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Executive Development

Human Resource & Strategic Management for Energy Sector Leaders

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Course Description

This multi-disciplinary seminar builds on frameworks from human resources and strategic management with an emphasis on how firms effectively manage people and organizations in the energy industry, and position themselves as leaders in today’s dynamic landscape.

Participants will gain a toolset of frameworks and pragmatic examples that will prepare them to (a) examine what can or should be done to make people both more productive and more satisfied with their working life, and (b) think and act strategically, and achieve competitive advantage.

Learning Goals

  • Learn how government regulations, staffing, compensation, training, and performance management differ in the energy industry from other industries.
  • Learn the current human resource management challenges in the energy sector.
  • Learn analytical and problem-solving frameworks for strategy formulation, including the analysis of the external environment, internal resources and capabilities, management preferences, and the organization.
  • Debate the relationship between the Energy Industry and its most important stakeholder - society.

Course Cost



Dr. Steve Werner

Course Schedule

Day 1

1 hour

Overview of HR in Energy

  • The Industry
  • Strategic Implications of HRM
  • Staffing
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and Benefits

1 hour

Global Nature of the Industry

  • The Global Industry
  • Staffing Globally
  • Training Globally
  • Global Performance Management
  • Global Compensation

1 hour

Health & Safety in the Industry

  • Health and Safety in the Energy Industry
  • Safety through Staffing
  • Safety through Training
  • Safety through Performance Management
  • Safety through Compensation

1 hour

The Unconventional Workforce of the Industry

  • The Workforce of the Energy Industry
  • Contractors
  • Characteristics
  • Implications for HR

1 hour

The Proactive Shareholders of the Industry

  • Stakeholders of the Energy Industry
  • Staffing from a Stakeholder Perspective
  • Training from a Stakeholder Perspective
  • Performance Management from a Stakeholder Perspective
  • Compensation from a Stakeholder Perspective

1 hour

Government Involvement in the Industry

  • The Influence of Government
  • Improving Government Relations through HR

1 hour

Current Issues and Trends

  • Major Challenges facing the Industry
  • Preparing for Changes with HR
  • Conclusion
Day 2

2 hours

Strategic Management Frameworks

  • Strategy Components
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Resource Analysis
  • Management Preferences Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis

2 hours

Application of Strategic Frameworks

  • Case: “Reliance Industries: Building Execution Excellence in an Emerging Market”

1.5 hours

Strategic Change

  • Case: “Anadarko Petroleum Corporation: Leading Transformational Change”

1.5 hours

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Issues

  • Case: “Royal Dutch Shell and Beyond: Strategizing the Future of ESG Compliance”