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Dr. Vanessa Patrick

In angel investing, as in life, it is better when others are along for the ride!

Our first story features research by Dr. Vijay Yerramilli that identifies a key factor underlying the long-term success of angel investors – the quantity, quality, and geographic scope of their network connections. Our second story presents insights gleaned by Dr. Janet Meade and Dr. Kiran Parthasarathy who identify best practices for online teaching and online learning.

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Dr. Vanessa Patrick
Associate Dean of Research
Bauer Professor of Marketing

Multiple Modes for Course Success

Photo: Assistant Professor Kiran Parthasarathy and Associate Professor Janet Meade

When the pandemic disrupted traditional face-to-face classrooms, faculty at the C. T. Bauer College of Business improvised on the spot, adding new modes of learning to reach students in multiple ways as classes transitioned online. Because research exploring the effectiveness of online instruction is limited, Associate Professor Janet Meade and Assistant Professor Kiran Parthasarathy decided to investigate what worked best for the more than 1,000 students taking a managerial accounting course during the spring semester in 2020.


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