Professor Vanessa Patrick

"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn."
- John Cotton Dana (1856-1929). American librarian and museum director.

As a teacher, I see myself as a mentor, a motivator, a change-agent, and a role model. My goal is to make a difference in my students’ lives by sharing my knowledge, interest and passion for the subject matter. Simply put, I enjoy teaching, have a flair for it and feel at my best in front of a class.

Classes taught

Undergraduate: MARK 3336

Introduction to Marketing - is intended to provide an overview of marketing with an emphasis on creating value for the enterprise through marketing. Specific areas studied will include market research, buyer behavior, strategic pricing, marketing channels, and a variety of promotional activities.

Undergraduate: MARK 3339

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In my undergraduate classes, I aim to create a friendly, but professional, environment that emphasizes interactive knowledge exchange and active learning.  In order to draw on students’ own experiences as well as teach them the tenets of marketing, I rely on interactive classroom techniques that involve a hands-on approach to understanding the subject. I have developed group exercises and have a collection of videos and case studies that allow for a very dynamic and interesting classroom environment. In this class I try to promote their ability to think analytically and relate the course material to the world outside the classroom.  Three hallmarks of my approach to undergraduate teaching include: 1) engaging students in class discussions, 2) encouraging them to be critical of the theories they learn, and, 3) teaching them to substantiate their arguments and recommendations with strong evidence.

Graduate: MARK 8337

With my graduate doctoral students, my main objective is to help them transition from students to scholars. While I strive to keep them abreast of the latest theoretical contributions in the field, I also aim to use the classroom environment to share practical insights about publishing, conferences, presentations and careers.

Graduate: MARK 7397: Luxury Brand Management (Includes a study abroad component to Paris)

The course is designed to help students develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the multi-billion dollar market for luxury goods and services. This course will provide students with an understanding of the fundamentals of the luxury industry and will help students gain an understanding of the essential ingredients of effective marketing of luxury brands and services. The course will help students understand the demands and challenges faced by those seeking to become marketers in this sector and will provide them with a unique ability to understand and analyze luxury markets.

Executive Education: Lead faculty for the Women in Leadership Program

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