Department of Accountancy & Taxation

MSACCY Accounting & Non-Accounting Requirements

Effective Fall 2012, all students admitted into the MSACCY program will be required to complete ACCT 7330 Advanced Accounting, ACCT 7375 Corporate Taxation, GENB 7304 Business Ethics for Accountants, GENB 7305 Commercial Law, and GENB 7397 Professional Communication in Today’s Business Environment.

Accounting Electives

All MSACCY students will be required to take 12 hours of accounting electives. These accounting electives must be taken at the 7000-level.

Business or Accounting Electives

The MSACCY degree plan will require 9 hours of business or accounting electives. These courses must be taken at the graduate level. The accounting electives must be 7000 level courses. The business electives can be either 6000 or 7000 level courses.

None of the other MSACCY degree requirements can count in this section. This includes the business foundation courses (STAT 6360, FINA 6387, MARK 6361, and MANA 6332).


To develop depth in a given area of specialization, it is recommended that students complete at least four (4) designated courses within a track.

Advanced Internal Audit
ACCT 7367 Advanced Internal Audit
ACCT 7370 Advanced Financial Statement Auditing
ACCT 7385 Fraud Examination
ACCT 7397 Governance, Risk & Compliance
Risk Management (two (2) accounting courses is highly recommended)
MIS 7373 Database Management Systems I
MIS 7375 Transaction Processing Systems
MIS 7376 Systems Analysis
MIS 7378 IT Management and Controls
MIS 7397 Management of IT Security
ACCT 7385 Fraud Examination
ACCT 7397 Governance, Risk, & Compliance
ACCT 7340 Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT 7350 International Financial Reporting & Analysis
ACCT 7363 Contemporary Public Accounting Topics
ACCT 7370 Advanced Financial Statement Auditing
ACCT 7378 Government/NFP Accounting
ACCT 7385 Fraud Examination
ACCT 7360 Partnership Taxation
ACCT 7362 Tax Research
ACCT 7380 Advanced Corporate Taxation
ACCT 7397 Current Issues in Taxation
ACCT 7397 Multi-Jurisdictional Tax Issues
ACCT 7397 Oil & Gas Taxation
ACCT 7397 Transfer Pricing Theory


Students preparing for graduation should visit the Bauer Graduate & Professional Programs Commencement page for more information.