Department of Graduate and Professional Programs

MBA Course Policies

To take Masters' level courses (6000-7000 level) in the C. T. Bauer College of Business, students must have graduate standing at UH and meet the specific prerequisites for courses as listed on the course prerequisites page. A prerequisite must be completed prior to the start of the course for which it is a prerequisite. Non-business majors in good standing in other graduate programs at the University of Houston main campus may take up to 12 semester hours (15 hours for HRM graduate students) of Masters’ level business courses as long as they meet the specific prerequisites (or have taken equivalent prerequisite courses in their own program). Undergraduates and PB students are not allowed to take any Masters’ level courses in the Bauer College of Business.

Student records of prerequisites taken

Prerequisites must be evaluated and automated on the Bauer College of Business prerequisite checking computer program before students take courses for which the prerequisites are required. Students in masters’ level business programs with questions regarding their records should consult with a graduate advisor in 275 Melcher Hall. Students in other graduate programs on campus should provide the graduate advisor in the Bauer College of Business, MBA Program Office, 275 Melcher Hall, with a copy of their transcript indicating completion of a calculus course and any other required prerequisites, prior to the start of the semester.

'"Four C Rule"

Be aware that the University of Houston policies state that a graduate student may receive no more than three grades of C+ or below in their graduate studies at the University of Houston. A fourth grade of C+ or below will result in immediate termination from the program. This policy is stated in the Graduate Catalog.


This information is updated frequently and supersedes the information in the UH Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog. The on-line graduate catalog provides general course descriptions. For questions regarding the prerequisites for graduate business courses, consult a graduate academic advisor in 330 Melcher Hall, (713) 743-0700, or the graduate course prerequisites page. Graduate students taking undergraduate courses should check the prerequisite listing for undergraduate courses on the undergrad course prerequisites page, or pick up a prerequisite list from 330 MH. (Enrollment in undergraduate MIS courses requires approval from the Chair of the DISC Department, located in 270C MH).