Lecture Notes and Cases for FINA 7360

The lecture notes are available in PDF format. You'll need the Acrobat Reader to read them and print them.

Contents of Lecture Notes (They'll be available two weeks before the semester starts.) LN Contents (pdf format)

To give students an idea of the chapters, before downloading them in pdf format, I have made Chapter I available in HTML. Just click here to browse Chapter I. Note, however, that some symbols and tables have not been properly converted to HTML. (Word does not do a great job publishing scientific material in HTML format.)

Review Chapter (pdf format)
Chapter I (pdf format)
Chapter II (pdf format)
Chapter III (pdf format)
Chapter IV (pdf format)
Chapter V (pdf format)
Chapter VI (pdf format)
Chapter VII (pdf format)
Chapter VIII (pdf format)
Chapter IX (pdf format)
Chapter X (pdf format)
Chapter XI (pdf format)
Chapter XII (pdf format)
Chapter XIII (pdf format)
Chapter XIV (pdf format)
Chapter XV (pdf format)
Chapter XVI (pdf format) (not required)
Chapter XVII (pdf format)

Cases for LN (pdf format)

Acknowledgement: As you have probably noticed, I'm still technologically-challenged. I have to thank MBA students for their help in making these notes available -for free!- through the Internet. Many thanks to those involved in this process!

Note: Word 97 Files -formatted to be printed in an HP Laser Jet III- are available from me in a zip file. Just send me an e-mail and I'll send the zip file to you.

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