Learning Abroad: China


Beijing Field Study

The 2020 Beijing Field Study has been canceled.

The trip is for graduate students from all UH colleges.

To reserve a place, email Professor Daniel Currie at dcurrie@uh.edu.

The goal of this trip is to have our students experience the breadth and depth of China's history, culture, and business environment first hand while traveling with experienced faculty and guides. Students may take one or two courses for up to 6 credit hours (graduate). No academic credit can be earned for the trip alone.

Trip Design and Organization by ChinaSense.


What Students Said about the Learning Abroad Trip

How was your overall learning experience. Did it meet your expectations?
  • "Yes, the trip exceeded my expectations."
  • "Very good balance of cultural experience and business visits."
  • "The experience was great! I’ve been on a couple of learning abroad and this is one of the top."
  • "Amazing experience learning about key differences and culture in Hong Kong and Shenzhen."
  • "This was very informative from a business and cultural standpoint. DHL = awesome"
What did you like most about the trip?
  • "Learning more of the culture and major cities that are important to China's growth."
  • "Walking around Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Splendid China!!"
  • "The companies visited could all speak {good} English making it a great educational experience."
  • "The cultural experience and the business visits."
  • "It felt like a good balance of structure and freedom to explore. The food was great & most business visits were enjoyable."
  • "Considering what's going on with the U.S. relationship with China and vice versa now and over the last few years, I see a high level of importance being placed on understanding how each other work. This trip introduced us to some of the differences in culture and business practices both in the pre-course work as well as the learning abroad. It was a constructive and informative experience that translates directly to pursuing international business."
  • "This is such an amazing program if you want to be able to dive into the international business cultures and policies of China. The trip was immersive and allowed us to first-hand experience how the business operations in China function. Additionally, the cultural visits and group lunches were phenomenal and genuinely give a sense of cultural significance."
  • "Do not hesitate to learning abroad! Best experience ever! Only downfall is not staying longer! I had some expectations going into the trip but they were all exceeded tremendously!"
  • "The hotels were excellent. The program could be suggest different activities, restaurants, and places where spent free time and a way how to get it."
  • "I really enjoyed my time and would sign up again for a different class in a heart beat!"


One of the 2017 trip participants, Kevin Florida, said this about the trip:

"One of the most valuable experiences of my graduate education was earned with my participation in the China Learning Abroad program. The faculty encouraged and stimulated my curiosity both before and during the trip. The coursework was relevant to understanding international management techniques; the companies we visited and their speakers were both interesting and relevant to my degree. I would recommend this program to any MBA candidate who is serious about working in management for a large company."

— Kevin Florida, MBA 2017

2017 Trip Photos

In Hong Kong, Bauer alum Charlie Mularski (ninth from left), Regional Vice President, APAC of Universal Weather and Aviation Inc. spoke to our MBA students about the benefits and burdens of doing business in Asia. Universal Weather provides trip support for business aviation around the world with services that include flight and weather planning, trip logistics, ground services, catering and regulatory compliance.

See more photos on WhereAwesomeHappens.com.

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Courses to be during Summer Session II timeframe from May 29 – June 4, 2017

  • All coursework outside of the weeklong trip to Paris will be online


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Although the itinerary for this trip is still tentative, past trips have included:





MANA 7353 Regional Issues in Global Management: China

  • Dr. Nikhil Celly
  • Prerequisite: Graduate Standing


MANA 7397 International Environment of Business

  • Professor Daniel Currie
  • Prerequisite: Graduate Standing


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