About: Teaching Activities

Classroom Instruction (Semesters taught)

  • Books an MBA Should Read, (9)
  • Seminar in Marketing Strategy and Management, Ph.D. seminar (4)
  • Research in the Legal Aspects of Marketing Strategy, Ph.D. seminar (2)
  • Colloquium on Empirical Research, Ph.D. Seminar (6)
  • Communication Theory, Ph.D. Seminar (1)
  • Research in Health Care Marketing, Ph.D. seminar (1)
  • Advertising Management, graduate and undergraduate (8)
  • Consumer Behavior, undergraduate (4)
  • Marketing Management, basic MBA course, including Executive MBA and Executive MBA for healthcare professionals; also undergraduate, including mass section (11)
  • Marketing Strategy, graduate and undergraduate, including a special course on Global Marketing Strategy with a week in Madrid (10)
  • Planning and Social Policy, a course developed for the Executive MBA, also undergraduate (4)
  • Projects in Marketing/Marketing for Small Business, graduate and undergraduate (24)
  • Selected two semesters as a Mortar Board “top prof”

Other Graduate Instruction

Member of the following Ph.D. dissertation committees:

Mary Gilly (chair) Daniel Heilborn Rosalind Wyatt (chair)
Victor Cordell Kathleen Williamson (chair) Ivonne Torres (chair)
Margaret Frost Richard Tansey Stephanie Geiger Oneto (chair)
Bernadette Szajna Nancy Albers (chair)  
Madeline Johnson (chair) Robert Straughan  
Ann Lynn, Psychology Karl Kampschroeder (chair)  
Andrea Stanaland (chair) Gillian Oakenfull  
Rosalind Wyatt (chair) Alina Sorescu  
Judy Harris Jae Hong  

Member of the following Ph.D. advisory committees:

David Van Over Robert Straughan Douglas Hughes (chair)
Louis Zearing (chair) G. Balasubramanyan Orhun Guldiken (chair)
Sarah Gardial (chair) Zhang Yong  
Molly Friedman Kathleen Williamson  
Dena Saliagas Rajeesh Gulati  
Valerie Veth Suzana Fontenelle (chair)  
William Green Penny Prenshaw  
Bruce Clark (chair) Nancy Albers (chair)  
Marilyn Jones Karl Kampschroeder (chair)  
Arun Pereira (chair) Gillian Oakenfull  
Faiza Khoja Ivonne Michelle Jasso (chair)  
Emmanuel Yujuico Diklah Loewenthal (chair)  

Member of the following M.S./M.A. thesis committees:

Janice Lowery, M.S. Comp. Sci. Jeffrey Asher, M.A. Commun.  
Wolfgang Heuer, M.S. Geol. John Hart, M.A. Commun.  
Marilyn Millar, M.S. Comp. Sci. Gail Lindblom, M. A. Commun.  
Ruby Daniels, M.A. Commun.    


Contact Information

Phone: 713-743-4558
Email: gelb@uh.edu
Building: 334 Melcher Hall
Room: 385G