Rauli Susmel ***

Associate Professor of Finance
Areas of Interest
Econometrics, International Finance, Derivatives.

B.A.: Economics - University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1983.
M.A: Economics - Centro de Estudios Macroeconomicos de Argentina (Argentina), 1986.
Ph.D: Economics - University of California, San Diego, 1991.

UH Teaching
* Ph.D. Math Review Course
* Ph.D. Econometrics I Course
* Ph.D. Econometrics II Course
* Ph.D. Empirical Methods Course
* Ph.D. Financial Management Course
* MBA FINA 7360 Course
* Undergraduate FINA 4360 Course
* Undergraduate FINA 4397 - MS/MBA 7356 Course
* Instructions for Independent Studies/Special Projects

* Publications
* Working Papers, Work in Progress and Computer Programs
* Computer Programs

Other Information
* CEMA Courses
* Department of Finance Brown Bag Seminar Series
* Submit a paper to the Journal of Applied Economics
* Family and Friends
* Lamar Soccer
* Personal Finance 101: Some Basic Concepts For Students
* Estudiantes de La Plata, other Interests, Rock and Roll and Links

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