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Spring 2016

A Message from the Director
Prof. Vanessa Patrick, Director of Doctoral Programs

Dr. Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan
Bauer Professor of Marketing and Director of Bauer Doctoral Programs

Quote: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then,is not an act,but a habit. - Aristotle

It has been almost a year since the six departmental Ph.D. coordinators and I came together as a task force to outline areas for improvement in the Ph.D. program at Bauer. Our initiatives focused on three aspects of the Ph.D. program: admissions (to recruit the best and brightest), in-program enhancements (to provide the skill set doctoral students need to successfully transition to new faculty positions at top research universities) and placement (to place our students at top tier research universities).

As the contents of this newsletter will reflect, our program has undergone positive changes and will continue to do so, as we strive for excellence in everything we do. We have refined our admission criteria, actively worked on novel recruitment strategies, and, consistently encourage our students to disseminate their research in academic and non-academic circles. The recognition our students and faculty have received, both on campus and beyond, speak to the efficacy of these efforts.

I hope you will join me in appreciating the efforts and accomplishments of our doctoral students, faculty and staff highlighted in this edition of the Bauer Doctoral program newsletter!


Doctoral Student Outstanding Achievements
Anoosha Izadi

Anoosha Izadi, doctoral student in marketing, presented her research paper as part of the GRaSP Talks hosted by the Graduate School. Anoosha represented Bauer to train for and present a TED-like talk…no mean feat for anyone. But Anoosha did it with her usual grace and poise. To watch Anoosha, please click here:

Mahdi Ebrahimi

Mahdi Ebrahimi, doctoral student in marketing, was selected as one of the three winners of the 2015 MSI Alden G. Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition, for his submission, “To Merge or to Balance? How Integration versus Segregation of Multiple Identities Influences Time Perception.” We could not be more proud of this stellar accomplishment! For more information about this award, please see:

Rui Lui

Rui Lui, doctoral student in finance, was selected to present her work with Dr. Hitesh Doshi and Dr. Kris Jacobs at a prestigious conference at the San Francisco Federal Reserve. Her presentation was entitled “Loss Functions for Forecasting Treasury Yields.” For more information, please see:

Yashar Atefi

Yashar Atefi, doctoral student in marketing, received the AMA Sales SIG/USCA Dissertation Proposal Competition (2016) and was awarded both the Best Paper Award for the Sales and CRM Track and a Sheth foundation grant at the AMA Marketing Educator’s Conference (2015).

Dan (Dana) Zhang

Dan (Dana) Zhang, doctoral student in accounting, made a presentation at the 2016 Lone Star Accounting Research Conference in January 2016 at Rice University.

We are SO proud of our doctoral students accomplishments and are delighted by their efforts to enhance the reputation of the Bauer College and UH on campus and beyond.

Faculty Spotlight
Professor Emerita Bette Stead

BETTE STEAD – A Life Worth Living (An Inside Bauer Story)
Bette Stead is a living piece of the Bauer College history books — as a faculty member in the late 90s, she created the proposal for a capital campaign that led to the $40 million gift from Charles T. “Ted” Bauer in 2000 — and a key player in shaping the Houston business community through her work to establish the Federation of Houston Professional Women and the Greater Houston Business Ethics Roundtable. .


Professor Dusya Vera

DUSYA VERA – Infinite Possibility (An Inside Bauer Story)
Dusya Vera is a flurry of motion. In conversation, she speaks with her hands, often leaning forward to nod or ask a question. Vera’s life, too, is one of constant movement — she is a mother of triplets, and she works full-time as an associate professor of management at Bauer College, producing academic research and teaching graduate-level courses. .


Doctoral Program Events

Recruitment Efforts: Ph.D. Project in Chicago:

By Joanna Arnold, 2nd year Marketing Ph.D. student
Student Ambassador of the Bauer Ph.D. program

In November of 2015, I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago with Dr. Vanessa Patrick, Director of the Bauer Doctoral Programs, to participate in the annual Ph.D. Project Conference. The Ph.D. Project is a dynamic consortium of educators, businesses, and universities dedicated to increasing diversity in business by increasing higher education opportunities for historically unrepresented minorities.

Photo - Ph.D. Project in Chicago

Our experience at the Ph.D. Project Conference was impactful in many ways. First of all, it was inspiring to see so many students and professionals interested in making a commitment to Ph.D. work and research. We met such a diversity of people: from young executives, to political activists, and accomplished students, to name just a few. The breadth of experience and knowledge that these potential students would bring to academic research was evident, and very exciting.

Secondly, it was amazing how many of the potential students we met were from Houston! Meeting all of these fellow Houstonians in Chicago, most of whom were very enthusiastic about the University of Houston and very interested pursing their academic aims close to home, underscored the strategic importance of the University of Houston in the task of expanding diversity in higher education.

Although a commitment to diversity is ubiquitous in higher education, University of Houston is uniquely situated to exemplify this commitment. Not only was University of Houston ranked as the second most racially/ethnically diverse university in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, but as of 2010 Houston surpassed New York City as the most ethnically diverse city in the United States.

All of this to say, that, as the University of Houston, we have a diverse and dynamic population in our backyard, so to speak. Although attending the Ph.D. Project Conference was a great experience, and we look forward to our future involvement with the conference, perhaps our most important takeaway was the tremendous potential we have for increasing diversity by reaching out to the people who live, work and study in our own city.

Dean Latha Ramchand, Associate Dean Tom George, Doctoral Program Director Dr. Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan, Ph.D. coordinators, faculty and students celebrated the accomplishments of the winners of our first annual doctoral program awards. The foyer on the third floor of Melcher Hall was emblazoned with our “Know the Edge” doctoral program visual signature and everywhere you looked was a sea of red and white. To re-experience this special event, please view the . Remember to submit your nominations for next year’s doctoral awards by May 1. The call for nominations should be released by April.


Important Dates & Deadlines

Strengths workshop for current doctoral students: April 7, 2016
Call for nominations will be sent out in March.

Deadline for Doctoral Program Excellence Awards: May 1, 2016
Call for nominations will be sent out in April.


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