Abigail Hubbard

The News

Chile 2011 will take place January 9 -15, 2011. This program is fully subscribed. We are now taking reservations for Chile 2012. Check the Chile program web site at http://www.bauer.uh.edu/studyabroad/chile for information. A form to sign up for the Chile program is accessible using the "Chile Study Abroad" link in the menu, above.

My Reading List

Several students have asked me for the reading list from which book assignments in different courses are chosen. There are actually several lists. The primary list is comprised of books that are special because they all provide interesting insights into different cultures by allowing you to “see” the culture through the eyes and experiences of the author. Most of these are very compelling reading. Many are very personal stories. All of them have received strong endorsements from students who have read them. These can be accessed using the world map, below. Click on a color-coded region or country for a list specific to the region/country.

The next list has books about globalization. Some of these I have used in courses about international business and globalization. Others are interesting reading that I have not formally assigned as coursework. There are several viewpoints provided by the various scholars.

The final list is of a more general nature, covering diverse topics in global business, cross cultural issues, general management, and general business issues. These books are all interesting reading, and provide sufficient provocative ideas to stimulate a debate or conversation. The ideas represented by the authors of these books are diverse and will give you many different perspectives about the issues analyzed. [Oh, yes...there are a few other "just good books" on this list as well.]