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Fall 2013 Symposium

"A New Economic Backdrop for Houston in 2014"

For a decade, oil and emerging markets have powered the Houston economy, and the lack of stimulus from the struggling U.S. economy was barely missed. But now, the picture is changing. Emerging markets are slowing, bringing much discussion of the end of a decade-long commodity cycle. And the U.S. economy is finally showing signs of putting the Great Recession behind it, with a revival in housing, reduced consumer debt loads, and healthy revenues for state and local government. By 2014, historic rates of growth may again return to the U.S. economy, finally putting an end to the Great Recession and its aftermath. Revival of U.S. growth will bring with it the end of monetary stimulus. Long-rates will rise first as the Federal Reserve pulls back on quantitative easing, followed later by increased short-term rates. While energy remains central to Houston’s economic outlook, and the prospects for continued job growth remain solid, the broader economic backdrop that supports energy prices -- and Houston’s economy -- is rapidly changing.

Event Details

Hyatt Regency Hotel (Imperial Ballroom), 1200 Louisiana, Houston, Texas 77002

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Luncheon & Presentation:
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Online registration has closed. A few seats remain for the Fall 2013 Economic Symposium, but these remaining seats must be purchased at the special assistance table in the lobby of the hotel for $125 each.

Or call us at 713-743-3869.

Hyatt Regency Hotel Houston Texas

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