Ying Yang


Ying Yang is a third-year PhD student in Marketing. She has earned her BS in Automation from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China) and MS in Industrial Engineering from Florida State University. Before joining in Bauer, Ying has gained some industrial experience in sales, marketing, and engineering. Motivated by her own salesperson experience, she is interested in what motivates salespeople to work. She enjoys talking to professors as well as sales executives at Sales Excellence Institute, and endeavors to bridge the gap between academia and industry by working on managerially important questions. She finds the merits of traditional carrot-and-stick approach, but is also intrigued by those non-economic factors beyond monetary rewards, such as salespeople's emotions and other-regarding preferences. Her primary research tools are principal agent models, and behavioral economic experiments. Her works were published at Marketing Letters and Quantitative Marketing and Economics. She is currently working on her dissertation of what do key account managers do and why, from a behavioral economic perspective. She is an enthusiastic researcher and instructor. She teaches Marketing Strategy and Planning and Professional Selling.

Research Interest

  • Sales Force Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Behavioral Economics





Ying Yang

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Phone: 713-743-4579
Email: yyang@bauer.uh.edu
334 Melcher Hall
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Room: 385N
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