Scholarship Office

Creating Scholarships

At many Universities, scholarships make it more convenient for students to attend; at the University of Houston, scholarships make it possible for students to realize their dreams.

Last year, the Bauer College scholarship program attained an impressive goal of awarding over $1,000,000 in scholarship support to over 600 deserving Bauer College students. At the same time, applications for scholarships continued to increase, outpacing the scholarship supply.

While the Bauer College scholarship program continues to grow, there is still a tremendous need for additional funding. There are many more students deserving of scholarships than we are currently able to provide. Currently, only 9% of over 6,400 students enrolled in the Bauer College receive a scholarship. Surveys of prospective college students indicate that scholarships are an important factor in determining where academically talented students choose to pursue their education and can also make a profound difference on whether a student continues beyond high school.

  1. Scholarship Benefits
  2. Current Donors
  3. Current Scholarship Program
  4. Types of Scholarships
  5. How are the Scholarships Awarded?
  6. How to Reach Us

Scholarship Benefits

Scholarships reward outstanding academic achievement, and for many students, help to make the dream of a quality education and a better life a reality. Scholarships are very important to the Bauer College of Business in helping to attract, reward and retain top students. We need your assistance in developing scholarship opportunities for outstanding business majors.

Funding scholarships is an excellent way to:

  • promote your organization to the Bauer College's entire student body
  • increase your presence in the Bauer College
  • meet your philanthropic goals
  • increase student awareness of career opportunities, products and services of your organization
  • provide greater name recognition for you or your company

Current Donors

Current scholarship donors include companies, organizations, and individuals. Our generous Bauer donors come from all walks of life, but they have a common interest in rewarding excellence and assisting students in their quest for a quality education. Would you or your organization be interested in the philanthropic advantages of donating a scholarship to reward one of our outstanding business majors?

Current Scholarship Program

The Bauer College of Business Scholarship Program presently awards over $1 million scholarships to approximately 600 students each year. Awards range from $1,000 to $6,000, and the average award is $1,700 per academic year. There is a tremendous need for additional funding; we received well over 1,500 scholarship applications last year and there are many more students deserving of scholarships than we are currently able to fund. You may wish to check out the current list of Bauer College scholarships and criteria.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarships may be annually-funded or endowed. The annually-funded scholarships are supported from funds given by donors each year. Annual scholarships may be made with an annual commitment of $1000 for a three-year period. Endowed scholarships are supported from annually distributed interest income from a scholarship endowment. The minimum endowment, which may be established over several years, is $25,000.

How are the Scholarships Awarded?

The Bauer College Scholarship Committee, comprised of faculty members representing each academic department and administrators, selects the scholarship recipients through a competitive process and based on the criteria established by the donor in consultation with the College. Typical award criteria may include: min. 3.0 Grade Point Average, specific major (Accounting, MIS, etc), graduate/undergraduate, financial need, involvement in co-curricular or community activities, and leadership skills.

How to Reach Us

We need your help in assisting outstanding students in their quest for a quality education at the University of Houston. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, or would like more information, please contact:

Office of External Relations & Development
Bauer College of Business
University of Houston
334 Melcher Hall
Houston, TX 77204-6021
Tel: 713.743.4626
Fax: 713.743.4622

Thank you for taking a moment to consider the possibility of you or your organization becoming a scholarship donor in the Bauer College of Business.