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Vanessa Patrick

It is with great pleasure that I share the first story in today's newsletter. Our newest research ranking — 35th amongst U.S. business schools — reflects the excellence of the Bauer research enterprise.

Our second story is a fine example of the rigorous, yet practical research, our faculty publish in top journals. This research forthcoming in the Journal of Finance provides insight into how prospective home buyers online search behavior is influenced by price changes in their zip code.

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Dr. Vanessa Patrick
Associate Dean of Research
Bauer Professor of Marketing

UH/Bauer Campus

Bauer College Advances
in University of Texas
Dallas Ranking

Bauer College has advanced dramatically in the University of Texas-Dallas (UT-Dallas) most recent ranking of the top business schools in the U.S. The objective ranking is based on the number of faculty publications in 24 top business journals, with the Bauer College rising to its best-ever rank of 35th among all U.S. business schools for 2021. The Bauer College ranked 69th in the U.S. for 2020.

Antonio Gargano

Bauer Research Compares Homebuyers' Online Search with Housing Pricing

Assistant Professor of Finance Antonio Gargano and two co-authors (Assistant Professors Marco Giacoletti and Elvis Jarnecic) used data from an Australian property website to discern how the search behavior of prospective homebuyers responds to price changes in their zip code. The researchers also track what other experiences influence online search behavior, and measure the effect of that behavior on sales prices and housing inventory.


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