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MARK 7362 – Mgmt of Marketing Information


This course is intended for MBAs and non-business graduate students requiring knowledge of marketing research for their particular goals and aspirations. Class sessions will be devoted to discussion of selected concepts, and applications. The course emphasizes an understanding of how to apply the various methods of marketing research, as well as an appreciation of when not to apply a method. Students will be required to do data analysis using appropriate software to get a deeper understanding of the methods.

  Class Schedule
  Lecture 1
  Lecture 2
  Lecture 3; Guest Lecture
  Lecture 4; Guest Lecture
  Lecture 5
  Lecture 6
  Lecture 7
  Lecture 8
  Lecture 9; Guest Lecture
  Lecture 10; Guest Lecture
  CI and Hyp Test Class Illustration
  Candy Project
  Supermarket Project






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Niladri Syam
Office Hours:
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713 743-4568
375F MH


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