Reverend Henry Price
Methodist Evangelist to the Cherokee Nation
1785 NC - 1860 TN


"This log cabin served as the Pleasant Grove Methodist Episcopal Church until the current building was completed in 1885. Pleasant Grove began as Price Chapel campground in the 1830s during camp meetings conducted by the Reverend Henry Price."
Bradley County
Robert L. George, Mitchell T Kinder
Arcadia Publishing, 2007, pg. 94
Children: John James Dickson Lucinda Charles Elias Lindsey Minerva
Uraney Barbara George James Susan Penelope Joseph Prier

Michael S. Parks (  

Rev. Henry Price's Story

Tradition has it that Rev. Henry Price (1785-1860), son of Charles Price (1757-after 1851) was born in either Tennessee or North Carolina and married Susan Stults (bc 1790- dc 1840). The Rev. Henry Price's father Charles Price appears in both the 1799 and 1800 Greene County Tennessee Taxlist:
  • "Charles Price" is on the "Taxable Property in Captain William White's Company for the year 1799" and shows no land.
  • "Charles Prise" appears on the 1800 Greene Tennessee taxlist in the "Taxables of Captain John Kesterson's Company".

Father-in-law Lewis Stults (1764 MD - 1861 TN) also appears on the early Greene county Tennessee taxlists with 100 acres of land on the Little Chucky River appears:

  • first in Captain William White's Company for the year 1799 with 100 acres on the Little Chucky
  • taxables of Captain John Kesterson's Company for the year 1800
  • tax list of 1805, 1809
  • appears on the 1830, 1840 and 1850 Greene Tennessee Censuses

These dates for Charles Price (Henry's father) and Lewis Stults in Greene county Tennessee at the beginning of the nineteenth century provide some validation of the marriage of Rev Henry to Susan Stults in the 1800s.

Henry is first identified in the 1820 Franklin County Tennessee census. Reverend Henry Price has a huge family with seventeen children (oldest male is 16-18, 8 sons and 9 daughters -- one may be an orphan). Franklin County formed the western boundary of the Cherokee Nation in southeastern Tennessee. His eldest son John Wesley was born in Kentucky in 1807 when Reverend John was just 22 year old and his son Charles was born in Tennessee in 1817. Henry's travels from his birth in North Carolina (perhaps actually this was Tennessee) in 1785, to Kentucky (where is oldest son is born -- if true) and then to Tennessee are unknown.

The fire of Methodism was apparently burning brightly in Henry early in his career as he named his first son for English evangelist John Wesley (1703-1791) founder of Methodism who preached in Georgia and South Carolina from 1735 to 1738 and founded Methodism in 1739 in England.

The most extensive personal description comes from a document provided by grandson Prier Price, authorship unknown:

Rev. Henry Price

"Henry Price was a big man in every sense of the word. He stood six feet high, of large frame, straight, active and immensely muscular, weighing about 180 pounds, with a sort of rugged profile sculptors like to chisel on mountains. He had strong features, dark hair and eyes. He was brave, good-looking and bold. He had learned by experience, "Nobody's all good or bad; they're both."

Henry Price's courage, strength, activity and endurance had several times been tested. In early manhood, he had whipped the bully of Greene County who was spoiling for a fight and singled Price out and insulted him.

Henry Price was born in 17901 in Greene County. He came to McMinn County. He married Elisabeth Wooten daughter of Turner Wooten and Nancy Roper of Danridge Tennessee. The name of his first wife is unknown2. Elisabeth Wooten was born 2 April 1815 and was first married to James Gillet on September 1835. Turner Wooten, father of Elisabeth, was a Revolutionary War soldier. He lived in Jefferson County Tennessee in 1832.

Henry Price came to the Indian Reservation before it was open to white settlers. Here he became acquainted with Lewis Ross, John Walker and the other leading Indians and he was invited to settle in the Nation. On their invitation he crossed the Hiwassee and settled near Chatata by 1832, six years before the Indians were removed. He was held in great respect by the Cherokees. He learned to speak their language and they trusted him explicitly.

Henry Price preached all over Bradley County before Charles K. Lewis, Arch Fitzgerald or Ralph E. Telford, pioneer preachers, came to the county. He was probably the most popular man in Bradley County in his day3. When the eastern portion of the Ocoee Land Division was in 1836 organized into Bradley County, embracing Polk and Bradley and a small portion of James county, Henry was elected the first county court clerk and held the office for 12 years. He was better talker than writer, but he always kept an excellent deputy clerk in office so that he had much time to preach and attend camp meetings all over the county.

He was a lover of children and young people, a good singer of old songs, and an energetic and persuasive exhorter, a warm-hearted and systematic preacher. He was deeply schooled in the trials, hardships, and feeling of pioneer life. He could preach effectively and "scotch" for other preachers as well. He stirred them up to greater effort and often startled the young people by crying out loud in a loud course voice, "Lord, help me to pray." When he began to jump around in the stand and slap his hand on his coat tail, his emotions were contagious.

Henry Price was loved by other denominations for his tolerance, kindness and liberality. No other local preacher has ever wielded the influence he did in Bradley county. Like the great and good Hiawatha, he passed away just before the gathering storm of war swept over his people and darkened his land. His grave is in Lee Cemetery at McDonald. He died on August 29, 1860.

Rev. Henry Price was obviously a Freemason given the compass, square and "G" engraved on his headstone. Coincidentally, the First Grand Master of Masons in America was named Henry Price (b.1697 Eng-1780 MA). He was of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and is not related to Reverend Henry Price.
Buried at Lee Cemetery in McDonald, Bradley County, Tennessee
Photo at

While residing in Cleveland, Henry Price and his family occupied a two-story frame house at the corner of Church and First Street N.E. His descendants lived in Missouri and Tulsa Oklahoma. His sons were Prier, David Vance Price4, Rev. R. N. Price (author and one time pastor of the Broad Street Church)5, and Charles Price, who was Sheriff of Bradley 1846-48.

Henry Price was not under the direction of the Holsten Conference and established no churches. From his efforts and those of John b. McFerrin and other visiting ministers, the Methodist doctrine and policy were known when conference representatives arrived in Bradley County.

Henry Price was a charter member of the Hiwassee Railroad Company."

1 1785
2 First wife Susan Stults, see below
3 Colonel John W. Ramsey, "Sketch of Henry Price"
4 David Vance Price (b. 1856) was not related to Henry Price. He was the son of below R.N. Price.
5 Richard Nye Price (1830-1923) author of "Holston Methodism" descendant of Richard Price of Lancaster PA and not related to Henry Price.


Another prominent pioneer of Bradley County was the late Rev. Henry Price. A local Methodist minister during the early years of the county. Price was born in Green County. After marrying at an early age, Price took his bride into the Hiawasee country when the region north of the river was acquired from the Indians in 1819. While living in that area, Price became acquainted with Lewis Ross, John Walker and several other leading Cherokee. On their invitation, Price crossed the Hiawasee River with his family and settled in Chatata Valley in 1832. Colonel John W Ramsey who knew Price well remembered him as 'probably the most popular man in Bradley county of his day'. In 1836 the well-liked Price was elected circuit court clerk an office he held for twelve years. His religious feelings, characteristics of pioneer emotional sentiment were best expressed in the local camp meetings which he regularly attended. At the meetings he would often startle the young people by crying out loud in a coarse voice, ' Lord help me to pray.' When he began to jump around in the stand and slap his hands on his coat tail, his friends began to feel, for they knew he felt, and his emotions were contagious.

"The Settlement and Organization of Bradley County", The East Tennessee Historical Society's Publications, 1973, pg 10. ETHS

"There were many "local preachers", those who did not establish churches since the were not under the direction of a conference. As permanent residents of a community, they were always available for preaching and ministering to the needy. They wielded a mighty influence for good. The Reverend Henry Price is an excellent example of the local preacher and public servant. Both Cherokee and white citizens trusted him implicitly and he preached with power and effectiveness all over the county" [Roy G Lillard, History of Bradley County, pg 104]

By 1830, Henry was in McMinn County on the northern border of the now reduced Cherokee Territory with only seven children remaining at home. The Reverend Price at this time had received permission to live among the Cherokees in what would become ultimately become Bradley and Polk County following the Cherokee Removal in 1838. Henry lived in the Chatata Valley south of the Hiawasee River and the Cherokee Indian Agency established at Charleston Tennessee in 1819 when all Cherokee land north of the Hiawasee River was ceded to the United States.

Prominent in the Chatata Valley were the part-Cherokees Lewis Ross (brother of Cherokee Chief John Ross) and John Walker, Jr. who were both close friends of Reverend Price. At the Cherokee capital of Red Clay (twelve miles south of Cleveland Tennessee in Bradley County) in 1834, Walker, Maj. Ridge and others agreed to cede the remaining Cherokee lands to the US government without the approval of Chief John Ross. This "Ridge Party" signed the Treaty of New Echota in October 1935 and the "removal of the Cherokees" or "the Trail of Tears" began. The split amongst the Cherokee hierarchy led to a death sentence being past on the treaty party. John Walker, Jr was murdered and it wasn't until 1836 that the treaty was finally ratified.

Beginning in 1837 and continuing until 1838, large numbers of Cherokees were gathered in the Chatata Valley at Charleston (called Ft. Cass). Though scheduled to descend the Tennessee River by boat, drought prompted a delay through the winter and then an overland march to Oklahoma was forced on the remaining Cherokees. Amongst the thousands of Cherokee in the Chatata Valley, huge numbers died both in the encampments and on the march to the new Indian Territory.

We have no evidence of Rev. Price's response to the Cherokee Removal, the deaths of many of his friends and neighbors. Certainly this must have been a terrible blow to a man devoted to the spiritual well being of the Cherokee Nation. Yet he did not accompany them to Indian Territory to maintain his stewardship. After the removal, the land of Bradley and Polk counties was put up for sale and there was a huge influx of settlers on some of the finest Cherokee property in the Nation. The county of Bradley and the city of Cleveland grew quickly and Rev. Price became involved in local affairs. Rev. Price was elected clerk of circuit course and held the position for twelve years.

Rev. Price testified for McMinn Tennessee Revolutionary War soldier Walter Billingsley's pension application is 1832 (here).


"From the earliest time to the present; Together with an Historical and Biographical Sketch of from Twenty-five to Thirty Counties of East Tennessee, Besides a Valuable Fund of Notes, Original Observations, Reminiscences, Etc., Etc.

The organization of churches was begun several years before the removal of the Cherokees. In this work the Methodists claim priority. They began some time in the twenties, and succeeded in making many converts. Rude [sic] houses of worship were erected, regular circuits established, and camp-meetings frequently held. One of the first preachers was Dr. J. B. McFerrin, now of Nashville, Henry Price, a local preacher, was permitted to live in the Nation after 1832 or 1833, and being somewhat familiar with the Cherokee language, he sometimes preached to the Indians, and was active in two or three of their camp-meetings..."

Reverend Price's son-in-law, blacksmith Andrew Parks was a magistrate who assisted with the removal. The Reverend's son Charles Jack Price was sheriff of Bradley County from 1846-48.

See Henry Price Census data below

Descendants of Rev. Henry Price

Rev. Henry Price fathered perhaps 30 children with two (or three) wives. Henry and his first wife Susan Stults (perhaps daughter of Lewis Stults of Greene County Tennessee (see below) produced at least 24 children between 1807 and 1840. This is based on the 18 children shown on the 1820 Franklin County Tennessee Census. Children of Henry Price and Susan on a list from Prier Lee Price III, Tulsa OK, April 1994 contains only 15. Susan Stults's parentage is likely Lewis Stults and Barbary Wilfong -- see below.

Prier Price III provided a list of children of Henry Price and Susan Stults that states that there were "14 or fifteen children of which I am told six died young" This came from a "P. Price family chart" allegedly based on Henry's bible:

Bible Entry
alternate name(s)*
BibleNamed on Census Notes
John W
John Wesley
1/30/18131840 Bradley TN
1850 Titus TX, b 1807
James18101 m Dec 17 1833
died before 1840
Dickson C18142m Oct 11 1835
d. consumption May 3 1837
9/1/18141850 Bradley TN, b 1810
3/1/1816no data
died young?
Charles III11/30/1817 1840/50 Bradley TN
1860/70/80 Barry MO
Elias 3/31/1819 1840/50 Bradley TN
1860 Barry MO
George Linzie*
1/10/1821no data
died young?
Chanenday2/24/1823no data
died young?
Martha M
5/15/18241850/60/70/80 Bradley TN
Henry5/15/1825no data
died young?
Livery M
6/11/18281850 Bradley TN b 1826
Unancy7/29/18311850 Bradley TN
1860/70/80 Johnson MO
8/20/18331850 Bradley TN b 1833
George W10/24/18351850 Bradley TN b 1836
1860 Bradley TN b 1835
2/24/18341850 Bradley TN b 1835

In Tennessee Petitions 1822-1823 is:

Henry Price McMinn 1823 Petition 115

Petition of Henry Price asking for a divorce from his wife, Rynay Price. Named in petition: William Gossage. Statements by: Henry Bullard, Joseph Bullard, Timothy Philpot & Patsay Ganbery.

and Price, Rynay 1823 Petition 115 Petition of Henry Price asking for a divorce from his wife, Rynay Price. Named in petition: William Gossage. Statements by: Henry Bullard, Joseph Bullard, Timothy Philpot & Patsay Ganbery.

IS this a wife between Susan Stultz and ELizabeth Wooten?

Then, with second (or thrid) wife Elizabeth Wooten there are 6 kids acknowledged by Prier Price.

Bible Entry
alternate name(s)*
BibleNamed on Census Notes
James H3/16/18481870/80 Lawrence MO
1900/10 Pawnee OK
1920 Claremore OK
Susan Mananda
4/11/18491850 Bradley TN b 1848
1860 Bradley TN b 1850
no data
died young?
Penelope Mayfield
7/11/18501870/80/1900 Lawrence MO
1910/20/30 Tulsa OK
Willington McCellion
7/21/1855 no data
died young?
Joseph18541880 Dade MO
1900/1910 Tulsa OK
Prier Lea
7/ /18581900/10/20 Tulsa OK

* from the list of Mrs. Milfred W Davis of Barry MO. She says 15 kids by Susan Stultz, 6 died young.

Children with first wife Susan Stults:

  1. John Wesley Price (1807 KY - d After 1850 Titus Texas)
    (John W Price 1840 Bradley TN Census, 1830 McMinn Census) see genforum by David Galloway
    Married Mary Hayes. Mary was the daughter of John Hayes (1767-1819) and Elizabeth Rogers daughter of James Rogers of Granville NC (see this). John Hayes's son Solomon (1792-1859) moved to McMinn Tennessee with younger sister Mary Hayes about 1825. Solomon Hayes and John Price immigrated to Texas in 1846 to Titus County (see this).
    Titus Texas 1850 Census
    Price          John W.        43   M         Farmer         600       KY
    Price          Mary           42   F                                  N.C.
    Price          Martha         17   F                                  Tenn
    Price          Elizabeth      15   F                                  Tenn
    Price          Henry          12   M                                  Tenn
    Price          Hayes          10   M                                  Tenn
    Price          Amanda         8    F                                  Tenn
    Price          Sarah          6    F                                  Tenn
    Price          James          5    M                                  Tenn
    Price          Charles        3    M                                  Tex
    Price          George         1    M                                  Tex
    Bradley Tennessee 1840 Census
    John W Price
    2 males     < 5
    1 male    20-30
    2 females  5-10
    1 female  20-30


    1. Martha Price ca. 1833 TN
    2. Elizabeth Price ca. 1835 TN
    3. Henry Price ca. 1837 died young
    4. Solomon Hayes Price 1839 TN - 1921 TX m Bedie Jane Barefoot (1836-1919) in 1855 in Titus TX. He was a well-known lay preacher (see this). According to Nat. Park Service Soldier Site he was a Private in Company N, 27th Texas Confederate Cavalry. According to Bob Baird's Genforum post he was in Company A of the 22 Texas Confederate Infantry. Below are the two Price's service records in question. Clearly the 22nd Infantry's Solomon Price is correct -- as the 27th Cavalry's Solomon Price died in 1862. Although, Dangerfield and Mt Pleasant -- the enlistment location of the two entries below are very near to one another. There is a Solomon Price on the 1860 Texas Census in Marion Texas -- born 1846. The second entry below never specifies the age of Solomon Price.

      • Confederate Service Record: Private S.H. Price 22nd Texas Infantry
        Hubbard's 22nd Texas Infantry, Capt. E.A. Brown's Company (Company A)
        Enlisted May 10, 1862, Mt Pleasant for 3 years, Age 22
        Muster Roll May-June 1862 present
        Regimental Return for Nov 1862 -- with leave
        Muster Roll Jan-Feb 1864 present, last paid Aug 31 1863
        Bounty Pay and Receipt Roll Amount $50.00, Oct 9 1862

      • Confederate Service Record: Private Solomon Price 27 Texas Cavalry
        Whitfield's Legion Cavalry (1st Texas Legion) (27th Texas Cavalry)
        Muster Roll Mar 10 - Apr 20 1862 Present Enlisted March 10, 1862, Dangerfield TX, Co. N
        Muster Roll Mar 10 - Apr 30 1862 -- Transferred by order of Maj General Earl Van Dorn to Company I April 15 1862.
        Muster Roll dated June 30, 1862. Died at Columbus Hospital May 25, 1862

      He lived on land he inherited from his uncle John Massey who had married his mother's sister Emily Hayes (1822-1894) in McMinn TN in 1839.

      Children according to genforum by David Galloway
      Titus Texas 1880 Census
      S. H. Price       41  TN TN TN
      J. B. Price       41  AL NC AL
      Mary J. Price     14  TX TN AL
      Margarat M. Price 11  TX TN TN
      Nacey E. Price     9  TX TN TN
      Ellen Clem. Price  7  TX TN TN
      Marcena Barefoot  65  AL AL AL
      Titus Texas 1870 Census
      Salomon Price   31  TN
      Beda J Price    33  AL
      John W Price    13  TX
      William H Price 10  TX
      Elizabeth Price  8  TX
      Mary J Price     4  TX
      Margarett Price  1  TX
      Borcena Barfoot 50  AL
      Titus Texas 1880 Census
      S. H. Price       41 TN TN TN farmer and minister
      J. B. Price       41 AL NC TN
      Mary J. Price     14 TX TN AL
      Margarat M. Price 11 TX TN AL
      Nacey E. Price     9 TX TN AL
      Ellen Clem. Price  7 TX TN AL
      Marcena Barefoot  65 AL AL AL boarder
      Titus Texas 1900 Census
      S H Price    63 TN NC NC  minister of the gospel
      Budy J Price 65 AL NC AL married 44 tears 8 children 7 surviving
      Titus Texas 1910 Census
      Rev Solomon H Price 72 TN NC NC minister of the gospel
      Bedie J Price       76 AL NC AL
      Titus Texas 1920 Census
      Lizzie Percelle 58 TX TN AL
      Rev Sol Price   82 TN TN TN father

      1. John Wesley Price 1857-1950 Wood county Texas
        Titus Texas 1880 Census
        John W Price 23 TX TN AL
        Victoria     26 AL unk unk
        William A     8 TX TX AL
        James         1 TX TX AL
        Wood Texas 1900 Census
        Jno W Price   43 TX TN AL farmer
        Victory Price 45 AL AL AL married 25 years 6 children 2 surviving
        Titus Texas 1910 Census
        John W Price   52 TX TN AL farmer
        Victoria Price 55 AL AL AL married 35 years 6 children 2 surviving

      2. William Hayes Price 1859-1930 m Mary Ella Dye Titus County, TX.
        Titus Texas 1880 Census
        William Price 20 TX TN AL
        Mary Ella     20 TX MS MS
        Jennie Bell    2 TX TX TX
        Titus Texas 1900 Census
        Billie Price 40 TX TN AL farmer
        Ella Price   40 TX MS MS married 24 years 8 children 7 surviving
        Willie Price 18 TX TX TX
        Laura Price  14 TX TX TX
        Cora Price   13 TX TX TX
        Calvin Price 10 TX TX TX
        Jessie Price  5 TX TX TX
        1. Jennie Bell Price 1878
        2. Walter Hayes Price 1880
          Titus Texas 1900 Census
          Walter Price   19 TX TX TX farmer
          Sallie E Price 19 TX TX TX
        3. William Clinton Price 1881
        4. Laura Price 1886
        5. Cora Price 1887
        6. Calvin Price 1889
        7. Jesse Price 1895
        8. Anne Gibbs Price 1906
        9. Opal Price
      3. Elizabeth Price 1862 m John Purcell
        Titus Texas 1880 Census
        John Persel      23
        Elizabeth Persel 17
        Josephine Persel 9M
        Titus Texas 1900 Census
        John Percell      51 GA GA GA farmer
        Elizabeth Percell 39 TX TN AL married 20 years 8 children 7 surviving
        Fannie Percell    15 TX GA TX
        Ola Percell       12 TX GA TX
        Ada Percell        9 TX GA TX
        Ruben Percell      7 TX GA TX
        Soloman Percell    4 TX GA TX
        Herman Percell 2
        Titus Texas 1910 Census
        Elizabeth F Percell 49 TX TN AL
        Ada Percell         19 TX GA TX
        Ruth Percell        17 TX GA TX
        Lillie Percell      15 TX GA TX
        Herman Percell      11 TX GA TX
        ??E Percell          9 TX GA TX
        Authes Percell      13 TX GA TX

        See 1920 Titus census above with father Solomon
      4. Mary Jane Price 1866 m1 Billy Brown, m2 Adolphus Beard
        Wood Texas 1900 Census
        Adolphus C Beard 41  AL AL AL
        Mary Jane Beard  34  TX TX TX
        Bell Beard       14  TX AL AL
        Maud Beard       12  TX AL AL
        Abner Beard      10  TX AL AL
        Florence Beard    7  TX AL AL
        Clemmy Brown     16  TX AL TX
        Lula Brown       13  TX AL TX
        Jonnie Brown      9  TX AL TX
        Wood Texas 1910 Census
        Adolphus C Beard 51 AL AL AL farmer
        Mary J Beard     44 TX TN AL married 14 years 5 children 3 surviving
        Joseph A Beard   19 TX AL AL
        Mary F Beard     17 AL AL AL
      5. Barcena Margret Price 1869 m Allen Lunsford
        Titus Texas 1900 Census
        Alfred Lunsford        32
        B Margrett Lunsford    31
        Solomon David Lunsford 11
        George C Lunsford      10
        William Allen Lunsford  6
        Charlie Edger Lunsford  3
        Herbert Lewis Lunsford  1
      6. Nancy Ann Price 1871 m Henry Miller Best
      7. Ellen Clementine Price 1873 m James B Lunsford
        Titus Texas 1900 Census
        James B Lunsford    32  TX TN TX
        Ellen C Lunsford    27  TX TN AL
        Nora Etta Lunsford  10  TX TX TX
        James E Lunsford     6  TX TX TX
        Oda C Lunsford       4  TX TX TX
        Thomas F Lunsford    1  TX TX TX

        1. Nora E. Lunsford 1890
        2. Ora Lester Lunsford 1900
        3. Clifton Odie Lunsford 1896
        4. Thomas Floyd Lunsford 1898
        5. Jesse Burrel Lunsford 1902
        6. Gentle Tenrie Lunsford 1905
        7. Bascum Norris Lunsford 1912
        8. Robert Solomon Lunsford 1892
        9. Earl Lunsford 1911
    5. Amanda Price 1841 TN
    6. Sarah Price 1843 TN
    7. James L. Price 1845 TN
      Titus Texas 1880 Census
      J. L. Price    35 Farmer  TN TN TN
      Sarah          28         MS MS MS
      F.J.            9         TX TN MS
      J.H.            7         TX TN MS
      F.W.           21         TX TN MS
      Mandy          22 niece   TN TN TN
    8. Charles W Price 1847 TX
      Titus Texas 1870 Census
      Charles Q Price 23  TN
      Martha Price    18  AL
      Mary Price       1  TX
      Barbra Price    16  TX
    9. George Price 1849 TX died young
      Titus Texas 1870 Census
      George Price 21 TX
      Sarah Price  18 TX

    This Kentucky birthplace for John Wesley Price presents and interesting clue to the whereabouts of Rev. Henry Price before 1820. We have no information of Henry Price's location prior to the 1820 Census in Franklin TN other than his stated 1785 birthplace of "NC" on the 1850 and 1860 censuses. His father Charles Price does NOT appear on the 1790 NC Census -- nor any other I can confirm.

    As to his death, John Wesley is mentioned in the 1857 will so he must have been alive in Texas in 1857.

  2. James Price (1810 TN - before 1840 TN)

    On the now defunct website he is listed as the son of Rev. Henry Price and Susan Stults and being born in Hiawasee District of McMinn County Tennessee.

    Married 1833 Almira Parks (1818 TN - 1855)

    She was the second daughter of Samuel Parks (1789 MD? - 1841 Bradley Tennesee) and Sussanah Taylor (1799 Charleston TN-1886 TN) who married in 1814. Susannah was the daughter of Thomas Taylor and Jennie Walker who was the grandaughter of Cherokee Nancy Ward. Her father Samuel Parks was a War of 1812 veteran and lived in the Cherokee Nation. Her parents are both buried at Hennigers Chapel in Cleveland Tennessee.

    James appears on the 1835 census roll on: Cha-ta-ta Creek, McMinn Co, TN

    Almira appears on the Cherokee Drennan roll delaware 483 in 1852 in Oklahoma.

    James and Alimira had no children.

  3. Dickson C. Price (1814 TN - circa 1837/8 TN)

    On the now defunct website he is listed as the son of Rev. Henry Price and Susan Stults and being born in Hiawasee District of McMinn County Tennessee.

    Married 1835 Ruth Parks (1815 TN - 1888 Indian Territory Oklahoma)

    She was the eldest daughter of Samuel Parks (1789 MD? - 1841 Bradley Tennesee) and Sussanah Taylor (1799 Charleston TN-1886 TN) who married in 1814. Susannah Taylor was the daughter of Charles Fox Taylor and Jennie Walker who was the grandaughter of Cherokee "Beloved Woman" Nancy Ward. After her mother's death (1876), she moved to Oklahoma with her brother, Richard T. Parks, where she died in 1888. Her father Samuel Parks was a War of 1812 veteran and lived in the Cherokee Nation. Her parents are both buried at Hennigers Chapel in Cleveland Tennessee.

    Dickson Price and Ruth Parks had one daughter Mary Salina who was born in 1836 and died in 1852. Salina was only one month old when Dickson Price died of consumption. Penelope Allen in "Leaves of the Family Tree" says Dickson died one year after the birth of his daughter.

    Ruth Parks Price appears on:
    1851 Siler Cherokee roll in Bradely TN, Family #5 roll #1546 as "Ruth Price".
    1852 Chapman roll: Bradley Co, TN, fam# 5, roll# 1600 as "Ruth Price"
    1882-84 Hester roll: Chatata, Bradley Co, TN, fam# 796, roll# 2828 as "Ruth Price"
    Clan: Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Nanye'hi)
    1851 Census of Cherokee's east of the Mississippi Bradley County, Tennessee as:

    1851 Census of Cherokees East of the Mississippi
    Bradley County Tenneseee

    Family NO. 5
    1546	Ruth Price		     30    widow     mixed	female
    1547	Mary Price		      3	     dau     mixed	female

    Obviously, Mary Salina Price is 13 NOT 3.

    From Ken Parks' East Tennessee Parks pages:

    "Notes for RUTH PARKS:
    Physical description from 'Memoirs of Martha Parks Trout (1855-1933)':
    She [Ruth Parks] was tall, slender, fair, blue-eyed, and very particular and neat."

    More About RUTH PARKS:
    Burial: Old Wash Parks cemetery on the Matt Hawkins place

    More About DICKSON PRICE:
    Cause of Death: consumption
    Medical Information: Memoirs of Martha Parks Trout (1855-1933)

    Burial: Hennegar's Chapel, Bradley Co., TN
    Cause of Death: consumption
    Medical Information: Memoirs of Martha Parks Trout (1855-1933)

  4. Sally Price

  5. Lucinda/Cynthia Price (1810-1850)

    Cynthia Price married George W Fann of Greene Tennesse. Elnora Franes Cook-Wyrick (with contributions by Donna Jean (Frazier) Freshour, Ginger (Fann) Hederer and Judith Haas) has an extensive page on the Greene Tennessee Fann family (see this). This Fann family came from Hampshire County VA in the 1780s to Greene Tennessee where Charles Price and son Henry Price also resided. John Fann died in 1791 in Greene county and left several sons:

    1. Solomon (1772 VA - ? Greene TN)
    2. Phillip (1757 VA-1835 OH) who was a Rev. War soldier in the 8th VA and purchased land in Greene County in 1783 and 1794
    3. George (1759 VA-1839 Cole OH) who was also a Rev. War soldier in the 8th VA. George was married three times and had ten children. This George's son George (1806-1860) m. Cynthia Price
    4. John (1785 TN-1867 Jackson MO) m. Mary Pearce in 1804 in Greene TN
    5. Catherine Fann 1778 TN- ?) m1. James Hise in Greene TN m2. Obediah McBee in Greene TN

    Judith Haas a contributor to the Fann site above suggests that this daughter married George Fann in Greene Tennessee. She says:

    "George Fann b. ca 1806 - This George married Laurinda Price 31 Dec 1829. He and his wife can be found on the 1830 Greene County census with no children. Information sent by Lark indicates this is the same George found in the 1850 census for Bradley County. That census indicates that George's age is in the right time frame but his wife's name is Cynthia. I didn't find George on the 1860 census index but several of his children have been located in GA. I must admit however, that the indices have many omissions and the thought of checking each county for Fanns is mind boggling. It appears that the Fanns starting moving out of Greene County and TN in the 1830's as public lands were offered for sale in various states.

    Lucinda/Cynthia Price was born ca 1810 d/o Rev. Henry Price bc. 1785 d. 8/29/1860 s/o of Charles Price b. 1757 Ireland. Henry's wife was Elizabeth Wooten of Cleveland, Bradley County, TN. Have any of you any additional info on the Lucinda/Cynthia problem. My local library has an excellent genealogy department but it only has one book on Bradley County, TN. As you can see I'm having trouble with this George."
    1850 Bradley County, TN Census
    George Fan 44 Farmer 335 TN
    Cynthia    40 TN
    James M.   18 TN - (1870 Rhea County, TN census?)
    Phillip    17 TN - md. Elizabeth Hise?
    Johnithan  15 TN - (1870 Gilmore County, GA census?)
    Mary J     13 TN -
    Nancy K    11 TN -
    Catharine   9 TN -
    Jacob P     6 TN - Lark's Jacob Page b. 3 Dec 1844 d. 29 Dec 1902 Dalton, GA
    Sarah L     4 TN -
    Eve A    3/12 TN -

    Hass is incorrect in her assumption that the Cynthia's mother is Elizabeth Wooten. Elizabeth was Rev. Henry Price's second wife and is actually younger than Cynthia. Cynthia's mother was clearly Susan Stults.

    Children of George Fann and Cynthia Price:

    1. James M Fann (1832 Greene TN-1896 Bledsoe TN) m Jane Harris (1827-1895)
      1. Cynthia Fann (1857-
      2. Sarah Elizabeth Fann (1860-1933)
      3. George W Fann (1864-1930)
      4. Catherine E Fann (1867-
      5. James L. Fann (1868-1941)
    2. Phillip D Fann (1833 Greene TN-1860) m. Elizabeth Hice. Hass notes that both Phillip and Elizabeth were killed by Indians.
      1. Dr. James Henry Fann (1855 Greene TN - 1932 Spokane WA) m. 1890 Cordelia Mary Foron (1868 WA-1925 WA)
    3. Jonathan Fann (1835 Greene TN-1904 Pickens GA) m Ava ?
      1. George W Fann (1858-
      2. John W. Fann (1860-
      3. Nancy Fann (1862-
      4. William Fann (1864
      5. Sherman Fann (1866-
      6. Allen Fann (1868-
    4. Mary T Fann (1838 Greene TN - ) m. Wade Frost (1837- )
      1. Josephine Frost (1855- )
    5. Nancy K Fann (1839 Greene TN -
    6. Catherine Fann (1841 Greene TN -
    7. Dr. Jacob Page Fann (1844 Greene TN-1902 Dalton GA) m. 1864 in Knoxville TN Mirilla Priscilla Ellenburg (1844 SC -1918 Carter OK)
      1880 Whitfield Georgia Census
      Jacob P.    Fann Self M M W 35 TN Dentist      TN TN
      Marriller   Fann Wife F M W 34 SC Keeps House  SC SC
      John S.     Fann Son  M S W 14 TN News Boy     TN SC
      Sintha      Fann Dau  F S W 12 TN              TN SC
      Mary E.     Fann Dau  F S W  8 TN              TN SC
      Ella M.     Fann Dau  F S W  5 GA              TN SC
      Georgia W.  Fann Dau  F S W  3 GA              TN SC
      Jesse P.    Fann Son  M S W 8M GA              TN SC
      1900 Whitfield Georgia Census
      Jacob Fann 55 TN TN TN Dentist
      Marrilla   55 SC SC SC
      Porter J   20 GA TN SC Dentist
      Charles G  19 GA TN SC Machinist

      Children of Jacob Fann and Marilla Ellenburg:

      1. Dr John S Fann (1865 Greene TN -
      2. Cynthia Josephine Fann (1868 GA -Dalton GA)
      3. Mary E Fann (1872-1951 GA)
      4. Elle M Fann (1875 Whitfield GA- after 1930
      5. Georgia Whitfield Fann (1876 GA- 1881 Whitfield GA)
      6. Dr Jessie Porter Fann (1879 Whitfield GA - 1944 Tarrant TX)
      7. Charles Gordon Fann (1881 Whitfield GA - 1965 Jefferson AL)
      8. Marvin Price Fann (1883 Whitfield GA - 1923 Cleveland OK)
      9. James Porter Fann (1884 - 1972 El Paso TX)

    8. Sarah L Fann (1846 Greene TN -
    9. Eve A Fann (1850 Greene TN - )
      1. George Fann

  6. Charles Jack Price III b 1817 TN - 1865 Barry Missouri
    wife Catherine J Samples b 1813 - 1888 m 1837

    Charles J Price Sheriff 1846-48 of Bradley County.

    Catherine appears as a widow in 1870

    1880 Barry Missouri
    Sidney Antle      42 KY farmer
    Margrett J. Antle 38 TN
    Eva Antle         18 MO
    Charles S. Antle  17 MO
    Oliver G. Antle   13 MO
    Author F. Antle   12 MO
    Catharine Price   66 TN mother-in-law
    Barry MO 1870 Census Shoal Creek
    Catherine Price  56 TN
    John McCary      28 TN
    Sarah McCary     21 TN (probably daughter Sarah b 1849 TN)
       Charles F      2 MO
    William Griffith 19 AR
    Barry MO 1860 Liberty Township Eagle Bottom Post Office
      [indexed as Pice on]
    Charles J. Price,      42, 3000 1000 Farmer, Tennessee, Male
    Catharine T. Price,    45, Domestic, Tennessee, Female
    Mary M. Price,         21, School Teaching, Tennessee, Female
    Susan E. Price,        20, Domestic, Tennessee, Female
    Margaret J. Price,     18, Domestic, Tennessee, Female
    Sarah W. Price,        11, Tennessee, Female
    Wm H. Price,           11, Tennessee, Male
    Sophrona E. Price,      8, Arkansas, Female
    Christopher L. Price,   7, Arkansas, Male
    Bradley TN 1850 Census
    Charles J Price 33 Farmer 2000 TN
    Catharine       35             TN
    Mary N          12             TN
    Susan           10             TN
    Margaret         9             TN
    Nevenna          1             TN
    Jackson Harwood 14             TN
    Benj Harwood     7             TN
    Bradley TN 1840 Census
    Charles J Price
    2 males 20-30
    2 females < 5
    1 female 20-30

    From McMinn County Tennessee Rootsweb

    From McMinn Co. Tn records: Dec. 1852:

    "Chas Price inflicted mortal wounds on Wm Shamblin 5 Sept. 1851. He died 6 Sept. 1851".

    Thos. C. Wooten says in a letter (1936)

    "When the train passed over the bridge I walked over the bridge to McMinn County so as to be able to say I had been out of the county I was born in. When I got across, there was a man on that side who had a barrel of cider and ginger cookies which he was selling to the public. His name was Shamblin. He was an old enemy of Charlie Price, son of Uncle Henry Price. They had fought about 7 years before (about the time Charlie Price was sheriff of Bradley Co. (1846-48) and Shamblin had whipped him. Suddenly Price walked up while Shamblin was squatted down and said, 'I owe you a debt that is 7 years old'. With that he kicked Shamblin under the chin, jumped into his face and breast and stomped him to death. Price was arrested and put in jail for the crime. He later went to California where he made lots of money. He settled in Barry Co. Mo. His family came to him there. He died of old age, quite wealthy."

    I believe this Chas Price to be the first cousin of my ancestor, Charles Price who lived on Rogers Creek in McMinn County and married Catherine Zeigler. My Charles was in the 1850 census in Mo. If you find out any more about this, especially about Henry Price, please let me know.

    Eileen Adams Sep 1999


    Thomas Wooten who related this story was the nephew of Rev. Henry Price (through second wife Elizabeth Wooten). He..."...was born in Tennessee in 1842, and is descended from Scotch-English stock in his father's line and from Scotch-Irish in his mother's line. His parents were George W. and Eliza J. (BRYAN) WOOTEN, both natives of Tennessee. They both died in Missouri, the father in 1870 and the mother in 1872, and were the parents of twelve children, of whom the subject of this sketch is the third. In early life Thomas C. assisted his father on the farm, and upon attaining his majority engaged in agricultural pursuits for himself, and has since continued, except what time he spent in defense of his country. In 1862 he enlisted in the Federal army, joining Company D, Seventy-sixth Missouri Enrolled Militia, but later volunteered in the Fifteenth Missouri Volunteer Cavalry. He participated in the engagements at Jefferson City, Independence, Big Blue, Osage, and many others of less importance. Being honorably discharged at Springfield, Mo., in 1865, he returned home and resumed farming. In 1867 he was united in marriage with Mary J. MATTHEWS, who was born in St. Louis County in 1843. She is the daughter of Levi and Elizabeth (WILCOX) MATTHEWS. To Mr. and Mrs. Wooten have been born eight children, namely: Ida B., George B., William T., Robert C., Charles L., Mary F., Pearly A. and Thomas F. For the past two years Mr. Wooten has served his township as justice of the peace, and is in office at present. He is truly a self-made man, is well respected, intelligent, and wields an influence for good in his community. Both he and his wife are earnest Christians, and members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

    From "A Reprint of Goodspeed's 1888 History of Lawrence County"; Reprint Lawrence County Section of Goodspeed's Newton, Lawrence, Barry And McDonald Counties History; published by the Goodspeed Publishing Co., in 1888.

    As Charles Price's Youngest children were born in 1852 and 1853 in Arkansas, Wooten's "went to California" story doesn't seem to hold water.

    Children of Charles and Catherine Samples:

    1. Mary Nodema Price 1838-1903 m 1860 James Dickey Wooten (1836-1928) son of James Stewart Wooten and Mary Webb He was a 2nd LT in Company I of the Eight Missouri Infantry CSA.
      His Confederate service record says:
      2nd Lt Company I, muster roll Oct 6, 1862, age 26, eyes blue, hair black, hieght 6'2" complexion fair, enlisted Elm Springs Ark, elected Oct 6 1862
      Muster Roll Oct 31 1862, enlisted Aug 10 1862, Barry Co MO., private until Oct 6 1862, elected 2nd Lt.
      Muster Roll Mar-Apr 1863, present
      Muster Roll Jul-Aug 1863, absent without leave since Aug 6, 1863
      Muster Roll Jan-Feb 1864, absent without leave since Aug 6, 1863
      Roster of Commissioned Officers, Mitchell's 8th Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment, elected Oct 6 1862, detailed on Recruiting Service absent without leave since Aug 5 1863
      Roster Price's Division CSA, Mitchell's Missouri Regiment date of Commission Oct 6 1862, Senior 2nd Lt.
      Roll of Prisoners received at Springfield MO from March 1 to 15 1864, captued Feb 25 1864 Carroll Co Ark, prisoner of war

      1880 Barry Missouri
      James D. Woden   44 TN TN TN farmer
      Mary M. Woden    41 TN TN TN
      Charles S. Woden 18 MO TN TN
      Darthulia Woden  17 MO TN TN
      William T. Woden 13 MO TN TN
      Horace H. Woden  11 MO TN TN
      Mary C. Woden     5 MO TN TN
      Emily Woden       3 MO TN TN
      1900 Barry Missouri
      James D Wooten   64 TN TN TN farmer
      Mary M Wooten    61 TN TN TN married 39 years 8 children 4 surviving
      Charles S Wooten 38 MO TN TN
      1910 Newton, Franklin Missouri
      James D Wooten 74 TN TN TN farmer
      Mary Wooten    64 TN TN TN married 4 years
      Emma Wooten    10 MO MO MO grandaughter
      1910 Barry, Wheaton Missouri
      James D Nooten un
      Mary A Nooten  75

      Children of James Wooten and Mary Price:

      1. Charles S (1861- ) on 1870 Barry MO Census
      2. William T. Wooten (1866 MO-1903 MO) m Lenora Lauderdale (1878 Mo-1902 MO) daughter of Samuel Lauderdale and Isabella Antle (see this)
      3. Horace Henry Wooten (1868-1949) m Mary Magdelena Dabbs
      4. Mary Katherine Wooten (1875-1933) m. William Yarnell
      5. Emily Wooten
      6. Darthulia Wooten (1862-1881)
      7. Emmett Wooten (1870-1870)
      8. Emma Wooten (1870-1870)
    2. Susan Elizabeth Price 1840-1917 m 1867 Thomas Miller Stephens (1841-1918)
      1. Charles Oscar Stephens 1869-1942 m 1891 Charlette Haram.
    3. Margaret Jane Price 1841 m 1861 Sidney Antle (1837 KY-1914) Company I 8th Missouri Infantry CSA and Company C 14th Missouri Cavalry. He was son of Jacob F Antle (1813 KY - 1894 MO ) See Obituary and Sarah Stepp (1816

      Confederate Service Record:

      • Muster Roll Sep-Oct 1862, private Company I, 8th Missouri Infantry, present
      • Muster Roll Mar-Apr 1863, private Company I, 8th Missouri Infantry, present
      • Muster Roll Jul-Aug 1863, private Company I, 8th Missouri Infantry, enlisted Aug 1862 Barry County Mo deserted from Ft. Pleasant AR July 18, 1863
      • Muster Roll Jul-Aug 1863, private Company I, 8th Missouri Infantry, age 25, Oct 1862, eyes blue, height 6 ft, hair light, complexion fair, enrolled Oct 6 1862

      See Sidney Antle's Barry Missouri Obituary.
      1880 Barry Missouri
      Sidney Antle   32 KY farmer
      Margaret Antle 29 TN
      Eveline Antle   8 MO
      Charles S Antle 7 MO
      Oliver G Antle  4 MO
      Arthur Antle    3 MO
      1880 Barry Missouri
      Sidney Antle      42 KY farmer
      Margrett J. Antle 38 TN
      Eva Antle         18 MO
      Charles S. Antle  17 MO
      Oliver G. Antle   13 MO
      Author F. Antle   12 MO
      Catharine Price   66 TN
      1900 Barry Missouri
      Sidney Antle      62 KY KY KY
      Margarete J Antle 58 TN TN TN married 39 years 5 children 5 surviving
      Clarence M Antle  17 MO KY TN
      1910 Barry Missouri
      Sidney Antle     72 KY KY KY
      Margaret J Antle 68 TN TN TN married 49 years 5 children 5 surviving

      1. Eva L Antle (1861 Barry MO -
        Married 1885 William Warren (1854 Barry MO-
        Warren, William H. Union Cavalry 11th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry
        1900 Barry Missouri
        William M Warren 45
        Eva L Warren     38 married 14 years 6 children 4 surviving
        Katie Warren      9
        Winton Warren     7
        Bessie Warren     5
        Grace Warren  10/12
      2. Charles Sterling Antel (1863- )
        m Belle Gibson
        1900 Goldfield, Teller Colorado
        Charles Antle 37 MO KY TN car inspector
        Belle Antle   35 MO TN IN
        Preston Antle  8 WA MO MO
        Stella Antle   4 MO MO MO
      3. Oliver Gideon Antle (1865 Barry Mo-1954)
        m 1890 Lydia Montgomery (1872 Barry MO-1955 Exeter MO)
        1900 Barry Missouri
        O Gidion Antle  34 MO KY TN farmer
        Lydia Antle     27 MO TN TN married 10 years 6 children
        Edith Antle      8 WA MO MO
        Jenett Antle     7 CO MO MO
        Agnes Antle      5 MO MO MO
        Elsa Antle       4 MO MO MO
        Clifford L Antle 2 MO MO MO
        Porter P Antle   1 MO MO MO
      4. Arthur Fox Antle (1867 Barry MO - 1960 OK)
        m Sarah Leona McAllister (1873 Marshfield MO-1937)
        1900 Tulsa Oklahoma
        Arthur F Antle 32  MO KY TN stock dealer
        Leona S Antle  27  MO GA GA married 2 years 1 child 0 surviving
        Oscar Lofton   11  MS MS MS servant
        1910 Tulsa Oklahoma
        Arthur F Antle 42  MO KY TN owner livery
        Leona Antle    36  MS GA GA married 12 years 1 child 1 surviving
        Helen Antle     4  OK MO MO
        Bessie Hearn   19  GA AL GA servant
        1920 Tulsa Oklahoma
        A F Antle              54 MO KY TN superintendent water co
        Leona Antle            45 MS GA GA
        Helen A Antle          14 OK MO MO
        Virginia La Antle 4 11/12 OK MO MO
        Ruby Lyons             32 TX GA KS servant
      5. Clarence Moody Antle
        Married 1911 Bertha May Holt (1888 Mercer MO-
        1920 Tulsa Oklahoma
        Clarance F Antle 30 MO KY OH dairyman retail
        Myrtle Antle     29 AR MO MO
        Eleonor Antle     5 AR AR AR
        Kate Hutchison   57 IL KY IN roomer
        Ernest Hutchison 22 MO KY IL roomer
        Myrtle Hutchison 22 MO KY IL roomer
        Chas Nichols     23 AR AR AR roomer
    4. Neranna? 1849
    5. Sarah W Price 1849 m John McCary
      Appears on the 1870 Barry Missouri Census with Catherine Price (above)

      Barry MO 1880 Census Liberty Township
      J.P. McCary      38 TN SC TN
      Alice McCary     27 MO NY TN (this is likely NOT Sarah Price b 1849)
      Charles F McCary 11 MO TN TN
      Leonidus McCary   8 MO TN TN
      Magdaline McCary  3 MO TN TN
      Charles Hinkle    9 MO MO TN

    The following three children that appear on the 1860 Barry Arkansas census with Charles are likely the children of Hiram Price and Barbary Price (daughter of Henry Price bc 1825). Hiram and Barbary moved to Arkansas sometime in the 1850s. Barbary was alive in 1857 when Henry Price's will was made. Her known Child with Hiram Price is William b 1848. Christopher and Sophrona (both b Arkansas) are also with uncle Charles in 1860. In 1870 William and Christopher are both with father Hiram in Benton County Arkansas. See Barbary Price who married Hiram Price below.

    1. William H Price 1849
    2. Sophronia E Price 1852
    3. Christopher L Price 1853

  7. Elias Price b 1819 TN - 1863 MO

    Married Eliza J ? (1822 KY -?)
    Children of Elias Price and Elizas:

    1. Mary Price 1840 TN
    2. George W Price 1843 TN
    3. Leander (W or N) Price 1846 TN Married Martha J. Barnett 1868.
      Appears on the Barry Missouri 1870 Census (see below).

      Barry Missouri 1880 Census
      Leander W. Price 33 b. TN TN KY
      Martha J Price   32 b. KY KY KY
      no children.
      adjacent is widowed mother
      Eliza 58  KY IL IL
      Susan 31  TN TN KY

      Leander Price's 8th Missouri Infantry (Company I,K) CSA Service Records:

      Muster Roll Jan-Feb 1864, private, enlisted July 1 1863, Madison AR, present
      Roll of Prisoners of War of Co. K Eighth Regiment Missouri Infantry, residence Barry County MO, surrendered New Orleans LA, Gen. E.K. Smith to E.R.S. Canby May 26,1865, paroled at Alexandria LA June 7, 1865.

      Additionally in the 8th Missouri Infantry are:

      Charles Price, private, Company D, enlisted at Eleven Points MO Aug 4 1862, AWOL since Aug 17, 1862.

      Henry Price also in the 8th Missouri Infantry, private, Company D, enlisted at Eleven Points MO Aug 4 1862, AWOL since Aug 17, 1862.

      William Price, private, Company K, 8th Missouri Infantry, residence Barry County MO, Roll of Prisoners of War of Co. K Eighth Regiment Missouri Infantry, residence Barry County MO, surrendered New Orleans LA, Gen. E.K. Smith to E.R.S. Canby May 26,1865, paroled at Alexandria LA June 7, 1865.

    4. Susan Price 1848 TN

    Barry Missouri 1870 Census
    Eliza J Price     48                  KY
    Polly             28                  TN
    Susan A           21                  TN
    adjacent is:
    Leander           23                  TN [Company I 8th Missouri Infantry CSA]
    Martha J          22                  KY
    in Flat Creek Township is:
    G E J Price       27                  TN
    C C (female)      26                  Wisconsin
    B F (male)        22                  TN
    Susan Springer     7                  Wisconsin
    A B Clark (male)  23                  Wisconsin
    Arthur Price      3/12                Missouri
    Barry Missouri 1860 Census
    Eleos Price 41 Farmer 2000 1000 TN
    Eliza J     39                  KY
    G W         16                  TN
    L N         14                  TN [Company I 8th Missouri Infantry CSA]
    Susan A     11                  TN
    Bradley TN 1850 Census
    Elias Price 31 Collector 600 TN
    Eliza J     28               KY
    Mary        10
    George W     7
    Leander      4
    Susan        2
    Bradley TN 1840 Census
    Elias Price
    1 male 20-30
    1 female <5
    1 female 15-20

    In Official Records, Series I, Volume 22 (Part II), Pages 823-825.

    APRIL 5-17, 1863

    Report of Joseph G. Peevy, Capt. Co. B, Hunter’s Regt. Mo. Infantry (CSA), on Detached Service, to Lieutenant-General Holmes, Commanding District of Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, ARK., April 17, 1863.

    To: Lieutenant-General HOLMES, Commanding District of Arkansas:

    "...The main Federal force is now concentrating at Hartville, in Wright County, Missouri, and will be under command of Blunt. They report 10,000 men, and I do not believe they miss it far. They are thus concentrating to check Marmaduke, whom they fear as honest men do the devil. On the border, both in Arkansas and Missouri, they are murdering every Southern man going north or coming south. West of Cassville, in Barry County, a first lieutenant (Robert H. Christian) of the Missouri militia committed one of the most diabolical, cold-blooded murders that I heard of during my trip. Four old citizens of that county had gone to the brush, fearing that by remaining at home they would be murdered. Their names were Asa Chilcutt (who was recruiting for the C. S. Army), Elias Price, Thomas Dilworth, and Lee Chilcutt. Asa Chilcutt was taken very sick, and sent for Dr. Harris, a Southern man. The doctor came as requested, and, while there, this man Christian and 17 other militia came suddenly upon their camp. Lee Chilcutt made his escape. The others were captured, and disposed of as follows: Asa Chilcutt, the sick man, was shot to death while lying on his pallet unable to move. He was shot some six or seven times by this leading murderer, Christian. They marched the others 150 yards to a ridge, and, not heeding their age or prayers for mercy, which were heard by the citizens living near by, they shot and killed the doctor and the others, all of them being shot two or three times through the head and as many more times through the body. They (the Federals) then left them, and, passing a house near by, told the lady that they "had killed four old bucks out there, and if they had any friends they had better bury them." This man Christian also tried to hire two ladies, with sugar, coffee, &c., to poison Southern men lying in the brush. Christian proposed furnishing the poison and also the subsistence, and would pay them well if they accepted his proposition. The names of the ladies are Rhoda Laton and Mrs. Simms, and every word of all the above can be proven in every particular."

    Elias Price is buried in Packwood Cemetery in Barry County Missouri. See: This cemetery has been recently restored through the efforts of the Barry County Genealogical and Historical Society and specifically the Cemetery Restoration and Preservation Committee Significant work has been done on this cemetery by the Cemetery Restoration Committee members: Jack Fly, Jay Trace and Ted Rooler. Photos were published on the web by Donna Cooper Coordinator of the Barry County Missouri History and Genealogy Web Site.

    Elias Price's gravestone inscription reads:

    Since thou canst no longer stay to cheer me with thy love, I hope to meet with thee again in yon bright world above

     This inscription is found on many Victorian graves.

    Another account of these killings was offered by Thomas Sallee of Exeter, Missouri, in a Excerpt from a 1931 Interview of Thomas Sallee of Exeter, Missouri:

    "One of the most noted guerrillas in the country at that time was a fellow by the name of Christian who claimed to be a Union man or Home Guard. He had a number of followers. His gang killed Ace Chilcutt, Tom Dillworth, Dock Harris and Elias Price who were hiding in the hills west of where Exeter now is. The men were all shot in the right eye and the top of their heads blown off. Their brains were taken out and put in their hats which were set beside their bodies. Tom Sallee's father helped haul the men in and bury them. They were all buried in one large grave in the old Packwood cemetery.

    The Christian gang burned many houses in that part of the country, claiming that the owners were Confederate sympathizers. Later on a man by the name of Moore, who was one of General Joe Shelby’s scouts and whose father Christian had killed, asked his commander for a few days’ furlough in order that he might kill Christian. The furlough was granted. He killed Christian near Newtonia, cut off his scalp and beard, tied it to his horse’s bridle and rode over the country showing the scalp to many people whose homes Christian had burned. Mr. Sallee’s wife, then a young girl named Nancy Hale, saw the scalp. Moore rode over the country and gave every widow whose house Christian had burned $10.00. This incident marked the ending of the Christian gang in Southwest Missouri."

    SOURCE: Interview, February 15, 1931. It probably appeared originally in a story by Eunice Arnaud in the Monett Times.

    Notes in Peevey's report say:

    "At the time of these killings, Robert H. Christian was 1st Lieutenant in either Company I of the 76th Enrolled Missouri Militia (12/1862 through 3/1863) or Company C of the 7th Provisional Enrolled Missouri Militia (4/1863 to 9/1863). He was one of the most notorious figures of the Civil War in Southwest Missouri, often accused of atrocities, and himself came to a grizzly end when he was scalped and killed at the second Battle of Newtonia on October 28, 1864."

    May 4, 1907, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO:

    "Mr. Editor: I think the military history should have been extended a little. In speaking of Asa Chillcutt and Thos. Dillworth being killed, not only them but Elias Price and Dr. Harris, also at the same time. Ye scribe was one of the boys who buried them all in one grave at the Packwood Cemetery."

    From Barry County Missouri Cemetery Pages:

    "Research Note: Asa Chillcut, Thomas Dillworth and Dr. Harris were also buried in his grave. He was killed during the Civil War. This stone has 1860 on it, probably should read 1863. According to Goodspeed Elias Price was a Confederate in 1860-1861. His estate was probated in 1866."

  8. Leversay Price ?

  9. Clanenday Price ?

    I have found NO data on either of the two sons listed above that are on on Prier Price III's list of Reverend Henry Price's children.

  10. Lindsey McNabb Price (1826- )

    Dr. Lindsey Price was a boarder in Robert Stuart's tavern in Cleveland Tennessee in March 1849 and witnessed an altercation where stage driver Paul Herriford was murdered by Alexander Wallace. He was a witness for the defendant Wallace and testified at Wallace's trial. Wallace had been a passenger on Herriford's stage in the morning and words passed betweem them. Wallace then purchased a gun and waited for Herriford to return. He confronted Herriford and more words ensued and a scuffle began. Shots were fired and Herriford fell dead. Price stated that he was in the bar when Wallace went out to meet Herriford and witnessed the incident.

    Rev. Henry Price's son-in-law Andrew Parks -- blacksmith -- was also a witness in the trial (see his testimony here). He not only was a witness but also was attempting to break up the fight when the shots occurred. Wallace was convicted of second degree murder by the jury. In May Dr. Lindsey Price was summoned to court again as a witness and "...knowing he would be called for on the present day in court has left this morning for Charleston in the county of Bradley. Affiant has been informed that said Price has avowed his intention to absent himself from court..." A warrant was issued for Price's arrest.(Bradley County Tennessee Circuit Court Case File Abstracts (1836 - 1860) and The Trial of Alexander Wallace for the Murder of Paul Herriford Bradley County Tennessee, 1849, Cleveland Public Library Staff and Volunteers, Charles A Sherrill, Editor, 1988.)

    Dr. Lindsey Price resided in the boarding house (and tavern) owned by Robert Stuart (see census below).

    Bradley TN 1850 Census
    Robert Stuart 34 Tavern Host VA
    L M Price 24 Doctor TN
    15 total tavern occupants

    I have been unable to find anything further on Dr. Price. He is NOT named in Henry Price's 1857 will.

  11. Martha Minerva Price b 1827 - after 1909
    m Andrew J Parks (1817 TN-1870 TN) son of William Parks (1777 PA - 1852 TN) and Mary McCollum (1777 MD - 1856 TN), See Ken Parks' detailed page on the descendents of Andrew's grandfather
    Joseph Parks b Maryland; and Andrew's father William b PA in 1777; and Andrew.

    See the murder trial testimony of A.J. Parks who tried to break up a fight at Stuart's Tavern in Cleveland Tennessee in 1849. A passenger murdered a stage driver for having been called a "nasty triffling low-bred son of a bitch". A.J. Parks blacksmith shop was adjacent to the tavern where the stage stopped in Cleveland. A.J.'s brother-in-law Dr. Lindsey Price (see the section above) was also a witness to the murder.

    Bradley TN 1850 Census
    A H Parks  33 Blacksmith 600 TN actually A.J.
    Martha M   23
    Henry J     8
    Robert S    4
    John W      2
    Susan       1
    Bradley TN 1860 Census
    A J Parks  45 Farmer 1000 500 TN
    Manerva    35
    Henry P    18
    Robert S   16
    John W     14
    Susan      12
    Mary        8
    Melvin      5
    Caldona     1
    Bradley TN 1870 Census
    Andrew J Parks 52 TN farmer
    Minerva Parks  48 TN
    Henry J Parks  27 TN
    Wesley Parks   23 TN
    Susan Parks    20 TN
    Melvina Parks  18 TN
    Bradley TN 1880 Census
    with son Robert
    Robert Park 36 TN TN TN farmer widower
    Manevr Park 56 TN TN TN mother
    Helena Park  9 IL TN IA daughter
    Manda Park   6 IL TN IA daughter
    Melvin Park  2 IL TN IA son
    Dilly King  15       IA niece

    Children of Andrew Parks and Minerva Price are:

    1. Henry Jackson Parks (1842 TN - 1906, Bradley Co., TN)

      He married 1872 Mary E. Finnell (1842 TN-1883 Bradley TN). He married 1884 Emma Brown daughter of Henry Brown and ? Reagan (1853 TN - 1931 Bradley TN).

      From the Bradley County TN genweb page on Henry


      H. J. PARKS, sheriff of Bradley County, was born February 12, 1842, in East Tennessee. He is the eldest of a family of four sons and three daughters of Andrew J. and Minerva (PRICE) PARKS. The father was born in East Tennessee, and was one of the first magistrates in that section. In 1838 he took an active part in removing the Indians westward. He was a farmer by occupation. His death occurred several years ago. The mother still lives; she is a daughter of Rev. Henry PRICE, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and the first circuit court clerk of Bradley County. The subject of our sketch received a common school education. At the age of seventeen he volunteered in Company E, Fourth Tennessee Cavalry, Federal Army. During three years of gallant service he was neither imprisoned nor wounded. After the war he engaged in the wagon-making business, at which he worked fourteen years. Two years he was a magistrate, in 1884 was elected sheriff, and has held the office since that time. He is a warm Republican, and a member of the Masonic Order and of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, to which his first wife also belonged. In 1872 he married Miss Mary E. FINNELL, by whom he had two children: George W. and Maggie I. In 1884 our subject married Miss Emma BROWN, who is connected with the Methodist Church.

      Henry was a private in Company E 4th Tennessee Cavalry (Union) and Sheriff of Bradley County Tennessee in 1884.

      1880 Bradley Tennessee
      Henry Parks    36 TN blacksmith
      Mary E. Parks  36 TN
      George W. Parks 6 TN
      Magonie Parks   3 TN
      1900 Bradley Tennessee
      Henry J Parks 58 TN TN TN justice of peace
      Emma Parks    47 TN TN TN married 15 years
      Walter Parks  26 TN TN TN son painter
      Lena Brown    16 TN TN TN niece seamstress
                                [Emma's niece]
      Lena Parks    26 IL TN IL niece seamstress
                                [brother Robert Parks' daughter]
      1910 Bradley Tennessee
      Emma Parks 50 TN TN TN widow
      1920 Bradley Tennessee
      Emma Parks 66 TN TN TN widow
      1930 Bradley Tennessee
      Emma Parks  76 TN TN TN widow
      Maggie Kerr 53 TN TN TN widow step daughter


      1. George Walter (1874 TN - 1926 Bradley TN)

        He married 1904 Lucy B. Dickerson (1883 GA-1951) in Bradley TN

        1910 Bradley Tennessee
        Walter Parks     36 TN TN TN painter signs
        Lucy Parks       27 GA TN TN
                            married 5 years
                            2 children 2 surviving
        Cathleen Parks    4 TN TN GA dau
        Annis Parks       3 TN TN GA dau
        Severn Parks 1 4/12 TN TN GA son [Leverne?]
        1920 Bradley Tennessee
        G Walter Parks      45 TN TN TN painter signs
        Lucy B Parks        36 GA TN TN
        Kathaleen H Parks   14 TN TN GA dau
        Sarah A Parks       13 TN TN GA dau
        Archie L Parks      11 TN TN GA son
        George Henry Parks   8 TN TN GA son
        Charles E Parks 1 8/12 TN TN GA son
        1930 Bradley Tennessee
        Lucy Parks     47 GA TN TN widow
        La Verne Parks 21 TN TN GA son
        Henry Parks    18 TN TN GA son
        Everett Parks  11 TN TN GA son
        Lewis Parks     7 TN TN GA son


        1. Kathlene H Parks (1906-1972) m 1921 Parkerson (3 children)
        2. Sarah Agnes Parks (Annis) (1906-1965) m 1921 Langley (1 child)
        3. Archibald LuVern Parks (1908- ) m 1936 Nora Weight (1909-
          1. Sherry Ann Parks (1936- )
          2. Katheryn LuVern (1941- )
        4. George Henry Parks (1912-1944) m 1938 killed World War II No children
        5. Charles Everette Parks (1919 - ) m 1943 Inez Duggan in Bradley TN (2 children)
        6. William Lewis Parks (1923-1977) m 1953 (1 child)

      2. Margorie A. Parks (1877 TN - 1935 Bradley TN)

        m. 1894 A. M. Kerr (1873-1920)

        1910 Bradley Tennessee
        Bolden Herr   37 TN TN TN horse dealer
        Magnolia Herr 33 TN TN TN
        Lester Herr   15 TN TN TN son
        Elisha Mason  73 MA MA MA boarder
        1920 Bradley Tennessee
        Archibald M Kerr 47 TN TN TN horse trader
        Maggie Kerr      42 TN TN TN
        Margaret Minar   15 TN MS TN niece
        1930 Bradley Tennessee
        Emma Parks  76 TN TN TN widow
                       [widow of Henry J Parks above]
        Maggie Kerr 53 TN TN TN widow

    2. Robert L Parks (1846 TN - 1885, Bradley Co., TN)

      Wagon maker and blacksmith

      Married 1869 Sophia Kilgore (1848 IA - 1880 Bradley TN). He married in 1882 second Mahala Harvey (1862- ). She was the daughter of James L. and Hannah Harvey [Bradley 1870 age 11; Bradley 1880 census age 18] Mahala Harvey Parks Raper states in her pension file that he was struck and killed by a railroad train Oct 31 1885. She married second James Raper.

      [Co E 4th Tennessee Cavalry (Union)]

      1870 DeWitt, Turnbridge Illinois
      Robt L Parks 27 TN
      Sophia Parks 22 IA farmer
      1880 Bradley Tennessee
      Robert Park 36 TN TN TN farmer widower
      Manevr Park 56 TN TN TN mother
      Helena Park  9 IL TN IA daughter
      Manda Park   6 IL TN IA daughter
      Melvin Park  2 IL TN IA son
      Dilly King  15       IA niece

      Children with Sophia Kilgore:

      1. Helena (1871 IL - ) m. 1900 John Ruble Marshall

        1910 Bradley, Tennessee
        John R Marshall 40 TN TN TN
        Lena Marshall   37 IL TN IL
        1920 Hamilton, Tennessee
        J Walter Marshall 48
        Wallie Marshall   45
        Allen Marshall    19
        Leonard Marshall  15
        John R Marshall   50 TN brother manager clothing widow
        1930 Hamilton, Tennessee
        John R Marshall  60 TN TN TN cutter clothing store
                            age at first marriage 30
        Philona Marshall 29 TN TN TN
                            age at first marriage 30
        Samuel W Marshall 7 TN TN TN
        Peggy G Marshall  2 TN TN TN

      2. Manda [Maude or Maud] (1874 IL - )
        Married 1892 Jackson W. Hannah [John W Hannah] (1870 Benton TN- ) [see this] son of Joshua Columbus Hannah (1830- ) and Mary White Hildebrand (1839-1898) of Polk County TN [Mary Hildebrand is on: 1851 Siler roll Polk Co, TN, fam# 11, roll# 1495; 1852 Chapman roll Polk Co, TN, fam# 11, roll# 1537; 1882-84 Hester roll Dunn, Murray Co, GA, fam# 737, roll# 2621 as Mary Hannah, 1/16th Cherokee]
        Mary White Hildebrand was the daughter of John Walker Hildebrand (1818-1910) and Eliza Jane White (1824-1894). John Walker Hildebrand was the great grandson of Nancy Walker.
        Jack W Hannah was on: 1882-84 Hester roll: Dunn, Murray Co, GA, fam# 737, roll# 2625 as Jackson Hannah; 1906-09 Miller roll: Chattanooga, TN, ap# 2775, roll# 1047 as Jack W Hannah

        1900 Hamilton, Chattanooga Tennessee
        Jackson Hannah 24 TN TN TN RR car inspector
        Malta Hannah   22 IL TN TN
        Bulah Hannah    7 TN TN IL
        Sophia Hannah   4 TN TN IL
        Mary C Hannah   2 TN TN IL
        1910 Hamilton, Chattanooga Tennessee
        W Hannah Jr       38 TN TN TN yard clerk RR
        Maudie Hannah     33 IL IL IL
        Beula Hannah      16 TN TN IL [Beulah Hery]
        Sophia Lee Hannah 14 TN TN IL [Sophia Lee]
        Cecil Hannah      11 TN TN IL [Mary Cecil]
        Paul Hannah        7 TN TN IL

        1. Beulah Hery Hannah (1894-
        2. Sophia Lee Hannah (1896-
        3. Mary Cecil Hannah (1899-
        4. Paul Hannah (1903- )

      3. Melvin Parks (1878 IL - )

        "Mell Parks" married in Bradley TN Aug 22 1899 "Mannie Choocher"

        1900 Hamilton, Chattanooga Tennessee
        Melvin Parker 22  TN TN IL laborer tannery
        Mamie Parker  19  GA GA TN

      4. Infant PARKS

      Children of Robert Parks with Mahala Harvey (she m2 James Raper):

      1. Virgie (1882 Bradley TN - )
        Married Sam Wallace Aug 9 1902 Bradley Tennessee (Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002 see this at Arthur Vest bondsman -- Vest is on Bradley TN census 1900 age 23 farmer.

        1900 Bradley Tennessee 1900 Bradley Tennessee
        James Rapier  30 TN NC TN
                         farm laborer
        Mahala Rapier 34 TN TN TN
        Lillie Rapier 11 TN TN TN
        Mollie Rapier  6 TN TN TN
        James Rapier   5 TN TN TN
        Fredric Rapier 1 TN TN TN
        Virgie Parks  17 TN TN TN
                         house servant
                         step daughter
           Virgie is also here
        Robert B Harle 30 TN TN TN clerk
        Sophia Harle   27 TN TN TN
        Hugh D Harle    1 TN TN TN
        Virgie Parks   17 TN TN TN servant
        1910 Bradley Tennessee 1910 Bradley Tennessee
        James Rapier   47 TN TN TN
        Marla Rapier   49 TN TN TN
        Mollie Rapier  17 TN TN TN
        James Rapier   13 TN TN TN
        Freddie Rapier 10 TN TN TN
        Samuel Wallis 36 TN TN TN
                         engineer pump station
        Virgie Wallis 26 TN TN TN
        Ella Wallis    7 TN TN TN
        Mamid Wallis   5 TN TN TN
        1920 Bradley Tennessee
        Sam Walace         51 TN TN TN farmer
        Virgia Walace      39 TN TN IL
        Ellie Walace       16 TN TN TN
        Mamia Walace       14 TN TN TN
        Charley Walace      8 TN TN TN
        William Walace 4 2/12 TN TN TN
        1930 Bradley Tennessee
        Sam W Wallace   57 TN TN TN farmer
        Virgie Wallace  47 TN TN TN
        Charles Wallace 19 TN TN TN
                           salesman dry goods stroe
        Nellie Wallace  23 TN TN TN
                           clerk dry goods store
        William Wallace 13 TN TN TN
        Nonnie Wallace  20 TN TN TN
        Sam B Wallace    6 TN TN TN


        1. Ellie Wallace (1904-
        2. Mamie Wallace (1906-
        3. Nonnie (1910
        4. Charles Wallace (1912-
        5. William Wallace (1917-
        6. Sam Wallace (1924-

      2. Jellmer (Feb 1885 Bradley TN - Nov 1885 Bradley TN)

    3. John Wesley Parks (1847 TN - 1937 GA)
      Married Mary Ann Hayes (1850-1923) daughter of William Sidney Hayes and Ellen Hockenhull
      (see Hockenhull and Hayes page).

      [Co E 4th Tennessee Cavalry (Union)]

      1870 Bradley Tennessee
      John W Parks    22 TN farmer 175
      Mary A Parks    19 TN
      Orland Parks     2 TN
      Susan E Parks 3/12 TN
      John Maloy      22 TN farm laborer
      1880 Dawson Georgia Tennessee
      Wesley Parks 32 TN TN GA farmer
      Ann Parks    30 GA GA GA
      Lena Parks   13 GA GA GA
      Lizzie Parks 10 GA GA GA
      Milton Parks  8 GA GA GA
      Robt Parks    6 GA GA GA
      Walker Parks  1 GA GA GA
      1900 Dawson Georgia Tennessee
      John W Parks   52 TN TN GA farmer
      Mary A Parks   48 TN TN TN
                        married 34 years 9 children 8 surviving
      Susan E Parks  30 TN TN TN
      John M Parks   23 GA TN TN farm laborer
      Walker B Parks 21 GA TN TN farm laborer
      Wesley W Parks 19 GA TN TN farm laborer
      Clair Parks     9 GA TN TN farm laborer
      1910 Forsyth, Barker Georgia
      John W Parks 63 TN TN TN minister
      Mary A Parke 59 TN NC Eng
                      married 44 years 9 children 7 surviving
      1920 Dawson, Dawsonville Georgia
      John W Parks 75 TN TN TN clergyman church
      Anne Parks   67 TN TN Eng
      1930 Hall, Gainesville Georgia
      J W Parks 85 TN TN TN widowed

      Children of Mary Ann Hayes and John Wesley Parks:

      1. Orlena Parks (1868 Cleveland TN - 1902 Dawson GA) m William A. "Bud" Etris 1868 -
      2. Susan E. Elizabeth (Lizzie) (1870-1938 Dawson GA) m. Andrew Jackson Anderson (Jack) 1868-1952
      3. Melvin Parks (1872-1939 Atlanta GA) m. Mary McKee Burt. No children.
      4. Robert Henry Parks(1875-1960) m. Caroline Malinda Burt (Callie) 1875-1947
      5. Dr. Walker Belle Parks (1878 - 1951 Starke FL) m. Leila Bryan (1902-1955) daughter of Thomas Johnson Bryan (1831-1897) and Annis Brown (1836-1897) of Pickens GA. (see Thomas Johnson Bryan site.
      6. Watson Parks (1881-1958) m1 Lila Castleberry 1904 - 1978 m2 Ann Eugenia Hulsey 1885 - 1979
      7. Mary Ophelia (Mamie) Parks (1883-1966 Dawson GA) m. 1899 in McKee Dawson County Georgia Calvin Lowinslo Burt (1879 Dawson GA-1935 Dawson GA) son of James Calvin Burt (1843 Lumpkin GA-1899 Dawson GA) and Sarah Sallie Talley (1844 Lumpkin GA-1913 Dawson GA) daughter of Jeptha Talley (1819 Pickens SC-1874 Whitfield GA) and Nancy Lucinda Palmour (1816 SC-1896 Dawson GA).
      8. Ida Parks (1885 Lumpkin GA- ) died at age 2
      9. Clara Parks (1890-1990) m. Thad Pirkle

    4. Susan Parks (1849 TN -
      Married in 1872 George W Byrd (1849-

      1880 Bradley Tennessee
      Geo. W. Byrd  31 TN TN TN farmer
      Susan Byrd    30 TN TN TN
      Lee Byrd       8 TN TN TN son
      Mary E. Byrd   5 TN TN TN
      1900 Bradley Tennessee
      Lea Byrd    23 TN TN TN weaver woolen mill
      Emma Byrd   20 TN TN TN
      Susan Byrd  53 TN TN TN mother widow
                     4 children 4 surviving
      Annie Byrd  17 TN TN TN sister
      Robert Byrd 10 TN TN TN brother
      Alma Byrd    8 TN TN TN sister

      Children of Susan Parks and George Byrd:

      1. Lee Byrd (1872-

        See 1900 Bradley Census with mother Susan above
        Married Emma Thurman 1900 in Bradley TN

        1910 Bradley Tennessee
        Lee Byrd    36 TN TN TN shipping department factory
        Emma Byrd   30 TN TN TN
        Creed Byrd   8 TN TN TN
        Carl Byrd 6/12 TN TN TN
        1920 Bradley Tennessee
        Leal I Byrd  46 TN TN TN farmer
        Emma Byrd    41 TN TN TN
        Cecil Byrd   17 TN TN TN son
        Carroll Byrd 10 TN TN TN son
        1930 Bradley Tennessee
        Lee Byrd    59 TN TN TN forman woolen mill
        Carl Byrd   20 TN TN TN truck driver concrete
        Bertha Byrd 20 TN TN TN daughter-in-law


        1. Carl Byrd (1910 TN - ) married at age 21 Bertha Evans in 1929 in Bradley TN and married at age 24 Ora Elliot in 1934 in Bradley TN. See father's 1930 census of Bradley TN above.
        2. Creed Bryd (1903 TN -
          1930 Bradley Tennessee
          Creed Byrd      28 TN TN TN auto mechanic
          Willie Byrd     26 TN TN VA
          Billie Byrd      6 TN TN TN
          Sharon Byrd 2 8/12 TN TN TN
          Ladien Byrd   6/12 TN TN TN
          Delzie Ewin     29 TN TN TN
          Ruth Ewin       19 TN TN TN

      2. Mary E. Byrd (1875-
        Married Joseph Hughes 1894 Bradley TN

        1900 Bradley Tennessee
        Joseph Hughes 46 TN TN TN barber
        Mary Hughes   24 TN TN TN married 6 years

      3. Ann Byrd (1883 TN -
      4. Robert Byrd (1890 TN - 1966 TN)
        Married 1912 in Bradley at age 22 Lizzie Godfrey
      5. Alma Byrd (1892 TN

    5. Mary Parks (1852 TN-1890 TN)
      Married David G Cooper in 1868 (see Ron Evans' pages with pension documents, photo page and David Green Cooper's Genealogy)

      The three Cooper brothers (sons of Edward Cooper: David G Cooper; Thomas B.Cooper and William W Cooper) were in the same unit as the three Parks brothers (sons of Andrew J Parks: Henry Parks, Robert Parks and John Wesley Parks) -- the 4th Tennessee Union Cavalry. In 1861 while the Confederate forces held Bradley County, many Bradley men were conscripted into the army. Among those were brothers David Cooper and William W Cooper and brother-in-law Henry J Parks. They all were conscripted in December 1861 in Cleveland Tennessee into the 36th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. This unit was subsequently disbanded owing to the desertion rate amongst the conscripts. All three Parks brothers and Cooper brothers eventually served in the 4th Tennessee Union Cavalry.

      Confederate Service in the 36th Tennessee (disbanded after most conscripts deserted):

      • Henry J Parks
        Private Capt William A Camp's company volunteers
        Muster in Roll, age 20, Dec 12 1861, Cleveland TN, by J.W. Gillespie, for 12 months
      • David G. Cooper
        Private Capt William A Camp's company volunteers
        Muster in Roll, age 18, Dec 12 1861, Cleveland TN, by J.W. Gillespie, for 12 months
      • William W. Cooper
        Private Capt William A Camp's company volunteers
        Muster in Roll, age 28, Dec 12 1861, Cleveland TN, by J.W. Gillespie, for 12 months
        Arrested as a deserter

      1850 Bradley TN Census
      Edward Cooper  55 England
      Ruth Cooper    23
      Esaac Cooper   27
      Esther Cooper  23
      William Cooper 18
      Sarah Cooper   17
      Thomas Cooper  11
      David Cooper    6
      1860 Bradley TN Census
      Edward Cooper  66 England
      Rutha Cooper   61 TN
      David Cooper   16 TN

      David Cooper's Invalid Pensions:

      State of Tennessee County of Bradley , SS:

      On this 23 day of August A.D. one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine personally appeared before me, a Clerk of Court of Record, within and for the county and State aforesaid, J. S. Roberts aged 57 years, who being duly sworn according to law. makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension provided by act of Congress approved June 27, 1890: That he is the legal guardian of Eva Lee Cooper (only child of David G. Cooper under 16 at the time of his death), legitimate child ---- of David G. Cooper who enlisted under the name of David G. Cooper at Bradley County Tenn on the 13th day of February, 1863 in Company E 4th Regt TennesSee Cavalry Vol as a Private and served at least ninety days in the service of the United States in the War of the Rebellion; and was honorably discharged 12 July 1865. and died August 20. 1899 That he left no widow surviving him only wife Mary died Nov 28, 1890. That the names and dated of birth of all the surviving children of the soldier under sixteen years of age are as follows;

      Eva Lee born, September 13, 1887

      Neither the soldier nor his said wife was ever married but once and there never was any divorce between them.

      Said Cooper was pensiones on Ctf No 819010.

      That the father was married under the name of David G. Cooper to Mary Parks Sep. 3. 1868, there being no legal barrier to such marriage. That the declarant hereby appoints with full power of substitution and revocation E. S. DeLANY of Cleveland Tennessee State of Tenn. his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim and to receive therefor a fee of ten dollars; That his Post Office Address is Cleveland county of Bradley State of Tennessee.

      1870 Polk Tennessee
      David Cooper    26 TN farm hand
      Mary Cooper     19 TN
      Martha Cooper 6/12 TN
      1880 Bradley Tennessee
      David Cooper     35 TN farmer
      Mary Cooper      27 TN
      Martha C. Cooper 10 TN
      Susan Cooper      8 TN
      Oscar Cooper      2 TN
      Laura Cooper     4M TN


      1. Martha C. Cooper (Mattie) (1871 Bradley TN-1893 Bradley TN) m. 1889 Bud Pitman
      2. Eddie Cooper (Sep 1873 Bradley TN - Dec 1873 Bradley TN)
      3. Susan M. Cooper (1875 Bradley TN - 1902 Bradley TN) m. 1893 John J. Tracy
      4. Oscar M. Cooper (1878 Bradley TN - 1928 Waukegan IL) m. 1895 Mary Barrett
      5. Laura Neoma Cooper (1880 Bradley TN-1978 Knox TN) m. 1899 George Darr Paul
      6. Johnie H. Cooper (1883 Bradley TN- 1885 Bradley TN)
      7. Eva Lee Cooper (1887 Bradley TN - 1980 Knox TN) m. Charles H. Glenn

    6. Melvin Parks (1854 TN - )
      Married Masina Barrett (1856 Lumpkin GA- before 1900) in 1878 daughter of John R Barrett (1820 Hall GA-1890 Dawson GA) and Martha Elizabeth Sewell (1821 Moore NC-1905 Dawson GA) (See this). Masina is buried at Salem UMC Barrettsville, Dawson GA.

      Milton County GA created in 1857 was incorporated into Fulton County in 1931 after the county went bankrupt during the depression.
      1880 Dawson, Barretts Georgia
      Melven C. Parks 25 TN TN TN farming
      Masina Parks    24 GA GA NC
      M. J. Parks    10M daughter
      H. C. Parks     26 sister-in-law
      1900 Milton, Double Branch Georgia
      Melvin C Parks  45 TN TN TN blacksmith
      Bessie B Parks  13 GA TN GA
      Benjiman H Parks 9 GA TN GA
      John R Parks     8 GA TN GA
      1910 Cherokee, Georgia
      Albert Bryant   39 head            TN TN TN farmer
      Melvin C Parks  57 widowed boarder GA US US blacksmith own shop


      1. M.J. Parks (1880-
      2. Bessie B (1887-1932) m Joseph Lee Garner(1887 GA- ) son of William M Garner (1853 GA- ) in Cherokee GA 1900 GA

        1910 Cherokee, Mullins Georgia
        Joe Garner      24 GA GA GA
        Bessie Garner   29 GA TN GA married 2 years 2 children 2 surviving
        Lee Garner  1 8/12 GA GA GA son
        Myrtie Garner 8/12 GA GA GA
        1920 Milton, Double Branch Georgia
        Joseph L Garner    34 GA GA GA farmer
        Bessie Garner      33 GA TN GA
        Lee T Garner       11 GA GA GA son
        Myrtie B Garner    10 GA GA GA
        Marina M Garner     8 GA GA GA
        Eva May Garner      5 GA GA GA
        Margree Garner 2 6/12 GA GA GA
        Essie P Garner   5/12 GA GA GA

        Children (see this):

        1. Thomas Lee Garner (1908-
        2. Myrtle Belle Garner(1910-
        3. Masina Marcilla Garner (1912-
        4. Eva Me Garner (1915-
        5. Margee Garner (1917-
        6. Essie Pearl Garner (1919-
        7. William Talmadge Garner (1921-
        8. Ethel Elizabeth Garner (1923-
        9. Boyd Harrison Garner (1926-

      3. Benjamin Harrison Parks (1891-1967) m Mattie Lee Densmore

        1920 Cherokee, Cross Roads Georgia
        Harrison B Parks    32 GA TN GA farmer
        Mattie L Parks      33 GA GA GA
        Verna M Parks        7 GA GA GA
        Willis H Parks 3 10/12 GA GA GA
        Catherine D Parks 8/12 GA GA GA
        1930 Milton, Double Branch Georgia
        Benjamin H Parks  40 GA TN GA farmer
        Mattie L Parks    43 GA GA GA
        Verna M Parks     17 GA GA GA
        Willie H Parks    14 GA GA GA
        Catherine O Parks 11 GA GA GA
        Gertrude W Parks   8 GA GA GA
        George W Parks     6 GA GA GA

        Children (see this):

        1. Verna Morris Parks (1912
        2. Willias Harrison Parks (1916
        3. Cathryn Otellis Parks (1919
        4. Wynette Gertrude Parks (1920
        5. George Washington Parks(1923

      4. John R Parks (1892-

        1920 Cherokee, Canton Georgia
        John Parks     29 GA GA GA slasher cotton mill
        Mamie Parks    28 GA GA GA
        Hubert Parks   12 GA GA GA
        Bertha Parks   10 GA GA GA
        J W Parks    5/12 GA GA GA
        Macie Simmons  22 GA GA GA companion
        George Hudgins 18 GA GA GA boarder
        Marion Hudgins 17 GA GA GA boarder
        1930 Chattooga, Trion Georgia
        John R Parks      37 GA TN TN slasher cotton mill
        Mamie Parks       37 GA GA GA
        Hurbert B Parks   22 GA GA GA weaver cotton mill married 2 years
        Estes P Parks     20 TN TN GA daughter-in-law
        John W Parks      10 GA GA GA
        John R Parks       5 GA GA GA
        Frances L Parks 2/12

    7. Caldona Parks 1859, TN.

      No data found after 1860 census with father at age 1.

    Andrew Parks was a witness in the 1849 murder trial in Cleveland Tennesse. Brother-in-law Dr. Lindsey Price was also a witness (see above).

    "Manerva Parks" is mentioned in Rev. Henry Price's will.

    Andrew J Parks was the son of William and Mary McCollum Parks. Andrew Parks' first cousins Ruth Parks and Almira Parks married Price brothers (James and Dickson). These cousins were also his sister-in-laws as his father William Parks and Samuel Parks were brothers and sons of Joseph Parks of Maryland. For the origins of the Parks brothers in Greene, Blount and Bradely Tennessee see this work).

  12. Henry N Price
  13. Livery Price
  14. Uraney Cordelia Price b. 1831/39 -
    m Francis Marion Ferguson, son of William Ferguson
    (1796- after 1870 MO) and Margret Henry m.1822 Rhea County TN). See William Ferguson's parents at Descendants of Moses Ferguson by Linda Kracke and Sarah Olsen

    Uraney's birth year from the 1860 census is 1832; 1870 census is 1839; and the 1880 census is 1831. Her age difference with Francis Marion Ferguson is 5 years in 1860; 14 years in 1870; and 7 years in 1880. She does not appear on the 1850 census with father Rev. Henry Price.

    Bradely Tennessee 1850 Census
    Francis M Furguson 26 TN
    Nancy              20 TN [this may NOT be Uraney Cordelia Price]
    Susan M             1 TN
    This family is adjacent to Martha Minerva (Price) Parks
    see Uraney Cordelia's sister above
    Johnson Missouri 1860 Census
    William Ferguson 64 NC Brickmason
    F M Furgason     33 TN plasterer $700 $250
    Eurana Furgason  28 TN
    Susan M Furgason 11 TN
    Wm H Furgason     9 TN
    Chas H Furgason   7 MO
    John B Furgason   3 MO
    Jamees P Furgason 1 MO
    Johnson Missouri 1870 Census
    William Ferguson   74  NC retired stone mason
    Francis M Ferguson 45  TN brick layerer and plasterer
    Urancy Ferguson    31  TN
    Susan M Ferguson   21  TN
    William H Ferguson 18  TN
    Charles H Ferguson 17  MO
    John B Ferguson    13  MO
    James P Ferguson   11  MO
    Cordelia Ferguson   9  MO
    Francis M Ferguson  7  MO
    Lenora Ferguson     3  MO
    Johnson Missouri 1880 Census
    Francis Ferguson    56 TN NC TN brickmason
    Avrany Ferguson     49 MO TN TN
    John B. Ferguson    23 MO TN TN teacher of music
    James P. Ferguson   21 MO TN TN
    Francis M. Ferguson 17 MO TN TN
    Lenora Ferguson     12 MO TN TN


    1. Susan Margret Ferguson b. Abt. 1849, Tennessee.
      m ? Bingamen, dau Sallie Grace Bingamen
    2. William H Ferguson b. Abt. 1852, Tennessee.
    3. Charles Horn Ferguson b. Abt. 1853, Missouri; d. 21 Jan 1919.
      1880 Miami Kansas
      Zarah Newton        38 IL PA PA farmer
      Charles H. Ferguson 27 MO TN TN
      Martha J. Ferguson  26 OH VA VA
      George T. Ferguson   6 MO MO OH
      1900 Miami Ohio
      Charles H Ferguson 47 MO TN TN drayman
      Martha J Ferguson  46 OH VA VA married 26 years 1 child 1 surviving
      1910 Miami Ohio
      Charles H Ferguson 56 MO TN TN packer handle factory
      Martha J Ferguson  54 OH VA VA married 38 years 1 child 1
    4. John Benton Ferguson b. Abt. 1857, Missouri; d. 02 Jan 1892, Basin Knob, Johnson Co. MO. m Martha Harris
      Daughter Nana G Ferguson (1885 MO -
    5. James P Ferguson b. Abt. 1859, Missouri.
    6. Cordelia Ferguson b. Abt. 1861, Missouri.
    7. Francis Marion Ferguson b. Abt. 1863, Missouri.
      Lafayette Missouri 1900 Census
      F M Ferguson       37 MO TN  TN farmer
      Cathryn F Ferguson 38 MO Ire NC
      Benton Cates       12 MO MO  KS cousin
    8. Lenora Ferguson, b. Abt. 1867, Missouri.
      Cass Missouri 1900 Census
      Albert Roach    51 IL IL PA miller
      Lenora Roach    32 MO TN TN
                         married 11 years 4 children 3 surviving
      Eurania Roach   19 MO IL TN
      James Roach      6 MO IL TN
      Corine Roach     2 MO IL TN
      Marion Ferguson 75 TN TN TN father-in-law

  15. Christopher Price b. 1833 -
    1850 Bradley TN census with father Henry, not mentioned in 1857 will

  16. Barbara Price b 1825 - 1860
    Mentioned in father's will as Barbary Price in 1857. According to David Galloway, this Hiram was the son of William Price and Edna Culberson who married in Caswell NC in 1807. Barbary and Hiram were married circa 1847 in Bradley TN. Hiram remarried (after Barbary's death in 1860) Mary A Warmington daughter of Asa and Nancy Warmington. Hiram and Mary are both single on the 1860 Barry MO census and married on the 1870 Benton MO census (see
    Galloway on Genform).
    Bradley TN 1850 Census
    Hiram C[ulberson] Price 30 M Farmer 600 TN
    Barbary                 25
    William                  2
    Barry Missouri 1860 Census
    H C Price 37  TN farmer
    A H Wormington       57 TN farmer
    Nancy Wormington     45 OH
    Mary Wormington      18 MO
    John F Wormington    13 MO
    Martha J Wormington  12 MO
    Saliney E Wormington 11 MO
    R Wormington          9 MO
    Redmon Wormington     7 MO
    Logan Wormington      4 Mo
    Benton Arkansas 1870 Census
    Hiriam Price      47 TN farmer
    Mary Price        28 MO
    William Price     21 TN [bc 1849 son of Barbary]
    Christopher Price 17 AR [bc 1853 son of Barbary]
    Malisa Price       8 MO [bc 1872 daughter of Mary]


    1. William Price 1849 Bradley County, TN
         Dr. William H Price m. in 1878 Mary Jane (Jennie) Victor, daughter of Edward and Caroline Victor (b 1829 England).

      A History of Jasper County, Missouri, and Its People By Joel Thomas Livingston says:

      "William H Price Company K 8th MO Infantry" says:

      "William Price, private, Company K, 8th Missouri Infantry, residence Barry County MO, Roll of Prisoners of War of Co. K Eighth Regiment Missouri Infantry, residence Barry County MO, surrendered New Orleans LA, Gen. E.K. Smith to E.R.S. Canby May 26,1865, paroled at Alexandria LA June 7, 1865."

      William's father Horiam is listed in Barry County Missouri in 1860.

      From The biographical record of Jasper County, Missouri by Malcolm G. McGregor, 1901:

      William H. Price

      There is no community in which the high-minded physician is without honor, and of the able medical practioneers of Missouri none is more highly regarded bu his fellow townsmen than William H. Price of Cartersville, Jasper county. The Doctor was born at Cleveland, Tennessee, the seat of justice in Bradley County, February 3, 1849, a son of Hiram C. and Barbara (Price) Price, his mother having been a member of a family of Prices, which, so far as is known bears no relationship to the paternal line. His father was a native of North Carolina and was taken to Tennessee in his childhood. In 1856 Mr. and Mrs. Price moved their family west and Mr Price died at Bentonville Arkansas February 20, 1875. Hiram C. Price's father, William Price of, of Cartersville, Missouri, a native of Tennessee, married Miss Sophronia Culbertson, who was of Welsh descent. The Doctor's grandfathers in both lines fought for American independence in the Revolutionary War.
      Dr. William H Price acquired a good primary education and finished his English and classical studies at Kane College. He read medicine with Drs. Plummer and Smith of Washburn, Missouri and after taking the requisite lectures at the American Medical College in St. Louis Missouri, he entered upon the practice of his profession at Bloomfield, Benton County, Arkansas, where he met with considerable success, remained there three years. In 1875 he removed to Cartersville Jasper County, where his professional endeavors have been abundantley rewarded. He was for three years in the drug trade, but, on account of pressure of professional business, sold his store to J.P. Hart who has been his clerk. He has built a fine country residence on a farm which he owns between Carthage and Caterville.
      In 1878 Dr. Price married Miss Jennie Victor daughter of Edward Victor of Carterville, and they have one daughter, Minnie L who is now attending school. He was received as an entered apprentice, passed the fellowcraft degree ands was raisded to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Carterville Lodge, No. 401 A.F.& A.M. and was exalted to the august degree of Royal Arch Mason in the chapter in Joplin. For three years he was a member of the Cartersville school board.

      Jasper Missouri 1880 Census
      William H. Price 31
      Jennie Price 19
      Devoilt Mary R. Price 5
      Jasper Missouri 1900 Census
      Wm H Price     51 TN  NC  TN physician
      Mary J Price   37 Eng Eng Eng married 22 years 4 children 1 surviving
      Minnie Price   15 MO  TN  Eng
      Belle Jeffries 20 MO  MO  WVA servant
      James Rodgers  49 KY  FL  VA  lodger
      Jasper Missouri 1910 Census
      W H Price     61 TN  TN  TN pysician
      Jennie Price  47 Eng Eng Eng married 32 years 4 children 1 surviving
      Minnie Haile  25 MO  TN  Eng married 4 years 0 children
      Jennie Victor 18 MO  Eng MO niece
      Wm Victor     16 MO  Eng MO nephew
      Jasper Missouri 1920 Census
      William H Price 70 TN  NC  TN  physician
      Mary J Price    57 Eng Eng Eng

      The following two children that appear on the 1860 Barry Arkansas census with uncle Charles Price are likely the children of Hiram Price and Barbary Price (daughter of Henry Price bc 1825). Hiram and Barbary moved to Arkansas sometime in the 1850s. Barbary was alive in 1857 when Henry Price's will was made. Her known child with Hiram Price is William b 1848. William, Christopher and Sophrona are with uncle Charles in 1860. Hiram is alone in Barry County AR. In 1870 William and Christopher are both with father Hiram in Benton County Arkansas. See Charles Price above.

    2. Christopher Price 1853
    3. Sophronia Price bc 1852
      Missouri Death Certificates: Sophronia E Taylor died Sept 1885 age 32, born Bradley County Tenn, died Hickory County MO, buried Pittsburg MO. Wife of John T Tayor?
      Independence, Dunklin MO 1880 Census
      John T. Taylor   35 TN NC NC farmer
      Sophronia Taylor 30 TN TN TN
      Albert Taylor     5 MO TN TN
      James Taylor      2 MO TN TN
      Cordelia Gay     14 MO TN TN cousin
      S. W. Davidson   28 TN
    4. Melissa A. Price 1862 Barry County, MO m William Wallace Montgomery 5/23/1880 Barry County, MO
      Barry Missouri 1880 Census
      W. W. Montgomery  23 MO NC NC
      Malisa Montgomery 18 MO TN MO
      Barry Missouri 1900 Census
      William W Montgomery 43 MO NC TN farmer
      Melissa A Montgomery 38 MO TN MO
                              married 20 years 9 children 8 surviving
      Eva Montgomery       16 MO MO MO
      Mary Montgomery      13 MO MO MO
      James E Montgomery   12 MO MO MO
      Hattie L Montgomery   9 MO MO MO
      Bessie M Montgomery   7 MO MO MO
      Nellie C Montgomery   4 MO MO MO
      Martha S Montgomery   2 MO MO MO

  17. George W Price b 1835 - 1863/4
    George is on the 1850 and 1860 Bradley Tennessee census with father Henry; he is mentioned in father's will 1857.

    From Jessie Blalock's 4th (East) Tennessee Cavalry (Union) page, Company D (see this) is:

    PRICE, George W.
    Age: 28
    Born: Bradley Co., TN
    Died Oct 6, 1864 at Nashville of chronic diarrhea

    at the Nashville National Cemetery there is this:

    PRICE GEORGE W Section: E Grave: 1279 Date of Death: 10/7/63 State: TN Rank: PRIVATE

    In Alexander Eckel's History of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry, on page 123 he says:

    George W. Price 28 enlisted Feb 14, 1863, died Oct 6 1864

    Though the month, day and year match on Blalock's site and Eckel's, the Nashville cemetery site differs as to the year.

Henry Price's married his second wife Elizabeth Wooten Gillette (1812- ) in 1846. She had four children from a previous marriage to James Gillett. All the children appear on the 1850 and 1860 census with Henry and Elizabeth:

  • Nancy Gillette bc 1836/7
    (age 23 on 1860 Bradley TN census in home of Rev. Henry Price)

  • William Gillette 1837 (Lawrence MO 1870 census)
    (age 21 on 1860 Bradley TN census in home of Rev. Henry Price, see below)

    William R. Gillete is listed as a corporal in the 4th Tennessee Union Cavalry, Company D with his step-brother George W. Price (see above). In Alexander Eckel's History of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry, on page 121 he says:

    WM. R. Gillett age 24 enlisted Feb 10 1863, promoted to corporal Jan 25 1865.

    1870 Lawrence County Missouri Census
    William K Gillett 27 farmer $800 TN
    Ida               24             TN
    Viola              7             TN
    James              3             MO
    James Price       22 farmer $300 TN
    1880 Lawrence County Missouri Census
    William Gillette 39 farmer TN TN TN
    Ida 35 Wistemberg Wistemberg Wistemberg
    Viola 17 MO TN Wistemberg
    James 13 MO TN Wistemberg
    Alonzo 7 MO TN Wistemberg
    Ernest 5 MO TN Wistemberg
    Lilian 3 MO TN Wistemberg
    (adjacent to step sister Penelope Price and Jacob Roop see below)
    1900 Lawrence County Missouri Census
    William K Gillette 62 TN TN TN
    Ida  (b 1845)      54 Ger Ger Ger
                       immigrated in 1846, mother of 8, 7 survive
    William L          26 MO TN Ger
    Lulu               18 MO TN Ger
    Carl W             13 MO TN Ger

  • Elizabeth Gillette bc 1841/2
    (age 18 on 1860 Bradley TN census in home of Rev. Henry Price)
  • Sarah Gillette b 1843
    (not on 1860 Bradley TN census in home of Rev. Henry Price) Vickie Roop Seals says that this is the wife of Max Andre (see the 1870 Lawrence County Missouri Census shown below in the Penelope Price section)

    1880 Carroll Arkansas Census (Eureka Springs)
    Max Andrea 42 Carpenter Prussia Prussia Prussia
    Sarah      36 TN KY VA
    Agnes      18 TN Prussia TN
    Edward     15 TN Prussia TN

    Children of Sarah Gillette and Max Andre:

    1. Agnes (1862- )
    2. Edward (1865- )

Second wife Elizabeth Wooten and Henry Price, had:

  1. James H Price bc 1848
    in 1870 age 22 on farm of William Gillette, Lawrence MO (see above)
    1880 Lawrence MO Census
    James Price       32 b TN TN TN
    wife Rhoda A      34 b TN TN TN
    dau Lizze J        7   MO TN TN
    son Franklin       1   MO TN TN
    1900 Pawnee OK Census
    James H Price    52 TN VA TN farmer
    Elizbeth P Price 42 MO TN TN married 14 years
    Otis W Price     13 MO MO TN
    Cecelia M Price   2 OK MO TN
    1910 Pawnee OK Census
    James H Prise     62 TN TN TN second marriage other income
                         married first at 24 (1872)
    Elizabeth P Prise 53 MO TN TN first marriage married at 24 (1886)
    Otis W Prise      23 MO TN MO
    Cecelia M Prise   13 MO TN MO
    1920 Rogers, Claremore OK
    James H Prise   72 TN TN TN
    Elizabeth Prise 61 MO TN TN
    Cecilia M Moore 22 OK MO TN daughter


    1. Lizzie J Price
    2. Franklin Price (1879-
    3. Otis W Price (1885-
      1920 Sapulpa, Creek, Oklahoma
      Otis Price 35 MO US US driller oil field
      Nola Price 35 OK IN IL
      Ruth Price 14 OK OK IL
    4. Cecelia Price

  2. Susan M Price b 1849

  3. Penelope Mayfield Price b 1850 Bradley TN - 1932 Tulsa OK)
    Appears on the 1860 Bradley Tennessee census home of Rev. Henry Price age 8.
    Appears on the 1870 Lawrence census below:

    1870 Lawrence MO Census
    Maxel H. Andrie carpenter Age 32 b Germany
    wife Sarah                    26 b TN (b 1844)
    daughter Agnus                 9 b TN
    son Edward                     5 b TN
    Penelope Price housekeeping   18 b TN

    She married Dec 25 1870 Jacob Ambrose Roop (Jake) (1845 Christianburg VA - 1921 Tulsa OK) Lawrence Missouri (see this). Jacob Roop was the son of Joseph W. Roop.

    I think this (Christianburg) is the wrong Jacob Roop's birth location. A Jacob appears on the Lee County Virginia Census in 1860 age 14 son of Joseph W. Roop age 43 Millright b Montgomery County VA. Other children include:Oscar W Roop 22; Charles L Roop; M. Wade Roop; Josephus S 7; Joseph M 5; all born Montgomery County VA. There also appears in Montgomery county another Jacob Roop age 16, son of another Joseph Roop age 49; wife Mary 48, sons Bluford Roop 26, Malinda Roop 24, Fleming Roop 19, Octavia Roop 14; Harvey Roop 12 and Juliett Roop 7. The second Joseph Roop matches Vickie Roop Seals birthplace for for Jacob in Christianburg VA (Montgomery County VA).

    A "Jacob A Roup" served with Company K of the 64 Virginia Mounted Infantry CSA.

    • Listed as a musician in Sep 1862, Apr 1863
    • listed as paroled prisoner of war Cumberland Gap 1863
    • He was a First Sergeant in Company K.
    • Enlisted at Cumberland Gap Sep 11 1862.
    • Lists home as Lee County VA
    • This unit was organized in Lee County Virginia
    • Company K, Captain George N. Tyler's Company was formerly Company E of the 29th Battalion Virginia Infantry. This company was consolidated with Company E of the 29th Battalion to become Company K of the 64th. Most of this company was captured at Cumberland Gap on September 9, 1863.
    • This lists Roop soldiers in the 64th VA:

      • ROOP, ASA G.: Co. G
      • ROOP, CHARLES: Co. B
      • ROOP, WILLIAM T.: Co. G
      • ROOP, JACOB A.: 1st Sgt., Co. K

    Another Jacob Roop (probably the Montgomery County VA one) served in Company K of the 22nd Virginia Cavalry Aug 1 1863

    • Enlisted Aug 1 1863 in Christianburg (Montgomery County) VA
    • 3rd Corporal -- Roll dated Dec 26 1864. Absent -- captured by the enemy
    • 3rd Corporal -- Roll dated Oct 1 1864. Absent POW
    • 3rd Corporal -- Roll dated Dec 1 1864. Absent POW
    • Roll prisoner of War. At Harper's Ferry, W VA Captured by Gen Sheridan's forces and sent to Pt Lookout MD Sep 23 1864. Captured at Winchester Sep 19 1864.
    • Roll Point Lookout MD. Received from Harper's Ferry Sep 26 1864. Captured 19 Sep 1864 Winchester. Exchanged March 15 1865
    • Roll of Prisoners of War at Point Lookout MD transfered to AIken's Landing, VA for exchange March 15 1865
    • Harvey Roop (see 1860 Montgomery Census above) also served in this unit. He enlisted in Montgomery County VA. AWOL 1863.

    This may or may not be the military record Jacob A Roop in question. The Confederate records list his home as "Lee County VA" giving weight to the first Jacob Roop above -- and NOT the Montgomery County Jacob Roop.

    In Linda Haas Davenport's site, Roop is shown as a confederate burial list:

    "ROOP, Jacob A. - Co. K, 64th Viginia Mounted Infantry, C.S.A. (23 October 1845/28 June 1921). Buried in Greenland Section, Lot No. W 1/2 38, Rose Hill Cemetery, Tulsa. [Oklahoma Confederate Pension Application # 2551, Reel 7.] Wife: Penelope P. Roop, born: 11 July 1852-died 16 July 1932 applied for Widow's Pension # 6634, Reel 10"

    Jacob married first Mary Josephine Valle (who died in 1870). This marriage produced a daughter Laura Emma Roop (1868-1871). He then married Penelope Mayfield Price in 1870.

    1880 Lawrence Missouri Census
    Jacob Roop 34 carpenter b VA VA VA
    Penelopy   25 TN TN TN
    Ernest      8 MO VA TN
    Maude       6 MO VA TN
    Susan       4 MO VA TN
    Thirsie     2 MO VA TN
    1900 Lawrence Missouri Census
    Jacob A Roop        53 VA VA VA miller
    P M Roop            46 TN TN TN married 29 years 5 children 4 surviving
    Susan Roop          24 MO VA TN
    Bert Or Albert Roop 10 MO VA TN
    1910 Tulsa Oklahoma
    James A Boop   63 VA VA VA carpenter (indexed as age 43 and Boop not Roop)
    Pearniley Boop 54 TN TN TN married 39 years 5 children 4 surviving
    Birt Boop      20 MO VA TN
    1920 Tulsa Oklahoma
    Jacob A Roop    74 VA VA VA miller flour mill
    Pevelopy M Roop 66 TN TN TN
    Sue M Talbot    44 MO VA TN daughter widow
    1930 Tulsa Oklahoma
    Penople Roop 78 TN TN KY widow
    Lue M Tobbot 54 MO VA TN daughter widow

    Children of Penelope Price and Jacob Roop:

    1. Ernest Linwood Roop (1871 MO-1947 Tulsa OK) m. 1894 in Richland MO Marcella Agnes Hopkins (1973 MO - 1964 Tulsa OK) daughter of Dennis Hopkins and Lucy Blair

      From Tulsa History: "Ernest Roop came to Tulsa from Missouri in 1896 and has engaged in the drug business most of the time between that period and the present time. He and Mrs. Roop have raised a splendid family, three girls and two boys. One of the boys and one of the girls have married. The Roop family home is at 708 S. Owasso avenue."

    2. Maude Price Roop (1873 MO -1954 OK) m. 1891 in Lawrence MO Oran Grant Beyers (1866 MN -1934 OK) son of John Byers and Virginia Clifton.
    3. Sue Marie Roop (1876 MO - 1958 OK) m. John Talbot
    4. Teresa Ethel Roop (1878 MO - 1896) died of TB in MO
    5. Bert A. Roop (Jack) (1890 MO - 1973 Shrevport LA) m1 Pearl ?, m2. Elivira Giersdorff, m3 Lou Edna Moreland

    Vickie Roop Seal says on her website about Jacob Roop's first wife "...after her death he met & married our Grandmother Penelope Mayfield Price, from Chattanooga, Tenn. who lived with her sister & brother-in-law, Aunt Sarah & Uncle Max Andre."

  4. Joseph S Price (1852 - 1908 OK) -- "the biggest hearted man I ever knew"

    At age 18 Joseph is shown on the 1870 census of Lawrence MO works on the farm of Thomas Davis with Napoleon Wooten age 23. Son Charles Loren Price born in Lawrence MO in 1885, mother listed as Adeline Calister.

    Joseph Price is mentioned in numerous other places in The Beginning of Tulsa. See the following other discussions in the book:

    1880 Dade County Missouri Census
    Joseph Price 26 Farmer b TN TN TN
    Addie        19        b TN GA GA
    Mornroe Sooter boarder
    1900 Osage & Kaw Indian Reservations
    Osage, Oklahoma Territory Census
    Joseph S Price      b 1852   47 TN TN TN Stock Raiser
    Adaline Price       b 1861   38 GA GA TN 8 children 8 survive
    Henry M Price       b 1880   19 MO TN GA
    Frank J Price       b 1883   17 MO TN GA
    Charles L Price     b 1885   15 MO TN GA
    Harris  Price       b 1887   13 MO TN GA
    Maggie W Price      b 1889   11 MO TN GA
    Hazel Price         b 1891    8 Indian Territory TN GA
    Joseph A Price      b 1896    4 Indian Territory TN GA
    unamed son          b 1899 6 mo Indian Territory TN GA
    Elex Cannady      24 MO TN GA laborer
    Casandria Cannady 22 VA VA VA laborer house keeper
    James Townsend    60 TN TN TN laborer
    1910 Tulsa Oklahoma Census
    J A female head 48 GA TN TN widowed 8 children 8 survived
    Harry           23 MO TN GA inspector curb and walk
    Wilma           21 MO TN GA
    Hazel           18 OK TN GA
    Joe             14 OK TN GA
    Dick            10 OK TN GA

    Married Jane Adeline McAllister (1861-1932)

    Children of Joe S. Price and Jane McAllister:

    1. Henry M Price (1880 MO - 1950 OK)
      Henry married Victoria Robertson daughter of Tulsa City Marshall Charlie Robertson, Jr. -- coversant with Bat Masterson and the Dalton Gang. Henry Masten Price is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery Tulsa OK

      Henry Price was received the following accolade from Dale Carnegie in "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living from 1944:

      Jesus declared that there were only two important things about religion: loving God with all our hearts, and our neighbor as ourselves. Any man who does that is religious, regardless of whether he knows it. My father-in-law, Henry Price of Tulsa Oklahoma is a good example. He tries to live by the golden rule; and he is incapable of doing anything mean, selfish, or dishonest. However, he doesn't attend church and regards himself as an agnostic. Nonsense! What makes a man a Christian? I'll let John Baillie answer that. He was distinguished professor who taught theology at the University of Edinburgh. He said: "What makes a man a Christian is neither his intellectual acceptance of certain ideas, nor his conformity to a certain rue, but his possession of acertain Spirit, and his participation in acertain life.

      If that makes a man a Christian, then Henry Price is a noble one.

      1910 Tulsa Oklahoma
      Henry Price      30 MO TN GA police
      Victoria Price   28 KY TN MO
      Chas W Robertson 77 TN KY VA father-in-law
      Margaret Haines  32 TX MS TX servant
      1920 Tulsa Oklahoma
      Henry M Price  39 MO TN GA real estate office
      Victoria Price 37 KY KY KY
      Dorothy R Price 7 OK MO KY
      1930 Tulsa Oklahoma
      Henry M Price    48 MO TN GA realtor real estate office
      Victoria G Price 46 KY KY KY
      Dorothy R Price  17 OK MO KY


      1. Dororthy Price (1913 OK - 1998 NY)

        Photo from cover of her book
        "Como Conservar la Juventud"
        (Preserving Youth)
        Dorothy Price married first a Vanderpool and had a daughter Rosemary. In 1941 after a divorce at age 28, she attended a public speaking course at the Oklahoma School of Business where she met the speaker Dale Carnegie. Dale had written his famous "How to Win Friends and Influence People" in 1936 and the Tulsa school was the first to offer his course. At the time she was a stenographer at Gulf Oil Corporation in Tulsa. Dale became enamoured with her and hired her as his personal assistant. She moved to New York and they were married in 1944.

        Carnegie joked afterward "...after I wrote that book, it took me eight years to influence a woman to marry me."

        She wrote and edited several books including How to Help Your Husband Get Ahead, Don't Grow Old, Grow Up (1956), The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking (1992), Dale Carnegie's Scrapbook: A Treasury of the Wisdom of the Ages (1959). She edited her husband's book revisions for over twenty years.

        Dale and Dorothy had one child -- daughter Donna Dale Carnegie born in 1951. When Dale died in 1955 she became president until her retirement in 1978. She was board chairperson until her death in 1998. In 1976 she married David Rivkin of Tulsa. The company remained in her hands until her death in 1998. Afterwards it was held by daughters Donna and Rosemary -- who married company president J. Oliver Crom. Rosemary's children are: Michael Crom (executive VP); Brenda (Johnson) Crom; and Marie (Ringler) Crom (see this franchise description).

        See her NY Times Obituary, 1998

    2. Frank J Price (1883 MO -1919)

      1910 Tulsa Oklahoma
      Frank J Price 23 MO MO MO farmer ????? age is wrong, mother is wrong
      Sarah C Price 54 MO MO MO widow mother
      Harry         23 MO IN MO brother

    3. Charles L Price (1885 MO - 1952)

      There are numerous court cases in Tulsa in the 1930s that identify the Tulsa County Sheriff as Charles Price. He is identified in national news stories in the 1930s.

      From the Tulsa Sheriff's Office:

      Charlie Price, Republican, 1929-1934 Tulsa County Sheriff's Office


      • Charles Price started his career with the sheriff's office as a civil deputy under Sheriff Bill McCullough in 1918.
      • Price would be appointed as Undersheriff in McCullough's next term of office in 1921.When Bob Sanford was elected sheriff in 1924, Price was retained as Sanford's Undersheriff.
      • After serving as Sheriff Sanford's Undersheriff for six years, Charles Price resigned from the sheriff's office and ran for sheriff against his former boss in 1928. Price would win the election, becoming only the second Republican sheriff up to that period of time. He would serve three consecutive two-year terms until being defeated by A. Garland Mars in 1934. Sheriff Price is credited with organizing the first "Homicide Squad" in Tulsa County, and destroying the "dungeon" inside the county jail."

      Charles L. Price d 1952 buried in Rose Hill Cemetery Tulsa OK

      1920 Tulsa Oklahoma
      Charles Price    34 MO  TN  TN carpenter
      Minnie Price     38 OK  DE  MO
      Pete Fleming     50 Eng Eng Eng plumber
      Albert Lowe      43 KS  US  US watchman
      James Overstreet 52 MO  OH  OH manager resturant
      Charlie Kellison 35 MO  MO  MO laborer street
      John Kennady     22 MO  Ire MO miner lead zinc
      John Hennessey   22 IL  OH  OH electrician
      1930 Tulsa Oklahoma
      Charles L Price   43 MO TN GA officer county sheriff
      Minnie L Price    43 OK DE AR
      Betty L Price 4 6/12 OK MO OK

    4. Dr. Harris Price (1887 MO -1948)

      Harris P Price d 1948 buried in Rose Hill Cemetery Tulsa OK

      1920 Tulsa Oklahoma
      Harry P Price  32 MO US US Specialist Eye Ear Nose
      Lillian Price  27 KS IL KY
      Jane Price 2 6/12 OK MO KS
      1930 Tulsa Oklahoma
      Harry P Price   42 MO TN GA surgeon general practice
      Lillian Price   38 KS IN KY
      Janey Hoy Price 12 OK MO KS
      Rama Shreck     40 PA PA PA sister-in-law nurse dental parlor
      Lulu Ware       37 TX NC VA maid

    5. Maggie W Price (1889 MO-
      Married Hewlett

    6. Hazel Price (1891 OK - 1986)

      1920 Tulsa Oklahoma
      Earnest W Hocker 34 MO KY MO clerk oil company
      Hazel Hocker     28 OK TN GA
      Richard Price    20 OK TN GA brother-in-law truck driver
      1930 Tulsa Oklahoma
      E W Hocker       45 MO KY MO  accountant oil company
      Hazel Hocker     38 OK TN GA
      Mary Jane Hocker 10 OK MO OK

    7. Joseph A Price (1896 OK -1960)
    8. Richard Price (1899 OK -1964)
      See census with father 1900 and 1910; with sister Hazel above in 1920

  5. Willington McClelland (1855- ? ) died young

  6. Prier Price (1858 TN - 1928 OK)
    In 1870 Prier is age 12 on farm of Thomas Wooten, Lawrence MO (See this Thomas Wooten's story about Prier's older half-brother Charles Price above. Thomas C Wooten is indexed as "Worten" on the 1880 Lawrence MO census at All three Prier Lee Prices (I, Jr, and III) are buried at Oaklawn Cemetery Tulsa Oklahoma

    By Rik Espinosa Tulsa World Staff Writer
    see this

    10 Men Key in Carving Tulsa Out of Wilderness

    The names of just 10 of the 20 "citizens and qualified voters of the town of Tulsa" who signed the petition to incorporate the budding village are known...

    Prier Lee Price -- After Price came to Tulsa in 1885, he returned to Missouri and shortly thereafter named a daughter "Tulsa." Price, his wife, Della, and their family then moved back to Tulsa and operated a general store in the 100 block of South Main Street. Price died July 3, 1928, in Webb City, Mo. His son, Prier L. Price Jr., known as Lee, was the first- elected police and fire commissioner and served as Tulsa mayor from 1946 to 1948. Grandson Prier Lee Price III founded the Better Price Stores in northeast Oklahoma."

    According to the obituary of Prier Lee Price III, he was:

    "... the oldest of two sons born to Prier Lee and Amelia (Broach) Price, Jr. He was a third generation descendant of Prier Lee Price, pioneer, Tulsa City incorporator and 1886 general store retailer. Prier's father was a native Tulsan, veteran of World War I, elected Tulsa Police and Fire Commissioner in 1944 and Mayor in 1946. His mother, Amelia, came from another pioneer family -- the Broaches."

    Thus, we find Prier the son of Rev. Henry Price in Oklahoma in 1900:

    1900 Creek Nation Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
    Pryor Price   39 TN Ireland Wales Grain Dealer
    Delilah Price 30 NE PA NY
    Firn Price    11 MO TN NE
    Tulsa Price   10 MO TN NE
    Georgia Price  8 MO TN NE
    Pryor L Price  7 KS TN NE
    Harley T Price 3 Indian Territory TN NE
    James Price    1 Indian Territory TN NE

    Here, Pryor Price is adjacent to Ernest L. Roop, son of Jacob Roop and Penelope Price and Maude Byers also the daughter of Jacob Roop and Penelope Price.

    Preir Price I was married to Delilah Rice (1869-1902) daughter of Jacob Rice. "Price Mrs. Pryor L. Death Notice Oct 10 1902 Tulsa Democrate page 8"
    (Abstracts of Marriages, Births & Deaths From Early Newspapers, Tulsa, Indian Territory, Abstracted by: Priscilla Arnold, See this). Delilah Price is buried at Oaklawn Cemetery Tulsa Oklahoma.

    Prier Price I married second (after the death of Delilah Rice in 1902) Minnie Jean Striffler (1887-1965) daughter of John G Striffler (1830-1914).

    1910 Tulsa OK Census
    P. L. Price      46 TN TN TN Real Estate
    Munice (Minnie?) 33 CO Germany NE second marriage [Striffler]
    Fyrn             21 MO NE MO (dau)
    Pulea (Tulsa?)   20 MO TN NE (dau)
    Georgia M        18 MO TN NE (dau)
    Lee L            17 KS TN NE
    Harley K         11 OK TN NE
    James M          10 OK TN NE
    1920 Tulsa OK Census
    Carl E Prier   56 TN US US Agent Real Estate
    Minnie Prier   49 NE US US [Minnie Striffler]
    Lee L Prier    30 KS TN NE
    Harley T Prier 23 KS TN NE
    James J Prier  20 KS TN NE
    Nell Lyons     30 KY US US lodger
    1930 Tulsa OK Census
    Minnie J Price    53 NE Germany NE
                         [Minnie Striffler]
    James J Price     28 OK TN NE
                         salesman retail lumber
    Katherine Caraway 28 AR AR AR
                         lodger teacher
    Pauline Caraway   27 AR AR AR
                         lodger bookkeeper
    Prier L Price    39 KS TN TN
                        [this is Prier Price II]
                        president lumber company
    Amelia Price     31 MS MS MS
                        [this is Amelia Broach]
    Prier Price       5 OK KS MS
    Walter Price 3 8/12 OK KS MS
    Natalias Redman  19 OK OK OK servant

    From The Beginning of Tulsa By J. M. Hall (1927) (See this)

    P. L. Price made his first trip to Tulsa in 1894. He returned to Missouri then but came back in 1895 to make the new town his permanent home. He associated himself in the grocery business with J. M. Gillette in 1896. Some time afterward they erected a stone store on the east side of Main street, between First and Second streets. When the Egan store and the Tulsa Banking Co building in that block were destroyed by fire, the blaze took the Gillette-Price store, too, the Lynch building alone escaping. After this Mr. Price engaged in the grain business and later in the cattle trade. He put the first sand plant on the Arkansas river and shipped sand to many points in Oklahoma. A few years ago he sold this business and went into lumber. He also is interested in other businesses. He and Mrs. Price live at 404 S. Elwood avenue. They have several married children. (Deceased.)

    and this from page 31 of the same reference:


    Under the law of that day the city authorities had a right so levy a tax on personal property for governmental and school expense. None of the whites had title to the real estate. When that situation was cleared, however, the school property was kept intact and now the school board derives substantial revenue from the block of ground that has its four corners at Fourth street and Boston avenue, Fourth and Cincinnati avenue, Fifth street and Cincinnati and Fifth and Boston: Long time leases have been given the owners of the big buildings there. Tulsa should not forget the wise action of these four of its early citizens.
    The writer was president of the first school board. J. D. Hagler, J. M. Morrow, P. L. Price, T. E. Smiley and B. F. Colley were the other members. These men employed the teachers and watched the operation of the school. The building had been enlarged and made two stories high.

    From page 44 on the Odd Fellows Lodge:

    The I.O.O.F. lodge was organized in 1896 with the following charter members: J. L. Winegar, Tom Feeley, C. A. Owens, P. L. Price, Jesse Hoffman, S. K. Edwards, Joe Price, F. M. Reynolds, J. S. Holderman and George Mowbray, Sr., noble grand warden.

    From this -- the The Indian Republican, Tulsa, Indian Territory, Published Every Once In A While, Vol. V. No. 3., June 4, 1900 (Part 3) - or perhaps later.

    Price & Gillette. Ladies Ready to Wear. Also Dry Salt Meat. LL Muslin 3c per yard. 22 bars of Navy soap 25c. See our line of Mens Cuff Buttons. Chickens bought and sold

    and this:


    The Indianola Mining and Development Company has been organized in Tulsa. The purpose of the company is to prospect mineral claims in southwest Missouri.

    The officers and members of the company are as follows: P L Price, President, L M Poe, Secretary, Geo. Taaffe, Treasurer, Harry Campbell, Lew Appleby, G W Mowbray, Sr., J M Hall, T E Smiley, N B Boyd and Cas. McCarthy - Jan 19, 1900

    The J.M. Gillette above is likely his Pryor's mother's (Elizabeth Wooten Gillette) grandson by her son William Gillette.

    Children of Prier Price and Delilah Rice:

    1. Firn Elizabeth Price (1889 MO - ) m Mills
    2. Tulsa Anna Price (1890 MO - 1839) m Adams
      A Mrs Tulsa Price Adams died 1939 buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Tulsa, OK
    3. Georgia Alie Price (1892 MO - 1917)
    4. Prier Lee Price Jr. (1893 Sheptopa KS - 1970 Tulsa OK) m Amelia Barnett Broach (1898 MS - 1983 Oaklawn Cemetery Tulsa Oklahoma). Prier Price is also buried at Oaklawn Cemetery Tulsa Oklahoma.

      From Prier Lee Price III obituary, his father is described as:

      Prier Lee Price, pioneer, Tulsa City incorporator and 1886 general store retailer. Prier's father (Prier Jr or II) was a native Tulsan, veteran of World War I, elected Tulsa Police and Fire Commissioner in 1944 and Mayor in 1946. His (Prier III) mother, Amelia, came from another pioneer family the Broaches.

      Children of Prier Lee Price Jr and Amelia Broah:

      1. Prier Lee Price III (1924-2000)

        Prier Lee Price III, a Tulsa native and son of pioneer heritage who loved Tulsa and its people, passed from this life Friday, January 28th, 2000. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 14, 1924, the oldest of two sons born to Prier Lee and Amelia (Broach) Price, Jr. He was a third generation descendant of Prier Lee Price, pioneer, Tulsa City incorporator and 1886 general store re­tailer. Prier's father was a native Tulsan, veteran of World War I, elected Tulsa Police and Fire Commissioner in 1944 and Mayor in 1946. His mother, Amelia, came from another pioneer family the Broaches.

        Prier was educated in the Tulsa Public Schools and graduated from Tulsa Central High in 1942. His high school classmates designated him their Reunion Chairman. A title that covered over thirty years of successful and mem­orable class reunions, a cause he dearly loved. What greater honor can exceed the accolades of ones immediate peers. He was a veteran of the United States Army serving during World War II and the Korean conflict and a 1949 gradu­ate of The University of Tulsa.

        His business accomplishments centered around his ability as a sales­man. In the late 1950s, he was one of Fred Jones Fords top salesmen. Seeking greater personal opportunities, he started his own business in 1958, the "Better Price Store" and later added the "Better Price Warehouse Sales Co., Inc," busi­nesses now managed by his sons Mitch and Marc Price. Over the years he achieved tremendous success in wholesale retailing and brokering. The business covered the domestic markets of the country and included retail outlets from Oklahoma to the East Coast.

        His successful achievements in life touched the hearts of many. He earned the love and affection of many-many people through unselfish philan­thropic contributions of time and money to a broad spectrum of deserving caus­es. These causes included: the Tulsa County Historical Society, Past board member and member; Tulsa Association of Pioneers, Past President and current member; Akdar Shrine , 50 year member, Tulsa Masonic Blue Lodge No.71; Tulsa Consistory, 320 Mason, 53 years; Recognized expert and collector of United States military memorabilia, who loved to share his knowledge and col­lection by volunteering to speak and exhibit before a variety of organizations over the years; member of the First Methodist Church and Ryal Indian School supporter. One of his greatest pleasures in life was his annual participation in the Tulsa Home Builders Associations Christmas party for the children of the Ryal Indian School. He and Dode McIntosh, George Norvell and Olan Creekmore were the original foundation of this wonderful activity, can you imagine what those four are up to now. Other accomplishments were: When the Tulsa Board of Education ordered the closing of the original buildings of Tulsa Central High School in 1977, it was Prier who came up with the idea to have an auction and turn the proceeds over to the new Central High. With the help of old classmates and friends, the auction raised over $42,000; At the beginning of the Tulsa Central High School Foundation, he was one of the first members of the executive board. He participated in the original development of the foundation and was always present to offer his time and financial resources to help achieve goals. He served on the board for 5 years and in 1902 was selected by the Foundation Board to be honored as a member of the schools Hall of Fame.

        Prier is survived by: his loving wife of 48 years Jean (Myers) Price; three sons: Prier Lee, IV, Wichita, Kansas, and his children Adam and Katherine; Mitch and Deena, their children Marshall and Melissa; Marc and his wife Dena and their daughters Tiffany and Breann, of Tulsa; and his brother Walter (Buddy)Price, his wife Jane of Stillwater, Oklahoma, and their sons Stuart, Douglas, Roger and John.

        On the back of Prier's business card was a quotation that reads:

        "I believe in luck. You have to be at the right place at the right time, and I really was. But after you've gotten lucky, you have to know what to do with your luck". We are all better off in our journey through life because Prier Lee Price III, knew what to do with his luck and success.

        Following the funeral service an internment service will be held at Oaklawn Cemetery. There will be a reception at the Petroleum Club of Tulsa for family and friends following the internment service.

        Salesman . Soldier Businessman . Husband

        Father . Philanthropist . Methodist . Mason Shriner

        and friend to many!

        Arrangements by Moore's Funeral Home

        University of Tulsa Magazine, Winter 2000

        Prier Price III (BA ’49) died in January 2000. A 1942 graduate of Central High School in Tulsa, Prier joined the U.S. Army and served during World War II and the Korean War. In 1958, he opened The Better Price Stores, which sold merchandise that had been liquidated from closed stores or factories. He is survived by his wife, Jean, three sons, and six grandchildren.

        Prier married first Mary Jane Yeager


        1. Prier Lee Price IV (1946- )

        Prier Lee Price married 1952 Jean Myers

        1. Marshall Sterling Price (1948-
        2. Marc Holiday Price (1960- )

      2. Walter Edwin Price (1926- )

    5. Harley Taylor Price (1897 OK -
      died 1970s
    6. James Joseph Price (1899 OK
      see census with parents above
      died 1950s


I have only been able to document names for 18 children with Susan Stultz (from Prier Price's list) and five with Elizabeth Wooten. But -- there are:

  • 17 kids on the 1820 census with Susan
  • four more (age less than 10) on the 1830 census (one may be Jacob Hennegar an orphan)
  • four more (age less than 10) on the 1840 census

    The last child by Susan Stults was George W Price -- born 1835. The first by Elizabeth Wooten was born

  • three more (age less than 10) on the 1850 census (James, Susan, Penelope)
  • three more born in the decade of 1850-1860 (only two show up on the 1860 census: Joseph S and Prier. McClellan appaently died very young on the

    So at least twenty-four named kids appeared in the household of Susan and Henry.

  • and six more with Elizabeth Wooten.

A total of 30 unique children appear on five censuses. It seems unlikely that Susan Stults had 24 of them (see the census data below and the example of Jacob Henegar).

Elizabeth Wooten (1818- ), Rev. Henry Price's second wife, was the daughter of Turner Wooten (1757 Buckingham County VA - 1833) who married in 1792 in Chesterfield County VA Nancy Roper (b. 1775 Chesterfield County VA -- 1851 Bradley TN). Turner Wooten enlisted in 1781 in Capt. Tabb's Company, Dabney's Virginia regiment and was at the seige of Yorktown (Revolutionary pension application R-1160). Moved in 1832 to Dandridge, Jefferson County Tennessee. Widow Elizabeth Roper Wooten and her children moved to Bradley County Tennessee in 1837. See Turner Wooten'spension application here. From Genealogical Records of Buckingham County VA by Edythe Johns Rucker Whitley, 1984, page 70, Turner and Nancy Roper Wooten had the following children:

  1. Nancy 1794 m Joseph Townsend
  2. Jack 1797 died young
  3. Sally 1803 m Thomas Davies
  4. Polly 1804 m Jonathan Wood
  5. Rhoda 1805 m Alfred Costiler
  6. Josiah 1807 m Elizabeth Shelby
  7. John R 1808 m Anna Walker
  8. William H 1810-1823
  9. George W 1812 m Elisa Bryan
  10. Elizabeth 1815 m1 James Gillett, m2 Henry Price
  11. James 1817 m Clarissa
  12. Robert A 1819



Various Relations of Reverend Henry Price and Susan Stults
Susan Stultz's
unknown relations
 Charles Price 
Nancy Black
 Lindsey Price

?-1814 OH

 Charles Price 
1802 TN
1879 MO


 William 'Buck' Price 
1800 NC
1864 AR


 Lindsey Price 
1795 NC
1834 TN


 Lewis Stults 
1764 MD
1861 TN

 Allen A. Price 
1811 NC
1871 AR
 Lindsey Price 
1840 KY
1864 AR
 Amanda Price 
1841 KY-?

 Charles Price (1757 Ireland -- after 1860) and Nancy Black Data

  • father of Rev Henry Price (1785 NC-1860 TN), Charles Price and possibly Lindsey Price and William "Buck" Price
  • b 1757, immigrant from Kildare, Ireland [birth date from census data]
  • Wife Nancy Black (1769-1829) according to Prier Price and She was the daughter of Samuel Black b County Down Ireland 1727-1769 Augusta VA) and Rebecca Jane Porter. Grandson of John Black (1699- ) and Susanna
  • Revolutionary War soldier ( stated here)

    Nancy Black is variously identified as being Charles Price's wife. This Nancy Black is also often identified as the daughter of Samuel Black and Rebecca Jane Porter as stated above. She is shown in her father's will:

    Page 280.--2th September, 1782. Will of Samuel Black, aged about 55--To son, John, 300 acres on Niw River where John now lives; to son, William 300 acres, rest of above tract; to sons, Samuel and James, infants, home place known by name of Pine Knot; to daughters, Margaret, Mary, Martha, Nancy, Jean; to wife. Executors, wife, brother Wm. Black, Wm. Porter. Teste: Walter Davis, Thos. Stuart, Mathew Alexander. Proved, 15th April, 1783. by Stuart and Davis. Executors qualify. Augusta County, VA - Will Book 6, Abstracts, from "Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish in Virginia", see this.

    However, when Samuel's wife Rebecaa Porter dies in 1814, her will says:

    Augusta Co Will Book No. XI.
    Page 398.--15th March, 1814. Jane Black's will, of South River--To son, Samuel; daughter, Jane Alexander; daughter, Martha Black; daughters, Margaret Price and Mary Black; daughter, Nancy Gillespee; son, James; sons, John and William. Executors, sons James and Samuel. Teste: Joseph Bell, Moses Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes, Elizabeth Long. Proved, 24th October, 1814. Samuel qualifies. [Chalkley vol 3, p.242]

    This Nancy is married to a "Gillespee" in 1814. Note that her sister is married to a Samuel Price.

    Augusta County, Virginia - Chalkey's Chronicles; Vol 3, PP 220 - 229
    Page 206.--15th September, 1801. Receipt to William Black, executor of Samuel Black, by the legatees, viz: John Black, Mathew Alexander and wife Jane, Samuel Price and wife Margaret, William Black and wife Mary, William Black, Jr.; Martha Black, Samuel Black, Nancy Black, James Black. So this says Nancy is not married in 1810 (note her sister Margaret is married to Samuel Black).

    These three document's imply that this Nancy Black is not likely the wife of Charles price.

    Alternatively, this Black website says:

    SAMUEL BLACK b 1727 Londonderry Ireland d 28 Dec 1782 Albemarle Co VA s/o John Black m JANE PORTER d 1814. Samuel was a Second Lieutenant in Capt. McCleary's Company in the Revolutionary War. Both he and his father John served in the militia, repelling the attacks of Indians.
    In 1772 Samuel purchased a tract of 600 acres along the Allegheny Divide in the eastern boundary of the 7500 acres called Draper (Montgomery Co VA Deed Book A, p. 39). However, there is no evidence that he ever lived on this land, for his residence was in Augusta County were he left his will to be probated in 1783. By this will he left the Montgomery County property equally to his sons, John and William Black. The will noted that William Black was already living on the lands (Chalkley, Chronicles, III, 164). (Kegley, Mary B., EARLY ADVENTURERS ON THE WQESTERN WATERS, VOL II (Orange, VA Green Publishers, Inc.)1982, pp 194, 197, 198)
    1.+John b c1754 d 1814 m 12 Aug 1777 Jane Alexander
    2. Jane m Matthew Alexander
    3. Margaret m Samuel Price
    4. Mary m William Black
    5. Martha m __McCormick
    6. Nancy m ____Price
    7. +William b 1766 m 28 Mar 1793 Jane McBeth
    8. Samuel m Mary Letcher - Samuel died on homestead in Augusta Co VA. 9. James m Jane Sharp - had no children- James died on homestead in Augusta Co VA

    This version of the Black's genealogy shows both husbands:

    4 Nancy Sally Black b: ABT 1769
       + Mr. Price\Gillespie
       + Charles Price

    The document posted on (shown below) has several interesting statements. The assumption is that a Charles Price was a British soldier serving in the colonies, was captured, released and remained in the states. It does NOT prove that this is the same Charles Price father of Rev. Henry Price. The statement that this Charles Price was captured at the battle of Eutaw Springs in late 1781 is at odds with the Clifford Neal Smith data shown in the footnote above. The exact entry for Charles Price from Smith is in the section of the 3rd Regiment of Foot (East Kent or Buffs):

    PRICE, Charles, prisoner of war, 17 Mar 1780 (A:03;D:20)

    In Smith's (British And German Deserters, Dischargees, And Prisoners Of War Who May Have Remained In Canada And The United States, 1774-1783. Part One And Part Two: [and] Deserters And Disbanded Soldiers From British, German, And Loyalist Military Units In The ... ) discussion of the 3rd Regiment of Foot, he notes that the regiment departed for America in March 1781 and arrived June 3 1781 in Charleston SC. This is fifteen months after Charles Price was captured. On June 7 1781, the 3rd advanced to the beseiged fort at Ninety-Six, a village in northwest South Carolina. They arrived in June 21 and helped disperse the colonials. By September 8, the 3rd was at Eutaw Springs with the Sixty-Third and Sixty-Fourth Regiments of Foot and was attackled by a superior American force. The British retreated first and then returned to route the America. Both sides claimed victory. This was the last substantive action by the 3rd Regiment in the colonies. By October Cornwallis and the majority of the British forces surrendered at Yorktown VA. After cesstation of hostilities, the 3rd Regiment left South Carolina in 1782 and sailed to Jamaica where the regiment remained until 1790. Smith then notes:

    "There appear to be no extant muster rolls dating from the 1781-82 period when the 3rd regiment was in the American colonies; a diligent check for them was made in the War Office 12, volume 2105 which is apparently complete until near the time of the regiment's departure from Ireland in 1781. All musters in subsequent volumes 2106 are from 1783 probably all taken in Jamaica, but seemingly reflecting actions taken in South Carolina before the regiment's departure for Jamaica in 1782. Note, however, that some prisoners of war in America, listed hereinafter, were captured before the Third Regiment reached the new world. It is thought that they pertain to men who had originally been in other British regiments and reassigned to the third regiment only after their release from American captivity following the peace settlement in 1783."

    The "A:03" note means page 3 of a muster roll dated 24 Jul 1783 in Jamaica
    The "D:20" note means page 20 of a roll dated 24 Aug 1783 at Kingston Jamaica

    In conclusion:

    • the soldiers listed in Smith's book did not return to England after they had deserted or were captured by the colonists. For this Charles Price, he is listed as being assigned to the 3rd Regiment of Foot (East Essex or "Buffs" regiment) after the war ended.
    • As the 3rd regiment did not arrive until 1781 in South Carolina, it did not participate in Seige of Charleston in 1780 -- which occured between February and April of 1780 and are the relevant dates for the capture of Charles Price. It did participate in the the Battle of Eutaw Springs a year later in 1781. The specific entry for the "Charles Price" capture is dated March 17, 1780. This is over a year BEFORE Eutaw Springs. It corresponds to Gen. Clinton's approach to Charleton SC during the time Clinton was moving troops and supplies to the islands outside the Charleston waterways BEFORE the seige of Charleston began.
    • More critically, this date is BEFORE the 3rd Regiment of Foot arrived in America. On the stated date of Charles Price's capture, the "Buffs" were still in Ireland.
    • Smith states that the entire muster roll of the Buffs between 1781 and 1783 is missing from the British military archives and the entry for Price was made after the Buffs returned to Jamaica after the war in 1783. Smith notes that it is likely that if the date of capture was before the Buffs arrived in SC, that the soldier was probably with another British regiment and was transfered while listed as "captured".

    So one of three option exist:

    1. This is NOT the Charles Price we discuss here. Nothing in the Military record connects this soldier to the Charles Price who died after 1850 in Tennessee.
    2. The listed Charles Price was captured at Charleston in 1780 and when released stayed in the states. It is likely that as a prisoner from SC he would have been returned to Virginia for imprisonment in a place such as Albemarle County barracks or in late 1780 to Frederick Maryland or Winchester VA.
    3. The listed Charles Price was released, returned to Jamaica with the Buffs and then returned to the states after his enlistment ended.

    There is another viewpoint of Charles Price service provided several years ago by "Sloane":

    Subject: Irish Soldier-What Co.?
    Date: 23 Nov 1997 11:26:11 -0800

    Can someone please tell me what County in Ireland would a soldier most likely have come from?
    His name is PRICE he was an Irish soldier fighting for the British in the 64th regiment on foot in 1781 at the battle of Eutaw Springs,S.C. Also, is the Roster for this Regiment on the internet?
    Thank you for your help.

    This "Sloane" also asks about the Price/Wooten line:

    Subject: Re: SURNAME-QUERY-D Digest V97 #281
    Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 18:43:03 -0800

    Hi Gladys:
    What Wooten line are your researching?
    My Wooten ancestors start with Turner Wooten and Nancy Roper Wooten - Turner was a Revolutionary Soldier In Virginia they later moved to Tennessee - does this look familiar to you?
    Subject: Re: Surnames in TX, VA, NC, GA., KY, TN, MS, NY
    Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 12:35:04 -0700

    Well, this is a long shot - I have A Price line in VA. and TN. but none of the other names seem to connect.
    My Price line Charles and Nancy Black Price in Ireland 1757 Charles was probably married more than once. their son Rev. Henry Price was married at twice 1 - Susan Stultz, 2. Elizabeth Wooten. their son Charles I. Price m Catherine Samples.
    Please let me know if any of this looks familiar to you.

    I can find no references to "Sloan" or their data after 1997. The 64 Regiment of Foot does exist as a fighting unit at Eutaw Springs in 1781 having been in the colonies from 1775 forward. I have no idea how this data was obtained or how it might relate to Charles Price.

    Sue Ikerd has provided some valuble data:

    From: "Sue Ikerd" Subject: Prices - Ireland, SC, TN, MO
    Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 07:41:50 +0000

    According to family tradition my Price ancestor came from County Kildare Ireland c. 1780.
    I have been told that 3 Price brothers, John, Henry and Charles came from Ireland to fight as British soldier in the Am. Revolution. They landed a Charleston, SC ca. 1780. Charles was captured at the Battle of Eutaw Springs, SC. He remained in America after the war but it is not known what became of his brothers.
    Charles had 2 known children, Henry b. c. 1790 and Charles Jr. b. 1802. There may have also been a son named James.
    Charles Sr. is living with his son. Rev. Henry Price in the 1850 Bradley Co. TN. Census. He is 93 yrs. old and b. in Ireland so this helps to verify some of the family stories.
    I have not been able to find any record on Charles Sr. before 1850, so there is approximately 70 years of his life in the US that I can find no records on. He may have married Nancy Black.
    Any information on this line would be appreciated. Charles Jr. went to Webster Co. MO and some of Rev. Henry Price's family moved to Barry Co. MO and then to OK. but I am especially interested in finding info on Charles Sr.

    Sue Ikerd

    Sue also provided the following:

    Information from group of family sheets on the Antle family from Mrs. Milfred W. Davis (Billie Arabelle Guinn)

    Price Family

    Charles Price first md. Nancy Black

    He was born in Ireland and came to America around the year 1775, at the age of 16. There were three boys born to this union, Henry Price, James Price and Charles Price II. Charles lived at last account in Webster Co. Missouri near Marshfield and died there and had raised a large family. James we can give no account of. Henry Price married (first marriage) to Susan Stutz and lived in Tennessee near Cleveland. To this union were born 15 children, names as follows that raised children, Wesley, Charles III, Elias, George Linzie, McNabb (Dr.), Christopher, Minerva, Barbara and Uraney. Six died while young.

    Henry Price (second marriage) married Mrs. Elizabeth Gillette, maiden name Wooten. To this union were born children as follows: James, Mandy, Nep, Joseph, McClelland and Pryer."

    Sue Ikerd also provided this:

    Several generations of my Price Family have been interested in the family history and I am indebted to them. I have this paper that was given to me by a Price researcher. It states:

    Told to Alvin Price by William H. Price March 9, 1947.

    Charles Price, accompanied by two brothers, (John and Henry) came from Ireland as hired soldier of the British to fight the Americans in the Revolutionary War. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Utah Springs. He hired out collect for his board until the end of the war. After the war he was freed during an exhange of prisoners. Charles settled in Virginia and never returned to Ireland as he thought he could do better here than in the old country. Ireland was so thickly populated. Charles married and is known to have two sons--Charles, Jr. and Henry. Charles Sr. was dwelling in Tennessee at the time of his death at nearly 100 yrs of age.

  • Lived with Rev. Henry Price from sometimes before 1840 until his death at over 93 years old.

 Lindsey Price ( ? - 1814 Warren OH) -- Charles Price's brother?

 Four possible decendants (sons) of Charles Price

  1. son Rev Henry Price (all data above) 1785 NC - 1860 TN

  2. son Charles Price 1802 TN - 1879 Webster MO - son of Charles Price

    Charles Price married Catherine Zeigler (1809 Franklin VA - 1879 Webster MO). She was the daughter of William Ziegler (1782-1846) and Rebecca Stewart (1782 VA -1837 Meigs TN) m in 1804 in Franklin TN. She was grandaughter of Johann Phillippe Ziegler of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany b 1706-1821 Franklin VA). The Rev. Henry Price, brother Charles Price and William Ziegler -- father of Charles' future wife all appear on the same census page in 1830 in McMinn County.

    Webster Missouri 1860 Census
    Charles Price   57 TN
    Catharine Price 53 VA
    Rebecca Price   20 TN
    Lockey Price    17 TN
    Jasper Price    14 TN
    Lucinda Price   12 MO
    Jacob Price     23 TN
    Wm K Stewart    13 TN
    Webster Missouri 1870 Census
    Charles Price    67  TN
    Catherine Price  63  VA
    Jacob Price      33  TN
    Lucinda Price    20  MO
    Charlotte Arthur 27  TN [lives with Price]
    Nancy Arthur      8  MO
    Luzetta Arthur    6  MO

    Children (from census and
    Mary Ann Stewart Kaylor's site):

    1. Henry Linsey Price 1827 TN - 1899 m Mary Haymes

      11 Missouri Cavalry Company F (Union)


      1. Nancy J Price 1850 -1919 MO married 1901 William B Highfill
      2. George W Price 1853-1933 Webster Mo m 1898 Emma Dotson
        on 1900 Webster MO census m Emma h; son Lawrenec b 1899
      3. William H Price 1859 -1952 Webster MO m Micca King
        Webster MO 1900 census age 41; Miccah Price 30; Daisy Price 9; George F Price 6; Mary J Price 3
      4. John C Price 1871-1959 Webster MO m Lucy H McElwain
        [relationship is not clear]; Webster MO 1900 census age 29; Lucy H Price 28; Vollie Price 6; Dora Price 5; Ellen M Price 3; Nellie M Price 10.12

      Webster Missouri 1860 Census
      Linsey Price    33  TN $1,000 780 farmer
      Mary B Price    28  TN
      Nancy J Price   10  TN
      George W Price   7  TN
      William H Price  1  MO
      Webster Missouri 1870 Census
      Linsey Price    42 TN $1,600 500 farmer
      Mary Price      39 TN
      Nancy J Price   19 MO
      George W Price  16 MO
      William H Price 11 MO
      Webster Missouri 1880 Census
      Linsey Price  52 TN TN VA
      Mary Price    47 TN VA VA
      Nancy Price   30 MO TN TN
      George Price  27 MO TN TN
      William Price 21 MO TN TN
      John C. Price 9  MO TN TN
      Richard Pitts 64 VA VA VA boarder
      Lucinda Price 30 MO TN TN sister
      David Arthur  26 TN TN TN laborer
      Webster Missouri 1900 Census
      Mary V Price 68 b 1832 TN TN TN
      Nancy Price  20 b 1873 MO TN TN

    2. William Z Price 1829 - 1879 m Theresa Jane Lanthrope


      1. James 1856
      2. Charles 1860
      3. Sarah 1862
      4. William T 1865; webster MO 1900 census age 34; Rhoda Price 28; William H Price 11; Carrie Price 8; Wilton Price 7; Mama Price 4; George Price 1
      5. Jacob M 1870

      Webster Missouri 1860 Census
      Wm Z       Price    30  TN $1,000 500 farmer
      Thresa J   Price    25  IL
      James F    Price     4  MO
      Charles W  Price  8/12  MO
      James W    George    4  MO
      Webster Missouri 1870 Census
      William Z Price 40 TN $1,600 500 farmer
      Thursey J Price 36 IL
      James W Price   14 MO
      James T George  14 MO
      Charles W Price 10 MO
      Sarah C Price    8 MO
      William T Price  5 MO
      Jacob M Price 7/12 MO
      Webster Missouri 1880 Census
      Jane Price    46 TN TN TN
      Charles Price 20 MO TN TN
      Sarah Price   18 MO TN TN
      William Price 15 MO TN TN
      Jacob Price   10 MO TN TN
      Webster Missouri 1900 Census
      Thursey J b 1835 65 IL OH TN

    3. John Charles Price 1829 - 1895 m Louiza Strong (1838-
      11 Missouri Cavalry Company K (Union)


      1. Charles Price 1859
      2. John Sterling Price 1862
        1900 Webster MO census 38 widowed with children Lance E 10; Estella 6; Thomas 4 in the home of Rev. John W. Fitch
      3. Katie Price 1864
      4. Edward Price 1866
      5. Mollie Price 1871
      6. Emmy Price 1873
      7. Jessie Alice 1876
      8. Alva Gibson Price 1880

      Webster Missouri 1860 Census
      John Price  26 TN $0 145 farmer
      Louiza      21 MO
      Charles   7/12 MO
      Webster Missouri 1870 Census
      John Price 36 TN 0 250 farmer
      Louisa     32 MO
      Charles    11 MO
      Sterling    8 MO
      Katie       6 MO
      Edward      4 TN
      Webster Missouri 1880 Census
      John Price    46 TN TN TN
      Louisa Price  42 MO TN TN
      Charles Price 20 MO TN TN
      Sterlin Price 18 MO TN TN
      Caty Price    16 MO TN TN
      Edward Price  13 MO TN TN
      Mollie Price   9 MO TN TN
      Emmy Price     7 MO TN TN
      Allie Price    4 MO TN TN

    4. Jacob F Price 1837 TN - 1906 M 1872 Catherine Arthur in Dallas MO
      on Webster MO 1860 census (see father Charles above)
      on Webster MO 1870 census (see father Charles above)

      11 Missouri Cavalry Company K (Union)


      1. Madenia (synthie) 1872
      2. Albert 1873
      3. Benjamin 1876
      4. Lucinda 1878
      5. rebecca 1880
      6. Mary J 1883
      7. Jacob H 1887

      Webster Missouri 1880 Census
      Jacob Price     43  TN TN VA
      Catharine Price 29  MO MO MO
      Madenia Price    7  MO MO MO
      Albert Price     6  MO MO MO
      Benjamin Price   4  MO MO MO
      Lucinda Price    2   MO MO MO
      Webster Missouri 1900 Census
      Jacob F Price 63
      Synthie Price 27
      Albert Price  26
      Louisa Price  12
      Rebecca Price 18
      Mary J Price  16
      Jacob H Price 12

    5. Rebecca F Price 1840
      on Webster MO 1860 census(see father Charles above)

    6. Lockey Catherine Price 1842 MO - 1927 OK
      on Webster MO 1860 census (see father Charles above)
      m1 William Arthur 1861 in Webster MO
      daughter Nan
      daughter Zettie
      living with father on Webster MO 1870 census as Charlotte Arthur
      m2 Andrew J Goforth (1818 NC-1882 VCameron OK) in Webster county on October 21, 1875.


      1. Nancy Arthur 1862
      2. Luzetta Arthur 1864
      3. Cora Lucinda Goforth 1876 Marshfield, [county], Missouri
      4. Andrew Joel Goforth 1881 Cameron, Leflore, Indian Territory
      5. Susie Dialtha Goforth 1883 Cameron, Le Flore, Oklahoma

    7. Jasper M Price 1845 MO 1879 m 1866 Sarah Jane Hagan (1844-1920)
      on Webster MO 1860 census (see father Charles above)


      1. Mary M Price 1867 - 1987 MO
      2. William Henry Price 1868-1921 Webster MO
        1900 Webster MO census age 31; Kelley Price 30; Mary A Price 8; David L Price 6; William H Price 4; Baby Price 1
      3. Andrew Franklin Price 1872 -1938
      4. Thomas Jasper Price 1874 - 1955 Webster MO
        1900 Webster MO census age 26; Lucy E Price 26; Harry Price 4; Mary Price 3;Jasper Price 1
      5. Enoch Abraham Price 1876-1935 Webster MO
      6. Luther Price 1877-1987

      Webster Missouri 1870 Census
      Jasper Price 24 MO
      Sarah J      26 MO $300 500
      Mary M        3 MO
      William H     1 MO
      Webster Missouri 1880 Census
      Jasper Price 35  TN TN TN
      Sarah Price  35  MO KY MO
      Mary Price   12  MO TN MO
      Henry Price  10  MO TN MO
      Andy Price    8  MO TN MO
      Thomas Price  6  MO TN MO
      Enoch Price   4  MO TN MO
      Luther Price  1  MO TN MO
      Webster Missouri 1900 Census
      Sarah J Price  56
      Andy Price     29
      Enoch Price    23
      Luther W Price 21

    8. Lucinda P 1848 MO (Webster MO 1860 census)
      on Webster MO 1860 census (see father Charles above)
      on Webster MO 1870 census (see father Charles above)
      on Webster MO 1880 census (see brother John Lindsey Price above)

  3. William "Buck" Price 1801/2 Chatham NC- - 1864 AR -- son of Charles Price?
    Tyler/Price archive in 1999 says:
    "William "Buck" Price born 1801 in Anson City, Virginia (probably) and killed by bushwhackers during the Civil War (1864) in Arkansas. He married Elizabeth Tabor on November 6, 1832 in Rhea County, Tennessee."

    Other says he married m 1824 Elizabeth Brewer? (1805 NC - )

    Still others say he married Elizabeth Lindsay -- like this from David Galloway:
    "I was looking through the NC marriage Records and I believe I found your William "Buck" Price. John W (William ?) Price married Elizabeth Lindsay 6-l3-l828 in Halifax Co. NC. The bondswoman was Francis G Price. As it turns out, William Price married Fraces Graves in nearby Warren Co. NC ll/l/l784 and the bondsman was Ephraim Price. The information seems to indicate that Ephraim Price was the father of William Price who in turn was the father of John W. Price who married Elizabeth Lindsay. Interestingly enough your William "Buck" Price had a son named Lindsay." I consider all the factors together make for a compelling but not l00% proof that our William "Buck Price married Elizabeth Lindsay. We do have two other names for Bucks wife. One says she was Elizabeth Tabor, another source says she was Elizabeth Brewer, I am unaware of any documentation for either.. About all we are sure of is he and wife were born and married in NC..."

    Searcy Arkansas 1850 Census
    William Price   50 NC $500 3000 farmer
    Elizabeth Price 45 NC
    Lindsay W Price 15 TN
    Susan E Price   13 TN
    Charles W Price 10 TN
    Winney H Price   8 AR
    Martha C Price   5 AR
    Sine L Price     2 AR
    Julia R Price    8/12 AR
    Searcy Arkansas 1860 Census
    William Price    57 NC
    Elizabeth Price  55 NC
    Martha C Price   15 AR
    Louisa Price     13 AR
    Julia R Price    10 AR
    Calvin Gollipher 23 AR


    1. Mary Jane 1826 Chatham NC - 1882 Searcy AR m1 Robert Yarbough m2 Charles Stone 1851 Bell TX

      "Robert Yarbrough d TX m Mary Jane Price (daughter of William "Buck" Price). She m/2 TX Charles Stone. In 1862 she and her children Robert Yarbrough, Catherine Yarbrough, and unborn child [Yarbrough? or Stone?] returned to AR. They were in Tomahawk Township, Searcy Co. AR in 1880." Pretty sure this came from "History of Searcy Co" (see this)

      and this:

      "Robert Lee Yarbrough was born 1-18-1847 to Robert and Mary Jane Price Yarbrough. Prior to 1850 his family moved to Texas; his father died soon after arriving there. Mary Jane m. Charles Stone in 1850. In 1852 Mary Jane, her children Robert and Catherine and expecting her third child came back to Arkansas; on the journey one of her horses gave out. A good Samaritan traded horses with her and came a day's journey with them to show her the horse would pull the wagon. Robert and his family suffered many hardships during and after the Civil War. While making a crop the summer of 1865 he would take a small piece of cornpone along with a small piece of tallow; during the noon hour he would let the oxen graze and rest, while he picked edible greens which he would boil over an open fire, adding the tallow as seasoning along with the cornpone; this would be his meal. The precious corn supply was hidden in the Stone Cemetery in one of the rock covered graves. As an old man he would admonish the children not to waste food, saying, "If you had come as near to starving to death as I did you would be more careful not to waste anything." A somber occasion was the death of his beloved grandfather, William (Buck) Price, with whom he had made his home after the death of his father. He was shot by a band of lawless men who roamed the area plundering and killing at will. It fell Robert's lot the grim duty to go under the cover of darkness some 4 or 5 miles distance to bring his grandfather's body back home to be buried in the family cemetery. They got him buried just as the sun was coming up."

    2. Evaline Minerva Price 1828-1897 Searcy AR m Peter Adams Tyler (1823- )1845 son of Baker Tyler
      Searcy 1880 Census says Evaline was born NC and both parents b NC.
      Searcy 1850 Census says Eveline was born TN.
      Pter Adams Tyler was the son of Baker Tyler and was the sheriff of Searcy County from 1854-1857. Peter Tyler was a member of the Peace Society. Member of this group -- notably Evalines brothers Lindsey and Charles - were arrested by Confederate forces, marched in chains to Little Rock and forced into Confederate service in December 1861. Peter Tyler hid and avoided capture until December 16, 1961. He was arrested and Peter Tyler died in Confederate service 1863 in Bowling Green KY.
      From Hoyt Young's story about Eveline Minerva Price's murder.

    3. Lindsey William Price 1835 TN - 1864 slain by bushwackers in Searcy AR
      1. James W Price 1858
      2. Charles 1860
      3. Mary Jane 1862
    4. Susan E Price 1837 TN
    5. Charles William Price 1840 TN - died in civil War

      See this which says:

      "Charles William Price born circa 1840 in TN, married Malinda Thompson, marched to Little Rock in the "chained gang" and forced into the Confederate Army, Company "K", 18th (Marmaduke's) Arkansas Infantry"

      m Malinda Thompson 1860 Searcy County AR Census 1860
      Daughter of James and Lucinda Thompson
      daughter m Francis Marion Estes

      and this:

      "Charles Price was a member of the Peace Society in the early days of the Civil War and was a participant in the infamous "chained gang," in December, 1861. He and many others were marched in chains from Marshall, Arkansas to Little Rock, a distance of 125 miles. They were forced to join the Confederate forces or suffer the consequences. Charles Price died during the war."

      Marmaduke's regiment was briefly called the 18th Arkansas Infantry commanded by Lt. Col John Sappington Marmaduke. It was also known as 1st Battalion of Arkansas Infantry which later was called the 3rd Confederate Infantry Regiment (this CSA unit is not to be confused with the 18th Arkansas Infantry (see this on Carroll's 18th Arkansas). The 3rd Confederate Infantry, Company I roster says (here) says:

      PRICE, CHARLES W. Pvt Age 22. Enl 19 Dec 1861 at Little Rock, AR.

      The entire company was stated as enlisted 19 DEC 1861 at Little Rock Arkansas. this says:

      "...was among the 78 men in the famous "Chained Gang" brought before Col. Sam Leslie on December 9, 1861. This gang was a "peace organization" formed which had for its object the protection of life and property. It was composed of loyal Citizens, in Conway, Pope, Marion, Van Buren and Searcy Counties. After being betrayed, seventy-seven of these men were arrested and confined in jail at the county seat, then Burroughville (Sic). The Gang was accused of robbing and Jay hawking, were promised a trial but were never given one.
      After being kept in jail two weeks, then chained two and two with an ordinary trace chain and marched to Little Rock. When they reached Little Rock, they were marched to the State House and given a lecture by Governor Rector. He said they could either volunteer and go to the Confederate Army or stay in jail and wait for a trial, but he was sure they would be hanged.
      The prisoners were helpless, and with the exception of two, volunteered. Four days later, the forced volunteers left for Memphis, Tennessee, remaining there two weeks. They were ordered to Bell Station, 25 miles north of Bowling Green, Ky. They had previously been assigned to a regiment command by Marmaduke."

      See this on the Arkansas Peace Society.

      Lindsey Price, Charles W Price and Peter Tyler (husband of Emaline Price)
      and the Arkansas Peace Society

      These three siblings of William "Buck" Price all suffered from their association with the Arkansas Peace Society.

      1. Peter Tyler -- husband of Emaline Price TESTIMONY OF PETER TYLER ON THE PEACE SOCIETY

        Head Qrs Battalion Arks Cav Volunteers Camp Culloden Carroll Co. Arkansas Decr. 18th, 1861 The State of Arkansas Vs (Knowledge of and identity with Secret Treasonable and Insurrectionary Society Peter Tyler and Isaiah Ezell

        Before the Honble Kelly Featherston Justice of the Peace within and for the County of Carroll State of Arkansas

        Personally came and appeared Peter A. Tyler party in the above action said to have a knowledge of and perhaps Identity with a certain secret society hold together by certain oaths signs Tokens pass word &c & the revelation of which subjected its members to the punishment of death and upon his own voluntary request makes the following acknowledgments in relations to the matter and things wherof he has knowledge.

        I am a member of a certain secret society represented to me by Long and D. Jamison who initiated me into the society in company with Samuel Grinder and Josiah Lane all taking the oath & receiving the signs tokens and pass words from Jamison at one & the same time about three weeks ago more or less as a home protection society and that there was no harm in it but to protect our selves out families & property and that it came from the North and that it was all over the South. I told him I was no northern man what I have is here and he said it was for home protection & after he administered the oath to me & grinder & lane he then gave me and them the signs tokens and pass words, which as well as I remember are as follows. The first sign was placing the three fingers of the left hand angling across the nose the answer was carelessly feeling under the chin with one of the hands. The next sign was to place one finger in the shirt collar I believe left hand and the answer was to put the right hand on the left breast. The next was to raise the hat with one hand and place it back on the head the answer was turn the back to the person moving the hat.
        A token was in meeting after night on speaking if anyone was with him you said "It was a very dark night" and the answer would be "Not so dark as it will be i the morning." Once sign was to hang up in the front door of the house a piece of red ribbon, calico, or flannel. Another token was when they were separate to get together was to Hoot like and Owl, and the answer was to howl like a wolf I think. I heard somewhere after the noise commenced about it that it came from Washington City but Jamison did not tell me if I recollect right he said to me it was for protection when invaded by robbers, I gave the paper or obligation to David Curry & told him to take care of it for it might be of an advantage to them. I & Sam Grinder & Jo Lane were all sworn in by Jamison at the same time, and after that I rode around among the boys & swore in the following persons as members to wit Isaiah Ezell, David Curry, Peter Reeves, Joshua Reeves, Robert Grinder, David Barnett, 16 John McEntire, Thomas Younger, Alexander Younger, George Hooten, John Brown, Robert Tinkle, Mike Tinkle, James Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Samuel Thompson, J. C. Mc Nair, Claiborn Maness, James Curry, Patrick L. Downly, A. J. Love, Green Adams, Spencer Adams, Joseph Adams, William Brown, Robert Grinder, Charles Price, Lindsay Price, Lindsay Bishop, John Ezell, Daniel Parks, & Austin Pierce I think is the name, then maybe some more but I do not now recollect them if there are. I told Jamison I was not no northern man all I had was here. I told him I did not like the oath he said there was nothing wrong about it & he did not want any thing said about it, wanted it secret not to tell any body of it although it was all over the South or something to this amount. All those named above & my self and Grinder & Lane all held up our right hands when the obligations recd by us and given to them by me, all of which I am ready [to] and here verify. P. A. Tyler

        Sworn and subscribed to before me this 18th day of Decr. 1861 Kelly Featherston J P

        It is ordered here by this court that the said P. A. Tyler above named be committed for further trail and that he be conveyed to the city of Little Rock and surrendered to the Governor of the State of Arkansas and that he be placed in the hands of Captn Jno R. H. Scott commanding Squadron Arks Cavalry Volunteers C. S. A. with a request that he send him under guard to the City of Little Rock with such number of means he may deem sufficient to prevent his escape from custody in accordance with this order. Given under my hand and seal this 18th day of December 1861 Kelly Featherston, J. P. (from this.


        Arks Cav Vol Camp Culoden Carroll Co Arks Decr. 18 1861 State of Arks Vs (Knowledge of and identity with Secret Treasonable and Insurrectionary Society Peter Tyler and Isaiah Ezell

        Before the Honble Kelly Featherston J. P. of Carroll Co. Arkansas Personally came & appeared Isaiah Ezell one of the parties above and on oath sayeth. That he belongs to a home guard or Home protection Society of a Secret nature held together by certain oaths Signs tokens & pass words the revelation of which was punishable by death that he was initiated into the same by Peter Tyler, of Tomahawk Township Searcy County Arkansas he presented me with a paper purporting to be an obligation to which I was sworn but to which I did not affix my name. I saw no other one taken into the society nor never initiated any one into it, myself, except seeing John Ezell initiated at another time by Peter Tyler. I do not know the wording of the oath. One of the signs given was to place one of the hands about the nose the answer was perhaps rubing the hand under the chin. There was a sign to be put up somewhere about the house a piece of Ribbon or calico dont recollect the color. I dont know the meaning of this sign. There was something about an owl but I don’t recollect what or how it was represented to me to be for the protection of our homes and families against robbers &c and if it was for any other purpose I was deceived in it. his Isaiah X Ezell mark Sworn and subscribed to before me this 18th day of Decr. 1861 Kelly Featherston J P

        Arkansas Historical Quarterly Spring, 1958 page 83 lists:

        Price, Charles William - Price, Lindsay - Price, William - Tyler, Peter A. .

        ALL were dead by 1865

      2. Lindsey Price

        From Seary Arkansas Rootsweb Archive (here) There is a Searcy County Lindsey W. Price, who appears in the 1850 Tomahawk Township, Searcy County census at age 15, born TN. He is apparently the son of William Price, age 50, b. NC and wife Elizabeth Tabor Price, age 45, b. NC. Other children are: Susan E., age 13, b. TN; Charles W., age 10, b. TN; Winney H., age 8, b. AR; Martha C., age 5; Sine (?) L., age 2, b. AR and Julia R., age 8 months, b. AR.

        Lindsey W. Price, married Martha Thompson (daughter of James & Lucinda Thompson), and is the father of James W. and Charles. He is in the 1860 Searcy County census: Tomahawk Twp., age 25, wife Martha age 19, b. MO. and children James W. age 2, b. AR and Charles 3 months, b. AR.

        Lindsey W. Price was implicated in the Peace Society by testimony of Peter Tyler and Isaiah Ezell. He is mentioned in a letter dated 17 Jan 1862 by Peter Tyler. He was in "The Little Chain Gang" in which Peter Tyler and others were taken to Little Rock, then on to Bolwing Green, KY and pressed into Confederate service. He probably served in Marmaduke's Third Confederate Infantry, because that is where the other Searcy County Peace Society members ended up, but I don't know this and can't substantiate it.

        Lindsey W. Price nor his wife/widow (?) does not show up in the 1870 or 1880 Searcy Co.censuses that I can find.

    6. Winnie Price 1842 Searcy AR
    7. Martha C 1846 m Hiram Baker 1867
    8. Sinai Lousia 1848 - 1923 m Isaac Wilson Kester
    9. Julia Rosanna 1849 - 1927 m Charles Moore

    The supposition that William "Buck" Price is a child of Charles Price has no facts to support it. His son named Lindsay may be the result of the marriage to Elizabeth Lindsay as David Galloway points out. If Rev. Henry Price's father Charles Price is in Greene TN in 1799 and 1800 he would not be in NC in the early 1800s to father William "Buck" Price OR Lindsey William Price below. William's oldest children Mary Jane born 1816 in NC and Emaline born 1828 in NC imply that the young William remanined in NC from ca 1880 until ca 1830 while Charles Price (Rev. Henry's father) was in TN in 1799 and 1800. The Chatham NC census of 1820 shows a Charles (b after 1775) who is too young to be the Charles Price father of Rev. Henry Price.

  4. Lindsey Price 1795 Chatham NC - 1834 Maury TN son of Charles Price?

    Elizabeth Petty (1799- ) m 1817 Chatham County NC (bondsman Isaac Petty)
    Elizabeth Price is in father Isaac Petty's 1852 will in Hendricks IN (
    Isaac Petty (1768 NC -1860 IN) here)
    Isaac Petty was born 1768 Orange NC died in Hendricks IN 1860 m2 Mary Smith 1818 in IN. He was in Indiana by 1838.

    Chatham North Carolina 1820 Census
    Lindsey Price
    1 male   18-26
    1 female  0-10
    1 female 16-26
    Maury Tennessee 1830 Census
    Lindsey Price
    1 males    5-10
    2 males   20-30
    1 male    30-40
    1 females  5-10
    1 females 30-40

    In the Maury County Tennessee Chancery Court Records 1810-1860 Volume 1, In the case of Joseph Hackney versus Joab Barton, 1836 , page 250

    [Joseph Hackeny (b 1778 Warren NC - d Maury TN 1849]

    "Orator shows that on 2 Jan 1830 orator and Lindsey Price then of Maury entered a partnership in the blacksmith business...orator furnished two hands and all provisions...said Price agreed to work constantly in job and furnish hand...keep accounts, etc....Lindsey Price died intestate in Maury in 1834 and Joab Barton of Maury is admr...
    ...Deposition taken at house or shop of Jno B Bond's in town of Mt. Pleasant on 28 Aug 1837, Nicholas J Long aged about 40 aquanted with the plantiff and defendant Price died I think in Sept 1834...deposition taken at Court Hourse of Christian Co. KY in town of Hopkinsville on Feb 3 1840 of Jesse Powell aged about 30,,,knew Hackney and Price and about their blacksmith place in Mount Plesant...I was a hand working in the shop..."

    These facts counter the statements that Lindsey Price left a will in Maury county. Curious note: Elizabeth Price b Aug 1761 - May 1843 died in Maury County TN

    The supposition that this Lindsey Price is a child of Charles Price has no supporting facts. If Rev. Henry Price's father Charles Price is in Greene TN in 1799 and 1800 he would not be in NC in the early 1790s to father a Lindsay who remained in Chathan NC until he married Elizabeth Petty there in 1817. The Chatham NC census of 1820 shows a Lindsey Price born circa 1795 with 1 female child < 10 and a wife 16-26 who correspoonds to the correct age of Elizabeth Petty.

Two sets of potentially related Prices are shown below:

  1. Allen Atkins Price (1811 NC - 1871 AR) of TN and AR

    There is some connection between the Lindsey Price of Maury TN above who married Elizabeth Petty and the Allen A. Price and Martha Patsy Price and the Isaac Petty children families both in Pope County Arkansas.

    1. Lindsay Price (b 1795 -- see above) married Elizabeth Petty daughter of Isaac Petty in Chatham NC
    2. This Allen Price lives adjacent to William Petty (son of Isaac Petty of Chatham NC) in Henry TN in 1840, Pope Arkansas in 1850, Pope Arkansas in 1860, and with Allen's son William in 1870 and 1880.
    3. Allen's sister Mary Price married Joshua Petty also a son of Isacc Petty of Chatham NC

    See this cemetery record. Allen is NOT the son of Lindsey Price b 1795 or Buck Price b 1804 or Rev Henry Price b 1785.

    Allen Atkins Price is nearby William Petty on 1870, 1860 and 1850 Pope AR censuses. His son lives with William Petty in 1870 and 1880.

    Pope Arkansas 1850 Census
    Allen A Price    36 500 NC
    Sarah            32 NC
    Martha J         16 TN
    William L        10 TN
    Rachel G          8 AR
    John R            6 AR
    David J           3 AR
    Henry Clinton    15 laborer TN
    Pope Arkansas 1860 Census
    Allen Price 50 NC (1810)
    Francis F   25 TN
    Martha      24 TN
    William     21 TN
    Rachel      18 AR
    David       13 AR
    Eliz         2 AR
    Minnie       1 AR
    Pope Arkansas 1870 Census
    Allen A Price     56 NC
    Rachel F Price    33 TN
    Elizabeth A Price 13 AR
    Winnie Price      11 AR
    Mary C Price       9 AR
    Joseph A Price     6 AR
    Susan T Price      4 AR
    Charly Price       2 AR
    George A Price  6/12 AR
    Sally Price       50 TN

    Allen Price came to Arkansas after 1840 from Tennessee (see this). On the 1840 Henry County Tennessee census he is shown as 20-30 with one male under 5 (William L), wife 20-30, one daughter under 5 (Martha). He is adjacent to William Petty 40-50 and his wife 40-50 with NO children. William is a son of Isaac Petty (as is Elizabeth Petty who married Lindsey Price)

    First wife is ? died before 1853. There is a Arkansas marriage license 11/29/1853 between Allen A Price and Sarah Sullivan (here). Third wife is Rachel Francis Campbell (1836-1892) married 1856 daughter of Alexander Campbell and Julia Linton. Allen's children are:

      -----children of ?
    1. Martha I Price 1836 TN
    2. William Lindsey "Buck" Price 1839 TN - 1892
      William Price has William Petty age 84 living with him on the 1880 Pope AR Census
      Also living together on the 1870 Pope AR census.
      Co. K unknown Arkansas Militia CSA
      Married first ? Johnson, child Martha E Price
      Married second Rebecca Dare Maloney 1838 AR - 1918) daughter of Samuel Malony and Rebecca
      Children Samuel Robert Price, William Allen Price and Jeannie Bewley Price.
    3. Rachel F b 1842 AR
    4. David L 1847 AR
    5. John R 1844 AR
      ---- chidren of Rachel Campbell
    6. Elizabeth A 1858 AR m Kyle
    7. Winnie 1859 AR m Bullock
    8. Candie 1861 AR m Webb
    9. Joseph Allen 1864 AR
    10. Susan Tennessee 1868 AR
    11. Charles 1868 AR
    12. George A 1870 AR

    In 1860 and 1870 Allen A Price (age 49) is next door to:

    Pope Arkansas 1850 Census
    William Petty 52 farmer 500 NC
    Elizabeth     55 NC
    Pope Arkansas 1860 Census
    William Petty 63 b NC
    ( born 1797 son of Isaac Petty)
    and sister of Elizabeth Petty wife of Lindsey Price of Chatham NC (see (3) above)
    Betsy         66 NC
    Nancy Cooper  21 TN
    Pope Arkansas 1870 Census
    William Petty   73
    William L Price 31
    Rebecca Price   31
    Martha E Price   4

    Allen's sister Martha Patsy Price (1808 NC -1897 Pope AR) m Joshua Petty (1807 NC - 1864 IL) (see this son of Isaac Petty)

    Both Allen A Price and Martha Price Petty could be children of Charles Price. Both are slightly younger than than William "Buck" Price and would require Charles to be fathering children at age 53. It is problematic, however, given Allen's birthplace as NC in 1811 and Charles Price of Webster MO being born in TN in 1802.

    The Isaac Petty Genealogy site (see this) says that William Lindsey "Buck" Price (b. 1839) is the nephew of William Petty (b 1793). The site incorrecly states William Petty is William Lindsey "Buck" Price's uncle -- i.e., Allen Price's wife is William Petty's sister.

    An Allen Price appears on the 1830 Paulaski KY Census
    He is 15-20 with wife 15-20

    Two men named William Petty appear on the 1830 Chatham NC Census:

    William Petty: 1 male <5; 2 males 15-20; 1 male 40-50; 2 females 15-20; 1 female 30-40
    (six houses from Guilford Petty)

    William Petty: 1 male 20-30; 1 female 20-30

    Two men named William Petty appear on the 1840 Henry TN Census:

    William Petty Senr: 1 male 15-20; 1 male 50-60; 1 female 50-60

    William Petty: 1 male 40-50; 1 female 40-50
    Adjacent to
    Allen Price 20-30; 1 male < 5; wife 20-30; 1 females < 5

    Pope Arkansas 1850 Census
    Allen A Price    36 500 NC
    Sarah            32 NC
    Martha J         16 TN
    William L        10 TN
    Rachel G          8 AR
    John R            6 AR
    David J           3 AR
    Henry Clinton    15 laborer TN

    Adjacent is Joshua Petty age 40 and Martha Price (sister of Allen)

    Nearby is :
    Pope Arkansas 1850 Census
    William Petty 52 farmer 500 NC
    Elizabeth     55 NC

  2. Lindsey and Amanda Price in Daviess County Missouri

    These children are in the home of Richard and Eliz Blankenship. There is conjecture that Eliza McLAntren (b 1812 Ohio) married Blankenship in Greenup KY in 1836 and brought the Price children to MO.

    This brother and sister have yet to be connected.

    (1) Lindsey Price b 1840 KY d 1864 AR m Emma Talley m. 1860 Daviess County MO dau of Allen and Katherine Blair Talley. Emma remarries William Redmond Puckett in 1865

    1. son James Allen Price m 1882 Victoria Missouri Merrifield in Daviess County MO daughter of Dr. Joseph W. Merrifield and Amanda Belcher. Children:
      Charles Edward Price 1885 MO
      Oris Loan Price
      Elsie Price
      Joseph Henry Price
      James m2 Matilda Ward (Day) in Oklahoma

    2. son Joseph Lindsey Price m 1880/2 Ellen A Price (dau of Hatton and Eliz. (Carter) Price)
      Stella Price m Elmer Dillon
      Arthur Price m Eva Hester
      Ester Price m Foster/Ramey
      Core E Price m Charles E Price (Above?)
      Homer Price

    (2) Amanda Price 1841 (sister of Lindsey Price b 1842 KY above) m Jeremiah Webb (son of Julia Blankenship and Hanley Webb)

    both on 1850 Daviess County MO 1850 census in the home of Richard Blankenship age 43 b Ohio and wife Eliza age 38 b Ohio

    Benton Arkansas 1880 Census
    Jeremiah Webb 42 OH TN VA
    Amanda Webb   38 KY KY KY
    John Webb     17 MO OH KY
    Lindsy Webb   13 MO OH KY
    Handly Webb   11 MO OH KY
    Nelly Webb     2 MO OH KY


    A Charles Price appears on the 1799 and 1800 Greene Tennessee Taxlist

    "Charles Price" is on the "Taxable Property in Captain William White's Company for the year 1799" and shows no land.

    A "Charles Prise" appears on the 1800 Greene Tennessee taxlist in the "Taxables of Captain John Kesterson's Company".

    Tradition has it that Rev. Henry Price, son of Charles Price was born in Greene County Tennessee and Married Susan Stults

    • Stults (Stultz or Stoltz)

      Nearby Charles Price in Greene County is Lewis Stults (1764 MD - 1861 TN) with 100 acres of land. This Stults is on the 1830, 1840 and 1850 Greene Tennessee Census:

      Lewis Stultz is often shown as the son of John N. Stultz and Catherine ? (sometimes shown as Catherine Happel, daughter of Henry Happel (1723 Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany-1796 Berks PA) and Catherine Frey Miller (1733 Montgomery County PA-1808 Northhampton PA). Much of this is NOT born out in many websites which claim Catherine Frey Miller married George Hawk. Lewis' ancestors are substantially unknown. I discuss some options for children of John N. Stultz below.

      This John N. Stultz appears on the 1800 Greene County PA census in far SW Pennnsylvania and no further references can be found

      Below is some data on a Lewis Stultz' participation in the Philadelphia Militia during the American Revolution. The 1780 dates would make Lewis about 16 at the time which is feasible. Further the geographic proximity of his MD birthplace on the 1850 census makes this a possibility but NOT a fact.

      • In the Pennsylvania Archives, Series 6 Volume I, pg 366:

        Philadelphia The 10th August 1780

        A General Return of the 2D, 3th and 4th Classess Philadelphia Militia When Called into Actuale Service

        Fifth Battalion


        Fourth Class
        ...Lewis Stultz "served his tour"

      • Page 371 (same volume as above)

        "Return of My Company in the Marching Class"

        Fourth Class

        Lewis Stultz

        The above Persons are Duly Notised
        C. Weed Capt. (maybe Elijah Weed)
        August 10, 1780

      • Pennsylvania Archives

        Muster roll of Captain Elijah Weed's Company of the Second Regiment of Foote in the service of the United States commanded by Col. Benjamin G. Eyre of the second class of Philadelphia Militia of the State of Pennsylvania

        Lewis Stutz, August 10 1780

      Greene Tennessee 1830 Census
             Lewis   John
      males  0-5 0    1
            5-10 0    4
           10-15 1    0
           15-20 0    0
           20-30 0    0
           30-40 0    1
           40-50 0
           50-60 0
           60-70 1
            0- 5 0    2
            5-10 0    2
           10-15 0    0
           15-20 0    1
           20-30 1    0
           30-40 1    1
           40-50 0
           50-60 1
      adjacent if son John Stults
      Greene Tennessee 1840 Census
      Lewis Stults 1 male 60-70
      female 40-50
      female 60-70
      Greene Tennessee 1850 Census
      Lewis Stults  86 MD $1500 [bc 1764]
      Barbary       75 VA
      Elizabeth     55 TN
      Greene Tennessee 1860 Census
      William Stutts   43 TN
      Phebe Stutts     41 TN
      Isaac Stutts     19 TN
      Lewis Stutts     17 TN
      Jacob Stutts     16 TN
      John Stutts      13 TN
      Barber Stutts    89 VA (grandmother)
      Elizabeth Stutts 60 TN (aunt, sister of William's father John)

      On the early Greene Tennessee Taxlist, Lewis Stults appears in 1798, 1799, 1800 and 1805.

      From the The Greene County Pioneer Vol 12, No. 2, November 1996) is:

      "...a will for Lewis Stults in Greene County TN on Oct 2 1857 that "Mentions John and his four sisters and a fifth person, Susannah as heirs" (See this source on by Daniel Alan Leitner).

      This heir Susannah is more completely specified in Greene County, Tennessee Wills, 1783-1890, bycompiled by Goldene Filers Burgner, by Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, P.O. Box 738, Easley SC 29640, page 79.:

      "Lewis Stutts Oct 2 1854 (probated)
      To my wife Barbary, whole sale contents of my propertty. Heirs: Catherine, John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Anne, Susannah decd.. Executors: Abraham Bible, Daniel Knipp. Will dated Mar 4 1849. Test. Christian Bible, S. Harrision Bible
      Signed Lewis Stutts his mark."

      Further, on page 93 of the same work is:

      "Barberry Stutts Probated Mar 4 1861
      One-half of my estate to my daughter Elizabeth Stutts. The other half to my grandson William Stutts, for his care and attending me. Test. Jacob Bible, Isaac D. Smith
      Signed Barbary X Stutts"

      This is the ONLY direct evidence I have found between Lewis Stults and daughter Susan Stults I have found. I am in the process of getting a copy of the will as opposed to the abstract mention in the "Greene County Pioneer."

      This Lewis Stults (1764 PA - dc 1861 TN) is allegedly the son of John N Stults (before 1755 - ? PA) and Catherine ? (1765-1820) of Greene PA, several unnamed daughters and brothers. I have yet to confirm this fact.

      As Lewis Stults census birtdate in 1765 AND the alleged mother Catherine ? is also 1765 I find this supposition highly unlikely.

      The five sons and unknown daughters (see 1800 Greene PA census below for a count of the kids) of
      John Stultz and Catherine ? are:

      1. Abner (born 1795 VA- )

        Abner lists his birthplace as VA on the 1860 Bradley TN census. The whole family is listed as born in Tennessee on the 1850 census. Abner married 1819 Nancy Burnett (1803- ) in Knox Tennessee (see this and this) daughter of Isham Reuben Burnett (1766 Amherst VA-1856 Wayne KY) and Sarah Mayo (1768 VA-1819 Wayne KY)

        Abner is on the 1830 Census Roane TN; 1840 Census Meigs TN; 1850 & 1860 Census Bradley TN. . Some sites say that this is the Abner was born 1770 in Pittsylvania county VA and married Nancy Eggleston in Henry County VA daugher of Thomas Eggleston II. That Abner and Nancy combination is too old to be this Bradley TN Abner/Nancy (see for example).

        However, says on the Carroll Illinois Rootsweb site:

        "My descendants are from Abner Stultz and Nancy Burnett. Sometimes the Stultz is spelled Stulce. Abner and his brothers Lewis, James and several others were born in PA and migrated to Greene County TN, then to the Birchwood area (James, Roane, Knox and Hamilton County)... "


        1. Anderson
        2. Charlotte
        3. John
        4. Nancy (1832-
        5. America Clementine (1835-
        6. Charles G (1837-
        7. Thomas (1839-
        8. Abner (1843-
        9. Mary J (1843-
        10. Leonard (1835-
        11. Lafayette (1838-
          (all b TN including Abner on 1850 census)

        Roane Tennessee 1830 Census
        Abner Stults
        1 male     < 5
        1 male    5-10
        1 male   30-40
        1 female   < 5
        1 female 20-30
        Meigs Tennessee 1840 Census
        Abner Stults
        2 males     < 5
        2 males   10-15
        1 male    15-20
        1 male    20-30 [mistake?]
        2 female   5-10
        1 female  10-15
        1 female  30-40
        Bradley Tennessee 1850 Census
        Abner Stults      55 TN
        Nancy Stults      47 TN
        Nancy Stults      18 TN
        Clemontine Stults 15 TN
        Charles Stults    13 TN
        Thomas Stults     11 TN
        Abner Stults       9 TN
        Mary Stults        7 TN
        Leonard Stults     5 TN
        Laffayett Stults   2 TN
        adjacent is:
        John Stults age 28, Rebecca 24, Francis 7 (male), James 5, Wesley 2
        (all born TN)
        Bradley Tennessee 1860 Census
        Abner Stults  64 b VA
        Nancy         56 b TN
        America C     23
        Abner         19
        Mary J        17
        Leonard       15
        Layfuett      11

        In 1860 Charles Stults is in Hamilton TN age 23 with wife Margret age 20 both b TN
        In 1860 Hamilton TN is A.L. Stults 31, Lucinda 26, Leauah C 5, William J 4, Nancy 1
        In 1880 Abner Stults Texas County MO age 38

      2. James bc 1800 VA

        There is a James Stults b 1798 who married 1820 in Roane TN Fanny Davis (Frances)(1802-?) daughter of Brittian Davis (1773 Caswell NC- Ronae TN) son of Basil Davis (bc 1750 Prince George MD

        1. George Jefferson Stults (1820-1918) Corporal 8th Tennessee Infantry (Union)
          m. Ellinder Gear (Geer) E
          1. Jacob J Stultz 1849-
          2. Elizabeth F 1850-
          3. John Calvin
        2. Caroline Lou Stults (1829- 1918) m James Mathis 1848 in Rhea TN
        3. Emeline Stults (bc 1834- )
        4. James Stults (bc 1837- ) m Mary Swaregen
        5. Elizabeth Stults (bc 1839- )
        6. Joana Stults (bc 1842- )
        7. Lewis Stults (bc 1846- )

        Roane Tennessee 1830 Census
        James Stultz:
        2 males 5-10
        1 male 30-40
        1 female < 5
        1 female 20-30
        Rhea Tennessee 1840 Census
        James 40-50
        1 male     < 5
        1 male    5-10
        1 male   10-15
        2 males  15-20
        2 female   < 5
        1 female  5-10
        1 female 10-15
        1 female 15-20
        1 female 30-40
        1870 Jackson Tennessee Census
        James     70 VA
        Fannie    66 TN
        Emaline   36
        Elizabeth 31
        Ruthy     11
        Eliza      8

      3. George b 1784 NC dc Wayne County Tn 1860
        buried Whitten Cemetery Wayne County TN
        This says wife is Hannah Forkum (see this discussion of the Forkum genforum page). This pages states that Hannah was born in Surry NC and married George Stults in 1815 in Surry NC. This says George is the son of George H Stults of Stokes NC. George was in Warren County TN in 1818 and to Wayne TN in 1830s.

        This George seems an unlikely brother for Lewis based on George's birthplace, marriage location, etc..

        1. Allen Stults M bc 1820
          children: Henry F, Joseph, Linda;
        2. Alexander Wesley (Sandy) Stults M bc 1814-1883 Wayne TN
          Children: Elisabeth, Caroline, Wiley E, Westley, Noah, Nancy, Joel, Emily A

        1860 Wayne TN Census
        George 77 cooper b NC
        Hannah 69 b NC
        Sandy 46
        Polly 45
        Elizabeth 19
        Caroline 16
        Wiley E 14 [2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Union)]
        Westley 11
        Noah 8
        Nancy 6
        Joel 4
        Emily A 1
        1850 Wayne TN Census
        George    66  NC
        Hannah    50  NC
        Lucinda   13
        Allen     29  TN
        Lousannah 24  TN
        Henry 5
        Sandy 35 TN
        Marry 30 [census note maiden name is Marry Polly Baskins 1815-1883]
        Elizabeth 13
        Hannah    12
        Caroline   9
        Wily       5
        Wesly      3
        Noah     6/12

      4. David (between 1755-1780) 1820 Green PA Census

        I have no evidence there was a brother David related to Lewis


      5. Lewis (1764 MD - 1861 TN)

      The 1800 Greene PA census (Morgan township) shows perhaps Lewis' father John Stults and wife Catherine?: (unconfirmed)

      Greene Pennsylvania 1800 Census
      John Stults  over 45
      3 males    < 10
      1 male    10-16
      1 male    16-26
      2 females  < 10
      2 females 10-16
      1 females 26-45

      As Lewis Stults was in Tennessee by 1798 based on the Greene County Tennessee taxlists, he does not appear in the 1800 census above. Sons of this John Stults and brothers of Lewis Stults: James and Abner both give their birthplace as Virginia (1800,1796, respectively).

      Lewis says he was born in Maryland in 1764. John Stults' (of the 1800 Greene PA census) wife Catherine

      This is the ONLY connectivity I have found between the Price and Stults relations as asserted by various researchers that Rev. Henry Price married Susan Stults(z).

      The Origin of the name Lewis
      Scandanavian from the old Frankish word "Hludwig" meaning loud battle;
      old Germanic Chlodowech meaning "famous warrior";
      in Latin it was transformed into Ludovicus;
      Gaelic to Clovis;
      Medieval Italians turned it into Aloisius;
      in French Louis;
      and in German Ludwig.

      Children of Lewis Stults and Barbary (see Wilfong below) are:

      1. Anna Stults
      2. Catherine Stults (1798 Greene TN-1856 Cherokee TX)
        m 1814 Greene TN Jonathan Collier (1793 Northampton NC - 1861 Cherokee Texas).
        1. Elizabeth Collier
        2. Jane Collier (1818 AL
        3. James W Collier (1821 Cherokee TX- 1856)
        4. Caroline Collier
        5. Green S Collier( 1825 Madison AL-1852 Cherokee TX)
        6. Thomas Pierce Collier (1827 Madison AL-1877 Cherokee Texas)
        7. Christopher C. Collier (1829 Madison AL-)
        8. Jonathon J Collier (1832 Madison AL-)
        9. John D Collier (1834 Madison AL-1836 AL)
        10. Salina Ann Collier (1837-
        11. Susan E Collier (1840-
        12. Mary F Collier(1843
      3. Elizabeth Stults bc 1795
        age 75 in home of David (age 28) and Susan Cobble 1870 Greene Tennessee Census
        David is the son of Phillip Cobbler who married Sarah Stults (see below), Elizabeth's sister. So David Cobble is Elizabeth Stults' nephew.
        In 1850 she is with father and mother. Age 55.
        In 1860 she is with mother Barbary in theome of nephew William. Age 60
      4. John N Stults
        (bc 1797/96 - listed on Putnam MO 1870 census age 76 b TN
        m Jane Collier 1814
        1. William G Stults (1816-1890) m 1840 Phebe Bottles (1820-1887) Greene TN 1840 daughter of Jacob Bottles (1792 Washington TN-?) and Sarah Bible (1795 Greene Tennessee)-?
          1850 Greene Tennessee Census
          1. Isaac Stults 1841 8th Tennessee Infantry died June 10, 1863
          2. Lewis M Stults 1842 -1924 Rooks KS m Amanda Sollenbarger (1845-1924)
          3. Jacob Stults 1843
          4. John Napoleon Stults 1846
          5. Phillip 1858

          William's grandmother Barbary (Wilfong) Stultz is on the 1860 Greene TN census with son William (see above)

        2. Phillip Stults m 1877 Elvira Bible daughter of William Bible (1814 Greene TN - 1854 Greene TN) son of Christian Bible (1752 PA-1832 TN) and Sarah Bottles ( - 1837 TN) and Anne Etter 1815-1888
        3. Henry P Stults (1822 - ) m 1841 Greene TN Dorcas Rinehart (1818- ) daughter of Jacob Rinehart and Mary Henderson.
          1850 Greene TN Census
          1870 Putnam MO Census, Henry age 50, Dorcas 53
          1. John Stults 2/12 (age 20 Putnam MO 1870 Census, b TN)
          2. Lewis Stults 2/12(age 20 Putnam MO 1870 Census, b TN)
          3. Mary Stults 1848
          4. William Stults 1846 (listed b GA in 1870 Putnam MO)
      5. Sarah Stults (1803 TN - dc 1870)
        m Philip Cobble (1802-1861) on 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 Greene TN.

        Children of Sarah Stults and Phillip Cobble:

        1. Anna Cobble 1834
        2. Nathaniel Cobble 1834,
        3. Barbary Cobble 1836
        4. Andrew Cobble 1837
        5. Ambrose Cobble 1838
        6. Lewis Cobble 1840
        7. David Cobble 1842
        8. Elizabeth Cobble 1845

      6. Susan Stults (bc 1790 - dc 1840 TN) who married Henry Price should be on this list! See Lewis Stutts will above. All the 20 or so children of Henry Price and Susan Stults should appear here (from John Wesley Price b 1807 until but not inclusing James Price b 1848).

      Several Cobble (or Kauble of Kobel) brothers appear in Greene County Tennesse (source) who are the children of Michael Cobble:

      • John Cobble b 1793 PA m1 Anna Wampler 1813 in Greene TN daughter of Michael Wampler, m2 1818 Rebecca Etter daughter of John Etter and Mary Rader
      • Peter Cobble b 1790 PA m Anna Kinsler 1813 in Greene TN daughter of Jacob Kinsler and Ester Wampler.
      • Adam Cobbler 1795
      • Joseph Cobble 1796
      • Jacob Cobbler b 1798 TN m 1925 Sally Rader daughter of Jacob Rader
      • Phillip Cobble b 1802 Greene TN (above)
      • Mary Cobbler 1808
      • Sally Cobbler 1810
      • William Cobble b 1805 TN
      • ? Michael Cobble b 1819 TN m Elizabeth Smelcer

      The Sinking Springs Lutheran Church in Midway Tennessee (source) shows many of these German families in Greene County TN: Bible (Biebel) e.g., Phillip Stults marriage above to Elvira Bible; Bottles (Bacthels) Bower (Bauer), Rader, Schmeltzer, Wampler as well as Stults.

      With Lewis Stults birth listed as Maryland 1764, we find in western Maryland in the 1783 Tax Assessment ("WA" is Washington County):

      • Henry Stultz Joes Hostage, 50 acres. WA Salisbury and Conocheague
        (a river/stream from PA thru MD to Potomac confluence near Williamsport south of the county seat of Hagerstown)
        On the 1790 Washington County MD Census is:
        Stultz Henry: 1 males > 16 ; 3 males < 16; 3 females

        On the 1810 Washington MD Conocoheague Hundred, census is:
        Stultz Henry: 3 males 16-25 ; 1 male >45; 2 females 16-25; 1 females >45

      • Ludwick Stultz WA Salisbury and Conocheague
        also 1795/03/02 4948: Ludwick Stultz vs. Martin Kershner. WA. Injunction against execution of judgment on Amendment, Ridenours

      • There is a John Stull in Washington County Maryland 1790 census
      • There is a Nicholas Stults whose will appears in 1787 in Frederick Maryland. He names wife Mary, son James (under 21), daughters: Ann; Elizabeth; Mary Margret and Magdelin, son Conrad, younger sons Henry and James. Son Conrad's will appears in 1837 in Carroll County.

      This is the first place we see an early Henry and Lewis in Maryland (birthplace of Lewis). Searches might include Ludwig/Ludwick as Lewis and Heinrich as Henry. Washington County was formed 1776 originally from Frederick country in 1774 and was composed of ALL western Maryland. This is particularly close to Pendleton County (VA later WV) where Lewis married Barbara Wilfong.

      Franklin County Pennsylvania Land Warrants, Surnames M-Z, Pennsylvania Archives
      Stultz, Henry 86 acres Sept. 10, 1788
      (immediately north of Washington county Maryland -- both on the state borders)

    • Wilfong (Wildfang)

      Barbary (wife of Lewis Stulz) was born in 1772 likely in Pendleton county (now West Virgina, then Virginia) and died circa 1862. She may be the daughter "Barbara" of George Michael Wilfong (1724 Oberlustadt, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany - 1808 Pendeltin WVA) and Sophia Catrina Veitheim (1728 Berks PA -1814 WVA) (or this) who married 1747 Rev. John Casper Stoeverin in Tulpehocken Valley, Berks County PA and lived in Brushy Fork in Pendleton County WV. The Wilfong's originated with Johannes Wildfang (bc 1695 d after 1769) and Maria Elisabeth ? who arrived in Philadelphia in 1734 on the ship St. Andrew. One of their children (Sebastian) was baptized at Oberlustadt Reformed church in the Palatinate, 16 No 1732 (see: The Wilfong Family of North America, by Terence Roy Kidd). Sophia's name may actually be "Reitheim" not Veitheim" (see this).

      George Michael Wilfong's daughter Barbara married a see this marriage to Lewis Stultz (s) pg 316 in 1792 in Pendleton County West Virginia. This Barbara had brothers: George, Jacob, John and Henry.

      The name "Barbary" appears as a daughter of Henry and Susan Price spelled exactly like Lewis Stults' wife; Henry Price and Lewis Stults had the following descendent names in common:
      a son George;
      a son Christopher;
      a son John;
      and a son James.

      German Palatine Immigrants to Philadelphia (see: this
      a search ) show several Stoltz surnames arriving in the 1700s. There were NO Stultz or Stults surname hits on the passengers list search.

      • Johanes Peter Stoltz,
        Johan Henrich Stoltz
        Ship Edinburgh from Rotterdam Oct 1753
      • Georg Stoltz,
        Simon Stoltz
        Ship Davy from Amsterdam Oct 1738 (one version on rootsweb has the same passenger list for the ships Davy and the St. Andrew)
      • Johannes Michel Stoltz
        Ship Patience sept 19 1749 from Rotterdam and Cowes England
      • Johann Jacob Stoltz
        Ship Friendship Nov 1744 from Rotterdam and Cowes England

    Summary of Relations:

     My current understanding of the ancestors of Rev Henry Price is:

    • Son of Charles Price an Irish immigrant b 1757 in Ireland.and died at the age of 93 in Bradley County Tennessee. He was married to Nancy Black of whom I have NO specific information.
    • Charles Price may have been a British soldier during the American Revolution
    • Charles is first documented in Greene County Tennessee in 1799 and 1800 where Rev. Henry Price (1785-1860) may have been born in 1785. Henry says he was born in North Carolina -- but Tennessee was part of North Carolina until 1796.
    • Rev. Henry Price has the following "alleged" brothers:
      1. Lindsey Price 1795 Chatham NC - 1834 Maury TN
        wife Elizabeth Petty was in Chatham with father Isaac Petty at the time of their documented 1817 Chatham NC marriage.
      2. Charles J Price 1802 TN - 1879 Webster MO m 1825 Catherine Ziegler McMinn TN
        sons Lindsey, Charles, George like Rev Henry
      3. William "Buck" Price 1801 Chatham NC - 1864 Searcy AR m Elizabeth Brewer 1824 in Chatham NC
        Rev. Henry and William both have sons named Lindsey and a daughter named Minerva
    • I tend to discount both the Chatham NC brothers (William "Buck" Price and Lindsey Price) if Charles Price is in Greene NC in 1799 and 1800.
    • "brother" Charles J. Price who died in Webster MO is a more likely candidate remaining in TN from birth to until 1848.

    My current understanding of the ancestors of Rev. Henry Price's first wife Susan Stults is:

    • She is eldest daughter of Lewis Stults (1765 MD - 1861 Greene TN) Lewis parents are unknown -- but likely NOT the commonly stated John Stults and Catherine ? of Greene County PA. Catherine is about the same age as Lewis.
    • Lewis has the following alleged "brothers":
      • Abner Stults (1795 VA - after 1860 Bradley TN)
      • James Stults (1800 VA - after 1870 Jackson TN)
      • George Stults (1784 NC - after 1860 Wayne TN) -- I tend to discount this brother owing to the relation to the Stokes NC Stults family.
      • David Stults (bc 1775 PA - ) I have no support for any relationship to Lewis Stults
    • Susan Stults is the daughter of Barbary Wilfong (1772 Pendleton (W)VA - 1862 Greene TN) and grand daughter of Michael Wilfong a German immiogrant to Berks PA who moved to Pendleton (W)VA where Barbary married Lewis Stults in 1792.
    • Susan and Henry had at least twenty children

    My current understanding of the ancestors of Rev. Henry Price's second wife Elizabeth Wooten is:

    • She was the fifth daughter and tenth child of Turner Wooten (1757 Buckingham County VA - 1833) who married in 1792 in Chesterfield County VA Nancy Roper (b. 1775 Chesterfield County VA -- 1851 Bradley TN). Turner Wooten enlisted in 1781 in Capt. Tabb's Company, Dabney's Virginia regiment and was at the seige of Yorktown (Revolutionary pension application R-1160). Moved in 1832 to Dandridge, Jefferson County Tennessee. Widow Elizabeth Roper Wooten and her children moved to Bradley County Tennessee in 1837.
    • Elizabeth Wooten Gillette (1812- ) married Rev. Henry Price in 1846. She had four children from a previous marriage to James Gillett. These children were born: Nancy Gillette b 1836; William b 1837; Elizabeth 1841; and Sarah b 1843. After her husband James Gillette died, she married Henry in 1846 and their first child James was born in 1848.

    • Elizabeth Wooten and Henry Price had five children.
    Census Data for Rev. Henry Price

    1820 Franklin County TN Census* 1820 Chatham County NC Census 1820 Chatham County NC Census
    Henry Price
    9 sons
    9 daughters
     0-10 5
    10-16 2
    16-18 1
    16-26 1
    26-45 0
    45 up 1
     0-10 3
    10-16 4
    16-26 2
    26-45 1
    45 up 0
    James Price JH
    5 sons
    4 daughters
     0-10 2
    10-16 2
    16-18 0
    16-26 1
    26-45 0
    45 up 1
     0-10 3
    10-16 1
    16-26 0
    26-45 1
    45 up 0
    Lindsey Price **
     0-10 0
    10-16 0
    16-18 0
    16-26 1
    26-45 0
    45 up 0
     0-10 1
    10-16 0
    16-26 1
    26-45 0
    45 up 0

    Charles Price **
     0-10 0
    10-16 0
    16-18 0
    16-26 0
    26-45 1
    45 up 0
     0-10 0
    10-16 1
    16-26 0
    26-45 1
    45 up 0

    * NOTE: Until 1817, Franklin County was the western border of Indian Lands. Marion, Hamilton and Braley counties to the east were formed in 1817, 1819 and 1836 respectively.
    ** NOTE: This Lindsey Price in Chatham NC may well be a brother to Rev. Henry Price. The nearby Charles Price is too old for the Charles Price b 1802 and too young to be the Charles Price who was Rev. Henry Price's father born 1757.

    An extra child:

    "Around 1818, it appears that Henry Feezell "became involved" with a young girl named Polly Henegar who may have resided in McMinn Co TN at the time. To this affair, a son was born out of wedlock whose birth name was Jacob Henegar born abt 1819. In a McMinn County TN court document dated March, 1826, Jacob Hennegar is declared "an orphan boy seven years of age bound to Henry Price Esq. until age 21".

    A second McMinn Co. court document dated September, 1826 states that "Henry Feezell petitioned the courts to have the sons name changed from Jacob Henegar to Jacob H. Feezell, and that he was to be entitled to all inheritance rights afforded his other children".

    So, there may be an extra male less than 5 on the 1820 census for Henry Price.

    1830 McMinn Co Tennessee Census
    Henry Price, 5 sons and 2 daughters
     0- 5 2
     5-10 0
    10-15 2 Elias, Charles
    15-20 1
    20-30 0
    30-40 0
    40-50 1 Henry
     0- 5 2
     5-10 0
    10-15 0
    20-30 0
    30-40 1 Susan Stultz

    1840 Bradley TN Census
    Henry Price with 3 sons and 3 daughters
    (all children of Susan Stultz)

    <5 2 George W (b 1835?) and Christopher P (b 1833?) 5-10 0 10-15 1 15-20 0 20-30 0 30-40 0 40-50 0 50-60 1 Henry 60-70 0 70-80 0 80-90 1 father Charles

    <5 0 5-10 2 Uraney (b 1832), ? 10-15 0 15-20 1 Barbary (b 1825) 20-30 0 30-40 0 40-50 1 Susan Stultz

    1850 Bradley Tennessee Census
    Henry Price   65 M Methodist Minister 1500 NC
    Elizabeth     38 F TN
    Christopher P 17
    George W      15
    Nancy         14 [Gillette]
    William       11 [Gillette]
    Elizabeth      9 [Gillette]
    Sarah          7 [Gillette]
    James H        3
    Susan          2
    Penelopa    4/12
    Charles Price 93  Ireland

    1860 Bradley Tennessee Census
    Henry Price      75 M 2500 500 NC
    Elizabeth        45
    Geo W            25
    James H          12
    Susan M          10
    Penelope          8
    Joseph S          6
    Prior L           1
    Nancy Gillet     23
    William C Gillet 21
    Elizabeth Gillet 18

    Will of Henry Price, 1857


    Henry Price's will was made in 1857. He names:

    • his wife Elizabeth,
    • his step-daughters Nancy, Sarah and Elizabeth [Gillett];
    • his step-son William Gillett;
    • sons John W Price; Charles Price; Elijah [may be Elias] Price
    • daughters Menerva Parks; Barbary Price; Uraney Ferguson;
    • son Elias
    • son George W Price;
    • my five younger children: George W; James H; Susan M; Penelope M and Joseph Price

    • George Hawks and Elizabeth Price were named executors.


    Will Book #7, Cleveland Tennessee

    In the name of God Amen, I Henry Price of the county of Bradley and the state of Tennessee being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of life do make publish and declare this my last will and Testament and that after all of my lawful debts are paid and all is exchanged I give and bequeath and dispose of the rest of my property real and personal as follows:

    To my wife Elizabeth the land appertuances situated thereon being the tract that I now live on situated near the top of what is now known as Hard Labor Valley together with all my personal property of every description or instrument to be possessed by her and perfectly at the disposal during her natural life. To my step-daughters Nancy, Sara and Elizabeth by her former marriage to James Gillett on account of their having been kind and affectionate to me, I give a bed with its clothes and everything pertaining to it, I give a cow or a cow and calf with a table and the table furniture to each one of them at such time that may marry or see fit to leave home or at the time that the above property can be spared to them by my wife. To William Gillett as much as he has been with me and lived with me and worked for me I give one horse and one colt and fifty to one hundred dollars at such time that it can be spared by my wife without to greater incovenience to her. To John W. Price as he has received his appropriate share of the estate and one hundred and fifty eight dollars for more share of the estate I hold his note, I give no further portion but it is my wish that said note be collected off of my estate by my son John W Price unless his heirs shall at some claim against my estate and such an event the said note should be set against such claim. To my son Charles Price having being given his first portion of my estate I give nothing more. To my son Elijah [Elias?] since he having already received his rightful share. To my daughter Menerva Parks I have given her share of my property and i give her nothing more. Likewise to my daughter Barbary Price has received from me her share of property and nothing more.

    To my daughter Uranay Ferguson she having received her portion lacking seventy dollars it is my wish my son Elias shall pay the seventy dollars he received over and above his portion. thus making it equal with the rest of the children but if she shall fail to pay her heirs the seventy dollars then that the said Uraney should receive one horse worth seventy dollars at such time that it can be spared by my wife without it causing an incovenience to supress the family.

    To my son George W Price over and above the provision of the herinafter maded for him, I give a colt or horse worth none hundred seventy dollars and a hundred which he is to receive at the time of my deceased. To my five younger children viz, George W, James H., Susan M., Penelope M. and Joseph Price as they do not receive any of my property real or personal (not otherwise disposed of by this instrument) which remains in the hands of my wife at the time of her death to be divided and distributed amongst them equally share and share alike.

    Likewise I make and constitute and appoint George W Hawks and Elizabeth Price to be executors of this last will and testament hereby revoking all other former wills made by me.

    In testamony here I have affix and subscribe by my hand and seal this the 10th day of October in the year of our Lord 1857

    Henry Price (seal)

    Whereas I Henry Price of the county of Bradley in the State of Tennessee have made my last will and testament bearing the date of October in the year 1857 in the year which I gave all my property real and personal remaining in my wife's hand at the time of her death then if not disposed by her as in my will to my five children George, Penelope, Joseph, Susan and James and has been made no use by the said children without heirs at the death of either Now I therefore declare this writing to be a cordicial to my last will and testament of the cordical that is to say that in the event of my death of either of the five children above mentioned without issue that all of the said property appointed to the five shall be divided equally among the survivors of the five children share and share alike. In the Testamony whereof I have hereinto subscribe by and affix my seal this 10th day of October in the year 1857.

    Henry Price (seal)

    In the above written instrument was subscribed by the first. Said Henry Price in our presence and acknowledge by him to each of us and he at the same time published the above instrument so subscribed to be his last will and testament and we the Testor request in the presence have subscribed our names as Witness here to it.

    William Smith
    James Hinch

    Of the 22 children fathered by Rev. Henry Price, only 4 sons and 3 daughters of the seventeen children with Susan Stultz survived him to be named in the will. He survived ten of his own children of this marriage. All five of his children with his second wife Elizabeth Wooten survived their father.


    Historical References to Rev. Henry Price

    1. "The Settlement and Organization of Bradley County", The East Tennessee Historical Society, 1973, pg. 10

      Another prominent pioneer of Bradley County was the Rev. Henry Price. A local Methodist Minister during the early years of the county, Price was born in Greene County Tennessee. After marrying at an early age, Price took his bride into the Hiawasee country when the region north of the river waqs acquired from the Indians in 1819. While living in that area, Price becamne acquanted with Lewis Ross, John Walker and several other leading Cherokee. On their invitation, Price crossed the Hiawasee River with his family and settled in Chatata Valley in 1832 [footnote: this was three years before the Treaty of New Echota and illustrates the difficulty of finding out who was the first white man to settle in the county]. Colonel John W Ramsey who knew Price well remembered him as "probably the most popular man in Bradley county of his day" [footnote John Morgan Wooten, Scrapbooks of Bradly County, 2 volumes. manuscripts in the Chattanooga Public Library, Vol. 1 page 69]. In 1836 the well-liked Price was elected circuit court clerk an office he held for twelve years. His religious feelings, characteristics of pioneer emotional sentiment were best expressed in the local camp meetings which he regularly attended. At the meetings he would often startle "the young people by crying out loud in a coarse voice, ' Lord help me to pray.' When he began to jump around in the stand and slap his hands on his coat tail, his friends began tto feel, for they knew he felt, and his emotions were contagious." [ibid]

    2. History of Tennessee -- Bradley County pg 799

      "About 1832 several white persons entered the [Cherokee] Nation, as it was the called and attempted to make a settlement...The organization of churches was begun several years before the removal of the Cherokees. In this work the Methodists claimed priority. They began sometimes in twenties... Henry Price a local preacher was permitted to live in the Nation after 1832 or 1833 and being somewhat familiar with the Cherokee language, he sometiomes preached to the Indians and was active in two or three of their camp meetings."

    3. Early History of Bradley County

      "The Bradley County Bible Society was organzied in 1846 and the Rev Henry Price was elected as the first president."

    4. The History of Bradley County, pg 104

      There were many "local preachers", those who did not establish churches since the were not under the direction of a conference. As permanent residents of a community, they were always available for preaching and ministering to the needy. They wielded a mighty influence for good. The Reverend Henry Price is an excellent example of the local preacher and public servant. Both Cherokee and white citizens trusted him implicitly and he preached with power and effectiveness all over the county.

    5. Goodspeed's History of Bradley County

      "The organization of churches was begun several years before the removal of the Cherokees. In this work the Methodists claim priority. They began some time in the twenties, and succeeded in making many converts. Rude [sic] houses of worship were erected, regular circuits established, and camp-meetings frequently held. One of the first preachers was Dr. J. B. McFerrin, now of Nashville, Henry Price, a local preacher, was permitted to live in the Nation after 1832 or 1833, and being somewhat familiar with the Cherokee language, he sometimes preached to the Indians, and was active in two or three of their camp-meetings."

      In reference to the initial Bradley County government formed in 1836:

      "The first officers chosen were Rev. Henry Price, clerk of the circuit court;"

      Charles L Price was the Sheriff 1846-48


    Genealogical References to Rev. Henry Price and Antecedents

    1. Price genforum 5 6 2008 #14480

      William Hayes Price was the son of Solomon Hayes Price and Bedie Jane Barefoot. He married Mary Ella Dye ca. 1855 in Titus County, TX. He was born 9/15/1859 in Titus County, TX and died there after 1930. The children of William Hayes Price and Mary Ella Dye were Jennie Bell (1878), Walter Hayes (7/29/1880), William Clinton (Oct. 1881), Laura (Mar. 1886), Cora (1887), Calvin (Nov. 1889), Jesse (Feb. 1895), Anne Gibbs (1906), and Opal.
      Solomon Hayes Price was born 10/24/1839 in Bradley County, TN. He married Bedie Jane Barefoot ca. 1855 in Titus County, TX. He died 11/27/1921 in Titus County, TX and is buried in Snow Hill Cemetery there. His children were John Wesley Price (May 1857), William Hayes Price (9/15/1859), Elizabeth Price (ca. 1862), Mary Jane Price (5/24/1866), Barcena Margaret Price (ca. 1869), Nancy Ann Price (ca.1871), and Ellen Clementine Price (Dec. 1873). John Wesley Price married Victoria_____ca. 1875 in Titus County, TX and died 2/27/1950 in Wood County, TX. He is buried in Hopewell Cemetery there. Elizabeth Price married John Purcell, Mary Jane Price married (1) Biily Brown and (2) Adolphus Beard, Margeret Price married Alfred Lunsford, Nancy Ann Price married Henry Miller Best, and Ellen Clementine Price married James B. Lunsford.
      Solomon Hayes Price was the son of John Wesley Price and Mary Hayes. John Wesley Price was born ca. 1807 in KY and died after 1850 in Titus County, TX. His children were Martha (ca. 1833), Elizabeth (ca. 1835), Henry (ca. 1837), Solomon Hayes (10/24/1839), Amanda (ca. 1841), Sarah (vca. 1843), James L. (ca. 1845), Charles W. (ca. 1847), and George (ca. 1849). Henry Price and George Price apprently died young. Solomon Hayes Price, James L. Price, and Charles W. Price all grew up to raise families. John Wesley Price is listed in the 1840 Bradley County, TN Census. He was the son of the Rev. Henry Price born ca. 1785 and the grandson of the immigrant Charles Price.

      David C. Galloway

    2. Price Genforum 1/26/2008 #14185

      Lindsey Price was probably the brother of Charles Price who was born 1757 and died 1850 in Bradley County, TN. The name Lindsey figures prominently in his descendents. Charles Price was the father of the Rev. Henry Price among others. William "Buck" Price who died in Sebastian County, AR had a son named Lindsey Price and is therefore some sort of relative. Lindsey Price who died and left a will in Maury County, TN ca. 1838 was probably another relative. He married Elizabeth Petty. The Lindsey Price who lived in Missouri does not seem to be connected based on available evidence. I hope this helps.

    3. Price genforum 1/24/2008 #14184

      I need help!!! I have a Lindsey Price, born ae 1760/3 don't know where, he died 1814 Warren Co.,Ohio. His wife's name Susanna. They were in Chatham Co.,North Carolina and had all or some of their children there. One daughter married in North Carolina in 1805, rest in Warren Co. Any help on this family would be greatly appreciated.

    4. Price Genforum #13535

      Lindsey Price, do not know where or when he was born but he died Apr./Mar. 1814 Warren Co., Ohio. His children were all born in or around Chatham Co.,NC. I just found the last child the other week. His wife's name is Susanna ??? Price. Their first child was a son Edward born ae 1782,Jane,Sarah,Thomas (my 4th gr.grandfather)Rebecca,Jediah, William born 20 Oct. 1804. All but one married Quakers but must have left the faith after marriage.Would like to find out who Lindsey's parents are and try and find the birth dates of his childrens. Thank you for any help

    5. Price Genforum #

      The children of Lindsey Price ended up in Wayne County, IN. Charles Price born 1757 was also from Chatham County, NC and died after 1850 in Bradley County, TN. He had a son named Lindsey Price, possibly for his putative brother. Some of the the children of Charles Price moved to Missouri where they died. Another Lindsey Price was born ca. 1795 and married Elizabeth Petty in Chatham County, NC. Lindsey Price died and left a will in Maury County, TN ca. 1838. William (Buck) Price moved to AR from NC. He too had a son named Lindsey Price. All of these Price families seem to be connected in some fashion.

      David C. Galloway
      918 Jarrett Road
      Hayesville, NC 28904
      (828) 389-6760

    6. Price Genforum #14162

      I am sorry but I do not have anything on Archibald Price or his wife Matilda Berry. What proof do you have that he was born in St. Marys County, MD? He ended up in western KY as did Gideon Price who was some sort of relative. The Chatham County, NC Prices and the Orange County, NC Prices seem to be connected.

      David C. Galloway

    7. Price Genforum #11805

      I have no information on the specific Price's you are inquiring about. I would think there is quite likely a connection. Wm Price was b in NC. Different Family Trees say he was the son of Charles Price and that Wm Price was b in Chatham Co. NC. Further that he was a brother of Lindsey Price. Lindsey Price was the son of Charles Price, Wm Price named one of his sons Lindsey. There is documentation for Lindsey Price and his marriage in Chatham Co. NC, Wm Price according to several family trees married Elizaeth Brewer in Chatham Co. NC. There is documentation for an Elizabeth Brewer who some trees say married Wm Price. (Elizabeth Brewer right age of Chatham Co. is documented, her marriage to Wm is in several trees is not documented) I personally feel confident Elizabeth Brewer did marry Wm Price. I search a very tight line just direct ancestors and their siblings.

      There are many Price's in Chatham Co. NC where I find my Charles Price and his sons, Wm and Lindsey. I would suggest you go to Gen Forum Price Family page, Gen forum NC, Chatham County Page. These will contain extensive info on Price Family

      Hoyt Young

    8. Price Genforum #5415

      Price Brothers , b in Chatham Co. NC, Lindsey Price b abt l795, M Elizabeth Petty, 2-4-l8l7 in Chatham Co. NC (NC Marriage Records) William (Buck) Price b abt l802, died Searcy Co Ark abt l864. Wm. married Elizabeth Brewer, daughter of William Brewer in Chatham Co. NC abt l824. Possible father of Lindsey & William is Charles Price Can anyone help with more info, especially documented. David Galloway hope you have these people.

      Hoyt Young

    9. Chatham NC Genforum #242

      Three families in Chatham Co. l750-l825.Elizabeth Brewer b 3-8-l805 in Chatham Co Married William Price abt l824. Elizabeth was the daughter of Wm Brewer and Jenny Hackney.Wm Price was b abt l802, Lindsey Price b abt l795 was a brother of William. They were possibly the sons of Charles Price. Lindsey Price m Elizabeth Petty 2-4-l8l7. Can anyone help with these families?

      Hoyt Young

    10. Chatham NC Genforum #897

      I have the line as follows: Charles Price Father of two sons, (possibly other children) William "Buck" Price b abt l803 in Chatham Co. NC and Lindsey Price b abt l795 Married Elizabeth Petty Feb 4,l8l7, Chatham Co. NC Wm "Buck" Price, Chatham Co. NC.married Elizabeth Brewer, Elizabeth was the daughter of William Brewer and Jenny Hackney. They had children b in NC, Tenn. and Ark. They settled in Searcy Co. AR. Their 3rd child Eveline Manerva Price b August l828 ws my GGgrandmother She married Peter Adams Tyler in Searcy Co. Ar. Hoyt Young


      Lindsey Price was probably the son of Charles Price born ca. 1757 who fought in the Rev. War and lived in Chatham County before moving to TN. Charles Price was the father of Charles Price, Jr. and the Rev. Henry Price born 1785 listed in the 1850 Bradley County, TN Census. Either Charles, Jr. or Henry had a son named Lindsey. A Lindsey Price died and left a will in Maury County, TN around 1837.

      David Galloway

    12. Price Genforum #12581

      Hiram Culberson Price 1823 TN
      (1) Barbara Price ca. 1847 Bradley County, TN
      (2) Mary A. Warmington 11/11/1860 Barry County, MO
      After 1870 Benton County, AR
      Father: William Price Mother: Edna Culberson
      1. William Price married Edna Culberson 1/12/1807 in Caswell County, NC
      2. Barbara Price was the daughter of the Rev. Henry Price who was born ca. 1785 in Chatham County, NC and died after 1860 in Bradley County, TN.
      3. Hiram C. Price appears in the 1850 Bradley County, TN Census, the 1860 Barry County, MO Census, and the 1870 Benton County, AR Census.
      1. William Price 1849 Bradley County, TN
      2. Christopher Price 1853 Benton County, AR
      3. Melissa A. Price 1862 Barry County, MO
      William Wallace Montgomery 5/23/1880 Barry County, MO


      1. Marriage records
      2. Census records

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