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This edition of the newsletter underscores the thought leadership of Bauer faculty in cutting-edge areas of research. The first story highlights the advances that Professor Yili (Kevin) Hong is making in the realm of capturing data on social media. In our second story, Professor Leanne Atwater weighs in on actionable insights managers can take in response to workplace sexual harassment and the #MeToo social movement. Our third story announces that Professor Vanessa Patrick was awarded a Best Reviewer Award at the Journal of Retailing.

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Dr. Vanessa Patrick
Associate Dean of Research
Bauer Professor of Marketing

Photo: Yili (Kevin) Hong

Bauer Professor Pioneering Ability to Extract Information from Live Stream Platforms

Professor Yili (Kevin) Hong, Director of the Bauer College Ph.D. Programs and a Bauer Senior Fellow is part of a research team that is pioneering the ability to extract information from live streams — a boon for social media influencer investors looking to create persuasive and profitable advertisements and endorsements linked to the increasingly popular practice.

Photo: Leanne Atwater

The Era of #MeToo Continues

C. T. Bauer College of Business Professor Leanne Atwater and colleagues Rachel Sturm, Scott Taylor and Allison Tringale's follow-up research, "The Era of #MeToo and What Managers Should Do About It," forthcoming in Business Horizons, addresses what can be done to deal with and prevent backlash and sexual harassment. It is a must-read for workplace managers and others committed to dealing effectively with the global workplace phenomenon — sexual harassment (SH).

Photo: Dr. Vanessa Patrick

Journal of Retailing Recognizes Bauer Professor with 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award

The Journal of Retailing has presented C. T. Bauer College of Business Associate Dean of Research and Professor of Marketing Vanessa Patrick with the 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award. Patrick is an Associate Editor for the prestigious journal.


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