy

Bauer’s location is what really helps it stand out in comparison to other business schools. Being located in the heart of Houston, TX, the fourth largest city in the U.S. and energy capital of the world, Bauer students have exposure to many employers that are located close to the university.

Being located in such a big city, Bauer students have many more internship and job opportunities. The best benefit is that since Bauer students are already located here in Houston while they attend school, they don’t have to worry about relocating for their opportunities the way that students at other schools would have to do. Also, many Bauer alumni are located within Houston and are still closely connected to the school. This creates an opportunity for students to connect with UH graduates that can help with job opportunities.

Bauer is extremely diverse and allows for students to find a fit for themselves through student organizations. These organizations provide career guidance and more networking opportunities to help students prepare for life after college.


"... Students are able to establish a connection with professionals on a personal level."

—Michelle Koehler, MS Accountancy

When I came to Bauer as a transfer student, I knew I wanted to be heavily involved with student organizations. Over the last five years, Bauer has fulfilled that goal for me and so much more. Through Bauer, I have received so many opportunities to meet new people, make connections and to further myself as an individual both professionally and personally.

The University of Houston’s location in the fourth largest city in the U.S. and mere miles from downtown, the headquarters for many large companies, provides a unique experience to the students of Bauer. With this close proximity to the firms, students are able to establish a connection with professionals on a personal level. This access to professionals is completely unique to Bauer.

Bauer also has immense diversity, allowing students from different cultures and backgrounds to come together to produce completely unique solutions. This ability to come together and create new ideas rewards diversity and can be seen throughout the many case competitions Bauer wins in all of its majors, including marketing, accounting and entrepreneurship.


"Bauer is a place full of opportunities."

—Jenny Jiang, MS Accountancy

As an international student, I feel like Bauer is my “home” here in the U.S. My professors and peers are my family, and I have grown up with much of their help and support. I have many good memories at Bauer. Wherever I will be, the things I have done at Bauer will always be a sweet memory of my youth.

I was very motivated when I received my first internship offer. I deeply thank Bauer for providing such opportunities and training. I learned many important networking skills, and the importance of “selling” myself. This has been a great opportunity to learn the differences of cross-cultural attitudes.

As I look back to all that I have gained through the years, all my certificates and awards, I feel confident of my learning abilities. I thank the help and support from the professors at Bauer, in academics, life and work. These are my mentors for life and I will cherish them. Bauer is a place full of opportunities. If you are daring in imagination and work, then hard work will receive just payment.


"... Bauer produces people ready to encounter a globalized world and workforce."

—Trevor Blalock, MS Accountancy

I believe Bauer is where the theoretical meets practicality.

Bauer’s competitive advantage is able to provide students with conference calls with lead tax partners, getting feedback on presentations from controllers of companies and having professors with real-world experience.

The diverse nature of the curriculum is reflected by the student body itself. A blend of cultures and backgrounds create lively discussions and establishes bonds that for many would not be possible. Through this shared knowledge, Bauer produces people ready to encounter a globalized world and workforce.

The ultimate goal of most degrees is to be qualified for a job. This cut-anddry approach can be limiting; however Bauer’s faculty does a wonderful job in promoting new thought and creativity from the students. Research opportunities, internships and various professors promote out-of-the-box thinking.

Not enough can be said about the quality of the professors at Bauer. During my tenure, I have met some of the most caring and attentive people who have taken interest in my future success. These relationships with professionals, students and staff create a whole encompassing educational experience that distinguishes Bauer from its peers.


Program Description

The MSACCY program is designed to be flexible and is anticipated to be completed in one year. The curriculum requirements are based on 36 graduate hours including 24 hours of graduate accounting or IT courses. Students can develop a skilled specialization in one of our five certificate tracks: Assurance/Financial Reporting, Advanced Internal Audit, Taxation, Oil & Gas and IT Systems Risk Management. The Program provides an opportunity to acquire a strong graduate foundation in accounting and also pursue an area of particular student interest or career aspiration.

The program offers a flexible class schedule and courses that provide students with the right balance of technical knowledge and critical thinking capabilities sought by today’s employers. The majority of our MSACCY courses (approximately 80%) are offered in the evening to accommodate working professionals. The remaining courses are offered during the regular day class schedule. Students learn to solve complex business problems, recognize dysfunctional accounting situations, and respond appropriately to ethical and regulatory dilemmas; while engaging in accounting research and gaining first-hand experience communicating their findings. Emphasis is placed on the strong background needed to successfully complete the Texas Uniform CPA exam.

We presently have approximately 300 students in our MSACCY program and the average GMAT score is 550.

36 graduate hours including 24 hours of graduate accounting/IT courses.

The average GMAT score is 550.

Meet Kaala Jacobs

MSACCY Candidate


Program Benefits and Considerations

Selecting a professional graduate program in accounting is an important personal career decision.  The following unique benefits and considerations are being provided to help assist you in making this decision and in illustrating the strength of our program.   

  • Bauer's accounting faculty includes both: distinguished academic scholars (with extensive published research on leading topics) and important advisory positions such as an academic advisor to the U.S. Treasury Department; and current and former  senior executives and high level professionals from industry (which bring real world experience into the classroom) that take an innovative approach to teaching.
  • Bauer is one of only 180 institutions in the world that hold an additional specialized AACSB Accreditation for their accounting programs. Bauer is also one of only 412 schools in the nation to be accredited by AACSB International, the leading business school accreditation body.
  • UH Bauer has the #1 accounting faculty in Houston, ranks #2 in Texas and consistently ranks as one of the top faculty in North America.
  • An outstanding education will be obtained in a leading global city that will help develop your broad understanding of international considerations with over 70 countries represented by our international students - Bauer is the single most diverse business school in the United States.
  • Specialized dedicated academic advisory and career placement personnel for our MSACCY program in Bauer's Rockwell Career Center.
  • Our Oil & Gas Program is unique among all U.S. universities in that it is comprised of four specialized Oil & Gas courses using resources from the Energy Capital of the World (Houston). The Oil & Gas Certificate delivers the tools to prepare our graduates for positions in the Oil & Gas industry. A four-course Certificate in the area of Oil & Gas/Energy accounting was developed through a joint effort with Oil & Gas/Energy (upstream, midstream, downstream and other energy) companies, CPA firms, and other affected stakeholders. Networking Opportunities: During the fall semester, representatives from oil & gas and accounting firms will host weekly colloquiums for our students. The colloquium is intended to help students learn about the companies, network with the representatives, and learn how to be an accountant with specialized skills in the Oil & Gas/Energy industry.
  • Our Internal Audit Program is one of only six programs in the world and one of only three in the United States to be recognized as a Center of Excellence by the Institute of Internal Auditors. A Certificate of Specialization is available for this Program area. Networking Opportunities: Students involved in the Program are provided increased opportunities to interact with the top IA employers through corporate events and weekly colloquiums during the spring semester. The Internal Auditing Student Association (IASA) gives students the opportunity to network with other IA students to further their mutual interests in the field of internal auditing.
  • Our graduates' CPA exam pass rate of 63% consistently exceeds the national average.
  • The Becker CPA Exam Review Course is offered on the Bauer campus on Saturdays. This is a noncredit course, unrelated to the MSACCY Program, which is separately paid for by the student.

UH Bauer has the #1 accounting faculty in Houston, ranks #2 in Texas and consistently ranks as one of the top faculty in North America.

Our graduates consistently exceed the national average on the CPA exam pass rate.

Meet Wenxi He

MSACCY Candidate


Learning Goals

The MSACCY Program provides a broad based business education that equips students with the necessary technical knowledge, communication skills, and critical thinking abilities expected by employers.

The goals of the Master of Science in Accountancy are to provide graduates with the following.

  1. Oral communication skills
  2. Written communication skills
  3. Research skills
  4. Ethical awareness
  5. Global awareness
  6. Technological skills
  7. Analytical problem solving skills
  8. Financial risk assessment skills
Meet Erica Cervantes

MSACCY Candidate


Houston Business Community and Corporate Partners/Employers

We are actively involved with the local community in many ways and through various programs.

To view a list of Corporate Partners, CLICK HERE

Meet Zach Poncik

MSACCY Candidate


Career Opportunities

Employment upon graduation is very important. Our MSACCY program is very successful in helping our graduates become employed. Our program is supported by the Rockwell Career Center which deals solely with C. T. Bauer College of Business students and alumni. The Rockwell Career Center is a full-service career center offering resources and assistance in the formulation and implementation of their career plans — including activities such as résumé writing, mock interviews, accounting fairs, coordination of extensive on campus recruiting events with employers and more. Having a career center dedicated only to the needs of Bauer business students is an important and differentiating resource.

To view the current employment data for MSACCY, CLICK HERE

Meet Justin Neumann
MSACCY Candidate


Cost & Tuition Planning

Provided below is the approximate MSACCY program cost (tuition and fees) for a full–time student based on 36 credit hours and current tuition rates. Please remember that program costs vary depending on the number of hours undertaken, the length to complete the program and the status of the student.

  • Resident student tuition and fees - $30,144
  • Non-resident student tuition and fees - $47,784
  • International student tuition and fees - $48,124*

*For international students, medical insurance of $750 per semester or proof of acceptable insurance is also required.

Program costs are subject to change without prior notice and should be discussed with Admissions personnel.

For further details, CLICK HERE

$30,144 - Resident student tuition and fees approximate cost

Meet Michelle Koehler
MSACCY Candidate