Department of Accountancy & Taxation

Degree Plan

The MSACCY Degree Plan (with the related course numbers) is provided below and is based on all of the prerequisites being met. The degree plan outlined below is effective for newly admitted students for the Fall 2015 semester. Students that entered the MSACCY program prior to the Fall 2015 semester will continue to follow the appropriate version of the Degree Plan.

The Plan provides for individual student customization to address areas of specific interest and also provides for opportunities to: (a) obtain a certificate in one of our five specialization tracks, (b) explore our four oil & gas accounting courses and (c) complete courses in our Internal Audit Program which has been recognized by the Institute of Internal Auditors as a Center of Excellence (one of only six in the world and one of only three in the United States) (d) complete an internship for course credit.

Accounting Courses:Credits
Required Core Courses
Advanced Accounting (7330)3
Corporate Taxation (7375)3
Elective Courses
Six Accounting/IT courses18
Required Non-Accounting Core Courses:
Professional Accounting Communication (7303)3
Business Ethics for Accountants (7304)3
Commercial Law (7305)3
General Business or Accounting Electives:
One course3

The above Degree Plan is tailored to every student’s interest and needs. The course offerings and details are important to note when selecting your courses per semester.*

Effective for the Spring 2016 semester, all newly admitted students are required to complete an Excel skills development and assessment prior to their first term. This assessment will help students refine their skillsets that are vital in the workplace. Additional Microsoft resources for Access, Word and PowerPoint are also included for the student's use and further skill development during the Program.

MSACCY students have the opportunity to take one internship course credit. This course will count as a 3-hour elective on the MSACCY degree plan. Registration for the Accounting Internship course is necessary before being eligible to receive credit for the internship. For more information regarding eligibility requirements click here.

*Please note: if a student has taken an undergrad or post baccalaureate equivalent of any graduate level course and successfully completed it, they cannot receive credit for the same course as part of their graduate career.