UH Global Energy Management Institute

Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Position Room Phone E-Mail Address
Praveen Kumar El Paso Corporation – JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Professor in International Business and Chair, Executive Director of UH GEMI 220H 713-743-4770 pkumar@uh.edu
Stephen Arbogast Executive Professor 220 713-743-1630 svarbogast@uh.edu
Don Bellman Clinical Professor 302J UCBB   dbellman@comcast.net
Dan Jones Executive Professor 240D 713-743-4773 djones@uh.edu
Christine Resler Executive Professor 230A 713-743-4756 cresler@uh.edu
Ramon Rabinovitch Professor of Finance and Director of MS in Finance Program 210H 713-743-4782 ramon@uh.edu
Art Smith Clinical Professor 240F 713-743-4772 art.smith@
Victor Flatt Distinguished Scholar of Carbon Trading and Carbon Markets      
Latha Ramchand Dean, College of Business 350E 713-743-4769 ramchand@uh.edu
Craig Pirrong Professor of Finance and Director of Energy Markets for Global Energy Management Institute 240B 713-743-4466 cpirrong@uh.edu
Joseph Pratt Cullen Professor of History & Business Professor of Management 302K UCBB 713-743-4659 joepratt@uh.edu
Mimi Alciatore Associate Professor of Accounting 390D 713-743-4848 malciatore@uh.edu
Michael Parks Associate Professor 280E 713-743-4729 parks@uh.edu
Norman Johnson Associate Professor 280C 713-743-4164 njohnson@bauer.uh.edu
Long Le Clinical Professor and Director of International Initiatives 325B 713-743-1142 lle@bauer.uh.edu
Ruxandra Prodan Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics 325B 713-743-1142 rprodan@uh.edu
Avani Dave Executive Administrative Assistant 350F 713-743-4604 ajdave@uh.edu
Frank Kelley Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program 223A 713-743-4912 fwkelley@uh.edu
Dan Currie Clinical Professor and Assistant Dean 402C UCBB 713-743-4806 dcurrie@uh.edu
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Global Energy Management Institute
UCBB Suite 302
The University of Houston
4744 Calhoun Rd.
Houston, TX 77004-6021

Undergraduate Program Inquiries:
Vanessa Fellers: 713-743-4936
e-mail: vlfellers@bauer.uh.edu

Graduate Program Inquiries:
Office of Graduate and Professional Programs: 713-743-0700

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