Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Fall 2008

Time and Location: Friday 10:30-12:00,
126 Melcher Hall (Unless Otherwise Noted)
Open to the public: no reservation or registration required.

Date Speaker Topic
September 5 Bill Zahn
University of Houston
"Could the Best Offense be a Good Bankruptcy?"

September 12 Hurricane Ike
September 19 Hurricane Ike
September 26 Scott Rick
Carnegie Mellon/Penn
"The Pain of Paying: Implications for the Brain, Behavior, and Marriage"

October 3 Yan Zhang
University of Chicago
"Buyers' Remorse: When Evaluation Is Affect-Based Before You Choose But Delibation-Based After"

October 6
Murat Usta
University of Alberta
"Self-Regulatory Strength and Consumers’ Relinquishment of Decision Control: When Less Effortful Decisions Are More Resource Depleting"
Location: 213 Melcher Hall

October 10 Allen Zhang
UT San Antonio

October 13
Vanessa Patrick
University of Georgia
"Aesthetic Incongruity Resolution"
Location: 213 Melcher Hall

October 17 John Hulland
University of Pittsburgh
"Dynamic Returns to Investments in Exploitation and Exploration: Resolving the Balance versus Focus Debate"

October 24 Hari Sridhar
University of Missouri
"Dynamic Marketing Investment Strategies for Platform Firms"

November 7 Partha Krishnamurthy
University of Houston
"The Impact of Missed Opportunities on Subsequent Action Opportunities: A Functional Counterfactual Perspective"

November 14 Jinhong Xie
University of Florida
"Probabilistic Goods and Probabilistic Selling"
Location: 110 Melcher Hall

November 21 Jeffrey Schmidt
University of Oklahoma
"Anticipating Regret: How Worrying About the Future Causes Problems in the Present When Making Strategic Decisions"

November 24
Rex Du
University of Georgia
"Identifying Growth Potentials with Internal Benchmarking across Product Categories and Markets"
Location: 213 Melcher Hall

December 1
Kusum Ailawadi
Dartmouth College
"Retailer Promotion Pass-Through: A Measure, Its Magnitude and Its Determinants"
Location: 213 Melcher Hall