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Dr. Vanessa Patrick

We have much to celebrate at Bauer! In our first story we showcase the remarkable achievements of doctoral alumnus, Raj Echambadi, who was recently named President of the Illinois Institute of Technology. Our second story summarizes a valuable article written by three Bauer faculty that documents Bauer College's innovative teaching practices in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. Finally, we offer the newest Bauer Business Minds episode on the important topic of privacy in social media.

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Dr. Vanessa Patrick
Associate Dean of Research
Bauer Professor of Marketing

Photo: Rajagopal “Raj” Echambadi

Bauer Doctoral Alumnus Named President of Illinois Institute of Technology

Rajagopal “Raj” Echambadi, (Ph.D., ’98), has been named President of the Illinois Institute of Technology. Echambadi is an internationally renowned business-innovation expert whose academic research has focused on strategic innovation within organizations and how companies should balance current and future opportunities.

Adapting and Innovating in Online Transition

Photo: Emese Felvegi, Olivia Miljanic and >Marina Sebastijanovic

Co-authors Emese Felvegi, Bauer College Director of Digital Learning, of the Department of Decision & Information Sciences, Olivia Miljanic and Marina Sebastijanovic, Instructional Assistant Professors in the Department of Management & Leadership describe their transition from teaching face-to-face or hybrid courses in "emergency response" mode, to considered distance learning implementation in the paper, "COVID-19 and Mass Sections in Business Education: Adaptation and Innovation Stemming from the Emergency Online Transition," published in the Southwestern Business Administration Journal.

Photo: Bill Zahn

Social Media Privacy

From pop culture references to Congressional inquiries about social media and data privacy, discussion on consumer privacy is at an all-time high. Professor Bill Zahn with the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston says Apple's recent privacy update sparked a Silicon Valley showdown with Facebook.


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