Rambod Dargahi, PhD Student


Rambod Dargahi is a doctoral student in Marketing at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston. Prior to beginning his doctoral studies, Rambod received a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from University of Tehran and an MBA from Sharif University of Technology. He successfully defended his dissertation proposal in December of 2014. Rambod’s research focuses on Crowdsourcing, specifically in the form of Idea Contest. A common challenge faced by a company to run an idea contest in order to leverage the collective intelligence, expertise, and creativity of the crowd, is how to design it. Rambod aims to understand the effects of design parameters on the performance of an idea contest that is mostly measured based upon the number of individuals who joined the contest, the number of ideas they generated at the end, and the quality of best idea(s). In addition to being a researcher, Rambod is also an enthusiastic instructor for two courses, Social Media Marketing and Marketing Strategy, at Bauer College of Business.

Working Paper

"Co-Production with Bandwagon Effects," with James D. Hess, and Niladri Syam. (Target: Journal of Marketing Research)


MBA, Sharif University of Technology
BA Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran

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Rambod Dargahi

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Phone: 713-743-4578
Email: rdargahi@bauer.uh.edu
Room: 385K