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Sydney Parks
Michael Sydney Parks
Julian Jackson Parks
"...his affairs from some cause became confused."

Brothers Joseph and William Parks
of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and then Tennessee

This 1847 quote from the Rev. Robert Frazier is the earliest factual piece of data on my Parks ancestry. While the Parks' discussed below cross paths with the likes of George Washington, Patrick Henry, John Sevier and Andrew Jackson, I am not yet sure of their ancestral relationships.

This page is a collection of the genealogy data originally oriented toward the identification of the parents of a Joseph Parks who was murdered in Morgantown TN in 1816. However, with the advent of DNA genealogical testing, several other lines have been identified that are genetically closely related to this Joseph. Seven related lines have been connected by, the Park/e/s DNA Group, and the Park/e/s Genealogical Society. The eight related ancestor groups are two brothers:

  • Joseph Parks (bc ? d 1816 Blount TN)
    Parks Society Lineage Key = LQ (7 FTDNA matching test)
  • William Parks (bc ? d 1819 Jefferson TN)
    Parks Society Lineage Key = LQ (1 FTDNA matching test matching Joseph descendants above)

    and five genetically related -- but geographically dispersed -- men:

  • James Parks (b 1781 PA? or MD? -- d 1861 Belmont OH)
    Parks Society Lineage Key = TZ (1 FTDNA matching test)
  • James Parks (bc 1760 ? -- dc 1805 Grayson VA)
    Parks Society Lineage Key = EV (1 FTDNA matching test)
  • Andrew Park (b 1760 Monongalia WV -- d 1845 Monongalia WV)
    Parks Society Lineage Key = Z (2 FTDNA matching test)
  • Robert Parks (b. 1699, Ireland d. 1752 Lancaster County PA)
    Parks Society Lineage Key = IW (2 FTDNA matching test -- one matches LQ, one matches Z)
  • Courtney Parks (b. 1821, KY or VA - d. c1878, Wabash Co. IN)
    Parks Society Lineage Key = none (5 FTDNA matching test)
  • Jeremiah M. Parks (b. 1828/9/30 GA)
    Parks Society Lineage Key = RO (1 FTDNA matching test)

As of July 2009 there are 172 FTDNA test subjects in the Park/e/s/ surname project. Of these, seventeen are genetic matches and share a common ancestor at some point (as stated above). The largest subgroup in these 17 are the descendants of brothers Joseph and William Parks of Maryland and are the primary focus of this page.

As of Sep 2010 I have found NO common ancestors of these seven groups. See my current conclusions below.

While the current objective of this page is to relate Joseph Parks and his brother William Parks to "Belmont Ohio" James Parks, "Grayson VA" James Parks, "Monongalia WV" Andrew Park and Robert Parks of Lancaster PA, the major part of my prior search has been focused on the antecedents of William and Joseph Parks. Recently this page has become more of a repository of all data related to the seven DNA related groups. Others have also done considerable work on the descendants of the genetically related Parks men shown above and are detailed and referenced in sections below.  

Michael S. Parks                Sep 2010
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The best page on Joseph Parks is Ken Parks' East Tennessee Parks Page that has a section devoted to this Joseph. Ken's page is very well done -- as definitive as I have found on anywhere on Joseph Parks and descendants. The Park/e/s Society has labeled this group with a two character lineage key (LK) of "LQ". Ken is also the DNA Project group leader for the Park/e/s Society's DNA project.

Based on the results, there are currently five family groups that are exact or near matches. These five genetically related groups are indicated by the Park/e/s/ Society as lineage keys: EV; TZ; Z; LQ; and IW. I have divided and color coded the data as linked below. The data in these sections (other than Joseph and brother William) are primarily from secondary sources that are identified where possible:

 James Parks ("Grayson") (kit 50979)
    b 1760 d 1805 Grayson VA Parks Society Lineage Key = EV (1 FTDNA kits: 50979)

 James Parks ("Belmont") (kit 56305)
    b 1781 d 1861 Belmont Ohio Parks Society Lineage Key = TZ

 Robert Parks of Lancaster PA (kits 100636, 100720)
    b 1699 Ireland d 1752 Lancaster PA, Parks Lineage Key = IW

 Andrew Park of Monongalia WV (kit 4405)
    b 1760 d 1848 Parks Society Lineage Key = Z

    the brothers Joseph and William Parks
  Joseph Parks: kits: 24464 (through Joseph's son William), 13062 (through Joseph's son Robert), 28921 and 13063 (both through Joseph's son Abner), 139248 (through Joseph's son Samuel), 97664 (?), 155712 (?), 98359(?), 60582 (through Courtney Parks), 124253 (through Jonathan Davis Parks, relation to Joseph and William unknown), 132954, 13063)
    bc 1755 ?, d Morgantown TN 1816 Parks Society Lineage Key = LQ
 William Parks (kit 68763 through his son Jesse Caswell Cobb Parks)
    bc ? dc 1819 Jefferson TN Parks Society Lineage Key = LQ

    Jeremiah M. Parks
  Single Kit
    Born 1828/9/20 in Georgia. Died after 1913. Parks Society Lineage Key = RO

Joseph Parks and William Parks (Kits 28921, 24464, 13062, 13063, 68763)

Joseph Parks has well documented descendants (see Ken Parks' E. TN Page). Ken's pages do not hypothesize about the antecedents of Joseph. However, there are other sources that present viewpoints of the father of Joseph. Here are the commonly referenced sources:

  1. The Duggan document on Joseph Parks (the first part is WRONG!)

    This often cited page has a massive amount of data. While much of the later data may be accurate, I question the initial data on John (who married the French lady, etc. father of Mary, Joseph, William and James). I think the "French lady" is Bridgett Milhouse who married John Parks in Baltimore in 1744 (see below) and this is not the correct parentage. In short I think this data on the father and mother of Joseph and William is incorrect.

    At Duggan says:

    1. John Parks #4271 b. c 1720, Ireland (came fm England), Occup:
    Merchant, m. (a French lady) #4272.  John died c 1795.
     + 2. i Joseph Parks #4273 b. c 1743?.
       3. ii Mary (Polly) Parks #4274 b. c 1751, Frederick Co., MD, m.
                 30 Oct 1771, William Winchester, COL. #4280, (son of ___
                 Winchester #4633).
       4. iii James Parks #4275 b. c 1756, Frederick Co., MD.
       5. iv William Parks #4276 b. c 1758.
    Second Generation (the data on Joseph is likely correct -- some taken from
    Ken Parks' E. TN Page -- which I think is much more accurate).
    2. Joseph Parks #4273 b. c 1743?, ?Frederick Co., MD, m. c 1776, Ruth
    _____ #4277, b. c 1757, d. c 1828, Hamilton Co., TN.  Joseph died
    1812, nr Morganton, Blount Co., TN, buried: ?Unitia Presb.Cem.,
    Marysville, TN.
     + 6. i William Parks #90111 b. 11 Sep 1777.
     + 7. ii Mary (Polly) Parks #4278 b. 12 Jun 1779.
     + 8. iii Robert Parks #90112 b. c 1780.
     + 9. iv John Parks, Rev. #325 b. 14 Jan 1782.
     + 10. v Abner Parks #90113 b. c 1787.
     + 11. vi Samuel Parks #90114 b. 12 Jan 1789.
     + 12. vii Rutha Margaret (Ruth) Parks #90115 b. 1788.
     + 13. viii Rebecca (Becky) Parks #90116 b. 20 Apr 1793.

  2. Tom Hartman on genforum on Joseph Parks

    This is loosely based on Duggan above and I think it is ALSO INCORRECT (at least the first two lines)

    John Parks, Irish? from England; settled in Hudson Valley, NY; bc 1720, probably
    in England, da. 1795
    1. Mary Parks; ba. 1751, Frederick, MD; m. 30 Oct 1771 to William Winchester
    2. Joseph Parks; ba. 1755; came to MD, VA, Holstein Valley, NC, then TN; murdered
    near Morgantown by Tinsley of Knoxville, TN
    children of Joseph Parks
    a. William Parks; b. 11 Sep 1777; d. 22 Oct 1852, Maryville, Blount Co., TN;
      m. Mary (McCollum? 28 Aug 1798, Greene Co., TN)
    b. John Parks; b. 14 Jan 1782; d. 22 Aug 1845;
      m. Mary Mills Delaney (dau. of Maj. William Delaney of Sullivan Co.) on 12 Mar 1811
    c. Mary "Polly" Parks; b. 12 Jun 1779; d. 31 Dec 1847;
      m. Samuel Frazier, Jr. on 22 Jan 1798
    d. Robert Parks; d. 1847 Rhea Co., TN;
      m. Nancy (Easley?, 1783, Greene Co., TN)
    e. Ruth Parks; m. ?? Hall
    f. Samuel Parks; b. 12 Jan 1789; d. 3 Jun 1841, Bradley Co., TN;
      m. Susannah Taylor
    g. Absolom (Abner) Parks, b. 1780 or 1790; d. 23 Apr?. 1861;
      m. Vina "Viney" Lane
    h. Rebecca "Becky" Parks; b. 1796; d. 1880;
      m. Thomas Colter on 26 Apr 1815

    Below is the Winchester data (click here) that speaks to the Mary Parks (dau of John).

  3. Rev. Frazier's Letter c 1847
       (the BEST INFORMATION -- so far!)

    An article by J.C. Clemons appears in the "Blount Journal" Volume VII, No. 3, Fall 1991. Rev. Robert Frazier (1809-1872, son of Samuel Frazier who m Mary (Polly) Parks) recollections are presented in a transcribed a letter (written in perhaps 1847) found in a family bible. Also at another Tom Hartman genforum post: (Note that in this post, Hartman inserts the name John as the father)

    "Last week I received a letter informing me of the death of my mother...
    My mother's original name was PARKS. Her grandfather was an immigrant from
    England but was an Irishman. He was, as I have been told, the founder of a
    small colony on the river Hudson under the patronage of the British
    Parliament and possessed large property. But his affairs from some
    cause became confused. This property was wasted. He had two sons
    and one daughter. A Mr. Winchester married his only
    daughter and was made his heir.
    My Grandfather emigrated to North Carolina and
    then was among the first settlers of the Holston Valley now in Tenn.
    My father moved from Greene to Blount County Tennessee,
    about the same time my grandfather Joseph Parks also settled on the
    Holston near Unitia in Blount County. He was killed by a man named
    Tinsley who lived in Knoxville. These are the circumstances:
    JOSEPH PARKS was an intimate friend of ROSS who then lived in the Cherokee nation
    near where Chattanooga, TN is. Tinsley was courting one of Ross's daughters
    and borrowed a horse from Parks for a few days. Soon after he got the horse,
    Parks was informed that Tinsley had settled his affairs in Knoxville and
    had probably left, not to return. Upon the strength of this supposition,
    Parks pursued him to Ross's. Old Ross was a man of ungovernable passion,
    and when he found that Tinsley was pursued for the horse he rode,
    he became enraged and drove him away. Shortly after this, Tinsley and Parks
    met at Morganton, a little town on the Tennessee River in Blount County,
    and had an angry altercation about the affair at Ross's. They left town
    by different roads, which intersected 1/2 mile from town. When they rode
    together, Tinsley struck Parks with a sword cane. It was a fatal blow,
    the bulk of the sword entered the eye and passed to the back of the head.
    Parks fell dead. Tinsley was tried in the Knoxville Court and, on some
    grounds best known to his lawyer, acquitted."
    Clemons' footnote:"There has been speculation that
    Winchester saved his father-in-law from confiscation by the Whigs
    on condition that he get the inheritance of his two brothers-in-law."

    [This Note below by Michael Parks 2006] "Ross" is probably Daniel Ross (1760-1830), father of the Chief of the Cherokees -- John Ross. Chief John was born in 1790. Daniel Ross immigrated from Southerlandshire, Scotland to Baltimore MD where his parents died at the end of the American Revolution. Daniel Ross accompanied by a companion by the name of Mayberry, journeyed to Hawkins County, Tennessee where they constructed a flat boat which they loaded with merchandise and the adventurous pair undertook a trip down the Tennessee River to the Chickasaw country to engage in the fur trade with the Indians. At Sitico, on the Tennessee River near Lookout Mountain, they were detained by the Cherokees and as a consequence, were enforced to remain among the members of that tribe. It was here that young Ross became acquainted with John MacDonald and the members of his family and in 1786, married his daughter Mary. She was born at Fort Loudoun, Tennessee, on November 1, 1770 and died at Maryville, Tennessee on October 5, 1808. During the next twenty years, Daniel Ross traveled among and traded with the Cherokee Indians at numerous trading posts which he had established. He enjoyed the highest confidence of these Indians, wielded considerable influence among them and died on May 22, 1830. The children of Daniel and Mary Ross were Jennie, Eliza, John (Chief) , Susannah, Lewis, Andrew, Annie, Margaret and Marie.

    Note that Joseph's father is NOT named.

  4. Isaac Day Parks' "Origins of the Parkses -- Pedigree of the Family" 1877

    Isaac Day Parks was the son of Richard Taylor Parks who was the son of Samuel Parks the youngest son of Joseph Parks. In 1877 he left a description of the family pedigree (See the transcription on Ken Parks' East Tennessee page).


    "Samuel Parks [was the] son of Joseph Parks of Blount County [TN] formerly of North Carolina and originally from Maryland.


  5. Joseph and William in Loudoun County VA 1774-9
    The Earliest Evidence of Joseph and William Parks

    The oldest references to Joseph Parks are the tithable records in Loudoun VA 1774-1777.

    The oldest known land reference to Joseph and William Parks is the land transaction in Loudoun VA 1778-1779

    from "Index to Loudoun County Deeds -- Books A-Z 1757-1800"
    by Patricia B. Duncan
    Willow Bend Books
    Westminster MD 2002
    Book M Page 186-187 10 Sep 1778
    Jacob Stookesberry/Stukebury of Loudoun County to Joseph Parks and William Parks
    l/r (lease/release) 100 ac. Witnesses: Michael Geoghegan and Aram Hagarman
    Book N Page 50 15 Aug 1779
    Joseph Parks and wife Ruth and William Parks and wife Mary of Loudoun to
    Joseph Thomas of Loudoun l/r (lease/release) of 100 ac (part of land granted
    to Amos Janney) Witness Joshua Daniels, Thomas Adams, Joseph Caldwell

    The Janney family were prominent in Quakers in Loudoun County VA. Abel, William and Jacob (sons of Joseph Janney of Bucks PA and Cheshire Eng) all resided in Loudoun County.

    This Joseph Thomas is found in the Loudoun Virginia providing lodging to soldiers in 1782 "Joseph Thomas for 325 lb Beef [note: 1 nights lodging and accommodations for 10 Continental officers and soldiers was refused by the court and scratched out of the Minute Book]"

    -------------, Lois Newell says about the John Parks 1777 York PA will:

    Joseph Parks appears as paying tithes 1774, 1775, and 1776 in Loudoun Co VA living with Thomas Gibson & William Young- Shelburne Parish in 1775 and 1776 and with Robert Parks in 1777. According to a 1779 Deed in Loudoun Co Joseph & Ruth Parks & William & Mary Parks signed a deed 1779 John Parks was listed with Cornelius Vandeventer John, Moses,James Gibson were also listed in 1774 Shelburne Parish There was also an Andrew Parke who md 1774 Jane (?) Stokesberry-Walker Shelburne Parish was located in the Northern part of Loudoun Co VA The names all are as recorded in York Co PA is why I asked.

    Note that this may connect Andrew who in 1774 m. Jane (Stokesbury) and who was a tithable in Loudoun is Joseph. Joseph and William leased land in 1778/9 from Jacob Stokesbury in Loudoun VA. Jane ? Stokesberry Walker Parks is not a young woman. Ask noted by Los Newell in

    Seeking info on Benjamin Walker md. Jane (?) widow of Robert Stokesberry JR. probably PA or Loudoun Co. VA. Jane (?) Stookesberry md Benjamin Walker then md. Andrew Parke 1774 Loudoun Co. VA. She & her son Jacob Stookesberry inherited land in Loudoun Co VA 1774 from her husband Robert Stokesberry. Thanks Ann says that Jacob is Jane Stokesberry/Walker/Parks third child bc 1753 Loudoun VA and died in Anderson TN in 1839. So Jane must have been born ca 1730 and be nearly fifty when she marries Andrew Parks in Loudoun in 1774 This is likely the same Jacob Stookesbery who leases land to Joseph Parks and William Parks in 1778 in Loudoun.
    Joseph Parks Tithable in Loudoun VA 1774-1776
    In Sherborn Parish, Joseph is shown in the Household of Thomas Gibson as a tithable in 1774 and 1775 Joseph is shown again in 1776 with Robert Parks Andrew is shown alone in 1774 William Parke is shown alone in Cameron Parish in 1774 See the Loudoun County Virginia Tithable Records below Thomas Gibson appears not to be directly related to the Gibson connection of the family John Parks 1777 York PA will. This Thomas (b. 1734 Chester PA son of Joseph Gibson and Alice Jackson) and is continuously in Loudoun County VA till he dies in 1784 in Loudoun.

    In Feb 1775 Joseph Parks appears attends the Quaker wedding (Fairfax monthly meeting) wedding of Moses Gibson who married Lydia Leonard. Also in attendance was Thomas Gibson (who Joseph appears to be living withas a tithable in 1774 and 1775).

  6. Joseph and William in Rockingham County North Carolina and Henry County Virginia in the 1780s and 1790s

    There are six land references that place William and Joseph in Henry County Virginia and Rockingham County North Carolina in the 1780-1790 era. These two counties are adjacent and form the border between North Carolina and Virginia. The three locations are shown below on topographical maps from

    The most important identifier for Joseph and William references is the third one below, where William's wife is identified as "Mary" (the same as the Loudoun County Virginia land transactions above).

    A second tie to Henry County Virginia is the 1799 marriage of Joseph Parks (William's son) to Caty Kelly in 1799. From

    05 Mar 1799 Parks, Joseph Kelley, Caty

    At on the Charles Cox I Descendants page, we find this Henry County Virginia reference:

    The Charles Cox III, 1760-1832, referred to here is probably the grandson of Charles Cox and his wife, Ida Bennett Cox. He is also the husband of Frances Kelley, because Frances Kelly Cox had a sister: Caty Kelly Parks, and a brother: Mason Kelly, named in the will of their father, John Kelly Sr. [Henry County Will Book 3, page 27.] John Kelly Sr. was married to Catherine Bennett...

    William Parks appears on the 1782 Henry County Virginia Personal Property Tax List
    Henry County was formed in 1776 from Pittsylvania County VA.
    William Parks Thithes 1
                  Negroes -
                  Horses  3
                  Cattle  9
    Also appearing on this list are John Acuff, Patrick Henry, Martha Wilson, Jacob Stollings,
    Thomas Wilson, John Minter, Barnabas Kelly (Yearly?), John Conway -- all of whom
    are shown with William and Joseph Parks in the three Henry County Land transactions
    shown below. Only Reuben Nance doesn't appear on this tax list.

    ADDED AT PROOF: In 1782 in adjacent Pittsylvania County Virginia, a William Parks and John Parks can be found that are apparently NOT our family of interest. Specifically, shows: John Parks 255 acres William Parks 170 acres Further,, shows the Pittsylvania 1782 census data: John Parks 12 whites 17 blacks William Parks 3 whites 1 black and the Pittsylavania Marriage records at shows 24 Dec 1780 Parks, William married Pain, Caty Note this is actually Catherine Payne. Children in Henry County Missouri. As William of our interest was married to Mary ?, one may conclude that the Parks' of Pittsylvania County are NOT our family of interest. See this William's detail at:,%20William.htm or

    Three land references from Abstracts of Deeds of Henry County VA 1784-1792 by Leila Adams 1978
    This first set of land transactions shows William Parks adjacent to the famous Revolutionary Patrick Henry (the namesake of Henry county VA who resided there at his plantation Leatherwood 1779-1784).

    1. Thomas Wilson and Wife Mary of county of Henry County and parish of Patrick to William Parks of same for the sum of 100 pounds land on both sides of Smith River where said Thomas Wilson now lives 100 acres adjoining Patrick Henry, Martha Wilson, Jacob Stallings Feb 27 1783, pg 108
    2. William Parks, Joseph Parks, Barnaby Yearly witness to sale of 240 acres by Patrick Henry to John Minter and wife Susan on Leatherwood Creek, the western fork, adjoining the lands of Lomax & company, John Acuff, Reuben Nance and John Conway, April 2 1783. pg 118

      This reference is also in "Patrick Henry: The Henry County Years" by Charles P. Blount on Page 50.

    3. William and Mary Parks his wife of Rockingham County NC to William Roberts of Henry County for the consideration of 100 pounds sells land on both sides of Smith River at the mouth of Leatherwood Creek being 100 acres formerly the property of Thomas Wilson. Witnesses: William St. Cox Francis Gilley Thomas Stewart Nov 10 1788 proved Apr 30 1792, pg 143
    This land is 5 miles north of the VA-NC state line and 6 miles southeast of downtown Martinsville VA in Henry County. Notice the "Patrick Henry Monument" on Leatherwood Creek at the top of the map.

    Three references from Rockingham County NC Deed Abstracts 1785-1800 by Irene Webster 1973
    Rockingham County was created in 1785 from the northern portion of Guilford County NC.

    1. Joseph Williams to William Parks for 50 pounds 120 acres north side of Mayo River adjacent to said Williams, Joel Gibson. July 1788. pg 24
    2. John Leak to Joseph Parks 50 pounds for 102 acres on Matrimony Creek adjacent to said Leak and Reese Price. Feb 26 1793, pg 43

      (John Leak was one of first Justice of the Peace in Rockingham County and a captain in the Revolution. He lived north of the Dan River. He established Leakesville on the Dan River in 1795 and sold tracts on Matrimony Creek. The towns of Leaksville, Spray and Draper were consolidated in 1967 to form Eden NC. "Land of Eden" was the named of the original 70,000 acre plot owned by William Byrd in 1728. Bryds died in 1744. Twenty six thousand acres were sold to the Farley brothers by William Byrd III in 1755. James Parke Farley's mother Eleanor Parke was the niece of Daniel Parke of Antigua and Francis Farley who was part of the Dismal Swamp real estate conglomerate.
      Reese Price who bought land from Peter Perkins in 1785 in Rockingham County NC)

    Matrimony Creek is shown below as it forms the west side of Eden NC and flows into the Dan River just above where the Smith River flows into the Dan.

    1. Henry Burch to John Fendel Carr for 150 pounds 300 acres on south side of Mayo River to Buffalo Creek adjacent to William Parks, Reuben Jackson, William Moore, Bryson's old wagon road Mar 1788 witness Zachariah King, Benjamin South, Littlebury Mays, Reuben Jackson.
    The location of the intersection of the Mayo River and Buffalo Creek is west of Eden NC almost on the Stokes county line.

    A portion of mapmaker Mark Anderson Moore's
    excellent complete map of the "Great Wagon
    Road in North Carolina 1750-1780" is shown
    to the left.

    The shows the intersection of Buffalo Creek and the Mayo River where William Parks had land in the late 1780s. It is very near to Great Wagon Road as it passes through Virginia into North Carolina west of Eden NC. The detailed topograhical map is shown above. Exactly how far west on Buffalo Creek this tract was located is unknown.

    The distance from the William Parks location in Henry County (the intersection of Leatherwood and the Smith River) and Joseph's Location in Rockingham NC (Matrimony Creek) is only about eight miles. The distance from Joseph's location to William's in Rockingham county is also shown (approximately ten miles).

  7. William Parks in Henry County Virginia -- Two references between Patrick Henry and Joseph Martin

      1. "...i received a few goods by William Parks..."
    Below is a letter from Joseph Martin to Patrick Henry that mentions
    William Parks as delivering goods to Joseph Martin. In keeping with hypothesis that
    William and Joseph Parks lived on or very near the main roads, this interesting
    note places him in the transportation/mercantile business in 1783.
    The Great Wagon Road as in moves south through Virginia crosses the Virginia
    North Carolina border and fords the "Mayo River". Buffalo Creek on the
    Mayo River (described above) as William Parks' location in 1780s.
    The Great Wagon Road was the main North-South artery, and was the main route
    of transportation from North to South into the Blue Ridge area of the Piedmont.
    This Road is thought to have touched far southeast Patrick County where
    Patrick and Henry Counties come together along the North Mayo River.
       Letters from Joseph Martin to Patrick Henry
       Southern Historical Society, Vol 6 Jan 1902 pg 30
       Dear Sir                       Henry County ye 2nd April 1799
       You applyd to me in 1784 thro Mr Fountain for
       some certificates to secure some land in North Carolina.
       I furnished for you *   him with Lbs 302 12s which he
       passt his rect for --- sometime after i received  a few goods
       by William Parks, which no Rect has been given for tho
       I recollect the paper Mr Fountain gave me stands against
       him or you   you will please to adjust the matter as it
       could not be done if either you or myself was out of the
       way. With heart felt pleasure I see your appointment as
       one of our plenipotentiares to France but am in doubt
       Whether you will accept or not. Will you be so good as
       to drop me a few lines at the ferry by the return of captain
                                    I am sir with great Respect
                                    your most ob serv
                                    Jos Martin
      Endorsed on back in P. Henry's hand:
      "These I paid cheerfully if not wholly for i do believe
      nothing is due for them Mr. Fountain's Estate is to pay

    2. "...goods by Wm Parks..."

    From: Patrick Henry: Life, Correspondences and Speeches V3 pg 377,

    from Oct. 4 1786, Patrick Henry to Joseph Martin

    "...I sent you one large medal & a package of goods by Wm Parks, pray did thay come safe? Write me about it and every other thing you think proper...

    Regarding Joseph Martin (1740-1808) Martin was a long hunter and Indian negotiator. He also was a land agent for Dr. Thomas Walker (the Loyal Company) and established early settlements in Western VA/NC. Later (1775) he became the agent for the Transylvania Comapny (the competitor of the Loyal Company). Returned to Henry County in 1789 He was a resident of Henry County VA ("Scuffle Hill on the Smith River) Patrick Henry -- "...give me liberty or give me death..." Govenor of Virginia 1776-1779, 1784-1786 John Fountain (1750- 1792 Henry Cty VA) son-in-law of Patrick Henry married Martha Patsy Henry (1755-1818 Leatherwood Henry County VA) m 1773 Hanover County Militia officer for Henry County Capt 1780 Capt 1781 Trustee in the formation of Martinsville (Henry County) in 1791.

  8. Joseph Parks in Greene County Tennessee 1788 (actually NC at the time)

    The next sighting of Joseph is in 1788 when he purchases land from John Hughes, who purchased the land from Robert Blackburn who received the original land grant from the state of NC in 1782 (this is pre-Tennessee formation) for his Revolutionary War service at King's Mountain.

    The Tennessee land of Joseph Parks is located off Lick Creek which empties into the Nolichucky River near the intersection of the current Greene, Hamblin and Cocke counties. The Nolichucky River forms the southwest boundary of Greene County. It is at the intersection of Horse Stamp Fork and Lick Creek.

    See this map. Note that Horse Stamp Fork is due north of Greeneville and flows north into Lick Creek. Cane creek is a Lick Creek tributary to the west and Racoon Creek a tributary to the east.

    Lick Creek flows along the base of Bays Mountain for nearly 70 miles to the to the northern boundary of Greene county with Washington County. The ridge of Bays mountain forms the western boundary of Greene county with Hawkins county. The Holston River lies in the valley on the western slope of Bays mountain, while Lick Creek drains the eastern slope of Bays mountain into the Nolichucky and then the French Broad River.

    The land of Joseph Parks in Greene county was originally granted to Robert Blackburn a King's Mountain soldier of Revolutionary War.

    1. Robert Blackburn land grant to John Hughes In "NC Land Grants Recorded in Tennessee" by Goldene Fillers Burgner, Southern Historical Press, 1991 "4 May 1783 Robert Blackburn of Wash. County to John Hughes for 70 pounds 150 acres on Horse Camp Creek waters of Lick Creek" (see below -- this is Horse Stamp Fork") This same transaction is also in "Greene County Deed Book 1" pg 112: "Indenture 4 May 1783 Robert Blackburn of Washington Co NC and John Hughes Greene Co NC 70 pounds tract in said Greene county on Camp Creek waters of Lick Creek (NOTE: HOrse Stamp Fork -- not Horse Camp Fork) being 150 acres and same granted at Fairfield 24 Oct 1782 Grant Number 3371 Wit Daniel Kennedy Francis Hughes"
    2. John Hughes to Joseph Parks -- the earliest Tennessee record

      In "Greene County deed Book 1" pg 112:

      "Indenture 14 August 1788 John Hughes and Joseph Parks 100 pounds paid 150 acres on Horse Creek Waters of Lick Creek (Horse Stamp Fork -- not Horse Camp Fork) . Land granted to Robert Blackburn Grant 337 at Fairfield Oct 24 1782. Signed by Sarah Hughes wit John Newman Francis Johnson registered 2 Sep 1789"

    3. Joseph Parks to Thomas Thompson

      In "Greene County deed Book 1" pg 123:

      "Indenture 9 Feb 1805 Joseph Parks and Thomas Thompson both of Greene Co TN 200 pounds paid tract on Horse Camp Creek (Horse Stamp Fork) waters of Lick Creek 150 acres it being conveyed to said Parks by deed from John Hughes on 14 Aug 1788 conveyed to Hughes by deed from Robert Blackburn 4 May 1783 and being granted to Blackburn by Grant No. 337 24 Oct 1782 in NC wit John Jones Frederick White registered 8 May 1807."

      NOTE: This land is actually on "HORSE STAMP FORK" not "HORSE CAMP FORK"
      Below is Thomas McCollum's land reference from

      Thomas MCCOLLUM Sex: M Birth: 1751 in Cumberland Co. PA Military Service: 1778 Revolutionary War 7th Battalion Cumberland PA Military Service: Fought in theBattle of Kings Mountain Emigration: 1779 Washington Co. NC, todays Greene Co. TN Event: Homesteaded 1790 The southern fork of Horse Camp Fork on Lick creek Burial: Babbs Valley Cemetery Father: James MCCOLLUM b: in Ulster, Ireland
      William Parks (oldest son of Joseph Parks married Mary McCollum daughter of this Thomas McCollum)

    Joseph Parks was a witness on a land sale in Greene County TN 11/1794 between Shadrack Morris and John Newman for a tract on Lick Creek.

    Joseph Parks was a witness 11/1795 on an indenture between Joseph Tidball of Winchester Frederick VA and Robert Wyly of Greenville in Greene Co for 1 and 1/2 acres in the town of Greenville

    Joseph Parks was mentioned in a 1808 transaction: "Deed 26 Jan 1808 Francis Johnson Knox Co TN conveys to Alexander Thompson of Greene Co TN 666 2/3 pounds 150 acres on Lick Creek being said Johnson formerly lived on beg at corner to John Hughes which was conv to Joseph Parks and by him to Thomas Johnson Wit. Henry Thompson John Glass reg 15 Dec 1808"

    Note: this entry says Joseph Parks sold his land to Thomas Johnson. Item 3 above says he sold the land to Thomas Thompson.

    Joseph Park witness with John Newman a land sale between Joseph Henderson and Daniel Bonine in 1793

    William Parks witness 1796 to John Gore pg 78

    Robert Parks Witness 1802 witness to William Wilson and John Gass pg 101

    There is a Horse Creek is eastern Greene County that flows from the North Carolina mountains to the town of Horse Creek at the eastern Greene county border with Washington county. This stream flows west into the Nolichucky River about three miles east of Greenville. Along this creek there is a "Horse Creek Campground" in the foothills. This is NOT the Horse Creek of the Joseph Parks deed since it is NOT on the waters of Lick Creek. This should read Horse Stamp Fork.

    See this map. Note that Horse Stamp Fork is due north of Greeneville and flows north into Lick Creek. Cane creek is a Lick Creek tributary to the west and Racoon Creek a tributary to the east.

    The land of Joseph parks was from an original grant to Robert Blackburn. There are seven Blackburn men on the King's Mountain roster:

    Blackburn, Arthur
    Blackburn, George
    Blackburn, John
    Blackburn, Joseph
    Blackburn, Robert
    Blackburn, William (k)
    Blackburn, William, Lieutenant (k)

    Robert Blackburn 1742 Frederick VA d 1809 Blount TN
    He was in Frederick VA until 1770, then Augusta VA until 1779
    then Washington until 1782. He was son of Benjamin Blackburn
    Benjamin (1713 Augusta VA 1791 Washington NC (TN). His sons were:
    John 1740-1808 Davidson TN (soldier above)
    Robert 1742-1809 Blount TN (soldier above)
    William 1755-1780 (soldier killed above)
    George 1752 (soldier above)

    Robert first appears on Shelby's 1779 Chichamauga campaign roster.

  9. William Parks in Greene County Tennessee 1791 (actually NC at the time)

    While brother Joseph buys land from Hughes in 1788, William buys 335 acres of land from
    Jesse Hoskins in Feb 1791 for 80 pounds on the White Horn fork of Bent Creek (recorded
    April 1793), adjacent to James Roddy. This deed is recorded in Greene later Jefferson
    County TN. Deed Book C Page 60.
    Hugh Kirkpatrick and John Parks are witnesses
    William sold the land to son John in 1816 (registered Jan 1817) shows this land
    being sold by William's son John to Brittan Cross and his wife Mary (William's daughter)
    in 1820 below:
    Anderson County Deed.
    p.176, 17 June 1820. John Hauskens, Marget Hauskins, George & Jimima
    Hauskins, Briton & Mary Cross, Joseph Parks, James & Nancy King;
    I, Mary Parks, widow of William Parks, dec'd., relinquish right
    of dower freely to John Parks and content myself with a child's
    part; Henry & Elizabeth Eter, of Anderson Co., to John Parks, for
    $200 to each of us, all our undivided share of tract in Jefferson
    Co., Tenn., on White horse fork of Bent Creek, 332 1/2 acres,
    formerly property of William Parks, including a small survey that
    John Parks, deseast, bought from Jacob Kirkpatrick and excluding
    a small survey that Jacob Kirkpatrick bought of John Parks; above
    the mouth of a certain branch running into the white horn fork of
    Bent Creek, along James Roddy's line, on one other entry of said
    Roddy's. Reg. 12 Mar. 1821.
    Wit: Joseph Sincler John Hauskins
    William McKamey Margaret Hauskins
    George & Jemimah Hauskins
    Bretain & Mary Cross
    Joseph Park
    James & Nancy King
    Mary (x) Parks
    Henry & Elizabeth Eter
    Polly Cross, Jemima Hoskins, Nancy King, Marget Hoskins, & Mary
    Parks were examined before John Gibbs & Michael Clardy, 11 July
    1820. Elizabeth Etter was examined by Joseph Sincler & William
    McKamey, 9 Dec 1820.
    Below is the image of WhiteHorn Creek that flows into Mud Creek then
    into Bent Creek. The town of Bull's Gap lies to the north of Whitehorn Creek.

    Joseph's land and William's land lie about twenty miles apart. Joseph's land lies near the Great Warrior Path (currently Interstate 81 -- not shown on te map below) and William's in Bull's Gap near Highway 11E (this would be the east-west Kentucky Road from Salisbury NC to the Cumberland Gap). The next western tavern after Russellville was Crockett's Tavern in Morristown TN (parents of Davy Crockett)

    Highway 11 passes through Bull's Gap of Bay's Mountain down into the Tennessee River Valley. Highway 11 follows generally the old stage road from Grenville to Knoxville. Highway 11 veers north of the stage road and reunites with the original stage road in Russelville abouts six miles to west.


  10. Joseph and William in Greene County

    Joseph nor William Parks appear in 1783 Greene County Tax Rolls (first tax
    rolls of Greene county)
    1792 William Parks 335 1
    While Williams land was in Greene County originally, it was later Jefferson County (1792),
    then Anderson County (1801), then Hamblen County (1870).
    Taxables of Captain C. T. Newman's Company for the year 1796
    Joseph parks Land=150
    Taxables of Captain Morriss' Company for the year 1797
    Joseph Parks Land=150
    Taxables of Captain William Crawford's Company for the year 1798
    Joseph Parks Land=150
    Taxables of Captain Dodd's Company for the year 1800
    Joseph Parks 150 ac

    Govenor John Sevier entertained at William Parks' lodging
    In Andrew Jackson and Early Tennessee History --  Volume 2
    By Samuel Gordon Heiskell, John Sevier
    (see Google books) William Parks (his land was variously in in Greene/Jefferson/Anderson/Hamblin counties) on Bent Creek ran a tavern and or lodge in Bull's Gap (near Russelville Tennessee on the Kentucky Road -- Highway 11-E). John Sevier in travels from Jonesborough Tennesse to Knoxville ate, lodged and had stock feed at Parks. We know this is our William Parks because of the location reference to "Bent Creek" by Jackson and that he then breakfasted at "Col Rodies" the next morning. Parks' land was adjacent to Roddy's (see Anderson County Deed above). Col James Roddy (1742-1822 Jefferson Tennessee). Roddy's plantation home was called Hayslope (see this)

    Journal of Govenor John Sevier (1790-1815)

    John Sevier Journal JUNE 1795, page 525 Mon 8 came home from works Tues 9 very warm Wed 10 small shower. Mrs Seiver and Kitty went to Jonesbo. Thur 11 Fine rain and rained all night began to lay by corn Fry 12 Mrs Seiver and Kitty went to meeting a very High Flood in the river Rained in the afternoon Sat 13 Mrs Siever Rutha and Sammy went to meeting rained in the morning Memo when at the Iron Works let Mr King have 2 dollars 16/ Sun 14 rained myself, wife, Rutha and Catery & joanna went to meeting the sacrement was administered by the Rev Doake, Balsh and Hueston. Mon 15 self Catery went to Sherrils Recvd from Jos Hannah 720.10 lbs a 22/6 per M 260.8 ditto at 15 per M 130 feet pine plank some time ago Wed 17 Hot and Dry Thur 18 ditto Fry 19 went to Jonesbo, rained in the evening Sat 20 staid at Jonesbo Sun 21 Sot off for Col Carters and met him near home setting out for Assembly Staid all night at Maj Louviers with Col Carter Mon 22 came home reaped wheat Tues 23 rained went to Jos Seviers Rained all night Recvd from Jos Seviers 22 3/4 dollars Wed 24 Rained (Planted cabbage) Thue 25 rained Fri 26 cleared up and cool sit out for Assembly Lodged at Greene Memo to bring for Betsy ? a pr of shoes 7 inches long Sat 27 sit out in the morning in the company of Col Hardin (rained) Eat dinner and fed at Parks. Recvd from H Conway Junr 2 Guineas & 1 dollar Lodged at Evans Painter Spring Sun 28 Brak at Mr Reese Dined at Mr Meeks Arrived in Knoxville & lodges at Mr Stones Mon 29 Assembly met Tue 30 L. Council agreed to conference Represenatives did the same John Sevier Journal January 1796, page 530 Mon 4 warm, violets in the garden bloomed Tues. 5 very warm and pleasant in the night snowed Wed 6 snowed all day Thur 7 clear and windy set out for Knoxville stayed at Greeneville pd expenses 6/. Ferryed at Lick Creek ? ? to pay Gray 9d Fed at Parks and owe him 1/. Lodges at Wm Murphys Sat 9 Dined at Mr Reeses Lodges at Browns pd expenses 5/. Sun 10 Crossed Holeson at McBees Ferry pd 1/. Traveling in Co with John Anderson Colo Roddy & Arc Rowan esq. Arrived in Knox in the evening & put up at Stones. Mon 11 The convention met . . . Sat 6 (Feb) Cloudy convention adjourned . . . John Sevier Journal March 1796, page 531 Tues 1 day of March wt to Jonesbo Wed 2 came home Thur 3 staid at home Fry 4 cold and clear Sat 5 went to Mr Sherills Sun 6 set out for Jefferson election Lodged that night in Greenville Mon 7 lodged in company with Capt Js Stinson & Alex Carmichael at Parks on Bent Creek very cold John Sevier Journal June 1796, page 535 Wed 29 Mrs Geo King came to my house Thur 30 self Mrs Sevier & Betsey in company with Mrs Sherill & Mr Geo King set out for Knoxville -- arrived in Greeneville that evening -- Lodged all night at Mr Purdues pd expenses 3 dollars Memo left with Mr Richd Campble 7 Dollars to purchase plank and salt Let Mr Richrd Jones have one bushel corn Richrd Jones son & 2 daughters of Joseph Greene died on 29th with flux Fry 1 July lodged at parks pd. expenses 10/ Gave him 2 dollars Sat 2 Brak at Col Rodies Expenses 6/ rained lodged all night at Hains Exps 28/ John Sevier Journal June 1797, page 545 Thursday 1 day of July 1797 Set out in the morning and arrived at Knoxville in the evening Dined at Mr Parks on the way Found all well at Mr Campbells

    John H. Dewitt in "Tennessee Historical Magazine", Vol. 5 1919, pg 238 in his article Journal of Govenor John Sevier (1790-1815) he identifies this entry as James Park (first mayor of Knoxville). James Park (1770-1853) came to the US in 1796 and Knoxville in 1798. He was a merchant and was mayor in 1818-1821 and 1824-26. He could NOT be the "Parks" referenced by Sevier in 1797 . John Sevier Journal March 1800, page 577 Mon 24 Supr Court begun Memo recvd of Fran? Maybury 50 dols One note for 50 1 for 70 and 1 for 100 and an order of Parks for 30 being in part pay for 350 acres of land i sold Huddleston

    People referenced above:
    • James Stinson was Greene County Registrar, tavern owner, lived on Lick Creek (as did Joseph Parks)
    • Joseph Sevier was brother of General/Govenor John Sevier
    • Sherrill was brother-in-law of John Sevier
    • Col Hardin (Hardin County Tennessee) Rev War Col, state represenative
    • Landon Carter, was prominent in the constitutional Convention of 1796
    • Alexander Carmichael owned a tavern in Knoxville
    • Archibald Roane (roane County TN) lawyer and second govenor of Tennessee
    • Francis Mayberry was a partner with trader Daniel Ross (son was Cherokee chief John Ross)

        There is a "horse racing" reference to "parks" in Vol 2 page 107 of
        Correspondence of Andrew Jackson By Andrew Jackson
        John Spencer Bassett, David Maydole Matteson

  11. Joseph Parks in the Tennessee Legislature


    In "The Official and Political Manual of the State of Tennessee" By Charles A. Miller page 199

    Fourth General Assembly
    Knoxville, 1801

    Senators (notably: Cocke and Jefferson County Alexander Outlaw, Hawkins County Joseph McMinn, Grainger County Major Lea)


    Joseph Parks and John Harmon Greene County


  12. Joseph Parks, John Gibson and James Hogg in Blount County (1807,1807,1807)

    The State of Tennessee

    To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come -- Greeting:
    Know Ye, That in Pursuance of an Act of the General Assembly passed on the twenty third day of November Eighteen Hundred and Nine there is granted by the said State of Tennesseee unto Joseph Parks a certain tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and thirty two acres and two rods within the tract located for the use of Colle?es lying in the County of Blout in the District South of the French Broad and Holston on the Holston River these being due and chargable on said land the sum of one hundred and thirty two dollars and fifty cents with the interest due thereon, Beginning at the Black Oak on the bank of the Holston River and running with the River to a Paw Paw on said River then with Hilly Va? cantg? Land South sixteen West sixty one poles to a Black Oak south seventeen and a fourth east seven chains and seven tenths to a pine north eighty one and three fourths west forty five chains and four tenths to the beginning.

    Interestingly the three families (Parks, Gibson and Hogg) who intermarried in Maryland (See John Parks the Tea Merchant below. John Gibson (b 1754) was about the same age as Joseph while James Hogg (b 1733) was somewhat older.

    Land Grants in Blount

    #727 JOHN GIBSON-67 ½ acres-Blount County-on Holston River bounded on northeast and southeast
    by said river  and on all other sides by vacant land-CC JAS. KNOX and JAS. VICARS Surveyed
    January 18, 1807
    #744 JOHN GIBSON-205 acres-Blount County-on Golohers Creek-CC A. LOGAN and ISAAC LOGAN Granted
                February 26, 1807
    #746 JOHN GIBSON-358 acres 31 perches-Blount County-CC THOMAS MITCHELL and DAVID BELL Surveyed
               January 21, 1807
    #703 SAMUEL FRAIZER-206 1/2 acres-Blount County-situated on both sides of Golohers Creek-CC
         JAS. LOVE
          Both Gibson and Frazier's land lie on Gallagher Creek that flows through Friendsville TN
          and enters the Holston River (now Lake Loudoun) at the crook of "Park Bend" just north
          of Joseph Parks' land.
    #824 JAS. HOGG-419 ¼ acres-Blount County-on a branch of Bakers Creek waters of Tennessee
          River-CC SAM’L. McCONNELL and JNO. McKEE Granted March 17, 1807 Assigned to ELIZABETH
          HOUSTON, Executrix  and JAMES HOUSTON and JOHN HOUSTON Executors of the last will and
          Testament of SAMUEL HOUSTON, deceased February 23, 1808 Witnesses JAS. GILLESPIE and WM
          H. LETCHER
          NOTE: This appears to be the James Hogg associated with the John Parks
             tea merchant of Frederick/Baltimore/John Gibson/James Hogg
             James b. 1733 in Edinburg Scotland
             m Martha Parks b 1738 (dau of John Parks (see John Parks' will 1777 York PA)
               and brother of John Parks the tea merchant
             dau Martha Hogg (Hogue) b 1774 Augusta VA m. Thomas Gibson in Rockbridge VA
             Thomas Gibson was the son of John Gibson b 1754 Franklin Pa died 1830 Green OH and
             Martha Parks bc 1750 Down Ireland. She was a sister to John Parks "the tea merchant" and
             daughter of John Parks (will 1777 York PA)
    #840 THOMAS GIBSON-191 ½ acres-Blount County-on the waters of Tennessee River-CC GEORGE SLOAN
         and JOHN RAY Granted February 27, 1808 Assigned to JOHN HENDERSON November 6, 1807
         This Thomas Gibson (son of John Gibson above) who married Martha Hogg. Thomas and
         Martha had a daughter Elizabeth b in Blount TN 1796 m John Kendall Greene County OH
    #1279 JOSEPH PARKS-132 ½ acres-Blount County-on Holston River CC ROBT. PARKS and MICHAEL
                BOWERMAN Granted May 5, 1807

    David Tipplen "History of the Territory South of the French Broad-Land Grants
    He says of the entries such as the one above:

    "Approximately 15 years ago I located a book in the Knox County Register of Deeds office, which I transcribed for my own use in abstract, and my own brand of shorthand. When I returned several years later to correct errors and check items I had questions about this book was not found. I am sure that these abstracts contain errors but I also strongly feel that in spite of these errors, these abstracts contain much information that is helpful to genealogists. Each entry contains the several pieces of information about the land granted, but there were several different surveyors and each had his own style therefore not all contain the same information. An example is taken from entry #8 and the abstract reads-Robert Wilson was granted 244 acres 60 poles in Sevier County that was located on Little East Fork of Little Pigeon River. There were no chain carriers listed on the entry which was surveyed March 31, 1807. CC is my indication for chain carrier that I think to be important, because these are often sons, brothers or other relations to the grantee or neighbors who had adjoining grants. Andrew Donovan is listed as chain carrier on many of the grants in Cocke County and I believe he was a member of the survey team which was led by George Gordon, surveyor. George Gordon made the majority if not all the grants in Cocke County. A microfilm of this book is available from the Tennessee Library and Archives in Nashville.

    I would like to make one other comment about these grants. At the time these grants were made the rivers were not known by the names we use today. In the grants Tennessee River applies to what we today call the Little Tennessee River that runs into today’s Tennessee River but at the time of the grants was the Holston River. At the time of the grants today’s Tennessee River was the Holston River from its merger with the French Broad just above Knoxville to the mouth of what was then the Tennessee River in today’s Loudoun County." From the Isaac Day Parks' 1877 document on the Ken Parks East TN Parks website, Isaac says:

    "Abner resided in the "Old Homestead" in Blount County Tennessee situated on the Holston River."

    Abner (bc 1787- d 1861 Blount County TN) is one of Joseph's sons. Abner may have run "Parks Ferry". He is listed in the 1860 Blount Census as age 75 and occupation wagon maker. Adjacent are his sons Calvin and Joseph (both farmers) and Samuel French (who married Abner's daughter).

    On the 1850 census, Abner is listed as a mechanic. Son Calvin is Adjacent with a large family

    There is a historical "Parks Ferry" as shown below:

    Note the peninsula is called "Parks' Bend" and "Parks Ferry Road" goes down to the river (Now Fort Loudoun Lake about 5 miles east northeast of Lenoir City TN). The red cross hairs are the exact location of Parks Ferry -- now under water. Lake Loudoun has an lake level elevation of 812 ft (June 2006). The contours shown are 20 ft increments. So the ferry location is at about 780 ft or 32 feet underwater.

    Note the black lines are the county boundaries for: Blount (where Parks' Bend is shown); Loudoun (formerly Roane) to the west (where Coulter Shoals is shown) Knox (where is the high hill "Saltpeter Bluff" is shown northeast of Parks Bend)

    This land first appears as county boundary in 1801 (i.e., the intersection of three counties: Blount, Roane and Knox).

    Roane was formed in 1801 by the separation of the existing southwest corner of Knox county.
    Tennessee was formed in 1796
    Blount was formed from Knox in 1795.
    So all sides of Parks bend were in Knox County prior to 1795.
    Knox was formed in 1792 from Greene and Hawkins county.

    Prior to 1792 this land would have been in Indian Territory.

    Interestingly, across the river is Coulter Shoals. Joseph's daughter Becky married a Coulter. Coulter Shoals was the original name chosen for what was ultimately called Ft. Loudoun Lake by the TVA

    Parks Ferry (historical) Tennessee 35.80639 -84.17056
    Parks Bend Blount 35.79972 -84.16611

  13. Joseph Parks' Will Frederick MD 1771

    According to the Frazier story (above), Joseph Parks had a brother and a sister ("He had two sons and one daughter. A Mr. Winchester married his only daughter and was made his heir."). The 1771 will of Joseph Parks below seems to fit this data.
    Administrative Accounts
    Joseph Parks
    Liber B No. 2 folio 180
    Balances of Final Distribution Books
    Joseph Parks
    Liber 6 Folio 92
    Andrew Parks
    Liber 66
    Folio 151
    Joseph Parks
    Liber 66 Folio 151
    From "Abstracts of the Administrative Accounts of the Prerogative Court
       of Maryland Libers 59-66 1768-1771" by V. L. Skinner
    Book 66 page 151 Frederick Maryland 91.13.6 pounds Dec 3 1771
    Deceased: Joseph Parks
    Payments made to John Gett, Martin Ullam, Daniel Guttry, Issac Wimer, Elizabeth Parkinson,
    William Blair, William Almery, Samuel Reed, Peter Hartsook, Edward Parkinson, Rudy Brecback(?),
    Thomas Fisher, Peter Tanner, Thomas Prather, Stephen Bordley
    Mentions: no widow
    Distributionto: 3 children (unnamed)
    Administrators: Abraham Hayter, Andrew Parks
    Detail of Joseph Parks's debtors mentioned in his will 1771 Frederick MD

    Some of the persons listed in the accounts were known to Basil Crapster a Frederick genealogist who collected colonial Maryland transaction information.

    1. John Gett
      John Jett b 1695 King George County VA died in Culpepper County VA in 1771 m Ann wells -- NO MARYLAND CONNECTIONS
    2. Martin Ullam Land: Family Name Index Vols. 1 - 8, by Township: Original Land Records Series for York County, PA MANHEIM AND HEIDLEBERG TOWNSHIPS - COMPLETE COLONIAL FAMILY NAME INDEX Land Grant Manhiem Township York County PA 1752
    3. Daniel Guttry (guthrie)
    4. Isaac Wimer Frederick County, MD Deeds Book O, p. 494, as described in Fred Wimmer, Jr., "Wimmer Family 1695 - 1978"; (804 Falconer Road, Joppatowne, MD 21085), p. 9. Abstract by writer. 24 August 1771. Isaac Wimmer / Wymer purchased 14 1/2 acres of land from William Cornell, being part of a tract called "Peggy's and Molly's Delight" for the price of 28 pounds, 15 shillings, land situated on Piney Creek, a branch of the Monocacy. 1779. Isaac Wimmer witnessed the will of his sister Catherine's husband, John Whiteneck, in Frederick County, Maryland Frederick County, MD Deeds Book 2, p. 320, as described in Fred Wimmer, Jr., "Wimmer Family 1695 - 1978"; (804 Falconer Road, Joppatowne, MD 21085), p. 12. Abstract by writer. 19 November 1779. Isaac Wimmer of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, sold two tracts of land to James Watson of Frederick County, Maryland, for 1,000 pounds, a profit of 927 pounds in 15 years. Isaac's wife Anne is mentioned in this deed.
    5. Elizabeth Parkinson
    6. William Blair In 1775, as the Revolutionary War progressed, several regiments were raised in Frederick County Maryland. A Militia Regiment was established and consisted of two companies ready for military use that was formed in Toms Creek Hundred. First, was the Game Cock Company under the command of Captain William Blair. They were called the Game Cock Company because of the plum feathers that they had when they wore their hats. The Game Cock Company proved their bravery at White Plains New York during Washington’s retreat. The second company was under the command of Captain William Shields, who also participated in the battle of White Plains. These companies together produced more than a hundred soldiers that were ready for military use. (Note this is the militia company of James (John) Parks tea merchant Was witness to land sales by Abraham Hayter and Andrew Parks in 1767 in Frederick
    7. William Almery
    8. Samuel Reed
      READ Records of Warrants issued to Samuel Read of Prince Georges County in the 1740s for land that is now part of Frederick County. There is some information on the early land holdings of Normand BRUCE and Company, Benjamin Little and William Wilson in Frederick County. For Samuel Reed, Crapster has: Records of Warrants issued to Samuel Read of Prince Georges County in the 1740s for land that is now part of Frederick County. There is some information on the early land holdings of Normand BRUCE and Company, Benjamin Little and William Wilson in Frederick County.
    9. Peter Hartsook Born: 4 Feb 1733 Somerset, [county], New Jersey, USA Died: abt 1800 Huntingdon, [county], Maryland, USA 1771 Huntington Co. PA - Peter 2H, 2C 1788 Huntington Co. PA - Peter,Jr. 50 ac L,2H, 2L Peter,Sr.200 ac L, (Geo.Elder) 1794 Mar 18 - Huntington Co. PA 400 ac to Peter; 400 acres to Sarah Facts about this person: Event 1 February 04, 1733/34 Bapt. 1st Ref. Ch., Raritan, NJ Residence Moved to PA c1770 & back to MD 1778-90 married Anna Margaretha Kones ca 1758 (see Coonce real estate)
    10. Edward Parkinson on 1785 claim to Maryland governor Aug 1782 We have enclosed you a Copy of a Parole, given by Capt. John Penny, since which Capt. Middleton has returned, having been exchanged for some other Person. Capt. Penny has not returned but is still, we suppose, in New York. We shall be obliged to you to effect an Exchange of Capt. Edward Parkinson, late Master of the Schooner Porpus, carried into New York, for Penny [DATE make this unlikely] (1715-1755 York PA) killed in Braddock's expedition Edward Parkinson. MO Middle Potomac, Lower Potomac, and Georgetown Hundred, p. 11. MSA S 1161-8-3 1/4/5/51 Edward Parkinson. Lot (1). Notes: in Addition. MO Middle Potomac, Lower Potomac, and Georgetown Hundred, p. 25. MSA S 1161-8-3 1/4/5/51
    11. Rudy Brecback(?) The Basil Crapster Papers BRUBACK, Rudy (d.1785) Rudolph Bruback was constable for Piney Run Hundred (Frederick MD) in 1768. Deed abstracts, a bill of sale, and a household inventory are included in the file. There is also Dr. Crapster's summary of information. witness with Henry Coonce of will of Balthasar Hesson 1772 Frederick MD
    12. Thomas Fisher 21 Jun 1777 - Frederick County Land records (RP p.179) deed - [Recorded 20 Aug 1777] Thomas Fisher, merchant of York County, Pennsylvania transfers to Rudolph Crapster, farmer of Frederick County, 100 acres, part of the tract called "Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Richland" and adjacent to a parcel recently made over by Andrew Parke and Abraham Hayter to Peter Coonce. The Basil Crapster Papers
      For example: Dr. Crapster has written a chronological summary concerning Thomas Fisher and son George from 1762-1799. Included in the summary are listings of land holdings, sales, and a will in York Co., Pa., 1790. For John Fisher, son of George, there are abstracts from a will and Chancery Papers notes. Also included in the file is a copy of the 1782 letter written by Dr. Adam Fisher to Gov. Lee seeking freedom for men imprisoned for treason. Thomas Fisher Description: Decedent Residence: Yorktown Township Date: 13 Mar 1790 Prove Date: 6 Oct 1793 Remarks: Thomas Fisher. Mar 13, 1790. Executors: Robert McIlhenney, Thomas and Catharine Fisher. Yorktown Township. Wife: Catharine Fisher. Children: George, Elizabeth, Eve, Catharine, Mary, Thomas, James, and Henry.
    13. Peter Tanner
      (son related to Michael Tanner of York County PA) Peter Tanner bought portion of Addition to Brooks Discovery on Rich Land from Brooks 13 Aug 1755 - Peter Tanner bought 103 acres from Brooks 20 Mar 1764 - Peter Tanner bought 60 acres of Brooks Discovery on Rich Land from Vouch
    14. Thomas Prather
      (1702-1785 Washington County MD), Colonel Thomas M. Sprigg Prather was an ardent Indian Fighter. Fought in the French and Indian War- he was a sheriff and held many important posts-one of which he was the First Justice of the newly formed Frederick County in l749 (Maryland). In the Revolutionary War he was commander of the forces in that county. He lived at Conegochaegue Manor Plantation. His first wife was from the Weston Manor Plantation where the Clagett's lived for generations and still live today. He was also an Episcopal clergyman in Williamsport Maryland Researched by Gary Benton Prather Occupation Plantation owner
    15. Stephen Bordley Annapolis Lawyer (1710-1764) Attorney General of Maryland (so was father Thomas died 1726) , Mayor of Annapolis

    The number of children (3) in this will corresponds to the Rev Frazier family lore. If true, she also must have married Mr. Winchester (see Winchester data here. Two descendants of Mary Parks and William Winchester Jr. are named "Andrew Parks Winchester".

    from: The Sparks Quarterly:

    On April 25 1761 William Sparks, Joseph Parks and Richard Wells reported to the Frederick County Court that they had surveyed a new road connecting with the road "from the heaqd of Little Pipe Creek to baltimore Town"

    As to the Andrew Parks who signed the will, we find he and Abraham Hayter buying and selling real estate in Frederick (see Hayter/Parks real estate here and Abraham Hayter here)

    Administrator Andrew is perhaps shown in Loudoun County VA in 1774 as is Joseph (Tithables of Loudoun). Then there is also this:

    "Seeking info on Jane Walker who md Andrew Parke in Loudoun Co. VA
    1774 Shelburne Parish by Rev David Griffin"
    Is this Andrew on the Loudoun Tithable list in 1774 the same as the one who married Jane Walker?

    An unknown Andrew Parks purchases several tracts within the town of Greenville TN during the 1806 thru 1814.

  14. Descendants of Joseph Parks

     Joseph Parks and Ruth

    Three Generations of Descendants 8 children, 81 grandchildren, over 335 great grandchildren

    Descendants of Joseph and Ruth: 1.0 William Parks (1777 PA-1852 Bradley TN) m1 1794 Charity Johnson in Greene Co., TN 1.1 Jacob (1796 NC- Monroe TN) 1850 Monroe TN Census m 1830 Susannah Bryant 1.1.1 Susan Parks (1835 m. unknown Jackson 1.1.2 Sally Parks (1837 1.1.3 James Parks (1842 m2 1798 Mary McCollum (1777 MD-1856 Bradley TN) 1.2 James Parks (1800 TN m1 1819 Salley Lane m2 1829 Jane Carmichael(1811 TN 1.2.1 Jane Parks (1834 1.2.2 William Parks (1837 1.2.3 Clementine Parks (1839 1.2.4 John Parks (1844 1.2.5 Harriet Parks (1845 1.2.6 Margaret Parks (1850 1.3 Mary Parks (1803 TN m 1822 William Edwards 1.3.1 Edward Edwards (1830 1.3.2 John Edwards (1834 1.3.3 Thomas J Edwards (1838 1.3.4 Nievy J Edwards (1839 1.3.5 Jimima Edwards (1841 1.3.6 Lemisa C Edwards (1843 1.4 Ruth Parks (1806 TN m 1824 Joseph Brittian (1800-1852) son of William Brittian and Fanny King 1.4.1 Elizabeth Brittian (1826-1896) 1.4.2 Albert Brittian (1828 1.4.3 Wiley Brittian (1830 1.4.4 Clementine Brittian (1834- m Allen Taylor (1853 Roane TN 1.4.5 Franklin Brittian (1835 1.4.6 James W. Brittian (1837 1.4.7 Margaret J. Brittian (1839 m. Unknown FOX 1.4.8 John Brittian (1842 1.4.9 George Washington Brittian (1845 1.4.10 Martha Brittian (1846 1.5 Cinthia Parks 1810, TN m 1828 Anderson Campbell (1807 1.5.1 John A Campbell (1829. 1.5.2 Arther A. Campbell (1832 1.5.3 James J. Campbell (1834. 1.5.4 Mary J. Campbell (1836. 1.5.5 Lasarus T. Campbell (1842. 1.5.6 Martha Ella Campbell (1853 TN 1.6 Joseph Parks 1810; d. Abt. 1849; m 1830 in Roane TN Margaret Fain (1810- dau. of Mercer Fain (1789 SC- ) and Martha Springfield Soldier of Mexican War in Richard Waterhouse's 4th Tennessee Regiment Tennessee Volunteers 1.7 Jemimah Parks (1814 TN m Hugh Hannah 1.7.1 Mary Ann Hannah (1840 1.7.2 Louisa J. Hannah (1842 1.7.3 Polina Hannah (1844 1.7.4 Susan Hannah (1846 1.7.5 Hugh Hannah (1849 1.7.6 John Wesley Hannah (1851 1.8 Andrew J. Parks (1817-1870) m 1841 Martha Manerva Price (1824-1909) daughter Of Henry Price 1.8.1 Henry Jackson Parks (1842-1906 Bradley TN) 4th TN Union Cavalary 1.8.2 Robert L. Parks (1846 Tn-1885 Bradley TN) 4th TN Union Cavalary 1.8.3 John Wesley Parks (1847 TN-1937) 4th TN Union Cavalary 1.8.4 Susan Parks (1849 TN 1.8.5 Mary Parks (1852 TN 1.8.6 Melvin Parks (1855 TN 1.8.7 Caldona Parks (1859 TN 1.9 Laban Parks (1817- 1.10 Clementine Parks (1818-1862) m1 1844 Abraham Looney (1820-1845) 1.10.1 James Abraham Looney (1845-1906) m2 1851 Wilson Hardin Weatherly (1816 NC 1.10.2 Rachael L. Weatherly (1852 1.10.3 Margaret Eugenia Weatherly (1854-1931 Bradley TN m. unknown Arrants 1.10.4 Martha P. Weatherly (1855 1.10.5 Emma Weatherly (1857 Bradley Tn-1941 Bradley TN m. unknown Blackburn 1.10.6 John W. Weatherly (1859. 1.10.7 Henry B. Weatherly (1861 1.10.8 Clementine Weatherly (1862 2.0 Mary Parks (1779 NC-1848 Jackson AL) m 1798 Samuel M Frazier II (1774 NC-1826 AL) 2.1 Rebecca Frazier (1799-1822) 2.2 Joseph Parks Frazier (1801 TN- 1857 Jackson AL) m 1837 Lucinds Jane Williams (1816-1846 Jackson AL 2.2.1 Samuel W. Frazier (1838 AL-1910 AL) m Amanda Shelton 2nd AL CSA, 1st Lt. Company K., 11th MS Calvary 2.2.2 Mary Frazier (1842 AL-1913 Greene TN) m Virgial Nicholson 2.2.3 Lucinda J P Frazier (1845-1883 AL) 2.3 Abner Frazier (1803 2.4 Julian Frazier (1804 2.5 Ruth E Frazier (1806 m. Milton William Kirby (1800- on 1850 knox census as Kirby on 1870 sevier, 1880 sevier 2.5.1 Millia M Kirby (1827 2.5.2 Abraham R Kirby (1829- 2.5.3 Susanah S Kirby (1830 2.5.4 Archibald S Kirby (1833- 2.5.5 James M Kirby (1836- 2.5.6 Jeremiah W Kirby (1838- 2.5.7 Malinda C Kirby (1840 2.5.8 Dicie E Kirby (1842- 2.5.9 William D Kirby (1844- 2.5.10 Martha Jane Kirby (1848- 2.6 Rev. Samuel Wiley Frazier (1808-1837 TX) 2.7 Rev. Robert Frazier (1809-1872 TN) Chaplain 4th AL Infantry CSA m. Isabella Cooper McKamey 2.7.1 Julien Frazier (1842 Mcminn TN-1871 Shelby TN) 2.7.2 Mary Kate Frazier (1844 Mcminn TN-1867 Jackson Al) 2.7.3 Ann Frazier (1847 Mcminn Tennessee-1847 Shelby TN) 2.7.4 Fannie Pugh Frazier (1848 Shelby TN-1883) 2.7.5 Flora Turley Frazier (1851 Shelby TN-1868 Jackson Al) 2.7.6 Ann Minerva Frazier (1855 Shelby TN 2.7.7 Abner Frazier (1856 Shelby TN- 1856 Shelby TN) 2.7.8 Ruth Frazier (1858 Shelby TN-1858 Shelby TN) 2.7.9 Isabella Mckamy Frazier (Belle) (1859 Jackson AL-1939 MS) 2.7.10 Virginia Frazier (1859 - 1860) 2.8 Rev. Albert Gallatin Frazier (1811-1862 MS) m. 1840 Clary Hunt (1816- 2.8.1. Mary E. Frazier (1841- 2.8.2. Ann I. Frazier (1844- 2.8.3. Wiley P. Frazier 1847 MS 2.8.4. Amy C. Frazier (1849 MS 2.8.5. John E. Frazier (1851 2.9 Barbary Frazier (1813 m. 1849 James Holland 2.10 Ann Gray Frazier (1816-1881) m1 1836 Richard Sandford m2 1866 Ira Brown m3 1879 Robert Stockton 2.11 Mary Frazier (1818-1845 Jackson AL m William Donation 2.12 Naomi Frazier (1823-1847 Jackson AL) m 1844 Samuel Wellington Kirby (1817- 2.12.1 Temperance Ann Kirby (1846 AL-1925 TX) 3.0 Robert Parks (1780 VA-1850 Roane or Rhea TN) m Nancy Easley 3.1 Mariah Parks (1804 m1 1824 Mantion Howard m2 1835 Thomas Jefferson Underwood 3.2 Mary "Polly" Parks (1804- Cumberland TN) m 1826 Joseph Smith (Josiah?) (1799-1887 Cumberland TN) 3.2.1 Robert F. Smith (1827-1908 Cumberland TN) 3.2.2 John Smith (1829 TN-1907 Roane TN) 3.2.3 William N. Smith (1830 TN 3.2.4 Josiah Smith (Joseph)(1832 3.2.5 Alexander Smith (1834 Roane TN-1913 Cumberland TN) 3.2.6 Mary Smith (1840 TN 3.2.7 Miller Smith (Millie) (1842 TN 3.2.8 Margaret Smith (1844 TN 3.2.9 Christiana Smith ("Tressie") (1847 TN m. Joseph Hyder (1887 3.2.10 Albert L. Smith (1850 Roane TN-1939) 3.3 Margaret Parks ("Peggey")(1805- m 1821 Allison Howard (1804-1860) 3.3.1 John Howard (1824 Rhea TN-1893 Rhea TN) m Sophira Van Pelt 3.3.2 Robert Tate Howard (1826 Rhea TN-1891) M 1844 Penelope Majors 3.3.3 Ruth C. Howard (1836-1865 Rhea TN) m Wily N Ault (1828-1897) 3.4 Rebecca Parks (1810 m1 1839 George Gordon see this m2 1852 Capt. James Porter (Blount County 1860 census) 3.5 Frances Parks (1813 TN-1901 m 1840 Alexander Montgomery (1813 TN-1895) 3.5.1 George G. Montgomery (1841 TN 3.5.2 John A. Montgomery (1843 TN 3.5.3 Joseph E. Montgomery (1845 TN 3.5.4 Mary Jane Montgomery (1848 TN-1906) m John Cloud Haley (1844-1915) Corporal Co. H, 2nd TN Cavalry CSA, POW Camp Chase OH 3.6 Ruth Parks (1816 m1 1836 Thomas Asa Hinds ( -1840) 3.6.1 Hugh S Hinds (1837- 3.6.2 Thomas A Hinds (1838- m2 1841 Edward W. "Ned" Martin (1800 Rhea TN 3.6.3 Samuel J Martin (1842- 3.6.4 Robert Martin (1843 TN 3.6.5 William Martin (1846- 3.6.6 Mary Martin (1850- 3.6.7 Eliza Martin (1856 3.6.8 Elizabeth Ann Martin (1854 Roane TN-1937) 3.7 Eliza Parks (1818 TN m 1836 George Washington Short 3.7.1 Robert P. Short (1840 m 1857 Elvira Barnett 3.7.2 Miller E. Short (1841 m 1859 Sallie Johnson (1840 3.7.3 Nancy R. Short (1844 3.7.4 John H. Short (1846 3.7.5 George G. Short (1848 TN-1883) 3.7.6 Joseph Alexander Short (1850 3.7.7 Chrismon Short (1854 3.7.8 Lottie Short (1855 3.7.9 Mary Short (1857 3.7.10 James P. Short (1859 TN m Ellin ? 3.8 Joseph E. Parks (1822-1864 Greene TN) merchant 1860 Rhea TN (Old Washington) Wagon Master 3rd TN Cavalry Co. I C.S.A. m 1852 Sarah Jane Frazier (1817 Knox TN-1897 TN) dau Beriah Frazier and Barabara Gibbs, Sarah m1 1837 Jacob Harvey Love 3.9 Miller E. Parks (1827-1873) m1 1846 Manerva Vanpelt (1826 m2 1854 Sarah A. Robbs (1837-1868) 3.9.1 Joseph Parks (1848-1860 Roane TN) 3.9.2 Rebecca Parks 3.9.3 George W. Parks (1854 TN-1928 TN) 3.9.4 Robert A. Parks (1860 TN 3.9.5 Eliza J. Parks (1863 TN 3.9.6 Frances Parks (1867 TN m 1883 August W. Burgdorf (1844 Prussia 3.9.7 Elizabeth Parks (1868 TN m 1886 Jack Ferguson 4.0 Rev. John Parks (1782 VA-1845 Jackson AL) m1 1811 Mary Mills Delaney (1788 Va-1812 TN) 4.1 William D Parks (1812 TN-1888 Jackson AL) m 1832 Lucinda A. Unknown (1812 TN-1876 Jackson AL) 4.1.1 Hugh Lawson Parks (1833-1869 AL) m 1858 Sallie Morrison (1839 4.1.2 Mary Elizabeth Parks (1836 m 1854 Milton Perry Brown (1829 TN 4.1.3 John W. Parks (1839-1875 Jackson AL) m Mary Larkin (1862 Jackson AL 4.1.4 Elizabeth Jane Parks (1842 AL m 1859 Thomas D. Starnes (1836 AL 4.1.5 Sarah Catherine Parks (1845 AL m 1862 James Exum Sumner (1825 TN 4.1.6 Nancy Ellen Parks (1849-1912 Jackson AL) 4.1.7 William Parks (1852 AL-1908 Jackson AL) m Mary E. Unknown (1860-1920 Jackson AL) m2 1816 Ruth Brown (1796 TN- 1855 AL) 4.2 Robert C. Parks (1818 TN m1 1839 Cleminda Frazier (1820 AL- AL) Daughter Of Abner Frazier. 4.2.1 Lorenzo Parks (1840 AL 4.2.2 Tranquilla Parks (1843 AL 4.2.3 Joseph Parks (1846 AL 4.2.4 John Parks (1848 AL 4.2.5 Rutha Parks (1853 AL 4.2.6 Wiley Parks (1857 AL m2 1865 Martha J. Evans 4.3 Dr. James Monroe Parks (1819 TN - 1900 AL) 1870 Leon County Texas Census, physician b 1820 (indexed "Parko") m1 Cenia Justice ( -1849) 4.3.1 John Thomas Parks (1849-1870 Leon TX) m2 1852 Mary Jane Scott (1828- ) dau Robert Scott And Mariah Parsons 4.3.2 Charles E. Parks (1853 Jackson AL-1853) 4.3.3 Robert Scott Parks (1855 AL ) m Ida J Dodd (1865-1907) 4.3.4 Mary Eleanor Parks (1857 Jackson AL-1870 TX) 4.3.5 James Lightner Parks (1860 Washington City, D.C.-1916 AL) 4.3.6 Frank Gurley Parks (1862 Jackson AL-1896 AL) 4.3.7 Charlott E. Parks (1864 Jackson AL-1937 AL) 4.3.8 Ernest Parks (1867 Jackson AL-1935 AL) 4.3.9 William D. Parks (1870 Leon County TX-1870 Leon County, TX) 4.4 Mary M Parks (1821 AL-1855) 4.5 Eliza Brown Parks (1822 AL- 1884 Jackson AL) m 1840 Richard Lawrence "Lawyer Dick" Kirby (1818 TN-1885 Jackson AL) 4.5.1 Lucinda J. Kirby (1842 AL 4.5.2 John Parks Kirby (1845- Jackson AL) 4.5.3 Joseph Porter Kirby (1849-1851 Jackson AL) 4.5.4 Hugh Gallatin G. Kirby (1852 4.6 Rebecca Parks (1824-1830 Jackson AL) 4.7 Elizabeth Parks (1826 AL-1869 Leon TX) m Jerome Black Capt Company A 35th Texas Cavalry 4.8 John Gordon Parks (1825 AL-1895 MO) m 1854 Isabella McKelvey Patterson (1833-1904) 4.8.1 Mary Elizabeth Parks (Mollie) (1855-1939 Amarillo TX) 4.8.2 Delphia Ann Parks (Delia) (1857. 4.8.3 William Yancy Parks (1860-1894 Bozeman MT) 4.8.4 John Gorden Parks, Jr. (Jack) (1864-1942 Amarillo TX) 4.8.5 Nancy Isabella Parks (Belle) (1866-1914 MO) 4.8.6 Lewis Patterson Parks #11143 b. 21 Dec 1875. 4.9 Samuel Wiley Parks (1831 m 1854 Sarah Alabama Pierce (1833 AL- Daughter Of Soloman Pierce And Virginia Unknown 4.9.1 Ruth Brown Parks (1855 AL 4.9.2 Virginia E Parks (1857-1858 AL) 4.10 Rev. Thomas Benton Parks (1832 AL- 1918 AL) m1 1856 Martha Ann Hudgins (1834-1859 AL) Daughter Of Benjamin Hudgins. 4.10.1 Jerome Black Parks (1856-1941 AL) m1 Caroline Jenkins m2 Martha Jane Finney m3 Lucy Cunningham m4 Evelyn Brazil 4.10.2 Anson Benjamin Parks (1857 AL-1929 Jackson AL) m. 1883 Texas Finney (1863- Jackson AL) m2 1859 Mary Jane Pierce (1835 AL-1877) 4.10.3 Solomon Pierce Parks (1860-1873) 4.10.4 Deborah Parks (1863 4.10.5 John Cleberne Parks (1865 4.10.6 Eva Dillatoure Parks (1867-1894) m Daniel Scott Clemons 4.10.7 Robert Samuel Parks (1869-1949 Jackson AL) m m Annie Vashti Jenkins 4.10.8 Adar Brown Parks (1870-1870) 4.10.9 Mary Elizabeth Parks (1872-1872) 4.10.10 Joseph Frederic Parks (1873-1873) 4.10.11 Lovick Benton Parks (1876-1955) m Addie B. Childress m3 after 1877 Mary E B Hornbuckle (1841-1915) 4.11 Joseph F. Parks (1834 AL- 1888 Leon TX) Union Cemetery m Martha Pvt Co. D 26th Texas DeBray’s Regt CSA Enlisted Centerville Texas 1862 paroled Millican TX Jul 11 1865 4.11.1 Hugh B Parks (1866-1961 Leon Texas) Sardis cemetery 4.11.2 Elizabeth E Parks (1869 5.0 Abner Parks (1787 VA-1861 Blount TN) m 1819 Lainia "Viney" Lane (1793 TN-1883 Blount TN) buried Friends Meeting House and Cemetery, Friendsville, Blount County, Tennessee 5.1 Eliza Parks (1821 TN m 1837 John J. Hudgeons (1824 MO 5.1.1 Mary Hudgeons (1846 TN 5.2 Emaline Parks (1823 TN- 1867 Blount TN) m 1843 Hartsell Boring (1817 TN -1894) Son Of Joshua Boring And Mary Heartsell 5.2.1 Joseph Albert Boring (1844 TN-1911) 5.2.2 Mary M. Boring (1846 TN 5.2.3 Eliza J. Boring (1848 TN 5.2.4 Hester A. Boring (1852 TN 5.2.5 Tennessee Boring (1854 TN-1933) 5.2.6 James Robert Boring (1856 TN-1916) 5.2.7 Blount H. Boring (1859 TN-1912) m Mollie B. ? (1868-1939) 5.2.8 Nancy E. Boring (1862 TN 5.2.9 Emeline Laura Boring (1864 TN 5.3 Joseph Benjamin Parks (1825 TN-1896 Blount TN) 1870 Blount Census m Nancy Jane Frost (1822-1900) buried Friends Meeting House and Cemetery, Friendsville, Blount County, Tennessee 5.3.1 Nancy Parks m John Kebble 5.3.2 Robert H. Parks (1855-1921) m Sarah Dunlap ( -1912) 5.3.3 Thaddeus C. Parks (1858-1945) m Roxie Poland ( -1932) buried Friends Meeting House and Cemetery, Friendsville, Blount County, Tennessee 5.3.4 Lavinia Rebecca Parks (1860 5.3.5 Mary Parks (1862- 5.3.6 Laura Parks (1866 5.4 Calvin Parks (1827 TN- 1899 Friendsville, Blount TN) m Lavinia E Hickman 5.4.1 Abner Parks (1850 Blount TN 5.4.2 Mary Jane Parks (1851 Blount TN 5.4.3 Susan Parks (1858 Blount TN 5.4.4 Eliza Parks (1861 5.4.5 Melissa Parks (1863 5.4.6 Sarah Parks (1866 5.4.7 Calvin P. Parks (1870 5.5 Saline Parks (1831 TN m 1847 Samuel French 5.1.1 Malvina French (1848 5.1.2 Sarah French (1849 5.1.3 Caladonia Livinia French (1850 5.1.4 John French (1854 5.1.5 Samuel French (1857 5.1.6 Albert F. French (1859- ) m 1880 Lucinda J. Moore 5.1.7 Lincoln French (1863 5.1.8 Tipton French (1865 5.1.9 Hinch French (1866 5.1.10 Mary E. French (1868 5.1.11 Riley French (1872- )m Amanda Orr 6.0 Samuel Parks (1789 MD-1841 Bradley TN) m 1814 Sussanah Taylor (1798 Charleston, Indian Territory -1876 Bradley TN) daughter of Thomas Fox-Taylor and Jennie Walker 6.1 Ruth Parks (1815 TN-1886 Vinita OK Cherokee Nation) m Dickson C Price (1814-1835) 6.1.1 Salina Price 6.2 Almira Parks (1816-1855) m James C Price 6.3 Jane Parks ("Jennie") (1818 TN-1881 MO) m1 John Langdon m2 Joseph Collier 6.4 Clementine Parks (1821 6.5 Judge George Washington Parks (1820 TN-1883 Craig OK) m Louisa M. Spriggs (1826 TN-1893 OK) 6.5.1 Morgan Parks 6.5.2 Ruth Kenner Parks m Madison Gregory Hawkins 6.5.3 Susan Caroline Parks (1846- 6.5.4 Louisa Cherokee Parks (1848- m Thomas Thompson 6.5.5 Samuel C. Parks (1849- 6.5.6 Lucy Cordelia Parks (1852-1896) 6.5.7 Dondina Parks (1854- 6.5.8 George W. Parks (1859- 6.6 Thomas Jefferson Parks (1821 TN-1883 Maysville AR) Captain First Cherokee Mounted Volunteers m Maria Anna Thompson (1830 6.6.1 Susan Martha Parks (1848-1943) m Edwin Carr 6.6.2 Johnson Calvin Parks (1851-1928 6.6.3 Mary Jane Parks (1856-1936) m Robert Browning 6.6.4 Emma Josephine Parks (1858 m Robert Samuels 6.6.5 Anna Medora Parks (1860 m JAmes Woodall 6.6.6 Jefferson Thompson Parks (1862-1951) m Ruth Duncan 6.6.7 Nancy Almira Parks (1865-1957) m Henry Clay Ballard 6.6.8 James Allen Parks (1867-1945) m Florence Youngblood 6.6.9 Fannie Parks (1871-1958) m David Hill 6.7 Rev. Richard Taylor Parks (1823 TN-1912 Rogers OK) m1 Sarah Elizabeth Day (1829-1858) 6.7.1 Almira Parks (1849-1849) 6.7.2 Rev. Robert Calhoun Parks (1851-1864) 6.7.3 Isaac Day Parks (Bud) (1853-1897 Craig OK) 6.7.4 Martha Ann Parks (1855- ) m George W. Trout 6.7.5 Susan Salina Parks (1856-1864) m2 Sarah Elizabeth Grigsby (1841 TN-1920 Rogers OK) 6.7.6 Richard B. Parks (1864 6.7.7 James Parks (1866 6.7.8 Mary M. Parks (Maggie) (1868-1952) 6.7.9 Samuel Frazier Parks (1871- 6.7.10 John Parks (1873- 6.7.11 George Parks (1875- 6.7.12 Ruth Parks (1878- 6.7.13 Theodusian Parks (1879- 6.8 Calvin Morgan Parks (1825 TN-1883 Indian Territory) m1 Sarah Miriam Wilson (1832-1853) 6.8.1 John Ross Parks 6.8.2 Samuel Parks 6.8.3 Richard T Parks 6.8.4 Robert Calhoun 6.8.5 George Washington Parks 6.8.6 Susan C Parks 6.8.9 Louisa Cherokee m2 Arle Hildebrand (1850- 6.8.10 Mary Parks (1878- 6.8.11 Susannah Parks (1879- 6.9 William Lenoir Parks (1826/7-1851) 6.10 Mary Ann Salina Parks (Polly) (1829/30-1903 TN) m 1848 William Conway Day (1827-1872) 6.10.1 Dr. Samuel William Day (-1890 KS) m Maggie Taylor 6.10.2 Susie Day ( -TN) 6.10.3 Ruth Day m Rev B.E. Atkins 6.10.4 Vina Day m R.L. Ownley 6.10.5 Dr. Albert Day ( TN- m Nora Beard 6.11 Robert Calhoun Parks (1831/2-1864) m Clara Rider Lt. Colonal (Capt) 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers killed by fellow officer Ft Washita 6.11.1 John Ross Parks 6.11.2 Sam Houston Parks 6.11.3 Sterling Price Parks (1862-1943) 6.12 John Ross Parks (1833-1865) lost in gold rush 1851 in CA 6.13 Samuel Houston Parks, Jr. (1836 TN-1874) m Sarah Green Taylor (1843- 6.14 Susan Caroline Parks 7.0 Ruth Margaret Parks (1788 TN-1864) m 1808 James Wyly Hall (1787 KY-1858) son of James Hall and Margaret Wiley 7.1 Katy Hall (1809 TN-1861) 7.2 Calvin Morgan Hall (1811 TN-1897 Walker GA) m Ruth Lavinia Tipton(1821 Monroe TN-1911) 7.2.1 James Caswell Hall (1843-1912) m Sarah Louise Mathis (1850-1917) 7.2.2 Jonathan Upton Hall (1845 7.2.3 William Upton Hall (1847-1917) m Martha Francis Mann 7.2.4 Margaret Louisianna Hall (1849 7.2.5 Elizabeth Tennessee Hall (1851 7.2.6 Joseph Parks Hall (1853 7.2.7 Edmund Pleasant Hall (1853-1940) 7.2.8 Ruth Lavinia Hall (1858-1943) 7.2.9 Cordelia May Hall (1860-1862) 7.2.10 infant Hall (1862-1862) 7.3 Samuel Parks Hall (1813 TN-1890 Walker GA) m 1843 Susan Badgett (1816-1890) in Monroe TN 7.3.1 Burrell Freeman Hall (1846- 7.3.2 Rutha A Hall (1849- 7.4 Uphany Hall (1815 TN 7.5 John P. Hall (1817 TN-1899 Loudoun TN) m 1851 Monroe TN Sarah Jane Blair (1834-1898) 7.5.1 John B. Hall (1852- 7.5.2 William H. Hall (1856- 7.6 Joseph C. Hall (1820 Monroe TN - GA) m 1840 Lucy Ann Rider 7.6.1 James Hall 7.6.2 Mary Hall 7.6.3 Alexander Hall in Civil War. 7.6.4 Ruth Hall (1859- 7.6.5 Samuel Hall 7.6.6 David Trundle Hall 7.6.7 Ida Hall 7.7 William S. Hall (1822 TN m Nancy E 7.7.1 Joseph C. Hall (1852- 7.7.2 James B Hall (1854- 7.7.3 John R. Hall (1856- 7.7.4 Susan A Hall (1859- 7.8 James Crawford Hall (1824 Monroe TN-1910) m Louisa Qualls Barksdale (1842-1924 TN) 7.8.1 James Nicholson Barksdale Hall (1872 TN 7.8.2 Benjamin Calvin Hall (1877 7.8.3 Mary Fannie Hall (1879-1965) 7.8.4 Artie Lou Hall (1880 7.9 Sylvester Young Hall (1826 TN m Allzannah Blair 7.9.1 Rev. James Hugh Blair Hall (1855 m. 1882 Emma C. Gardner 7.9.2 Samuel Parks Hall (1857 7.9.3 William Aston Hall (1859 7.9.4 Jane Hall (1861 7.9.5 John Silvester Hall (1863 7.9.6 Ruth Hall (1865 7.9.7 Alazannah Hall (1868 AL- 7.10 Caswell W. Hall (1828 TN m 1840 Malinda J ? 7.10.1 Melissa Hall (1876 MO-1906 AR) m Charles Shadrack Hinkle 7.10.2 Clarissa Hall (1876 MO 7.10.3 M. J. Hall (1878 MO m2 1857 Mary Jane Stubblefield m3 1864 Jackson IL Martha J Harris 7.10.4 W.A. Hall (1865 IL- 7.11 Ruthe Margaret Hall (1830 TN 7.12 Alvira Hall (1832 8.0 Rebecca Parks (1793 TN-1880 Hamilton TN) m 1815 Thomas Jefferson Coulter (1795-1876 TN) son of James Coulter (1772 NC-1849) and Catherine Tunnel (1777 VA-1826 TN) (see this) 8.1 Thomas Jefferson Coulter (1816-1887) m1 1840 Joanna Gamble ( - 1845) dau Charles Gamble 8.1.1 Elizabeth Samantha Coulter (1842- ) m Jacob Alfred Newton Patterson 8.1.2 Margaret Coulter (1843 8.1.3 Minerva Coulter (1845- ) m James Madison Martin m2 1847 Providence Jane McDonald (1824-1896) dau of James and Kitty McDonald 8.1.4 Thomas Burton (1848- 8.1.5 Kitty J. Coulter (1856-1890) 8.1.6 Mary Catherine Coulter (1852- 8.1.7 James McDonald Coulter (1856- 8.1.8 William Lee Coulter (1860- 8.1.9 Ruth A Coulter (1863- 8.1.10 Robert Jerome Coulter (1868 8.2 James Parks Coulter (1817-1864) m Mary Ann McDonald (1821-1910) see sister Providence above 8.2.1 Amanada J Coulter (1840-1892 Bradley TN) M J. N Aiken 8.2.2 Alexander A Coulter (1842-1862 KS) Co. D 1st Tenn Cav (Carter's) 8.2.3 Adolphus J Coulter (1845-1917 TN) m Louis Holman 8.2.4 Margaret T. Coulter (1847-1869) m Vitruvious Jackson Kennedy 8.2.5 Emily A. Coulter (1850-1856) 8.2.6 John Parks Coulter (1852-1923 Hamilton TN) m1 Jane Hickman m2 Ruth Adeline Abinger 8.2.7 Luke Lee Coulter (1856-1936 Bradley TN) m1 Myra Pass m2 Arzvazine Able 8.2.8 Robert Tate Coulter (1858- CO) m Mary Hixon 8.2.9 Mary Marcella Coulter (1861-1942 Bradley TN) m Frank Hoyle Able 8.3 Francis Margaret Coulter (1819-1907 Tarrant TX) m 1843 Charles Hutcheson (1817 Bledsoe TN- ) on 1860 Hamilton TN census no children Tarrant TX 1880 no children son of Wm. (1790-1839 Rhea TN) and Margaret Sigler 8.4 Robert W. Coulter (1819 TN- 1899 Fisher TX) m America Clift (1825-1877) dau Col. Wm. Cliff 8.4.1 Nancy Rebecca Coulter (1845 TN 8.4.2 William Clift Coulter (1847 TN 8.4.3 Thomas Jefferson Coulter (1849 8.4.4 James Warren Coulter (1851 TN 8.4.5 Catherine Elizabeth Coulter (1853 Hamilton TN 8.4.6 Moses Brooks Coulter 8.4.7 M. S. Robert Coulter (1857 8.4.8 Joseph Johnson Coulter (1862 8.4.9 Margaret Ann Coulter (1864 TN 8.4.10 Charles B. Coulter (1867 8.5 Ruthe Coulter (1821-1907 Tarrant TX) m 1849 James Isaac Layfayette Hutcheson son of Wm. (1790-1839 Rhea TN) and Margaret Sigler 8.5.1 Albert Hutchenson 8.5.2 Margaret Hutchenson 8.5.3 Kitty Hutchenson 8.5.4 James Hutchenson 8.5.5 Emma Hutchenson 8.5.6 Mary Hutchenson 8.5.7 William T Hutchenson (1868- 8.6 Catherine Coulter "Caty" (1823 m John R. Hickman 8.6.1 Minerva Tennessee Hickman ( -1907) 8.7 John Jerome Coulter (1827 TN-1909 TN) m Arabella Hickman (1826-1863) 8.7.1 George W. Coulter (1850-1908 TX) m McKnight 8.7.2 Margaret Cyrena Coulter (1852- ) m Samuel Sheldon Thatcher 8.7.3 E. V. Coulter (1855-1904 TX) m Elijah Bell 8.7.4 Arvah L. Coulter (1858-1880) m Abner Bell 8.7.5 Robert L. Coulter (1860-1904) 8.8 Milo B. Coulter (1830 TN-1905 TX) m 1879 Mary Hickman merchant with Daniel Rawlings in Hamilton TN

  15. Descendants of William Parks bc. 1758 dc 1819 Jefferson TN

     William and Mary Parks
    Three Generations of Descendants
    7 children, 59 grandchildren, over 255 great grandchildren
    from the extensive work of John W. Parks of Alton Illinois on
    John Parks eldest son of William and Mary.
               son of Victor Parks (1875-1942)
               grandson of George Washington Parks 1848-1923 (see 7.2.7 below)
               g. grandson of Jesse C.C. Parks 1802-1874 (see 7.2 below)
               g.g. grandson of John Parks 1773-1843 (see 7.0 below)
               g.g.g. grandson of William and Mary Parks
    Jefferson County Tennessee Will Book 2 1811-1826
    Inventory of the estate of William Parks, sworn to Sep 13 1819
    Settlement of the Estate of William Parks Sep 13 1819, John Parks, Admin.
    1.0 Margaret Peggy Parks (1795-
       (1850 Anderson TN Census age is 55 b TN)
        m 1808 John Hoskins (1783 Wash Cty NC - 1859 Anderson Cty TN)
        (1850 Anderson TN Census age is 64 b VA)
        1.1 Jesse Parks Hiram Hoskins (1813-1880
            m 1840 Sarah Duncan (1818 (1822) -
            1.1.1 Lodemia Hoskins (1842-
            1.1.2 Cynthia C. Hoskins (1843-
            1.1.3 Salina Hoskins (1852-
            1.1.4 Sarah F. Hoskins (1855-
            1.1.5 Bird Hoskins (1859-
            1.1.6 John L Hoskins (1861(2) -
        1.2 William Amstead Hoskins (1814 single 1850 Anderson TN census age 31
        1.3 George Washington Hoskins (1816
            m Elizabeth (1816-
            1.3.1 Rebecca Hoskins (1845-
            1.3.2 Mary A. Louise Hoskins (1847-
        1.4 Hoskins
        1.5 William Jefferson Hoskins (1820-1897
            m Jennie Jane Lockett (1823-
            1.5.1 Jasper Pryor Hoskins (1848-
            1.5.2 Mira Fanny Hoskins (1852-
            1.5.3 Prior Hoskins (1854-
            1.5.4 Smith M. Hoskins (1854-
            1.5.5 William J. Hoskins (1857-
            1.5.6 John Hoskins (1859-
            1.5.7 Mary Hoskins (1860-
            1.5.8 Clark Hoskins (1862-
            1.5.9 Orlena Hoskins (1864-
            1.5.10 Nancy Louisa Hoskins (1865-1940)
            m2 Myra Catherine Sieber (1856-1923)
            1.5.11 Caswell W. Hoskins (1887-1923)
            1.5.12 Jeminma Hoskins (1889-1983)
            1.5.13 Jesse James Hoskins (1891-1962)
            1.5.14 Seiber Hoskins (1893-1899)
            1.5.15 Elizabeth C Hoskins (1899-
        1.6 Brittian Cross Hoskins (1827-'
            m Sarah J (1829-
            1.6.1 Saphronia Hoskins (1856-
            1.6.2 Aphalonia Hoskins (1859-
            m2 ? (1842-
            1.6.3 John Hoskins (1869-
        1.7 Selina Hoskins (1829-1916)
            m1 Thomas Hooks
            m2 Luther Tunnell
        1.8 Mary Ann Hoskins (1831-
        1.9 Myra Cobb Hoskins (1836-
    2.0 Jemima Parks (1782-
        (Anderson TN census 1850 shows age 68 b SC?
        m 1804 George Hoskins (1778 NC - 1850 Anderson TN)
        2.1 ?
        2.2 Simeral Hoskins (1806-1865)
            m Nancy Kesterson (1808-1895)
            2.2.1 Francis Hoskins
            2.2.2 Martha Jane Hoskins (1834-1867)
            2.2.3 Franklin M Hoskins (1834-1867)
            2.2.4 William Tate Hoskins (1837-1866)
            2.2.5 Nancy E. V. Hoskins (1840-1873)
            2.2.6 Selina A. Hoskins (1842-1916)
        2.3 George W. Hoskins (1807
            m Elizabeth (1818
            2.3.1 Margret Hoskins
            2.3.2 Morris Hoskins (1839-
            2.3.3 Manervy Hoskins (1841-
            2.3.4 Sarah Jane Hoskins (1842-1919)
            2.3.5 Rebecca J. Hoskins (1844-1924)
            2.3.6 Louisa Hoskins (1847-
            2.3.7 Mary Ann Hoskins (1847
            m2 ? McCoy
    3.0 Mary Parks (1778 - 1842 Delap Cemetery Campbell TN)
         m1 Britton Cross (b 1776 VA d 1825 Anderson Cty TN)
         3.1 John Cross b 1803-1851 (See 1850 Anderson TN Census)
              m. Mary Polly Shinlever
              3.1.1 Britain (1835
              3.1.2 Jane (1837-
              3.1.3 Alfred (1839-
              3.1.4 William (1841-
              3.1.5 Charley W (1844- ) Capt Co F 7th TN Mounted Inf (Union)
                       m 1870 Mollie Worthington
              3.1.6 Nancy (1847-
         3.2 William Cross b 1812-1904 (the lawyer)
             m 1836 Jane Black (1818-1885 dau of Joseph and Catherine Black)
             3.2.1 Mary C. Cross
             3.2.2 John H. Cross (1833
             3.2.3 Joseph B. Cross
             3.2.4 George W. Cross (1837
             3.2.5 James F. Cross (1841-
             3.2.6 Sabra L. Cross (1839-
             3.2.7 Samuel A. Cross (1844-
         3.3 Alfred Cross 1813-1899 (the Sherrif)
               m Elizabeth Black (03 May 1821- dau of Joseph Black
             3.3.1 John Allen Cross  (15 Apr 1837 d: 26 May 1864)
                   killed Resaca GA, Civil War
             3.3.2 Joseph Black Cross b: (05 Nov 1841 d: 12 May 1914)
                   m Mattie E. McClellen
             3.3.3 Brittain Cross (25 Oct 1843 d: 29 Oct 1871)
             3.3.4 William H. Cross (09 Nov 1845 d: 13 Feb 1933)
                   m Joanna Long b: 08 Mar 1856
                   d: 11 Dec 1934
             3.3.5 Nancy J. Cross (1848- )  m Drew A. Bacon (1845-1882
             3.3.6 Synthia C. Cross ( 1849- ) m Jacob A. Dossett b: 1846
             3.3.7 LaFayette Cross  (1854- ) to TX
             3.3.8 Millard F. Cross ( 17 Jun 1856 d: 28 Jan 1916)
                   m  Matilda E. Long b: 20 Nov 1858
                   d: 13 Apr 1922, dau of Samuel Long
             3.3.9 Mary Cross (1858- ) m George Mosely
             3.3.10  Margaret Cross (01 Dec 1861 -: 05 Sep 1879)
             3.3.11 Woody Cross (  ) m Zeralda Donaldson (1871-1913
         3.4 Nancy Cross (1801-  ) m William Hill (bc 1790-1844 MO)
             both buried HILL CEMETERY, CRAWFORD COUNTY, Bourbon, MO
             m William M. Hill born 1790 NC
             moved to Crawford CO. MO. in 1840 with their children :
             3.4.1 Allison W. Hill (1823 TN- ) m Virginia Turner
             3.4.2 S.L. Hill (1833 TN -
             3.4.3 Albert G. Hill (1831-33)
             3.4.4 Milton T. Hill (1835- ) m Margaret Love to Dent county MO
             3.4.5 Sarah E. Hill (1839- )  m William A. Young to Dent county MO
             3.4.6 W.M. Hill (1839 TN -
         3.5 Cynthia Cross (bc 1822-1854 MO) m. 1840 James Monroe Tunnell
             (1817-1850 Wright Missouri)
             3.5.1 William Brittain Tunnell (1841 MO-1904) M 1866 Elizabeth Carson
             3.5.2 Mary E. Tunnell (1843-1844)
             3.5.3 Sarah Louise Tunnel (1846- ) m John Robertson
             3.5.4 Marett Tunnel (1848- ) m 1868  James Campbell Robertson
             3.5.5 Dortula Tunnell (1850-1889) m W.C. Wilson
          m2 Thomas Hart son of David Hart/Susanna Nunn
          The following unconfirmed list is from:

          3.6 David (ca 1825-1903 Mariposa Co., California) m  1846 Nancy Bruce (1825
             3.6.1 Mary Elizabeth (1847-1931)
             3.6.2 William C. (1849-1885)
             3.6.3 Charles C. (1851-1915)
             3.6.4 Susan (1852-1929)
             3.6.5 Escen Samuel (1853-1921)
             3.6.6 Margaret Catherine (1854-1937)
             3.6.7 Martha Isabella (Mattie) (1856-1943)
             3.6.8 Eliza Ann (1859-)
             3.6.9 Thomas (1860-)
             3.6.10  Amanda L. (1861-1944)
             3.6.11  Lawrence Lee "Bud" (1863-1939)
             3.6.12  Joseph Sevier (1865-1946)
             3.6.13  Sarah Malinda (1866-<1870)
             3.6.14  Edward (1868-1947)
          3.7 Edwin
          3.8 John Umstead m Died unmarried
          3.9 Joseph (   ) m Eliza J Wheeler
          3.10 Elizabeth Hart
          3.11 Nancy Caroline Hart
          3.12 Eveline Hart
          3.13 Emaline Hart ( -1885) Delap Cemetery Campbell TN
          3.14 Mary Ann Hart ( - ) m Thomas Hunter Buried Delap Cem. Campbell TN
    4.0 Joseph Parks
          m 1799 Henry Cty VA Katherine Kelly (1770 King George Cty Va - dc 1822)

          Katherine Kelley dau of John Kelley (1739 Stafford VA - 1822 Henry VA)
          son of Edmund Kelley (1716- ?) and Jane Vinson1714 Stafford VA-1746)
          mc 1760 Catherine Bennett 1743 King George VA - 1781 childbirth
          in King George VA) son Mason (bro of Katherine dies in Shelby IL 1842)
          to Shelby IL 1838 his children born Henry VA 1806-1811,
          in Overton TN (1815-1828)
        Joseph is the most problematic of William and Mary's children. I have found
        no definitive study of this family. John and Caty had at least eleven children.
        The two daughters who married into the McKamey family are well documented:
        4.1 Mary Polly Parks (1808 Anderson TN-1876 McMinn TN)
            m William McKamey
            4.1.1 Elizabeth Jane McKamey (1834-1907)
            4.1.2 William Parks McKamey (1836-1903)
            4.1.3 Jasper Newton McKamey  (1840-1914)
            4.1.4 John Madison McKamey (1846-1930)
            4.1.5 Mary Catherine McKamey (1850-1936)
        4.2 Jemima Parks (1805-1870)
            m 1826 Robert McKamey (1799 Anderson TN -1870 Lawrence Arkansas)
            (data from 1850 Anderson TN Census, 1858 to Lawrence AR)
            4.2.1 Elizabeth  McKamey (1825- ) m Wilson Robbins
            4.2.2 William  McKamey (1827-1863) m Betsey Courtney
            4.2.3 James Lutrell  McKamey (1828- m Rosanna Gilbreath
                  6th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry (Union)
            4.2.4 Mary Ann Polly  McKamey (1830-
            4.2.5 Margret Peggy Ann McKamey  (1832
            4.2.6 Sarah J  McKamey (1834
            4.2.7 Katherine McKamey  (1836- ) m 1858 Luke Lee Dail
                  (1834 Anderson TN-1906 Howell MO)
            4.2.8 Malinda  McKamey (1838- ) m James Brown
            4.2.9 John  McKamey (1839-1845)
            4.2.10 Martha C  McKamey (1842
            4.2.11 Robert  McKamey (1845- )
                   6th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry (Union)
                   m3 Susan Ann Bragg
        As there is no will or death date or location for Joseph, the whereabouts
        of his other children is unproven. Many of the children went to Illinois.
        The last we hear of Joseph is:.
        1830 TN Anderson Census
        Joseph Parks
        00132001  00102001
        Males   <5,5-10,10-15,15-20,20-30,40-40,40-50,50-60,60-70
        Females <5,5-10,10-15,15-20,20-30,40-40,40-50,50-60,60-70
        Joseph 50-60 (therefore bc 1770-1780)
        1 son  b 1815-1820 10-15
        3 sons b 1810-1815 15-20 could be Joseph below
        2 sons b 1800-1810 20-30 could be John (below) and James (below)
                                 son William (below) is on Morgan IL 1830 census
                                 Total of 7 sons
        Caty? 50-60
        1 dau 1815-1820 10-15 (this could be Jane Parks (Clodfelter) below)
        2 dau 1800-1810 20-30 (one could be Mary Polly Parks (McKamey) above)
                              (another could be Celia Parks below)
                              Jemima was already married by 1830 to McKamey above)
                              Total of 4 daughters
        1840 NO Parks in Anderson TN
        1840 Catherine Parks Jefferson County TN
                 Catherine 30-40, 1f  5-10
                 relationship to Joseph above is unclear (dau?)
        1850 Anderson Tennessee
             James 27 Eliz 21 Wm 3mo Mary 1
             realtionship to Joseph unclear
        Either of the two above could be Joseph children -- no later data.
        The remaining children MAY belong to Joseph:
        4.3 One potential child is William Parks
        That shows "Kelly" as Mother and John as father
        b 1799/1800
        married  1829 Morgan IL Anna Maria (Mary) Clotfelter
        1830 Morgan County IL census 1m 0-9 1m 20-29 1f 20-29
             William is adjacent to Joseph Clotfelder (1813-1886) on the 1830 census
             brother of Anna Maria and Michael Clotfelder (m Jane below)
             Anna Maria Clotfelder b Anderson TN in 1809 - d 1884
             (buried Mt Zion Cemetery, Mason IL)
             dau of Johan Jacob Glatfelter (1780 York PA-1867 Johnson NE)
             and Eva Sadler (1784 York PA - 1855 Mason IL) Dau of Frederick Sadler York PA
             m 1803. All Johan and Eva's Children born Anderson TN
        William died Pike Illinois?
          Joseph (1830 Morgan IL-1898) m 1861 Margareth Dew\
          (b 1837 Anderson TN - 1915 Havanna IL)
          John (1832 IL -1853)
          Catherine (1834- ) m1 1853 Mason IL Pleasant Benton
                             m2 1889 Adams Il William Likes
          Elizabeth R (1836 Pike IL-1917 Richmond KS) m 1857 Hiram Blount (1835-
          Jane (1839 Scott Il-1912 Mason IL) m 1858 Mason IL Thomas R. Blount
          (1838-1893 Kincaid KS)
          Oliver W (1843 Pike IL-1865) 85th IL Inf wounded Kennesaw Mt June 1864
                   died of complications two years later
          Mary V (1845 Pike IL- ) m 1864 Mason IL John Traylor
          William Jr. (1849 Pike IL-after 1912) m Bartletsville MO Molly Bartlet
        4.4 Another potential child of Joseph Parks and Caty Kelly is
        Jane Parks (1818 Tn - 1897 Mason IL)
        m 1837 IL Michael Clodfelter (b 1815 Anderson TN-1891 Mason IL)
        brother of Anna Marie Clotfelder above
        See the Swiss Glattfelder (Clotfelder) Family at:
        Martha Jane CLODFELTER
        Oliver W CLOTFELTER
        Lilly Catherine CLODFELTER
        Sarah Ann Eva CLOTFELTER
        George Washington CLOTFELTER
        Mary Josephine CLODFELTER
        Marcus D CLODFELTER
        4.5 Another potential child of Joseph Parks and Caty Kelly is
        Celia Parks b 1806 Anderson TN
        m 1830 William C (Buck) Griffith (1802 Anderson TN-1884)
               son of William Griffith (1758 Franklin VA
               m 1782 in Henry County VA Sussanah Jones (1765-1843 Anderson TN)
               dau of Thomas Jones ( -1788)
        had dau Mary Ann who married 1849 in Knox TN Wesley Walker (1823-
                had son Dr. Joseph Parks Walker (1857-1931)
        had son John Parks Griffith (1836-1912)
        had dau Jemima Jane
        1850 census Anderson TN
        Wm Griffith 47
        Celia 43
        Wm K 16
        John P 14
        Jemima J 11
        Amos J 8
        Alfred 6
        4.6 Another potential child of Joseph Parks and Caty Kelly is
        James Parks (1802 Anderson TN - 1843)
             m 1830 Margret Ann Tunnell (1808 Anderson - 1872 Pike IL)
               dau of Col John Tunnell (1773 Fairfax VA-Anderson TN) SLW
                      son of William Tunnnel (1751 Spotsylvania VA-1814 Anderson TN)
        4.7 Another potential child of Joseph Parks and Caty Kelly is a son John:
         John Parks m Mary Hankins 1840
            John S m Dicia Henry
            William m 1880 Sarah Brewster
            Hannah Parks m 1862 James Wills
            Rebecca Parks m 1866 George Hildner
            Celia Parks m 1864 Davis Wills
            Kate Parks m 1873 George Dawson
            Jasper Parks m 1867 Elizabeth Northcutt
        Illinois Census
        1850 Scott Ill
             John 45 b TN Mary 30 b TN John W 9 William 18 Hannah 15 Jasper 10 Rebecca 7
             Catherine 6 Isaac F 5 Celia 3 David 6mo
             Joseph 13 in home of James Smith
             Alfred 30 b TN hh alone
        1860 Scott Ill
             John 57 b TN Wm 28 Rebecca 18 Celia 12
             Jasper 20 in home of Jason Putnam laborer
             Hannah 21 in home of Jerome Mills servant
             Katie  16 in home of E.G. Miner servant
        1870 Scott Ill
             Jasper 30 Eliz 28 John 8m
             John W 35 Dicy b TN 40 Hardon 14 Wm 12 Sarah 10 George 8 Elizabeth 1
             William 36
                    Hannah 40 in home of Wm above Pauline 8
             Kate 24 in home of C G Miner
        4.8 Another potential? child of Joseph Parks and Caty Kelly is a son Joseph:
              This is "unlikely" given Samuel adjacant and first son named Samuel
            1850 Shelby IL
               Joseph Parks b TN 37, Lucinda 39 b TN, Samuel 12 b TN,
               John 11 b TN, Martin b 10 TN ?,Robert,Rebecca,Marion,
               Benjamin all < 10 b IL
            1840 Shelby IL
               Joseph C. Parks 20-30, 3m <5,1f 20-30
               Adjacent is Samuel Parks 70-80, 1f 60-70, 1f 10-15
     5.0 Nancy Parks (1793 VA - 1878 Anderson TN)
        1850 Anderson TN Census age 67 b VA with son Calloway
        m2 Jefferson Cty TN 1804 James King ( - 1821 Anderson TN)
        5.1 Phereby King (1804-
            m 1830 Frederick Shinlever (1800 PA-
        5.2 Wiley King (1805-
            m2 1856 Rebecca Loftis n Hancock IL
            5.2.1 John King (1857-
            5.2.2 Henry T. King (1860-
            5.2.3 Joel W King (1861-
            5.2.4 Josiah King (1863-
            m1 Elizabeth ? (1805-1850)
            5.2.5 William King (1828-
            5.2.6 Elizabeth Jane King (1837-1918)
            5.2.7 Thomas Kimg (1841-
            5.2.8 Robert King (1842-1924)
            5.2.9 Martha King (1845-
        5.3 William King (1808-1854)
            m 1843 Nancy Ann Farmer (1817-1892) dau of Abner Farmer and Nancy Ashlock
            5.3.1 Elizabeth King (1835-1892)(
            5.3.2 Perline Jane King (1837- ) m Newton Hendrix
            5.3.3 William Hurd King (1838 anderson TN -1911 Hancock IL) m Sarah Ash
            5.3.4 Agnes King (1843- ) m. Robert Preston
            5.3.5 John F. King (1845- ) m. Minerva Hendrix
        5.4 Jemima King (1810-1880 IL)
            m 1834  John Ashlock (1806-1883) son of William Ashlock and Sarah Sullens
            5.4.1   James King Ashlock ( 26 Oct 1835
            5.4.2   Elizabeth M Ashlock ( 23 Oct 1836
            5.4.3   William John Ashlock ( 08 Jul 1838
            5.4.4   Calloway Brazil Ashlock ( 02 Nov 1839
            5.4.5   Wiley Ashlock ( 09 Mar 1841
            5.4.6   Nancy Ann Ashlock ( 25 Nov 1843
            5.4.7   John Allen Ashlock ( 16 Apr 1845
            5.4.8   Wilburn W Ashlock  ( Apr 1847
            5.4.9   Clark Ashlock ( 22 Jun 1849
            5.4.10  Sara Ashlock ( 11 Jan 1851
        5.5 Sabrina Talitha King (1812-
            m 1838 James Farmer (1815-1860) son of Abner Farmer and Mary Ashlock
            5.5.1 Abner S. Farmer (1840
            5.5.2 Henry Farmer (1842
            5.5.3 Nancy Farmer (1844
            5.5.4 Tabitha Farmer (1845-
            5.5.5 Mary "Polly" Farmer (1849-
            5.5.6 William Farmer (1853
        5.6 Calaway King (1814-1906)
            m 1842 Agnes Farmer (1824-1899) dau of Abner Farmer and Mary Ashlock
            5.6.1 Lindsey King (1844-
            5.6.2 John A King (1846-
            5.6.3 Susan King (1848-
            5.6.4 Elizabeth King (1850-
            5.6.5 Clark King (1852-
            5.6.6 William Wiley King (1856-1905)
            5.6.7 Alfred King (1861-
       5.7 Clark King (1816-
            m 1837 Elizabeth Farmer (1822- IL) dau of Abner Farmer and Mary Ashlock
            5.7.1 James W King (1838 in Tn.
            5.7.2 Mary J King (1839 in Tn.
            5.7.3 Sarah King (1843 in Tn.
            5.7.4 Farilda King (1845 in Tn.
            5.7.5 Irene King (1849 in Illinois.
            5.7.6 John King (1852 in Illinois
            5.7.7 Ettie King (1860 in Illinois.
            5.7.8 Preston King (1863 in Illinois
    6.0 Elizabeth Parks (1783 NC - 1838 Greene IL)
        m 1807 Henry Etter (1783 Wythe VA-1856 Macoupin Illinois)
               Henry "the Hatter" Etter responsible for 2 bastard children
               in Wythe County VA with Nancy McCollough in 1806
               Henry Etter m3 1835 Elizabeth Griswold (1798-1867)
               Henry Etter m1 1805 Margret Wissman
        6.1 Malinda Etter (1808-
            m 1829 Greene IL John Piper (1808-1860)
            6.1.1 Margret Piper (1832 IL -
            6.1.2 Samuel M. Piper (1841 IL - ) 91st IL Infantry
                  m. Delilah Martin (1839-
         Jesse Clinton Piper (1882-
        6.2 Mary Polly. Etter (1810-   Greene IL)
            m. Isham P. Wood (1810- )
            6.2.1 Elizabeth Adeline Wood (1832-1892)
            6.2.2 Theophilus Wood (1841-1907)
        6.3 Jamima Etter (1812-
            m 1830 Greene IL Washington Campbell Linder (1808-
            6.3.1 Louisa Linder (1834 IL -
            6.3.2 Lester Linder (1836 IL -
            6.3.3 Rebecca Jane Linder (1838 IL -
            6.3.4 Johnson Linder (1846 IL -  ) 152 IL Inf
            6.3.5 Mathis Henry Linder (1853 IL -
        6.4 William Parks Etter (1814-
        6.5 Semintha Mariah Etter (1816-
            m 1838 Jefferson Brown (1814-
            6.5.1 John Brown (1840-
            6.5.2 Christine Brown (1845 Litchfield IL -
            6.5.3 Amanda Brown (1847-
            6.5.4 Mary Brown (1849-
        6.6 Catherine Etter (1818-
            m 1843 Jacob Shearer
        6.7 Henry Etter (1820-1906 Macopin IL)
            m 1844 Macoupin IL Asbereen Elizabeth Davidson (1824 Barren KY-
            6.7.1 George Etter (1845 Palmyra IL -
            6.7.2 James Etter (1848 Palmyra IL -
            6.7.3 Smith Etter (1851-
            6.7.4 Elijah Etter (1859-
        6.8 Nancy Etter (1822-1860 Henderson Texas)
            m 1839 James G. McManus
        6.9 John Etter (1824-1874)
            m 1845 Greene IL Nancy D. Harbour (1827 Christian KY-
            6.9.1 Mary F. Etter (1846-
            6.9.2 Elvin Etter (1847-
            6.9.3 William Henry Etter (1849-
            6.9.4 Sarah Caroline Etter (1850-1925
            6.9.5 James Morrow Etter (1852-
            6.9.6 John Calvin Etter (1854-
            6.9.7 Amarine Etter (1855-
            6.9.8 Elizabeth Etter (1857-
            6.9.9 Robert Cunningham Etter (1860-
            6.9.10 Hety Lucinda Etter (1863-
        6.10 Margret Etter (1826-
        6.11 George W. Etter (1828 Greene IL-1882)
            m1 Elizabeth Lane (1834-1882)
            6.11.1 Mary J. Etter (1850-
            6.11.2 George Etter (1857-
            6.11.3 James Martin Etter (1858-
            6.11.4 Clara Olive Etter (1870-
            6.11.5 Franklin Eldon Etter (1874-
            m2 Christe Ann Shively (1836-
        6.12 Young Smith Etter (1830-1853 IL)
            m 1850 Mary Ann Coatney
    7.0 John Parks (1773 - 1843 Barr Township Macoupin IL) SLW
        m1 Apr 1796 Dandridge Jefferson Cty TN Nancy Hoskins
          (13 Nov 1774 - 1822 Anderson TN)
        7.1 Rebecca Parks b JUL 1799 Jefferson Co., Tn. d 3 MAY 1859 IL)
            m 1818 James Clark Sinclair (1796 Knox TN -
            7.1.1 Nancy Adeline Sinclair (1819-
            7.1.2 John Parks Sinclair (1821 -1863 Zanesville Montgomery IL)
                  m Mary Ann Miller (1821-
            7.1.3 Louisa Sinclair (1823- m  1842 Pleasant Ewing Easle
            7.1.4 Sarah Mahala Sinclair (1825-
            7.1.5 Celia Sinclair (1827-
            7.1.6 Rebecca Jane Sinclair (1829-
            7.1.7 Lavina C, Sinclair (1831-
            7.1.8 James Clark Sinclair (1833-
                  m 1863 Elizabeth Jones
            7.1.9 Eda E. Sinclair (1835-
            7.1.10 Abram (1837-
            7.1.11 William (1839-
        7.2. Jesse Caswell Cobb PARKS
             Militia Major, Justice of the Peace, blacksmith
             b 16 JUN 1802 Wilson's P.O., Anderson Co., Tn.
             d 14 MAR 1874 Greenfield, Greene Co., Illinois
             m 22 OCT 1833 at: Knox Co., Tn.  Minerva Jewell YARNELL (1804-1894)
             Page 625
             PARKS, JOHN CAPT. - farmer and school teacher, Sec. 10, P.O. Greenfield,
             is the son of J. C. C. Parks, who was born in Tennessee, in 1802; was married,
             Oct. 22, 1833, to Minerva Yarnell who was born in 1804. They came to Greene
             County, Ill., a few days after their marriage, and entered land from the
             government, and had accumulated, at his death, 646 acres; died March 4, 1874.
             His land was left to George and John Parks. The mother lives at the age of
             seventyfour, and is living with her sons. John was in the late rebellion;
             enlisted Aug. 7, 1862, as private, and was elected sergeant and filled all
             the promotions of that office, except the fifth, then was commissioned as
             first lieutenant, filling that office a short time, then was commissioned
             as captain, which he filled till his discharge, which was July 28, 1865;
             participated in several battles. George Parks was married, in 1871,
             to Sarah. J. Mason; have three children Elmer w., Lulia E., Victor A.
             91 Illinois Infantry History
             7.2.1 William West Parks(1835-1870) mc 1864 Mary Caroline Hebert
             7.2.2 Martha Jane Parks (1837-1839)
             7.2.3 John  Parks(1838-1913) (Capt 91st IL Inf.) m Anna Brown (1843-1925)
             7.2.4 Mary Ann Parks b 1840 d 1841
             7.2.5 Louisa Parks b 1841
             7.2.6 James Luther Parks b 1844 - 1864
                   drowned Brownsville Texas Pvt 91 IL Inf
             7.2.7 George Washington Parks (1848-1923) m Sarah Jane Mason (1848-1908)
             7.2.8 Nancy Amarine Cheley Parks b 1850 d 1876
        7.3 Louisa PARKS
             b 15 MAY 1805 Jefferson Co., Tn.
             d 17 MAY 1850 Greenfield IL
             m 22 NOV 1825 Anderson Co., Tn. Luther TUNNELL (1793 Robertsville -1884
             Greenfield IL) SLW
             7.3.1 Nancy Adeline Tunnell (1827-1840)
             7.3.2 William Tunnell (1829-1867)
                   m  1853 Harriet Eliza Bookey
             7.3.3 Mary Jane Tunnell (1831-1902)
                   m 1857 William Sargent Gobble
             7.3.4 Rebecca Emmeran Tunnell (1834-1862)
                   m 1857 Robert Preston McKnight
             7.3.5 Martha Tunnell (1836-1914)
                   m 1855 Edmund Mills Cooper
             7.3.6 Louisa Elvira Tunnell (1836-1875)
                   m 1862 John Marion Linder
             7.3.7 John Calvin Tunnell (1841-1897)
                   m 1865 Elizabeth Fales
             7.3.8 Malvina Catherine (1843-1875)
                   m 1865 Isham M. Linder
             7.3.9 Minerva Virginia Etna Tunnell (1846-
                   m 1867 Edward Bailey
        7.4 William Hart Brown PARKS
            b 1813 Jefferson Co., Tn.
            d 1883 KY
         m 1852 California, Maniteau Co., Mo.  Rachel YARNELL (1814 TN
         7.4.1 Louisa Isabel Parkes (1854-
       7.5 Nancy Amerine PARKS
           b 1828 TN
           d 1868 IL
           m 1850 Greene IL Robert R. Cooper (1828 KY-1868 IL)
           7.5.1 Mary E 1851-1870
           7.5.2 Adrian Eugene 1864-1945
           7.5.3 Luther 1865-1868
           7.5.4 Henry E. 1859-1931
           7.5.5 John E. 1852-1855
           7.5.6 William S 1856-1857
           7.5.7 Lucy Bell (1862
          m2 Elizabeth Sparton
          7.6 Andrew Jackson Parks (1841-1865) died of disease 53 IL Inf
              m 1855 Elizabeth Shavers (1837-
          7.7 John Washington Parks (1844-1917) 133 IL Inf.
              m 1865 Susan Catherine Cole (1847-1930)
              7.7.1  Newton Keller Parks (1869-1953)
              7.7.2  female m John Chandler
              7.7.3  female m Harry Smith
              7.7.4  Nora m J.A. Skeen
              7.7.5  three children died young

    The children of William and Mary Parks married into a small number of Tennessee families located nearby in Jefferson/Anderson County. The following antecedent families for William and Mary's children are:

    • Hoskins Three first generation Parks children John, Peggy, Jemima married Nancy, John, and George Hoskins respectively. Jesse Hoskins sold the original land to William Parks in Greene county. The family origins are:
      Thomas Hoskinson Jr.
        B. 1712 (Prince Georges Co., MD Rock Creek Parish)
        Wife: Ann BEALE
        Children: all sons to Washington County TN(NC)
      1. Priscilla Hoskinson
      2. John Hoskins Sr. b 1742 died 1819 Harlan KY
         bought land 1782 Washington NC 5109 acres on both sides of Roane Creek
         m Ruth Lloyd
         children: Ezekiel, George, Mary Polly, Reuben, Thomas, Jesse b 1770,
         John JR b 1775
      3. Jesse Hoskins (see below) *****
      4. Ninian Ning Hoskins Sr. b 1747 dc 1808
      5. Josiah Hoskins d 1749 MD d 1784 Davidson TN
      6. Thomas Hoskins bc 1750
      7. Ann Hoskins bc 1753 MD
      Jesse HOSKINS
      B. Oct. 29, 1745 (Rock Creek Parish, Prince Georges Co., Maryland)
      D. April 17, 1808 (Anderson County, TN)
      Jesse and a small group of settlers arrived in the northeastern portion of
      Tennessee at about the time of the formation of the Watauga Association.
      When the first court was established in 1777 in Washington County, N. C.,
      the names of Abraham Hoskins, Constable; Ning Hoskins; Elijah Hoskins;
      Jesse Hoskins, Constable; John Hoskins and Ruth Hoskins, his wife;
      Josiah Hoskins; and James Hoskins was listed in the proceedings of the
      court. It is possible that all or part of the above mentioned Hoskinses were
      related but the writers have found no proof of this." From Jesse Hoskins
      Tennessee Pioneer and his Descendants.
      From the book "Jesse Hoskins; Tennessee Pioneer and his Descendants"
      Jesse served in the American Revolution and was paid for his services by
      script signed by Landon Carter and John Sevier, Nos. 385, 1130 and 1187.
      These scripts were used to purchase his land grants, and are on file at
      the North Carolina Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North
      Carolina. These grants are also listed in Penelope Allen's "Tennessee
      Soldiers in the American Revolution" and Cartright and Gardiner's
      "North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791".
      Further proof of Jesse's military service is noted in "Tennessee During
      the Revolutionary War" by C. S. Williams and "Annals of Tennessee" by
      Ramsey ( p. 212).
      "The next call upon the over-mountain men came in February 1780 from the
      North Carolina Council of a meeting of sundry of the Militia
      Officers of Washington this 18th day of March 1780...On the same page is
      a list of Captains. They are Captains McKnabb, Sevier, Hoskins, Been,
      Brown, Isbell, Trimble, Willson, Gist, Stinson, Davis, Patterson, Williams.
      " Even though the given name has been omitted the following reference will
      show that Jesse Hoskins held the rank of Captain. On page 23 of "Virginia
      Revolutionary Pension Applications, Vol. 35", abstracted by John Frederick
      Dorran, it is stated that William Everette "...went to the head of Holston
      in Virginia and there substituted in the place of John Paine who was a
      drafted militia man, and served under Capt. Jesse Hoskins against the
      Indians in 1782 for three months. He was stationed at Dotson's ford on
      the Holston River some time. He was in no engagement with the Indians and
      returned and was discharged by Capt. Hoskins..."
      Jesse married Mary A. ? (Hoskins). Mary died before Jul 1829 in
      Anderson County, Tennessee.
      DEATH: "Mary A----- Hoskins died before July 1829. In that same year her
      eldest son, George Hoskins, administered her estate." From "Jesse Hoskins
      Tennessee Pioneer and His Descendants" pg 07.
       1. Nancy HOSKINS (see 7.0 above)
       2. George HOSKINS (see 2.0 above)
       3. Sarah HOSKINS (1781- )
          m 1801 Wilkins KIRKPATRICK Jefferson County, Tennessee.
       4. John HOSKINS
       5. Mary HOSKINS (1786- ) m Joseph CROSS.
       6. Elizabeth HOSKINS (1788- )
       7. Jesse HOSKINS Jr.
       8. Delilah HOSKINS (1795- )
       9. Susannah HOSKINS (1798-
      10. Edah HOSKINS (1801- )
    • McKamey
      Joseph Parks (son of William and Mary had two children (Mary and Jemima See 4.1 and 4.2 above) who both married into the McKamey family. The McKamey origins are:
      See William McKamey (bc 1760 VA -1840 Knox TN) son of Robert McKamey (bc 1740 SC - ) and Sarah Cunningham (1745-1817) son of John McKamey (1710 Augusta VA-1789 Augusta VA) m Agnes Wadell son of John McKamie (1665 Ramelton Donegal Ireland-1735 PA) m 1798 Elizabeth Armstrong (b 1780 SC- ) dau of Robert Armstrong 1. Robert McKamey (1799- ) m Jemima Parks dau of Joseph Parks In "Lawrence County, Arkansas" By Turner Publishing Company, Robert and Jemima and 13 families left Anderson County TN and migrated to Lawrence AR 2. William C. McKamey (1810-1860) m Mary Parks dau of Joseph Parks 3. Barton McKamey (1813-1854) m Matilda Robbins (1818- 4. John Armstrong McKamey (1817- ) m. Margaret Bradley 5. Margaret Cunningham McKamey (1820-1863)

    • King and Farmer

      See: Nancy Parks (dau of Wm and Mary Parks see 5.0 above) married James King in 1804. There seems to be no data regarding James King's origins easily found on the Internet -- a virtual blank. However, the children of James King and Nancy Parks married into the Abner Farmer and Mary Ashlock family: Third child William m to Nancy Ann Farmer Fourth child Jemima to Nancy Ashlock Fifth child to James Farmer Sixth child to Agnes Farmer Seventh child to Elizabeth Farmer See: Abner Farmer (1780 Halifax VA - 1863) married Mary Ashlock son of Henry Farmer (1745-1835) and Sarah Echols (1750-1825) son of Henry Farmer (1718-1787) and Agnes Burton ( son of Henry Farmer (1686 Henrico VA - 1753 Chesterfield VA) m Sarah Ward (1710-1694) son of Henry Farmer (1657 Henrico VA-1717 Chesterfield VA) m Mary Clark

  16. Descendants of Andrew Jackson Parks
    son of William Parks (1777 PA - 1852 TN)
    son of Joseph Parks ( ? - 1816 TN)

    The descendants of Joseph Parks (as stated above) are well documented on Ken Parks' East Tennessee Parks pages. The descendants of William (b 1777 PA) are also documented on Ken's page.

    Below are the descendants of Andrew Jackson Parks and Marrha Minerva Price. Andrew is one of the younger sons of William. A partial list of descendants is shown on Ken's page, but my presenation below includes more detail:

    Martha Minerva Price b 1827 - after 1909 m Andrew J Parks (1817 TN-1870 TN)

    Andrew is the son of William Parks (1777 PA - 1852 TN) and Mary McCollum (1777 MD - 1856 TN), See Ken Parks' detailed page on the descendents of Andrew's grandfather Joseph Parks b Maryland; and Andrew's father William b PA in 1777; and Andrew.

    Martha Minerva Price is the daughter of the Reverend Henry Price (1785-1863) of Bradley Tennessee.

    Hayes Shed and Michigan Avenue Cemetery, Bradley County, Tennessee, USA
    Created by: Laurie Wilson

    Hayes Shed and Michigan Avenue Cemetery, Bradley County, Tennessee, USA
    Created by: Laurie Wilson

    Bradley County Tennessee
    Circuit Court
    Case Files Abstracts 1836-1860

    The Trial of Alexander Wallace
    for the Murder of Paul Herriford
    Bradley County Tennessee

    Prepared by:
    Cleveland Public Library Staff and Volunteers
    Charles A Sherrill, Editor

    Bonding of Alexander M Wallace
    ...for murder in the second degree... March 2nd 1849

    State versus Alexander M. Wallace
    We the undersigned Justices of the Peace for the County of Bradley having examined the testimony are of the opinion that the defendant if not guilty of of murder in the first degree, but is guilty of murder in the second degree and is ordered to be committed to the the jail of Bradley County.. and ordered to appear at the next term of the circuit court for the county of Bradley Tennessee

    Testimony of Esq. A. J. Parks

    [Parks though apparently a person of some consequence, since he is given the title Esquire, does not appear in the 1850 Bradley Census... He was the only man brave enough to try to part Herriford and Wallace, even while the bullets were flying.]

    A.J. Parks being next examined...

    Q. Were you or not present when the difficulty took place between the defendant and Mr. Herriford, and if so state all you heard or seen between the parties at the time.

    A. I know nothing about the commencement of the difficulty. I heard but a very few words pass before they clinched. The first words that I heard betwixt the parties, Mr Herriford was standing with one foot in the box and the other on the wheel.

    Herriford said to Wallace if he would take his hand out of his pockets and lay down his weapons, he could whip him, he did not fight with anything but his fist.

    Wallace told him he had a right to keep his hands in his pocket.

    Mr. Wallace then observed to Herriford he [Herriford] was a nasty triffling low bred son of a bitch.

    When he spoke that to Herriford he [Herriford] raised straight up in the stage again and jumped out of the stage on the left side of Wallace. And when he got out by the side of him, Stuart went to him and handed him a piece of paper.

    Then says Herriford to him {Wallace], who is a trifflinger, lower bred man than yourself.

    Then Herriford caught Wallace around the body, catching hold of his right arm with his right hand reaching around him. Then after that there was two shots from a gun or pistol, but did not see the pistol at that time.

    After the two fires of the pistol, I hallowed to some of the men to part them. There was no one took hold of them but myself, taking hold of both of them. Just as I took hold of them there was three more fires and a cap bursted, and after that took place I threw them apart, letting Wallace go and holding on to Herriford. Mr. Herriford said to me, don't hurt me any more. I told him I was not going to hurt him, was only going to part them. Am not certain when I first picked him up whether he said I am a dead man or not, something to that amount passed.

    During the time of the shooting there was some person hallowed Murder, but could not tell who it was until the last, and then understood it was Wallace, the man that was under.

    Cross Examination

    Did not hear Wallace tell Herriford to keep his hands off him. Can't state exactly how near I was when they commenced, but I suppose it was something like 5 feet when they clinched for fighting. Was off some distance when they commenced quarrelling. Wallace was standing with his left side to Herriford. Herriford remarked to Wallace who was a lower bred man than yourself.

    Mr. Wallace then went to turn so as to face Herriford and while in the act of turning, Herriford caught hold of him. I don't know that they got entirely on the ground during the scuffle. Wallace was probably on his knees at one time. Herriford was on top, don't know whether Herriford was a very stout man or not, was not acquainted with him.

    Don't know that I was doing anything after the fight commenced, accept to hallow to the men to part them. There was some 10 or 15 men standing off a short distance from where the scuffle commenced. The encounter lasted but a short time, was done very quick...

    They were within 3 or 4 feet of the wall of the house, on the pavement, when the first engagement took place. After that they scuffled off the pavement. There was a great deal of confusion and much surprise and there might have been some things taking place that I did not observe.


    A. J. Parks

    Here the State Closed her testimony


    Bradley TN 1850 Census
    A H Parks  33 Blacksmith 600 TN actually A.J.
    Martha M   23
    Henry J     8
    Robert S    4
    John W      2
    Susan       1
    Bradley TN 1860 Census
    A J Parks  45 Farmer 1000 500 TN
    Manerva    35
    Henry P    18
    Robert S   16
    John W     14
    Susan      12
    Mary        8
    Melvin      5
    Caldona     1
    Bradley TN 1870 Census
    Andrew J Parks 52 TN farmer
    Minerva Parks  48 TN
    Henry J Parks  27 TN
    Wesley Parks   23 TN
    Susan Parks    20 TN
    Melvina Parks  18 TN
    Bradley TN 1880 Census
    with son Robert
    Robert Park 36 TN TN TN farmer widower
    Manevr Park 56 TN TN TN mother
    Helena Park  9 IL TN IA daughter
    Manda Park   6 IL TN IA daughter
    Melvin Park  2 IL TN IA son
    Dilly King  15       IA niece

    Children of Andrew Parks and Minerva Price are:

    1. Henry Jackson Parks (1842 TN - 1906, Bradley Co., TN)

      He married 1872 Mary E. Finnell (1842 TN-1883 Bradley TN). He married 1884 Emma Brown daughter of Henry Brown and ? Reagan (1853 TN - 1931 Bradley TN).

      From the Bradley County TN genweb page on Henry


      H. J. PARKS, sheriff of Bradley County, was born February 12, 1842, in East Tennessee. He is the eldest of a family of four sons and three daughters of Andrew J. and Minerva (PRICE) PARKS. The father was born in East Tennessee, and was one of the first magistrates in that section. In 1838 he took an active part in removing the Indians westward. He was a farmer by occupation. His death occurred several years ago. The mother still lives; she is a daughter of Rev. Henry PRICE, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and the first circuit court clerk of Bradley County. The subject of our sketch received a common school education. At the age of seventeen he volunteered in Company E, Fourth Tennessee Cavalry, Federal Army. During three years of gallant service he was neither imprisoned nor wounded. After the war he engaged in the wagon-making business, at which he worked fourteen years. Two years he was a magistrate, in 1884 was elected sheriff, and has held the office since that time. He is a warm Republican, and a member of the Masonic Order and of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, to which his first wife also belonged. In 1872 he married Miss Mary E. FINNELL, by whom he had two children: George W. and Maggie I. In 1884 our subject married Miss Emma BROWN, who is connected with the Methodist Church.

      Henry was a private in Company E/F 4th Tennessee Cavalry (Union) 1863-1865.

      Compiled Service Records 4th Tennessee Federal Cavalry Company E (virtually identical to brother John W's record below)

      • Henry J. Parks, Company F, 4 Regiment Tennessee Cav., Company Descriptive Book, Age 21, Height 5'10", Complexion: dark; Eyes: blue; Hair: black; Where born: Bradley Co. TN; Occupation: farmer. Enlisted May 15, 1863; Where: Camp Robinson KY. By Capt. Shelton; Term: 3 years.
      • Henry J. Parks, Company E, 4 Regiment Tennessee Cav., Company Descriptive Book, Age 21, Height 5'10", Complexion: dark; Eyes: blue; Hair: black; Where born: Bradley Co. TN; Occupation: farmer. Enlisted May 25, 1863; Where: Camp Robinson KY. By Capt. Shelton; Term: 3 years.
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt, Company F 4th Regiment TN Cav., age 21. Muster-in Roll, Nashville Tenn, June 30, 1863. Muster in Date: June 30 1863, Camp Robinson Ky, Period 3 years.
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. F, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Enlistment-June 30 1863, Present. Tranfered June 30, 1863 to Company E
      • Henry J. Parks, Private Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, May-Jun 1863, Present
      • Henry J. Parks, Private Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jul and Aug 1863, Present
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jul-Oct 1863, Present
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Nov-Dec 1863, Absent, In convalescent camp at Nashville TN
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jan-Feb 1864. Absent, In convalescent camp at Nashville TN
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Mar-Apr 1864. Present
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, May-Jun 1864. Absent on detached service at Brigade Hdqrs since April 22 1864
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Apr-Aug 1864. Present
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Sep-Oct 1864. Absent on detached service at Brigade Hdqrs Decatur Ala
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Nov-Dec 1864. Absent, In convalescent camp at Nashville TN
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jan-Feb 1865. Present
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Mar-Apr 1865. Present
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Returns. Apr 1864 absent on det. service, May 1864 absent at Brig hqrs, June 1864 absent orderly at Brig Hdqrs since April 10 1864, July 1864 absent orderly at Brig Hdqrs Mooreville Ala, Apr 1865 on duty at Regmnt Hdqrs
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Age 21, Company Muster-out Roll, Nashville Tenn, July 12 1865. Muster Out Date: July 12 1865. Last Paid Aug 31 1864. Transferred from Company F to Company E July 1 1863.
      • Henry J. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Age 21, Company Muster-out Roll, Nashville Tenn, July 12 1865. Muster Out Date: July 12 1865. Last Paid Aug 31 1864. Clothing account last settled Oct 31 1863. Amt for clothing in kind or money advanced $77.43. Bounty Paid $25.00. Due $75.00

      See History of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry by Alexander Eckel, 1929

      Henry was Sheriff of Bradley County Tennessee in 1884.

      Hayes Shed and Michigan Avenue Cemetery, Bradley County, Tennessee, USA
      Created by: Laurie Wilson

      Hayes Shed and Michigan Avenue Cemetery, Bradley County, Tennessee, USA
      Created by: Laurie Wilson

      1880 Bradley Tennessee
      Henry Parks    36 TN blacksmith
      Mary E. Parks  36 TN
      George W. Parks 6 TN
      Magonie Parks   3 TN
      1900 Bradley Tennessee
      Henry J Parks 58 TN TN TN justice of peace
      Emma Parks    47 TN TN TN married 15 years
      Walter Parks  26 TN TN TN son painter
      Lena Brown    16 TN TN TN niece seamstress
                                [Emma's niece]
      Lena Parks    26 IL TN IL niece seamstress
                                [brother Robert Parks' daughter]
      1910 Bradley Tennessee
      Emma Parks 50 TN TN TN widow
      1920 Bradley Tennessee
      Emma Parks 66 TN TN TN widow
      1930 Bradley Tennessee
      Emma Parks  76 TN TN TN widow
      Maggie Kerr 53 TN TN TN widow step daughter


      1. George Walter (1874 TN - 1926 Bradley TN)

        He married 1904 Lucy B. Dickerson (1883 GA-1951) in Bradley TN

        Hayes Shed and Michigan Avenue Cemetery, Bradley County, Tennessee, USA
        Created by: Laurie Wilson

        1910 Bradley Tennessee
        Walter Parks     36 TN TN TN painter signs
        Lucy Parks       27 GA TN TN
                            married 5 years
                            2 children 2 surviving
        Cathleen Parks    4 TN TN GA dau
        Annis Parks       3 TN TN GA dau
        Severn Parks 1 4/12 TN TN GA son [Leverne?]
        1920 Bradley Tennessee
        G Walter Parks      45 TN TN TN painter signs
        Lucy B Parks        36 GA TN TN
        Kathaleen H Parks   14 TN TN GA dau
        Sarah A Parks       13 TN TN GA dau
        Archie L Parks      11 TN TN GA son
        George Henry Parks   8 TN TN GA son
        Charles E Parks 1 8/12 TN TN GA son
        1930 Bradley Tennessee
        Lucy Parks     47 GA TN TN widow
        La Verne Parks 21 TN TN GA son
        Henry Parks    18 TN TN GA son
        Everett Parks  11 TN TN GA son
        Lewis Parks     7 TN TN GA son


        1. Kathlene H Parks (1906-1972) m 1921 Parkerson (3 children)
        2. Sarah Agnes Parks (Annis) (1906-1965) m 1921 Langley (1 child)
        3. Archibald LuVern Parks (1908- ) m 1936 Nora Weight (1909-
          1. Sherry Ann Parks (1936- )
          2. Katheryn LuVern (1941- )
        4. George Henry Parks (1912-1944) m 1938 killed World War II No children
        5. Charles Everette Parks (1919 - ) m 1943 Inez Duggan in Bradley TN (2 children)
        6. William Lewis Parks (1923-1977) m 1953 (1 child)

      2. Margorie A. Parks (1877 TN - 1935 Bradley TN)

        m. 1894 A. M. Kerr (1873-1920)

        1910 Bradley Tennessee
        Bolden Herr   37 TN TN TN horse dealer
        Magnolia Herr 33 TN TN TN
        Lester Herr   15 TN TN TN son
        Elisha Mason  73 MA MA MA boarder
        1920 Bradley Tennessee
        Archibald M Kerr 47 TN TN TN horse trader
        Maggie Kerr      42 TN TN TN
        Margaret Minar   15 TN MS TN niece
        1930 Bradley Tennessee
        Emma Parks  76 TN TN TN widow
                       [widow of Henry J Parks above]
        Maggie Kerr 53 TN TN TN widow

    2. Robert L Parks (1846 TN - 1885, Bradley Co., TN)

      Wagon maker and blacksmith

      Tennesse State Marriages at (see this) says Robert Parks married Nancy Turner Dec 17 1865 in Bradley TN.

      Married second 1869 Sophia Kilgore (1848 IA - 1880 Bradley TN). He married third in 1882 Mahala Harvey (1862- ). She was the daughter of James L. and Hannah Harvey [Bradley 1870 age 11; Bradley 1880 census age 18] Mahala Harvey Parks Raper states in her pension file that he was struck and killed by a railroad train Oct 31 1885. She married second James Raper.

      Hayes Shed and Michigan Avenue Cemetery, Bradley County, Tennessee, USA
      Created by: Laurie Wilson

      Private, Company E 4th Tennessee Cavalry (Union) 1863-1865. See History of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry by Alexander Eckel, 1929

      Compiled Service Records 4th Tennessee Federal Cavalry Company E (virtually identical to brother John W's record below)

      • Robert L. Parks, Company E, 4 Regiment Tennessee Cav., Company Descriptive Book, Age 18, Height 5'9", Complexion: fair; Eyes: blue; Hair: sandy; Where born: Bradley Co. TN; Occupation: farmer. Enlisted May 15, 1863; Where: Cleveland; By Capt. Shelton; Term: 3 years.
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt 4th Regiment TN Cav., age 18. Detachment Muster Roll, Nashville Tenn, June 13, 1863. Muster in Date: May 25, 1863, Camp Robinson Ky, Period 3 years.
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, May-Jun 1863, Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Teamster, Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jul-Aug 1863, Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jul-Oct 1863, Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Nov-Dec 1863, Absent, In convalescent camp at Nashville TN
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jan-Feb 1864. Absent, In convalescent camp at Nashville TN
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Mar-Apr 1864. Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, May-Jun 1864. Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Apr-Aug 1864. Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Sep-Oct 1864. Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Nov-Dec 1864. Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jan-Feb 1865. Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Mar-Apr 1865. Present
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Returns Aug 1863 on duty driving team. Oct 1863 on duty Teamster. Nov 1863 on duty teamster in QM Dept, Dec 1863 to Jan 1864 absent on detached service at Nashville since Dec 26 1863. Mar to June 1864 on duty as Teamster. July 1864 on duty Regimental Teamster. Aug to Oct 1864 on duty teaqmster Dec 1864 on duty Teamster. Feb 1865 on duty teamster.
      • Robert L. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Age 18, Company Muster-out Roll, Nashville Tenn, July 12 1865. Muster Out Date: July 12 1865. Last Paid Aug 31 1864. Clothing Account last settled Aug 31 1864. Amt for clothing in kind or money adv'd $14.14. Bounty Due $100

      1870 DeWitt, Turnbridge Illinois
      Robt L Parks 27 TN
      Sophia Parks 22 IA farmer
      1880 Bradley Tennessee
      Robert Park 36 TN TN TN farmer widower
      Manevr Park 56 TN TN TN mother
      Helena Park  9 IL TN IA daughter
      Manda Park   6 IL TN IA daughter
      Melvin Park  2 IL TN IA son
      Dilly King  15       IA niece

      Children with Sophia Kilgore:

      1. Helena (1871 IL - ) m. 1900 John Ruble Marshall

        1910 Bradley, Tennessee
        John R Marshall 40 TN TN TN
        Lena Marshall   37 IL TN IL
        1920 Hamilton, Tennessee
        J Walter Marshall 48
        Wallie Marshall   45
        Allen Marshall    19
        Leonard Marshall  15
        John R Marshall   50 TN brother manager clothing widow
        1930 Hamilton, Tennessee
        John R Marshall  60 TN TN TN cutter clothing store
                            age at first marriage 30
        Philona Marshall 29 TN TN TN
                            age at first marriage 30
        Samuel W Marshall 7 TN TN TN
        Peggy G Marshall  2 TN TN TN

      2. Manda [Maude or Maud] (1874 IL - )
        Married 1892 Jackson W. Hannah [John W Hannah] (1870 Benton TN- ) [see this] son of Joshua Columbus Hannah (1830- ) and Mary White Hildebrand (1839-1898) of Polk County TN [Mary Hildebrand is on: 1851 Siler roll Polk Co, TN, fam# 11, roll# 1495; 1852 Chapman roll Polk Co, TN, fam# 11, roll# 1537; 1882-84 Hester roll Dunn, Murray Co, GA, fam# 737, roll# 2621 as Mary Hannah, 1/16th Cherokee]
        Mary White Hildebrand was the daughter of John Walker Hildebrand (1818-1910) and Eliza Jane White (1824-1894). John Walker Hildebrand was the great grandson of Nancy Walker.
        Jack W Hannah was on: 1882-84 Hester roll: Dunn, Murray Co, GA, fam# 737, roll# 2625 as Jackson Hannah; 1906-09 Miller roll: Chattanooga, TN, ap# 2775, roll# 1047 as Jack W Hannah

        1900 Hamilton, Chattanooga Tennessee
        Jackson Hannah 24 TN TN TN RR car inspector
        Malta Hannah   22 IL TN TN
        Bulah Hannah    7 TN TN IL
        Sophia Hannah   4 TN TN IL
        Mary C Hannah   2 TN TN IL
        1910 Hamilton, Chattanooga Tennessee
        W Hannah Jr       38 TN TN TN yard clerk RR
        Maudie Hannah     33 IL IL IL
        Beula Hannah      16 TN TN IL [Beulah Hery]
        Sophia Lee Hannah 14 TN TN IL [Sophia Lee]
        Cecil Hannah      11 TN TN IL [Mary Cecil]
        Paul Hannah        7 TN TN IL

        1. Beulah Hery Hannah (1894-
        2. Sophia Lee Hannah (1896-
        3. Mary Cecil Hannah (1899-
        4. Paul Hannah (1903- )

      3. Melvin Parks (1878 IL - )

        "Mell Parks" married in Bradley TN Aug 22 1899 "Mannie Choocher"

        1900 Hamilton, Chattanooga Tennessee
        Melvin Parker 22  TN TN IL laborer tannery
        Mamie Parker  19  GA GA TN

      4. Infant PARKS

      Children of Robert Parks with Mahala Harvey (she m2 James Raper):

      1. Virgie (1882 Bradley TN - )
        Married Sam Wallace Aug 9 1902 Bradley Tennessee (Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002 see this at Arthur Vest bondsman -- Vest is on Bradley TN census 1900 age 23 farmer.

        1900 Bradley Tennessee 1900 Bradley Tennessee
        James Rapier  30 TN NC TN
                         farm laborer
        Mahala Rapier 34 TN TN TN
        Lillie Rapier 11 TN TN TN
        Mollie Rapier  6 TN TN TN
        James Rapier   5 TN TN TN
        Fredric Rapier 1 TN TN TN
        Virgie Parks  17 TN TN TN
                         house servant
                         step daughter
           Virgie is also here
        Robert B Harle 30 TN TN TN clerk
        Sophia Harle   27 TN TN TN
        Hugh D Harle    1 TN TN TN
        Virgie Parks   17 TN TN TN servant
        1910 Bradley Tennessee 1910 Bradley Tennessee
        James Rapier   47 TN TN TN
        Marla Rapier   49 TN TN TN
        Mollie Rapier  17 TN TN TN
        James Rapier   13 TN TN TN
        Freddie Rapier 10 TN TN TN
        Samuel Wallis 36 TN TN TN
                         engineer pump station
        Virgie Wallis 26 TN TN TN
        Ella Wallis    7 TN TN TN
        Mamid Wallis   5 TN TN TN
        1920 Bradley Tennessee
        Sam Walace         51 TN TN TN farmer
        Virgia Walace      39 TN TN IL
        Ellie Walace       16 TN TN TN
        Mamia Walace       14 TN TN TN
        Charley Walace      8 TN TN TN
        William Walace 4 2/12 TN TN TN
        1930 Bradley Tennessee
        Sam W Wallace   57 TN TN TN farmer
        Virgie Wallace  47 TN TN TN
        Charles Wallace 19 TN TN TN
                           salesman dry goods stroe
        Nellie Wallace  23 TN TN TN
                           clerk dry goods store
        William Wallace 13 TN TN TN
        Nonnie Wallace  20 TN TN TN
        Sam B Wallace    6 TN TN TN


        1. Ellie Wallace (1904-
        2. Mamie Wallace (1906-
        3. Nonnie (1910
        4. Charles Wallace (1912-
        5. William Wallace (1917-
        6. Sam Wallace (1924-

      2. Jellmer (Feb 1885 Bradley TN - Nov 1885 Bradley TN)

    3. Rev. John Wesley Parks (1847 TN - 1937 GA)

      Rev. John Wesley Parks

      Mary Ann Hayes
      Daughter of William Sidney Hayes and Ellen Hockenhull
      (see Hockenhull and Hayes page
      for the complete Parks-Hayes descendants).

      Click here for downloading and framing the 20" by 16" archival image of John and Mary

      Photo from: Mo & Dave Gates 10/20/2010

      Graves of John Wesley and Mary Ann (Hayes) Parks
      Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery
      Dawson County
      Georgia, USA

      Private, Company E 4th Tennessee Cavalry (Union) 1863-1865. See History of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry by Alexander Eckel, 1929

      Compiled Service Records 4th Tennessee Federal Cavalry Company E

      • John W. Parks, Company E, 4 Regiment Tennessee Cav., Company Descriptive Book, Age 18, Height 5'7", Complexion: fair; Eyes: blue; Hair: dark; Where born: Bradley Co. TN; Occupation: farmer. Enlisted July 1, 1863; Where: Decatur; By Capt. Hunter; Term: 3 years.
      • John W. Parks, Pvt 4th Reginet TN Cav., age 18. Detachment Muster Roll, Nashville Tenn, Aug 31, 1863. Muster in Date: July 1 1863, Decatur, Tenn, Period 3 years.
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jul-Aug 1863, Present
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jul-Oct 1863, Present
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Nov-Dec 1863, Absent, In convalescent camp at Nashville TN
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jan-Feb 1864. Absent, In convalescent camp at Nashville TN
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Mar-Apr 1864. Present
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, May-Jun 1864. Present
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Apr-Aug 1864. Present
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Sep-Oct 1864. Absent. On detached duty at Franklin TN
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Nov-Dec 1864. Present
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Jan-Feb 1865. Present
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Mar-Apr 1865. Absent. J.W. Parks on detached service near H(?)aynes Bluff Ala
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Company Muster Roll, Mar-Apr 1864. Present
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Returns Mar-May 1864. On Duty. Teamster. April 1865 absent at Hubbard's Bluff Ala with convalescent horses
      • John W. Parks, Pvt. Co. E, 4th Regiment East Tennessee Cav., Age 18, Company Muster-out Roll, Nashville Tenn, July 12 1865. Muster Out Date: July 12 1865. Last Paid Aug 31 1864. Clothing Account last settled Aug 31 1864. Amt for clothing in kind or money adv'd $43.35. Due U.S. for arms equipment $8.00. Retained one Remington pistol.
      • Enlistment. July 1 1863, by Lt. Hunter, 4th Regiment Cav E Tenn Vols.

      "I solemnized the rites of matrimony between the within named parties on the sixth day of November, 1866," signed, Anderson Campbell, J P for Bradley Co TN. The bride is Mary Ann Hayes and the groom, John Wesley Parks.

      After a few yrs, the couple moved to Dawsonville Georgia. The family church membership was at Sweetwater. John answered the call to the ministry pastoring and preaching at Baptist churches in Dawson County. In "A Bicentennial Look at Dawson Co." Rev. Parks is listed as pastoring New Bethel Baptist in 1883-84, 1897-1899, 1907-1908, 1918-1919. He pastored Bethel Baptist 1901-02. John and Mary Ann are buried at Bethel. Many stories are told about the preaching of Bro. Parks. Many times he would preach from the seat of the pew. It would not be unusual for him to proceed to get upon the back of the pew, one foot on the back of one pew, the other foot on the back of the next pew. He was a small agile man with a good voice, giving to "fire and brimstone sermons. As often quoted verse of scripture he used is "God is not mocked, whatsoever one sows, that shall he also reap."

      David Wilson, Commerce, GA Dawson Co Heritage Book, page 191

      1870 Bradley Tennessee
      John W Parks    22 TN farmer 175
      Mary A Parks    19 TN
      Orland Parks     2 TN
      Susan E Parks 3/12 TN
      John Maloy      22 TN farm laborer
      1880 Dawson Georgia Tennessee
      Wesley Parks 32 TN TN GA farmer
      Ann Parks    30 GA GA GA
      Lena Parks   13 GA GA GA
      Lizzie Parks 10 GA GA GA
      Milton Parks  8 GA GA GA
      Robt Parks    6 GA GA GA
      Walker Parks  1 GA GA GA
      1900 Dawson Georgia Tennessee
      John W Parks   52 TN TN GA farmer
      Mary A Parks   48 TN TN TN
                        married 34 years 9 children 8 surviving
      Susan E Parks  30 TN TN TN
      John M Parks   23 GA TN TN farm laborer
      Walker B Parks 21 GA TN TN farm laborer
      Wesley W Parks 19 GA TN TN farm laborer
      Clair Parks     9 GA TN TN farm laborer
      1910 Forsyth, Barker Georgia
      John W Parks 63 TN TN TN minister
      Mary A Parke 59 TN NC Eng
                      married 44 years 9 children 7 surviving
      1920 Dawson, Dawsonville Georgia
      John W Parks 75 TN TN TN clergyman church
      Anne Parks   67 TN TN Eng
      1930 Hall, Gainesville Georgia
      J W Parks 85 TN TN TN widowed

      Children of Mary Ann Hayes and John Wesley Parks:

      1. Orlena Parks (1868 Cleveland TN - 1902 Dawson GA) m William A. "Bud" Etris 1868 -
      2. Susan E. Elizabeth (Lizzie) (1870-1938 Dawson GA) m. Andrew Jackson Anderson (Jack) 1868-1952
      3. Melvin Parks (1872-1939 Atlanta GA) m. Mary McKee Burt. No children.
      4. Robert Henry Parks(1875-1960) m. Caroline Malinda Burt (Callie) 1875-1947
      5. Dr. Walker Belle Parks (1878 - 1951 Starke FL) m. Leila Bryan (1902-1955) daughter of Thomas Johnson Bryan (1831-1897) and Annis Brown (1836-1897) of Pickens GA.

        Click here for downloading and framing the two 20" by 16" archival images of Ida Leila Bryan and Dr. Walker Parks' parents

        See Thomas Johnson Bryan site.

      6. Watson Parks (1881-1958) m1 Lila Castleberry 1904 - 1978 m2 Ann Eugenia Hulsey 1885 - 1979
      7. Mary Ophelia (Mamie) Parks (1883-1966 Dawson GA) m. 1899 in McKee Dawson County Georgia Calvin Lowinslo Burt (1879 Dawson GA-1935 Dawson GA) son of James Calvin Burt (1843 Lumpkin GA-1899 Dawson GA) and Sarah Sallie Talley (1844 Lumpkin GA-1913 Dawson GA) daughter of Jeptha Talley (1819 Pickens SC-1874 Whitfield GA) and Nancy Lucinda Palmour (1816 SC-1896 Dawson GA).
      8. Ida Parks (1885 Lumpkin GA- ) died at age 2
      9. Clara Parks (1890-1990) m. Thad Pirkle

    4. Susan Parks (1849 TN -
      Married in 1872 George W Byrd (1849-

      1880 Bradley Tennessee
      Geo. W. Byrd  31 TN TN TN farmer
      Susan Byrd    30 TN TN TN
      Lee Byrd       8 TN TN TN son
      Mary E. Byrd   5 TN TN TN
      1900 Bradley Tennessee
      Lea Byrd    23 TN TN TN weaver woolen mill
      Emma Byrd   20 TN TN TN
      Susan Byrd  53 TN TN TN mother widow
                     4 children 4 surviving
      Annie Byrd  17 TN TN TN sister
      Robert Byrd 10 TN TN TN brother
      Alma Byrd    8 TN TN TN sister

      Children of Susan Parks and George Byrd:

      1. Lee Byrd (1872-

        See 1900 Bradley Census with mother Susan above
        Married Emma Thurman 1900 in Bradley TN

        1910 Bradley Tennessee
        Lee Byrd    36 TN TN TN shipping department factory
        Emma Byrd   30 TN TN TN
        Creed Byrd   8 TN TN TN
        Carl Byrd 6/12 TN TN TN
        1920 Bradley Tennessee
        Leal I Byrd  46 TN TN TN farmer
        Emma Byrd    41 TN TN TN
        Cecil Byrd   17 TN TN TN son
        Carroll Byrd 10 TN TN TN son
        1930 Bradley Tennessee
        Lee Byrd    59 TN TN TN forman woolen mill
        Carl Byrd   20 TN TN TN truck driver concrete
        Bertha Byrd 20 TN TN TN daughter-in-law


        1. Carl Byrd (1910 TN - ) married at age 21 Bertha Evans in 1929 in Bradley TN and married at age 24 Ora Elliot in 1934 in Bradley TN. See father's 1930 census of Bradley TN above.
        2. Creed Bryd (1903 TN -
          1930 Bradley Tennessee
          Creed Byrd      28 TN TN TN auto mechanic
          Willie Byrd     26 TN TN VA
          Billie Byrd      6 TN TN TN
          Sharon Byrd 2 8/12 TN TN TN
          Ladien Byrd   6/12 TN TN TN
          Delzie Ewin     29 TN TN TN
          Ruth Ewin       19 TN TN TN

      2. Mary E. Byrd (1875-
        Married Joseph Hughes 1894 Bradley TN

        1900 Bradley Tennessee
        Joseph Hughes 46 TN TN TN barber
        Mary Hughes   24 TN TN TN married 6 years

      3. Ann Byrd (1883 TN -
      4. Robert Byrd (1890 TN - 1966 TN)
        Married 1912 in Bradley at age 22 Lizzie Godfrey
      5. Alma Byrd (1892 TN

    5. Mary Parks (1852 TN-1890 TN)
      Married David G Cooper in 1868 (see Ron Evans' pages with pension documents, photo page and David Green Cooper's Genealogy)

      The three Cooper brothers (sons of Edward Cooper: David G Cooper; Thomas B. Cooper and William W Cooper) were in the same unit as the three Parks brothers (sons of Andrew J Parks: Henry Parks, Robert Parks and John Wesley Parks) -- the 4th Tennessee Union Cavalry. In 1861 while the Confederate forces held Bradley County, many Bradley men were conscripted into the army. Among those were brothers David Cooper and William W Cooper and brother-in-law Henry J Parks. They all were conscripted in December 1861 in Cleveland Tennessee into the 36th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. This unit was subsequently disbanded owing to the desertion rate amongst the conscripts. All three Parks brothers and Cooper brothers eventually served in the 4th Tennessee Union Cavalry.

      1850 Bradley TN Census
      Edward Cooper  55 England
      Ruth Cooper    23
      Esaac Cooper   27
      Esther Cooper  23
      William Cooper 18
      Sarah Cooper   17
      Thomas Cooper  11
      David Cooper    6
      1860 Bradley TN Census
      Edward Cooper  66 England
      Rutha Cooper   61 TN
      David Cooper   16 TN

      David Cooper's Invalid Pensions:

      State of Tennessee County of Bradley , SS:

      On this 23 day of August A.D. one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine personally appeared before me, a Clerk of Court of Record, within and for the county and State aforesaid, J. S. Roberts aged 57 years, who being duly sworn according to law. makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension provided by act of Congress approved June 27, 1890: That he is the legal guardian of Eva Lee Cooper (only child of David G. Cooper under 16 at the time of his death), legitimate child ---- of David G. Cooper who enlisted under the name of David G. Cooper at Bradley County Tenn on the 13th day of February, 1863 in Company E 4th Regt TennesSee Cavalry Vol as a Private and served at least ninety days in the service of the United States in the War of the Rebellion; and was honorably discharged 12 July 1865. and died August 20. 1899 That he left no widow surviving him only wife Mary died Nov 28, 1890. That the names and dated of birth of all the surviving children of the soldier under sixteen years of age are as follows;

      Eva Lee born, September 13, 1887

      Neither the soldier nor his said wife was ever married but once and there never was any divorce between them.

      Said Cooper was pensiones on Ctf No 819010.

      That the father was married under the name of David G. Cooper to Mary Parks Sep. 3. 1868, there being no legal barrier to such marriage. That the declarant hereby appoints with full power of substitution and revocation E. S. DeLANY of Cleveland Tennessee State of Tenn. his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim and to receive therefor a fee of ten dollars; That his Post Office Address is Cleveland county of Bradley State of Tennessee.

      1870 Polk Tennessee
      David Cooper    26 TN farm hand
      Mary Cooper     19 TN
      Martha Cooper 6/12 TN
      1880 Bradley Tennessee
      David Cooper     35 TN farmer
      Mary Cooper      27 TN
      Martha C. Cooper 10 TN
      Susan Cooper      8 TN
      Oscar Cooper      2 TN
      Laura Cooper     4M TN


      1. Martha C. Cooper (Mattie) (1871 Bradley TN-1893 Bradley TN) m. 1889 Bud Pitman
      2. Eddie Cooper (Sep 1873 Bradley TN - Dec 1873 Bradley TN)
      3. Susan M. Cooper (1875 Bradley TN - 1902 Bradley TN) m. 1893 John J. Tracy
      4. Oscar M. Cooper (1878 Bradley TN - 1928 Waukegan IL) m. 1895 Mary Barrett
      5. Laura Neoma Cooper (1880 Bradley TN-1978 Knox TN) m. 1899 George Darr Paul
      6. Johnie H. Cooper (1883 Bradley TN- 1885 Bradley TN)
      7. Eva Lee Cooper (1887 Bradley TN - 1980 Knox TN) m. Charles H. Glenn

    6. Melvin Parks (1854 TN - )
      Married Masina Barrett (1856 Lumpkin GA- before 1900) in 1878 daughter of John R Barrett (1820 Hall GA-1890 Dawson GA) and Martha Elizabeth Sewell (1821 Moore NC-1905 Dawson GA) (See this). Masina is buried at Salem UMC Barrettsville, Dawson GA.

      Milton County GA created in 1857 was incorporated into Fulton County in 1931 after the county went bankrupt during the depression.
      1880 Dawson, Barretts Georgia
      Melven C. Parks 25 TN TN TN farming
      Masina Parks    24 GA GA NC
      M. J. Parks    10M daughter
      H. C. Parks     26 sister-in-law
      1900 Milton, Double Branch Georgia
      Melvin C Parks  45 TN TN TN blacksmith
      Bessie B Parks  13 GA TN GA
      Benjiman H Parks 9 GA TN GA
      John R Parks     8 GA TN GA
      1910 Cherokee, Georgia
      Albert Bryant   39 head            TN TN TN farmer
      Melvin C Parks  57 widowed boarder GA US US blacksmith own shop


      1. M.J. Parks (1880-
      2. Bessie B (1887-1932) m Joseph Lee Garner(1887 GA- ) son of William M Garner (1853 GA- ) in Cherokee GA 1900 GA

        1910 Cherokee, Mullins Georgia
        Joe Garner      24 GA GA GA
        Bessie Garner   29 GA TN GA married 2 years 2 children 2 surviving
        Lee Garner  1 8/12 GA GA GA son
        Myrtie Garner 8/12 GA GA GA
        1920 Milton, Double Branch Georgia
        Joseph L Garner    34 GA GA GA farmer
        Bessie Garner      33 GA TN GA
        Lee T Garner       11 GA GA GA son
        Myrtie B Garner    10 GA GA GA
        Marina M Garner     8 GA GA GA
        Eva May Garner      5 GA GA GA
        Margree Garner 2 6/12 GA GA GA
        Essie P Garner   5/12 GA GA GA

        Children (see this):

        1. Thomas Lee Garner (1908-
        2. Myrtle Belle Garner(1910-
        3. Masina Marcilla Garner (1912-
        4. Eva Me Garner (1915-
        5. Margee Garner (1917-
        6. Essie Pearl Garner (1919-
        7. William Talmadge Garner (1921-
        8. Ethel Elizabeth Garner (1923-
        9. Boyd Harrison Garner (1926-

      3. Benjamin Harrison Parks (1891-1967) m Mattie Lee Densmore

        1920 Cherokee, Cross Roads Georgia
        Harrison B Parks    32 GA TN GA farmer
        Mattie L Parks      33 GA GA GA
        Verna M Parks        7 GA GA GA
        Willis H Parks 3 10/12 GA GA GA
        Catherine D Parks 8/12 GA GA GA
        1930 Milton, Double Branch Georgia
        Benjamin H Parks  40 GA TN GA farmer
        Mattie L Parks    43 GA GA GA
        Verna M Parks     17 GA GA GA
        Willie H Parks    14 GA GA GA
        Catherine O Parks 11 GA GA GA
        Gertrude W Parks   8 GA GA GA
        George W Parks     6 GA GA GA

        Children (see this):

        1. Verna Morris Parks (1912
        2. Willias Harrison Parks (1916
        3. Cathryn Otellis Parks (1919
        4. Wynette Gertrude Parks (1920
        5. George Washington Parks(1923

      4. John R Parks (1892-

        1920 Cherokee, Canton Georgia
        John Parks     29 GA GA GA slasher cotton mill
        Mamie Parks    28 GA GA GA
        Hubert Parks   12 GA GA GA
        Bertha Parks   10 GA GA GA
        J W Parks    5/12 GA GA GA
        Macie Simmons  22 GA GA GA companion
        George Hudgins 18 GA GA GA boarder
        Marion Hudgins 17 GA GA GA boarder
        1930 Chattooga, Trion Georgia
        John R Parks      37 GA TN TN slasher cotton mill
        Mamie Parks       37 GA GA GA
        Hurbert B Parks   22 GA GA GA weaver cotton mill married 2 years
        Estes P Parks     20 TN TN GA daughter-in-law
        John W Parks      10 GA GA GA
        John R Parks       5 GA GA GA
        Frances L Parks 2/12

  17. Possible families for Joseph and William

    1.  Robert Parks and younger brother John (James) Parks "tea merchant Hagarstown/Baltimore sons of John Parks (d 1777 Warrington Township, York County PA)

      There is a well documented John Parks in Maryland (Frederick 1770-177/8, then Baltimore) who was a tea merchant and a Frederick MD accused traitor. He was arrested, jailed and released in Baltimore 1781 See the Frederick and Baltimore detail for John Parks -- tea merchant here.

      Two recent documents from Ken Parks shows that this John the tea merchant may be John (or James) Parks son of John Parks who left a will in York County PA in 1777 (from the Park/e/s Society). A second document was written by Sarah Gibson and chronicles some Parks genealogy that matches the story and partially matches the family tree of the John Parks of York PA will. Sarah Gibson uses the name James instead of John as stated in the York PA will. I combined the two genealogies in on diagram and added some new stuff.

      This John Parks is likely NOT the father of Joseph -- but he may be related. Joseph is too old to be a son of John the tea merchant and is not listed on the York will of John Parks in York PA in 1777.

      Joseph and William could be the sons of Robert Parks son of John (executor of the 1777 York will)

      Robert owned land in York County as did father John

      Robert appears in Loudoun County VA 1775-76 with Joseph as a Tithable in 1775.

      After 1777 (when John Parks of York PA died), Robert appears as a landowner in York Pennsylvania (Warrington township) during the early 1780s. This implies that John Parks' land reverted to eldest son Robert in 1777. Specifically, in "Returns of taxables of the county of York: for the years 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782 and 1783", by William Henry Egle, 1879, the York tax records say:

      • pg 91 1779 Robert Parks 10 acres Warrington Township
      • pg 293 1780 Robert Parks 100 acres Warrington Township
      • pg 413 1781 Robert Parks 100 acres Warrington Township
      • pg 413 1782 Robert Parks 113 acres Warrington Township
      • Robert Parks in Warrington Township 1783 150 acres value 132

      According to Sarah Gibson's book, Robert would have been the eldest son born circa 1737 in Ireland. While Joseph and William remain in Loudoun county after 1777, Robert Parks -- with whom Joseph is living in 1777, is listed in Shelburne parish in 1776, 1777 and 1780. Joseph is in Loudoun VA in 1774, 1775, 1776, 1777 as a tithable. Joseph has land transactions with brotehr William in 1778 and 1779. William also appears in Loudoun as a tithable in Cameron parish in 1774.

      Robert thereafter disappears. No will. No Death date.

      There is a Robert Parks buried in Alleghany County PA, in the Montour Presbyterian Cemetery, Robinson Township, Oakdale, Alleghany County PA. He died 1816 at age 78, thus born 1738. This is near the date stated for Robert Parks son of John Parks of York PA who died in 1777 in Sarah Gibson's book. (see this)

      Alleghany County PA References to "Robert Parks"

      1. Robert Parks appears on the 1798 tax lists, Second district Moon Township, Allegheny County
      2. Allegheny County 1791
        • Parks, James, 1 .3
        • Parks, John, 5 .1
        • Parkes, Samuel, 5 .1
        • Parkes, Robert, 7 .5
      3. 1790 Alleghany Census, Robert PArk, 2 m > 16, 2m 0-16, 2 f

      Here is the John of York; his son John the Tea Merchant's story (brother Robert is not detailed):

      1. Sarah Gibson's Book
      2. The York PA Will of John Parks 1777 from the Park Society
      3. Combined Sarah Gibson's AND John Parks of York PA
      4. Supplemental Data for Sarah Gibson's AND John Parks of York PA

    2. Joseph Parks (will 1771 Frederick MD) and Andrew Parks (executor)

      The children count (3) in the will of Joseph matches the Rev. Frazier story about Joseph's brother and sister. Andrew Parks is older perhaps a cousin and therefore wouldn't be Joseph father.

      ...except as Mary Parks marries William Winchester Jr and has two grand children named "Andrew Parks Winchester" we might consider Andrew as the father.

      Andrew Parks and Abraham Hayter are in Frederick buying and selling land in the 1760s. His death, will and travels outside this decade are unknown.

      An Andrew Parks is a tithable in Loudoun in 1774 where he marries Jane Stokesbury. William and Joseph also appear in Loudoun that year. Joseph remains there through 1777.

    3. John Parks of Baltimore who m Bridgett Milhouse

      John Parks of Baltimore is thought to be of an older Baltimore family who descend from Edward Parks. Dates from this John seem to correlate with Duggan's data above.

      However, this family does NOT appear to be related to Joseph. See next section on David.

    4. David Parks of Baltimore

      William Parks (later to son David as above) has two Baltimore land grants:

      William Parks 1754 Turkey Cock Ally BA William Parks 1764 Parks Death Not BA This Parks group is continuously in Baltimore during the 1750-1820 period. They are alledged to be related to the Edward (and John Parks who m. Bridgett Milhouse) group above. They represent Park/e/s Society limeage key XP and ARE NOT related to Joseph and William Parks.

      See detail for David Parks (b 1742) here

    There are no DNA matches to tie together ANY of these seven Parks groups. Joseph and William were likely brothers (DNA data, land lease and are in ultimately in TN).

    There are no DNA tests on the descendants of John the tea merchant (nor Robert the executor), nor Andrew or Joseph of Frederick, and the John, David and William of the "old Baltimore" families are excluded by DNA.

    But Robert son of John of 1777 York will is a candidate

    as is Joseph (died 1771) and Andrew of Frederick MD.

---- end of Joseph and William Parks data ----

1.("Grayson James") James James PARK I (b. c1728 VA-d. before 1780 Montgomery Co. VA) and son James PARKS II (b. 1757 NC-d. Feb 1806 Grayson Co. VA m. c1780 NC to Hannah MARTIN) FTDNA kit: 50979 Of the 17 related Parks FTDNA tests, this is the ONLY one with associtaed with James Parks of Grayson VA. This goes generally according to rjohnson: ---suspect ties to Yadkin Parks group not related by DNA --- 1.0 Thomas b 1670 England? Ireland - d 1750-1760 ? 1,1 Thomas b 1692 1.2 Charles b 1700 1.3 Martha Parks (Russell)Born: ABT. 1700 1.4 Mary Parks (Bond) Born: ABT. 1700 1.5 Elizabeth Parks (Hutchins) Born: ABT. 1700 1.6 John Parks Born: 1702 VA Died: 1793 Ashe County, North Carolina Spouses: Sarah Wingfield 1.6.1 John Parks b 1720 VA? George Parks b 1760 Wilkes NC m Milley Davis ---end suspect? --- 1.6.2 James I Parks b 1728 VA d 1780 VA James II b 1760 VA? NC? d 1805 VA Elizabeth Parks b ABT. 1780 North Carolina Spouses: Isaac Anderson James (III) Parks b ABT. 1785 NC d 1871 Grayson County, Virginia m 1808 Elizabeth Moore John C. Parks Born: 1788 prob. Wilkes Co. NC d 1850 m 26 OCT 1814 Rowan Co. NC Catherine "Caty" Weavel Andrew Parks Born: 1790 VA NC d 1868 Smyth Co. VA m 1809 Spouses: Susan Cox Nancy Anderson An alternative view is by Pamela D. Parks (using the same numbering system) extends the rjohnson tree: JAMES PARKS, II b Abt. 1760, d Abt. 1805 m HANNAH MARTIN ELIZABETH PARKS. JAMES PARKS, III (OR JR), b. Abt. 1781, NC; d. 1882, IN. m HANNAH ELIZABETH MOORE 1806 in NC born 1778 in IN, and died Aft. 1860 in IN. HANNAH PARKS, b 1815; d Aft. 1860 m. GEORGE KEESLING 1847 WILLIAM E. M. PARKS b 1816, Grayson Co., VA d Abt. July 10, 1858, Grayson Co., VA. JAMES C. PARKS, b. 1833. HEZIKIAH PARKS, b. 1810; d. Aft. 1850; m. RHONDA PRITCHARD, July 05, 1832. FIELDEN BEAX PARKS, b. December 19, 1833; d 1913, Appomattox, VA. GEORGE WASHINGTON PARKS, b. 1822; d. March 22, 1880. JOHN C. PARKS, b. Abt. 1785; d. Aft. 1850. m CATHERINE WEAVEL 1814 Rowan Co, NC. born 1796 in NC. JACOB PARKS, b. 1816. JAMES M. PARKS, b. November 30, 1817, Grayson Co., VA; d. May 18, 1893, Grayson Co., VA. JOHNSON PARKS, b. 1825. WILLIAM C. PARKS, b. 1821. ISAAC J. PARKS, b. 1824, Grayson Co., VA; d. February 10, 1911. SUSAN PARKS, b. Abt. 1828, Grayson Co., VA. MINERVA PARKS, b. 1831. MATILDA PARKS, b. Abt. 1832; m. PETER YONCE, March 24, 1866. ELIZABETH PARKS, b. 1822, Grayson Co., VA. ANDREW PARKS, b. Abt. 1790; d. 1868. m1 SUSANNA COX m2 NANCY ANDERSON ELIZABETH3 PARKS, b. 1826, Fox Creek, Grayson Co., VA; d. Aft. 1865; m. STEPHEN WEST, August 12, 1844. PILGRIM PARKS, b. 1810; d. Aft. 1860; m. SALLY BREWER, April 10, 1837. DANIEL ISAAC PARKS, b. May 13, 1812, Maybe 10-25-14; d. Abt. 1900, Maybe 7-15-1900 at Elk Creek. MARCY PARKS, b. 1818; d. Aft. 1865; m. FREELAND ANDERSON, August 24, 1844. JACKSON B. PARKS, b. 1819; d. Aft. 1860. SARAH PARKS, b. 1822; d. Aft. 1865; m. MR. JONES. ANDREW PARKS, JR, b. Abt. 1824; d. Aft. 1860. ELIZABETH PARKS, b. 1825; d. Aft. 1865; m. MR. SURGENER, 1842. AIMY PARKS, b. 1828; d. Aft. 1865; m. MR. WHITE. GEORGE PARKS. rjohnson DETAILS: James II ("Grayson James") (1760-1805), James I (1728-1760), John (1702-1793), Thomas (1670-) James II b 1760 DATA from Husband: Thomas (Sr) Parks Born: 1670 at: Great Britain / Ireland Married: at: Died: BET. 1750 - 1760 at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses: Wife: Born: at: Died: at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses: CHILDREN Name: Thomas (Jr) Parks Born: ABT. 1692 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Charles Parks Born: ABT. 1700 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Martha Parks (Russell) Born: ABT. 1700 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Mary Parks (Bond) Born: ABT. 1700 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Elizabeth Parks (Hutchins) Born: ABT. 1700 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: John Parks Born: 1702 at: VA Married: at: VA? Died: 1793 at: Ashe County, North Carolina Spouses: Sarah Wingfield Husband: John Parks Born: 1702 at: VA Married: at: VA? Died: 1793 at: Ashe County, North Carolina Father:Thomas (Sr) Parks (above) Mother: Other Spouses: Wife: Sarah Wingfield Born: at: Died: at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses: CHILDREN Name: John Parks Born: 1720 at: VA? Married: at: Died: at: NC? Spouses: ? Name: James (I) Parks Born: 1728 at: VA Married: at: Died: ABT. 1780 at: ?VA Spouses: ? Husband: James (I) Parks Born: 1728 at: VA Married: at: Died: ABT. 1780 at: ?VA Father:John Parks (above) Mother:Sarah Wingfield Other Spouses: Wife: Born: at: Died: at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses: CHILDREN Name: James (II) Parks Born: ABT. 1760 at: NC or VA? Married: at: Died: ABT. 1805 at: Grayson Co. VA Spouses: Hannah Martin Husband: James (II) Parks Born: ABT. 1760 at: NC or VA? Married: at: Died: ABT. 1805 at: Grayson Co. VA Father:James (I) Parks (above) Mother: Other Spouses: Wife: Hannah Martin Born: 1750 at: North Carolina Died: 1800 at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses: CHILDREN Name: Elizabeth Parks Born: ABT. 1780 at: North Carolina Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Isaac Anderson Name: James (III) Parks Born: ABT. 1785 at: NC Married: 1808 at: ? Grayson Co. VA Died: 29 SEP 1871 at: Grayson County, Virginia Spouses: Elizabeth Moore Name: John C. Parks Born: 1788 at: prob. Wilkes Co. NC Married: 26 OCT 1814 at: Rowan Co. NC Died: 1850 at: Spouses: Catherine "Caty" Weavel Name: Andrew Parks Born: 1790 at: VA NC/North Carolina Married: 1809 at: Died: 1868 at: Smyth Co. VA Spouses: Susan Cox Nancy Anderson Another view of James of Grayson by Pamela Parks: from: Descendants of James Parks, II (or SR?) Generation No. 1 1. JAMES PARKS, II (OR SR?) was born Abt. 1760, and died Abt. 1805. He married HANNAH MARTIN?. Children of JAMES PARKS and HANNAH MARTIN? are: i. ELIZABETH2 PARKS. 2. ii. JAMES PARKS, III (OR JR), b. Abt. 1781, NC; d. 1882, IN. 3. iii. JOHN C. PARKS, b. Abt. 1785; d. Aft. 1850. 4. iv. ANDREW PARKS, b. Abt. 1790; d. 1868. and then sons: 2. JAMES PARKS, III (OR JR) (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1781 in NC, and died 1882 in IN. He married HANNAH ELIZABETH MOORE 1806 in NC. She was born 1778 in IN, and died Aft. 1860 in IN. Children of JAMES PARKS and HANNAH MOORE are: i. HANNAH3 PARKS, b. September 02, 1815; d. Aft. 1860; m. GEORGE KEESLING, July 08, 1847. 5. ii. WILLIAM E. M. PARKS, b. October 14, 1816, Grayson Co., VA; d. Abt. July 10, 1858, Grayson Co., VA. 6. iii. JAMES C. PARKS, b. 1833. iv. HEZIKIAH PARKS, b. 1810; d. Aft. 1850; m. RHONDA PRITCHARD, July 05, 1832. 7. v. FIELDEN BEAX PARKS, b. December 19, 1833; d. December 19, 1913, Appomattox, VA. 8. vi. GEORGE WASHINGTON PARKS, b. 1822; d. March 22, 1880. 3. JOHN PARKS (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1785, and died Aft. 1850. He married CATHERINE WEAVEL October 26, 1814 in Rowan Co, NC. She was born 1796 in NC. Children of JOHN PARKS and CATHERINE WEAVEL are: i. JACOB3 PARKS, b. 1816. 9. ii. JAMES M. PARKS, b. November 30, 1817, Grayson Co., VA; d. May 18, 1893, Grayson Co., VA. 10. iii. JOHNSON PARKS, b. 1825. 11. iv. WILLIAM C. PARKS, b. 1821. 12. v. ISAAC J. PARKS, b. 1824, Grayson Co., VA; d. February 10, 1911. vi. SUSAN PARKS, b. Abt. 1828, Grayson Co., VA. 13. vii. MINERVA PARKS, b. 1831. viii. MATILDA PARKS, b. Abt. 1832; m. PETER YONCE, March 24, 1866. 14. ix. ELIZABETH PARKS, b. 1822, Grayson Co., VA. 4. ANDREW PARKS (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1790, and died 1868. He married (1) SUSANNA COX. He married (2) NANCY ANDERSON. Children of ANDREW PARKS and NANCY ANDERSON are: i. ELIZABETH3 PARKS, b. 1826, Fox Creek, Grayson Co., VA; d. Aft. 1865; m. STEPHEN WEST, August 12, 1844. ii. PILGRIM PARKS, b. 1810; d. Aft. 1860; m. SALLY BREWER, April 10, 1837. 15. iii. DANIEL ISAAC PARKS, b. May 13, 1812, Maybe 10-25-14; d. Abt. 1900, Maybe 7-15-1900 at Elk Creek. iv. MARCY PARKS, b. 1818; d. Aft. 1865; m. FREELAND ANDERSON, August 24, 1844. 16. v. JACKSON B. PARKS, b. 1819; d. Aft. 1860. vi. SARAH PARKS, b. 1822; d. Aft. 1865; m. MR. JONES. 17. vii. ANDREW PARKS, JR, b. Abt. 1824; d. Aft. 1860. viii. ELIZABETH PARKS, b. 1825; d. Aft. 1865; m. MR. SURGENER, 1842. ix. AIMY PARKS, b. 1828; d. Aft. 1865; m. MR. WHITE. x. GEORGE PARKS. TOP

2. (Belmont James) James Parks bc 1781 MD d 1861 Belmont OH FTDNA kit: 56305 Of the 17 related Parks FTDNA tests, this is the ONLY one with associated with James Parks of Belmont Ohio. James PARKS. Born in 1781 in Fayette, Pa.. James died on Aug 07 1861 in So. Flushing, Belmont County, Ohio; he was 80. In 1800, when James was 19, he married Elizabeth DAVIS, b.1781. They had the following children ... i. David PARKS, b.1802 (1802 - 1891) ii. Jonathan Davis PARKS (1806 - 1877) iii. Elizabeth PARKS (1810 - 1888) iv. James PARKS, b.1812 (1812 - 1883) v. John B. PARKS (1815 - 1874) vi. Joseph B. PARKS (1818 - 1884) vii. Thomas B. PARKS (b.1821) viii. Rachel PARKS (1861 - 1861) James is age 80 on the 1860 Belmont County Ohio census adjacent to Joseph age 42 Shows birthplace as PA. Living alone James is age 69 on the 1850 Belmont County Ohio census adjacent to Joseph age 33 Shows birthplace as MD. Living with Elizabeth age 69 b NJ From James Parks The wife of James Parks is given as Elizabeth Davis by some researcher; given as Elizabeth Boyd by others. Perhaps he had 2 marriages. James was listed on a tax list in Franklin twp, Fayette Co., PA - on the list of 1803. James paid taxes in Union twp, Belmont Co., OH in 1810, but he was not listed on the 1806 tax list. In 1820, in Union twp, Belmont Co., OH: James Parks: Males: 311110 (head between 26 and 45 years) Females: 02010 (head between 26 and 45 years) In 1830, in Union twp, Belmont Co., OH - but I think his enumeration was mixed with his son David's. Here is the enumeration for James Parks: Males: 20001 (head between 20-30) Females: 10001 (head 20-30) For David Parks: Males: 00130001 (head 50-60) Females: 00010001 (head 50-60) In 1840, in Union twp, Belmont co., OH: James Parks: Males: 000110001 (head 60-70) Females: 000000001 (head 60-70) In 1850, in Union twp, Belmont Co., OH: James Parks, 69y, b MD Elizabeth, 69y, b NJ In 1860, in Union twp, Belmont Co., OH: James Parks, 80y, b PA James Parks died between 13 May 1861 and 7 Aug 1861. He did have a will, and here is a summary of his will, written on 13 May 1861; probated on 7 Aug 1861. His residence was Union twp, Belmont Co., OH. He gave to (1) David Parks $20.00; (2) Jonathan Parks $10.00; (3) James Parks $15.00; (4) John B. Parks $20.00; (5) Joseph Parks was given the farm; (6) Thomas Parks $10.00; (7) the heirs of Rachel Parks Bright $5.00; (7) Elizabeth Parks Arters $20.00. The executors named were John B. Parks and John Bigley. I do not know where James Parks was buried. According to other descendants, he was buried in Rock Hill Cemetery but had no tombstone David -- father of James David born BEFORE 1755 CENSUS YEAR: 1800 STATE: PA COUNTY: Fayette DISTRICT: Franklin Township REEL: M32-38 David >45 wife >45 son <10 son 16-26 2 daughters 10-16 daughter 16-26 James should be 19 in 1800 as shown 16-26 1790 Fayette County Census Wharton Township Parks, Thomas 1 male 16 or older 1790 Fayette County Census Wharton Township Parks, David 1 male 16 or older 1 male 16 or younger 6 females From: 112. David Parks David Parks was on a tax list for Franklin twp, Westmoreland co., PA in 1783. There are no tax lists for Westmoreland Co prior to 1783. In the 1783 tax list, his family consisted of 6 white inhabitants. David Parks was in Franklin twp, Fayette Co., PA by 1785 as he paid taxes that year. I traced him on the available tax lists in Franklin twp, Fayette Co., PA from 1785 to 1830. In some of the tax lists, there was the mention of his owning land there, 60-80 acres of land. In 1803 there was a listing also for James Parks, but only for the 1 year. In 1806, there was a listing for a John Parks, but only for the 1 year. Starting in 1816, there was a listing for David Parks Jr, and both of these men (David Parks and David Parks Jr) were listed in these tax lists through 1828. In 1829, there was no listing for any Parks in Franklin twp, Fayette Co., PA until 1840 when John Parks, a son of James Parks, was listed through 1842. In 1790, David Parks was on the census in Franklin twp, Fayette Co., PA with the following: 1 male 16 and up; 1 male 16 and under; 6 females In 1800, David Parks was in Franklin twp, Fayette Co., PA: Males: 10101 (head over 45 years) Females: 02101 (head over 45 years) In 1810, David Parks was in Franklin twp, Fayette Co., PA: Males: 110001 (head over 45 years) Females: 00001 (head over 45 years) Even though the tax lists for this twp showed that David Parks was still alive, he was not on the 1820 or any other census in Fayette Co., PA. He was possibly living with a daughter and family. There is a David Parks born in Maryland that shows only a son named James here David Parks Born: 1750 [city], [county], MD, USA Died: 1810 [city], Fayette, PA, USA James Parks M 1781 in Uniontown, [county], PA, USA Edit

Contrast to David Parks of Maryland (males over 18, Males 18 or less, Females) Benjamin 1 , 1 , 2 David 3 , 2 , 3 in the 1790 Federal census of Maryland Back River Upper Hundred County: Baltimore State: Maryland
AND THERE IS ALSO a this about the Maryland David below from:

This David Parks is Park/e/s/Society Lineage Key XP and is not related to the Parks of this page. The non-matching kit is 104360.

David Parks Born: 1742 [city], Baltimore, MD, USA Died: 23 Jan 1814 m Elizabeth Towson William Parks (B: ) Rachel Parks (B: ) David Parks (B: ) Benjamin Parks (B: 1764) Peter Parks (B: 1764) Mary Parks (B: 1765) Thomas Towson Parks (B: 1797) This doesn't appear to be the same David.

This Baltimore David Parks DOES NOT MATCH the Parks' on this page.
The David Parks b 1742 is identified as Park/e/s Society Lineage Key "XP" and is NOT genetically linked to the Joseph/William-Robert-James-Andrew of this page. See for Group with Lineage Key=XP. This also eliminates the Descendants of the "OLD" Baltimore Family (here)

So there is a David Parks in 1790 in Baltimore MD with lotsa sons and A David Parks in Fayette PA in 1790 with one son over 16 and one < 16 the over 16 could be Belmont James)



Maryland Parks in The Revolutionary War

Dates and Terms of Enlistments of men enlisted in the 4th and 5th 1781.


Aaron Perry July10  4th Regt. War  Capt. Lynn
John Parks Aug 1    do  do     do


The following received from Robt. Denny such sums as were due
them, October 13th, 1781.
Joseph Harper   Southard George   John Parks


A Return of Recruits enlisted in Harford County. 1780

                                    new regiment
AUG 28     John Park, (broke Goal and made " " during the War
   his escape) page...


John Park           New Regt.  during the War.

   A List of the Minute Company from Kent County under the Com
mand of William Henry, who marched from said County 29th January,
1776, and now stationed in Northampton County, Virginia.*
William Henry, Capt.
Oliver Gallop      Andw. Park            Robert Young
William Gray
        Given under my hand at Head Quarters,
           29th Feby., 1776.
             William Henry.

         Capt. John Dean          Capt. John Dames
         i Lt. John Hawkins       1 Lt. Thomas Lane Emory
         2 Lt. John Neville       2 Lt. Sam'l Wright Thomas
         Ensign Samuel Earle      Ensign John Jackson *


        From 1 to 30, inclusive, enrolled by Capt. John Dean and passed
     by Jno. Seney July 13th, from 31 to 55, inclusive, enrolled by 1st Lt.
     John Hawkins and passed by James Kent July 8th, from 56 to 75,
     inclusive, enrolled by 2nd Lt. John Neville and passed by Jno. Seney
     July 17th, and from 76 to 86, inclusive, enrolled by Ensign Samuel
     Earle and passed by Th. Wright, Col. of the 20th Batt. of Militia, July
     18th, 1776.

Joseph Smyth, (Smith)           William Parkes      Wm. Morgan


There were four military companies raised in Frederick County, Md., in 1775, as follows:

First at Emmitsburg (called the Game Cock Company) -
Captain W. Blair; 1st Lieutenant, George Hockensmith;
2nd Lieutenant, Henry Williams; Ensign, Jacob Hockensmith;
Sergeants, W. Curren, Jr., Christian Crabbs, John Smith,
George Kelly; Corporals, John Crabbs, George Mathews, Arthur Row,
James Parks; Drum, Daniel McLean; 54 privates.

end MD Parks Rev War


John Parks -- the Tea Merchant Stuff

1770 John the Tea Merchant  Frederick MD

This family group descends from John Parks who immigrated from County Down, Ireland about 1761 and died in Warrington Township PA in 1777. His son Robert is one possible father for the brothers Joseph and William Parks

Another of John Parks of Warrington's sons is John (or James) Parks -- a tea merchant -- is part of this large mercantile Parks family of Maryland. It is well documented as a result of Revolutionary War events, marriage to George Washington's niece (by grandson Andrew Parks) and in the book of Sarah Gibson. I have not been able to tie brothers Joseph and William to this family -- but it is one of two posssibilities.

Further I have been able to find NO living male descendants of this family that might be DNA tested.

See this: On August 28, 1770, a meeting was held in a local schoolhouse near Toms Creek. These meetings were generally held in several Maryland counties to protest these import duties. John Troxell who owned and operated a mill near Tom's Creek was present at the meeting along with other Toms Creek hundred residents. James Smith from Elizabethtown (Hagerstown area) concluded the meeting, as he said, "Declaring their loyalty to the King and their country." Another man by the name of John Parks who was present at this meeting stated, "That the item would be boycotted." Ironically John Parks became a Tea Merchant. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1774 John the Tea Merchant Frederick MD -- Three Versions

  1. This says: In August, 1774 the brigantine Mary and Jane, Captain George Chapman, master, arrived in St. Mary's River with several packages of tea on board consigned to merchants in Georgetown and Bladensburg. The Committee of Safety of Charles County immediately summoned the master and consignees before them. The explanations and submission of these gentlemen were declared satisfactory; and as the duty had not been paid, they were discharged on the pledge that the teas should not be landed, but should be sent back in the brig to London. On the 14th October the brig Peggy Stewart arrived in Annapolis, having in its cargo a few packages of tea. The duty was paid by Mr. Antony Stewart, the owner of the vessel. This submission to the oppressive enactment of Parliament called forth the deepest feeling. A public meeting was held; the owner of the vessel and the consignees in the most humble manner apologized for their offense, and consented to the burning of the tea. But the people were determined to exact a more signal vindication of their rights. The easy compliance of Mr. Stewart with the act had aroused their anger, and threats were poured out against his vessel and himself. Mr. Stewart, to soothe the violence of the people, and to make amends for his fault, offered to destroy the vessel with his own hand. The proposition was accepted; and while the people gathered in crowds upon the shore to witness its consummation, Mr. Stewart, accompanied by the consignees, went on board the brig, ran her aground on Windmill Point, and set fire to her in presence of the multitude. So obnoxious had tea become that wherever it was discovered its owners were forced to destroy it. Two months later the people of Frederick, having met at Hagerstown, compelled one John Parks to walk bare-headed, holding lighted torches in his hands, and set fire to a chest of tea which he had delivered up, and "which was consumed amidst the acclamations of a numerous body of people."
  2. This says: At Elizabethtown (now Hagerstown, in Washington county) the committee of vigilance of the district caused one John Parks to go with his hat off, with a lighted torch, and set fire to a chest of tea in his possession. The committee recommended entire non-intercourse with Parks; but the populace, thinking the committee too lenient, satisfied themselves by breaking the doors and windows of his dwelling. Tar and feathers were freely used in various places, and the town committees exercised supreme authority in all local matters having a relation to the great subject which engrossed the public mind.
  3. The "Isaac Keeper Page" See this: Isaac married Catherine McCardell, and two of their eventual eight children were born by the time of the outbreak of the revolution. Although not everyone wanted to revolt against England, the majority of the inhabitants of Western Maryland supported independence. As illustrating the feeling over the unjust duty imposed on tea imported from the mother country, it is interesting to know that on the 26th of November, the committee for the upper part of Frederick County met at Elizabethtown (now Hagerstown) and compelled John Parks to walk bareheaded and with torch in his hand and set fire to a chest of tea which he was accused of having imported, contrary to the non-importation resolutions of the colonies. Cites:History of Western Maryland, vol. II, Louis H. Everts publisher, 1882, p. 1189
  • The Parks-Gibson Tea Connection According to the Maryland Gazette of Dec 22, 1774: "...After a demand was made of the same, Mr. Parks offered a chest of tea, found on a certain Andrew Gibson's plantation, Cumberland County Pa., by the committee for that place, which tea he delivered was the same he promised to deliver. The Committee are sorry that they have great reason to believe and indeed with almost a certainty that the chest of tea was in Cumberland County at the time Parks said upon oath it was at Chesnut Bridge..." The populace thought the measures adopted by the committee were inadequate to the transgression and satisfied themselves by breaking Parks' doors and windows." 1781 John the Tea Merchant Baltimore MD

    Quinn, Dorothy Mackay. "The Loyalist Plot in Frederick." Maryland
    Historical Magazine, 40 (September 1945), pp. 201-210.
    Maryland Historical Society
    Library of Maryland History
    Guide to the Manuscript Collections
    Part "F"
    Box of documents relating to the trial of several persons for treason, Fred-
    erick County, in 1781. Includes warrants for execution and petitions for
    clemency. Also included are a few items relating to enlistments and deser-
    tions in the American army.
    1 box, 1777-1781.
  • John Parks' Arrest for Treason From the Maryland State Archives: 1781, Jun. 24. SMITH, SAMUEL, Col. (BA) to GOV. Arrest of John Parker; supplying of troops. MSA S 989-4217, MdHR 4597-39 1 /6 /4 /29.MSA S 989-4217, MdHR 4597-39 1 /6 /4 /29. John PArks Jailed 1781 in Baltimore See this Sam Smith, Balt, to Gov. Lee.] June 24 1781 I do myself the Honor to Inclose your Excellys a Deposition for- warded by Mr Baker Johnson in consequence of which I took up & Confin'd in Jail, John Parker, on searching his papers there was nothing found that would Criminate him. He requests a Speedy Trial declaring his Innocence, I presume It will be easier to Carry him to Fredk where a Number Concernd are to be tried, than to pro- cure the attendance of the necessary Evidence here. The Person mention'd to Gen. Buchanan has been taken. He has a Certificate of having taken the Oath in Charles Cty... A Person of the Name of John Parks of Baltimore has been charged as a considerable Accomplice in the intended Insurrection at Frederick upon the oath of Philip Replogle (see below); he is now in Goal at Baltimore Town arrested on Suspicion and has petitioned for a speedy Trial. As your Commission is extended to all the Counties on the western Shore, and as it would be extremely inconvenient to have a special Court for him alone or his Trial delayed till the next general Court, we presume that you will order a Habeas Corpus to bring him before you at Frederick. August 17 [Jas. Calhoun, Baltimore, to Gov. Lee.] The bearer of this Mrs Parks waits on your Excellency respecting her Husband who has been confined in the Jail of this County for some considerable time past on suspicion of being concerned with the conspirators of Fredk & Washington Counties in their late un- natural rebellion against the State, but as we learn no evidence has been produced to support the charge during the Sitting of the Court at Fredk presume Your Excellency will not think it necessary to detain him any longer in Custody unless you should be possessed of other information respecting his Guilt than what has come to our knowledge. Under this Idea Mrs Parks presumes to apply for his discharge & has requested me to trouble your Excellency on the Subject 1781 "400 Letters to the Governor and Council" August 8 Red Book No. 18 Letter 124 [John Neill, Frdk To Misa John Parks mercht Baltimore.] Madam Please to let me know by the post how the New Money goes, a Commitee is apointed here to forge it Equel to Gold the lead- ing men here are determined to burn your town if you do not take it the Melitia is here non to go to save you but if you have Damn'd the monney you may expect to be Dam'd your selves by them Coll Price Chearman of the Commitee & severall of the tories Has been tried and is to be Confined some for six months and others twelve and pay a fine of 3 or £400. Give Mr Parks [illegible] Joy the post tells me that Mr Stull will get him his liberty I Cannot find a waggon without paying too much but if I Cannot send it soon I will keep it August 1 Red Book No. 18 Letter 126 [George Scott, to Mr. John Parks, Baltimore Town.] I received your Letter requesting I would make enquiry whither any of the prisoners in Fredk Goal charged you as an associate in their Plot. I appy'd to Dr Thomas and Coll Johnson to know what you was accused of and the answer they gave me was that some person in Washington County had confessed something relating to it but could not say what it was. I apprehend you will not come under the Act for High Treason As soon as I can inform myself what is alledg'd against You will let you know. Let me know what I must give you for Two or three Gallons of the Rum Mr Neile has to sell for You Upon application from Mrs Parks, wife of Mr John Parks, now in prison here, as well from a principle of Justice to him I am in- dused to adress your Excellency in his favour, so far as to assure you that since he came to reside in this town I have never heard of his saying or doing any thing Injurious to this State or the United States, (this charge Excepted which I would hope is not sufficiently grounded) and from the knowledge I have of the man, am of opinion that his abilities are rather contemtible, and unfit to Serve any Interest Materially, Except that of his family. [John Parks, Baltimore, to His Excy Thomas Sim Lee, Esquire] I had the Honour some Time since of presenting you a Me- morial, which beg leave to refer your Excellency to, representing the Proceedings of Collo Samuell Smith, in Consequence of a Suspicion alledged against me, for an intention, to cooperate with the Insur- gents of Frederick, of my being concerned in that truly diabolical con- spiracy of mentioning my Confinement since the 24th June last. May I now presume to Intimate that from the long durance since my Confinement, the number already tryed, and your Excellency being on the Spott, you must be fully Convinced that I never was Concerned, in any measure so derogatory to the Well f are, the happi- ness, and Subversion of the Liberties of my Country, and so Con- trary to my own, and Families true Interest from which Instigation, myself, Wife, and a number of small Children have so pointedly suffered; being now for seven Weeks intirely deprived of any Inter- course therewith, leaves them Liable to every Casuality, that is inci- dent to a helpless and distressed Family. I would not have again Presumed to intrude or mention the Mis- fortune of an Individual at this Criterion, when the Public concern must have your Attention, had not the long Time of my Imprison- ment, the Distresses of my Family, and Every Gentleman of this Place Convinced of my Innocence, induced me thereto. I need not Comment, for under Every Distress I have this Con- solation, that I suffer only from a mistaken Zeal of my Country, induced by the Calumny, and Malicious Designs of some secret Enemy, who thought this a proper opportunity most Effectively to injure me. From this August 12 Red Book No. 18 Letter 131 May it Please your Excellency I have always been willing, done, and am Still willing to Conform and acquiess in every Law, Custom or Institution that may be proposed for the Benefit of my Country, and under it every service that may be required, or in my Power and Ability to do, and during my Residence in this Place (now near three Years) I have always behaved as a Peaceable Subject; thus why shou'd I indiscriminately be devested from its Protection. I beg Pardon for my intruding and hope your Excellency will agreable to your known Characteristick of Justice, and Humanity, draw your Attention to a suffering Individual; and Liberate him, who will always revere your Institutions, with Every sentiment, that you yourself cou'd wish. [Mark Alexander, Baltimore, to His Excelency Thos. S. Lee, Esqr.] At the request of Mrs Parks I beg leve to mention to your Excel- lency & your Honors that I have inquired as much as I conveniently could into the conduct of John Parks now confined in prison, on Susspicion of Treason. And I could not find that there is any Just cause of such a charge against him. And it is the general opinion of the people in this place that the said Parks is clear of the charge. Unless some facts are Stated or charge against him Sent to your Excellency, It is hoped you will please to relesse him from his pres- ent confinement. The bearer of this Mrs Parks waits on your Excellency respecting her Husband who has been confined in the Jail of this County for some considerable time past on suspicion of being concerned with the conspirators of Fredk & Washington Counties in their late un- natural rebellion against the State, but as we learn no evidence has been produced to support the charge during the Sitting of the Court at Fredk presume Your Excellency will not think it necessary to detain him any longer in Custody unless you should be possessed of other information respecting his Guilt than what has come to our knowledge. Under this Idea Mrs Parks presumes to apply for his discharge & has requested me to trouble your Excellency on the Subject ------------------------------------------------------------------------- From this: June 1781 [The Memorial of John Parks late of Hagers Town now Resident in Baltimore to His Excy Thomas Sim Lee Esqr] Respectfully Sheweth That your Memorialist has resided for some time past in Hagers Town, but for these last two years lived in Baltimore, a Peaceable and unmolested Citizen. Since the late insurrection in Hagers Town, some Persons, de- vested, and acting repugnant, to every Principle, that might actuate the Honest Man, have maliciously, and from designing motives of Falicy been induced, to Propagate a Report, intimating that your Memorialist, was interested, and accessory, to the Design, and In- tentions of those Insurgents, which your Memorialist, conscious of the Line he always Pursued, of Amity to America, totally disavows ; deeming it repugnant, and odious to his Feelings, as a Citizen, and Friend to this Country. The above was intimated to Collo Samuell Smith, who with several others Residenters of this Place, in the Night of the 23d June, searched the House, and most Private Papers of your Memorialist ; when the Collo was fully satisfied, that He had nothing, which had the least Tendency, or aimed at a Subfersion of the Liberties, or good Peace of this Country, from whence your Memorialist was Carried to Goal, where he now is, and on the 25th was ordered before, and Reexamined by the Collo and Chief of the Majestrates of this Town, who found nothing in him Condemnable, or a Foundation on which, they cou'd Derive the most distant Idea, of your Memo- rialist being Concerned, when he was Remanded to Prison, there to Endure the unfortunate deprivation of Liberty, and Intercourse with his family. Your Memorialist begs leave to inform your Excy that he has a Wife, and several small Children, who will be Liable to every inci- dent, that may accrue from his being bereived of Liberty, and they being unprotected. Your Memorialist therefore, conscious of his Innocence, and Aver- sion to what he is accused of and well Convinced of your Excy known Justice and Candour, most Respectfully intreats, your Excy will make an immediate Investigation of the Facts alledged against him, that if Guilty he may Suffer Condign Punishment, worthy of the Attrocious Crime; but if found innocent, (which your Memorialist has not the least Fears of) that his Liberation may be Effected. Your Memorialist begs Excuse for his Intrusion, and Doubts not it will be Received with Candour, and that your Excelly will be Pleased to Scrutinize into his Complaint, and from the Nature of the Case be Deemed worthy your Excy Attention. August 17 [Jas. Calhoun, Baltimore, to Gov. Lee.] The bearer of this Mrs Parks waits on your Excellency respecting her Husband who has been confined in the Jail of this County for some considerable time past on suspicion of being concerned with the conspirators of Fredk & Washington Counties in their late un- natural rebellion against the State, but as we learn no evidence has been produced to support the charge during the Sitting of the Court at Fredk presume Your Excellency will not think it necessary to detain him any longer in Custody unless you should be possessed of other information respecting his Guilt than what has come to our knowledge. Under this Idea Mrs Parks presumes to apply for his discharge & has requested me to trouble your Excellency on the Subject August 17 Red Book No. 26 Letter 30 [Col. Sam: Smith Balt, to His Excely Thomas S. Lee Esqr] This will be presented your Excelly by Mrs Parks the wife of John Parks now Confin'd in Jail, on suspicion of being Concern'd with the Tories of Frederick. His Conduct since his residence in this place has been peacable. He has generally attended the Militia. (Note that James was a cpl in the Frederick Militia) I am inform'd there is no Evidence against him. I do not Consider him a dangerous Person, & Beg permission to Intercede with your Excelly for his release.
  • John Parks Released on Bond John Parks of Baltimore Town having been Committed to the Custody of the Sheriff of Baltimore County on Suspicion of Treason, is hereby Ordered to be Discharged on his giving Bond with two good and Sufficient Securities to be approved by this Board in the penalty of one thousand Pounds Specie to be of good Behaviour during the present War between America and Great Britain and not to depart the State without Leave of the Governor and Council for the Time being and in the mean time shall not by any Act or speaking do any Thing to the Prejudice of this or the United States. Bond deposited & Securities approved. Richd Lemmon, Baltimore, to His Excely Thomas S. Lee.] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • John Parks -- The Accusation: January 1-December 31, 1781 297 [The deposition of Philip Replogle] After being sworn saith that On the fourth day of this Instant he was Persuaded by Henry Claycom to go and Take protection, that they went to Doctr John Hose and that said Hose Administered an Oath to this Deponent not to bear Arms against the Brittish Army and to Supply them with Provisions and a Waggon & Horses if called on that said Hose Told him that John Parks of Baltimore was one of the Head men and Fritchie in Frederick was Colonel he further saith that John Gripe told him a few days after he was Sworn that if the Potomack was not so High that the people from the South Branch would Come down and rescue the prisoners from the fort and Take them to the English that there was Two or three thousand that had sworn in there, That the Head man at the south Branch wears a Long Beard but does not remember his name; he further saith that Jno Hose came by his House the Friday after Whitsunday and Informed him he was going to swear in Twenty at Jacques Furnace and that said Claycom Told him that George Stewart had Sworn in Twenty men Viz. Jno Carpenter, Jno & James Blare, Jacob & Philip Lear, William Jones, Adam Fisher, Jacob Easter Peter & George Easter and Christian Livingston and a Weaver Living at Claycoms the Remainder he does not remember Copy. B. Johnson. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • John Parks -- Out on Bond From this: Ordered that the following Permission be endorsed on John Parks Bond to the State of the 20th August 1781. On the Representation of several respectable Inhabitants of Balti- more Town, that in their Opinion no injury will arise to the State from giving Permission to the within named John Parks to Depart the same as often as his Business may require. We do hereby release the said John Parks and his Securities from that Part of the within Obligation which restricts the said John Parks from Departing the State without the Leave of this Board first obtained. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From this:
  • The treason trial that John Parks avoided by arranging bond: "Here in a condensed form is what I have on the Treason Trial of Peter Suman, Yost Plecker, & Casper Fritchie (father-in-law of Barbara Fritchie): From T. J. Williams History of Frederick County (paraphased)(page 96): Peter Sueman, Nicholas Andrews, John George Graves, Yost Plecker, Adam Graves, Henry Shell, and Caspar Fritchie were tried before a special court and found guilty of high treason, for "enlisting men for the service of the King of Great Britain and administering an oath to them to bear true allegiance to the said King and to obey his officers when called on." The sentence imposed upon these men was the dreadful penalty for treason under the common law of England and was at that time in force in Maryland. The sentence was that the men should be hung by their necks, cut down while alive and disembowled and their entrails burnt before their eyes, then their heads to be cut off and the bodies quartered (hung, drawn and quartered). Henry Shell was pardoned and was to enter himself on board of an English navy ship. From "The Church of the Singing Hills" by H. Austin Cooper - "A history of the Locust Grove Church of the Brethren at Linganore Creek, Mt. Airy, Maryland 1760-1988. Including history of the Bush Creek of the Brethren, Monrovia, Maryland, 1780-1988." Pages 344-345 The name of John Parks of Baltimore was added, but later pardoned for the sum of $1,000, and gave a bond of $1,000, on good behavior. Other names listed but not convicted were: Henry Newcomer, a Mennonite, of Washington County, ? Bleachy, of Washington County, Kelly and Tinkles, of Frederick County. Three were convicted and executed on August 17, 1781 before the main courthouse at Frederick. Casper Frietchie, of Frederick, Yost Blecker (Plecker), of Frederick County, Peter B. Suman, a farmer (of Burkittsville District). In the case of Peter Suman and probably the other 3, his land and possessions were seized by the government. Later, Peter Suman's widow brought suit and was given them back. Hope this is of interest. Vicki
------- end the John Parks the Tea Merchant archive data ----------------------

 Sarah Gibson's Book

Sarah Gibson was born in 1844. She included some information on the Parks family
who married into her Gibson family in the middle chapters of her Gibson genealogy

Introduction here
Book: here

Begin in Chapter 5:


Andrew Gibson (son of the first Robert) was born about 1724, settled in Antrim
Township, Franklin Co., PA, on the Maryland boundary line about five miles north from
Hagarstown, MD., where he died March 1783. The executor of his Will was his wife
Elizabeth. Her name before marriage was Elizabeth Carnes or Karns. Andrew Gibson
served a tour of duty on the frontiers of Cumberland Co., during the Revolution (from
manuscript archives of PA.) Their children were as follows:

Margaret Gibson, born about 1750, married Parks. 
Thomas Gibson, born 1752, Capt of a Company of Cumberland Co., Militia, Jan. 1778, and
was Col. of a battalion July 1778.

John Gibson, born 1754, served as a private in Capt. James Poe's Com. July 1777, and
in Capt McCoy's Com. Jan. 1778.

Jean Gibson, born abt 1756, married Daniel Long.

Elizabeth Gibson, born abt 1758, married James Sterling of Baltimore.

There are records of land titles in Franklin Co., PA. George Gibson, 520 acres of
land, Andrew Gibson, 203 acres of land, October 28, 1746.
There were several other Gibson families at this time in Cumberland Co., but their
records are very incomplete.

John Carnes enters land in 1748, also Robert Armstrong and William Maxwell, Robert
Richey, Hugh Martin, and John Martin and James Parks was Commission Clerk 1796 to


I will now continue the account concerning our branch of the Gibsons, which was Andrew
Gibson, second son of Robert Gibson, who came from Stewartstown, Ireland. Andrew was
born in Ireland, but perhaps married in America. He and his wife were both
Scotch-Irish, and there is a tradition that these Gibsons were from London, and went
to Ireland in Queen Ann's reign.

Andrew Gibson and his wife were members of the Associate, or Seceder Church.
And there were churches of this belief at Greencastle, Mercersburg, and Chambersburg,
in Franklin Co., PA.

Of Andrew's daughters, Margaret Parks, and Jean Long, I have no farther record.
Elizabeth, his youngest daughter, married James Sterling of Baltimore. He was a
merchant from Scotland. He was a member of the Associate Church.
He was an energetic business man. He built the first quay for ships landing in
Baltimore. Before this, all ships had landed at Annapolis.

James Sterling bought some marshy land, and drained it, and filled the marsh and made
the finest landing in Baltimore. People at first laughed at him for his investment,
"but they laugh who win", is the old proverb.

Col. Thomas Gibson, Andrew's oldest son, lived in Baltimore and was in partnership
with his brother-in-law James Sterling. Thomas never married, and was a very rich man
at his death, and his brother John ought to have inherited some of his property, but
John lived so far away in Tenn., so it was all kept by the Sterlings.

John Gibson, second son of Andrew Gibson, and my great grandfather, married Martha
Parks of Hagarstown, MD., in the year 1772.

The genealogy of Martha Parks family is as follows:

Elizabeth Knox, born before 1700, said to have been related to John Knox, married
 _____ Alexander. Their daughter, Jean Alexander, married 1st, _____ Morrow. Their
children as follows:

Thomas Morrow.
Elizabeth Morrow.

Mrs. Jean (Alexander) Morrow, married 2nd, James Parks. Their children as follows:
James Parks.
Margaret Parks.
Martha Parks, born 1753, in County Down, Ulster Province, in the north of Ireland.

James Parks, and his family, came to America about 1760, and lived in or near Baltimore. Thomas Morrow married and had children, and one daughter married Andrews. The Andrews lived near Nashville, Tenn. They had a large family of children. Their daughter, Nancy, married Rev. Robert Armstrong. Of them, we will have a more extended account in the future. Her brother, Hugh Andrews, was one of the earliest settlers of Green Co., Ohio. About the time the Parks came to Baltimore, there were about 25 houses, only four of which were of brick. The others perhaps were of logs, of every primitive structure. James Parks had a store in Baltimore, and about 1770, he sent his son, James Parks, Jr., to open a store in Hagarstown, MD, and his sister, Martha Parks, went with him to keep house for him. She had a colored woman to help with the work. James Parks was a royalist.Already trouble had commenced in the Colonies. The Colonists refused to be taxed so unjustly by England, and the Colonists were not allowed to have any representation in the English Parliament. The Colonists were not allowed to manufacture anything in America. But they were obliged to buy everything from England. Beaver skins were caught in America, and sent to England to be made into hats, and then the Colonists had to by the hats. There was a sever punishment for any man who dared to manufacture a beaver hat for himself, and there were many other articles in this same class. Window glass was another article that was taxed. The Colonists said they would not buy, but that they would do without these articles, and the Colonists formed companies of mounted militia to scour the country to enforce this rule, that the Colonists should not buy these things, and stores were entered, and if any of the condemned articles were found, they were destroyed by the soldiers militia. John Gibson, son of Andrew, belonged to one of these Continental militia. One day they rode into Hagarstown. They entered James Parks store, there they found some beaver hats that had been manufactured in England. The militia took the hats out into the street and made a bonfire of them. Naturally, James Parks would hate all of the Continental militia after the destruction of his fine English beaver hats. James Parks invited some of his Baltimore friends to visit him at Hagarstown. In those days, they traveled on horse-back, and carried their clothes in saddle bags. Saddle bags were made of leather, about 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 yards long and about half a yard wide. They were sewed down one side, and around both ends, and the other side one third, in the middle was left open, to put in what the owner wished to carry. Then it was strapped together, with a leather strap passed back and forth through slits cut in the edges of the saddle bags. It was thrown across the horse and fastened with straps to the saddle. In these they carried their money and their clothes, and often some corn for their horse. I have a pair in my possession now. James Parks had bought for his sister, a fine English chintz dress, and the skirt was cut with gores and a train. In her hurry in waiting on her brother's guests, she switched her train, over a pile of delft china plates, that stood on a stone bench in the kitchen, and the plates were all broken in pieces. She was dreadfully frightened for she was afraid her brother would be very angry with her for her accident. So she went into the cellar, where her brother had his dishes stored, and got another set of plates exactly like the broken set, and she carried the broken dishes out and buried them under the currant bushes, and her brother never found out about the broken plates. John Gibson soon became acquainted with Martha Parks, for his home in Antrim Township, Franklin Co., PA., was about ten miles from Hagarstown. But James Parks did not approve of Continental militia and he forbade Martha having anything to do with such rascals. But Martha was for the cause of the Colonists, and she had her own riding horse, and she and John Gibson often met without her brother knowing of it. They were married in Maryland in 1773. They lived in Chambersburg, and also on Andrew Gibson's farm in Antrim Township, I have heard. Their children are as follows: Thomas Gibson, born July 31, 1774, in Chambersburg. Margaret Gibson, born March 26, 1776, in Chambersburg. Andrew Jackson Gibson, born Feb. 16, 1778, in Chambersburg. William Gibson, born July 31, 1781, in Chambersburg. John Gibson, born March 18, 1785, in Chambersburg. James Parks Gibson, born Nov. 18, 1793, in Blount Co., Tenn. George Gibson, born Sept. 19, 1798. This record I copied from great grandfather John Gibson's Bible bought in Blount Co., Tenn., in the year Feb. 23, 1804. This Bible, he gave to his son, John Gibson, and John Gibson gave it to his oldest son, Cyrus Gibson, or it became his after his mother's death. There is a tradition in the family that Martha and John Gibson had two or three children, that met with an accidental death. One was lost in the woods of Tenn, and one fell on a pair of scissors. But their names were not written in this old Bible of John Gibson's. I have heard that their names were, Samuel, Othniel, and Robert. In Chapter 6 we get MORE daughters married: I believe the family changed the spelling of their name in Tenn., for my grandmother Gibson always said her name had been Hogg, and she would never own the name of Hogue, and in my reading of the American Archived, I often found the name Hogg, but never saw the name Hogue. The Hogg's came from the north of Ireland, but in what year I do not know. They settled in Virginia near to Alexandria, and the creek of Bulls Run ran through their farm. James Hogg married Margaret Parks of Baltimore, Md. She was a sister of James Parks, Jr., of Hagarstown, and sister of Martha Parks, who married John Gibson of Antrim Township, Franklin Co., PA. James Hogg was a farmer and a raiser of fine stock, and he and his wife were members of the Associate or Seceder Church. The following is from the American Archives. "Before the Revolution, George Washington and Peter Hogg, both took up land in Augusta Co., VA. Washington had 5,000 acres, and Peter Hougg had 2,100 acres of land, and one of the Hogg brothers and some other white men were killed on the head waters of the Kanawha River. A James Hogg took up land in Greenbrier Co., VA." My grandmother, Martha Hogue was born in Greenbrier Co., VA, Oct. 31, 1774. In what year her father moved there I have not been able to find out. During the Revolution, the Indians encouraged by the British and helped with arms, committed cruel depredations on the distant frontiers, and many had to give up their farms and return to the settlement. And nothing remained in a few years to show that the white man had been there. The cabins were burned to the ground, and the clearings made by the settlers were grown up with brush. The children of James Hogg and Margaret Parks, his wife, are as follows: John Hogg, married in Va. Samuel Hogg, married in Blount Co., Tenn. Martha Hogg, born Oct 31, 1774, in Greenbrier Co., West VA., and married Thomas Gibson, son of John Gibson, of Lexington, VA Esther Hogg, married _____ Maxwell in Blount Co., Tenn. George Hogg, married Margaret McCartney, Tenn. Jean Hogg, married 1st, William Neally in Tenn., and 2nd, George Sloan in Tenn. Sarah Hogg, married _____ Ritchey, related to Thomas Gibson. Seceders Church from Sarah's Book: CHAPTER VII Before the war of the Revolution, several families, and individuals, who had belonged to the Associate or Seceder Church, both in Scotland, and Ireland, emigrated to what afterwards became the State of Tennessee. They settled at Nashville, and about twenty miles south of Knoxville in east Tennessee, Knoxville was the first capital of Tennessee. It is in Knox County, north of Blount County, and near the Holstein River, which is the boundary line between the two counties. About the year 1782, The Presbytery of the Associate Church of Pennsylvania, received a petition from these two places, Nashville and Knoxville, praying for preachers to be sent to them. But it was impossible for the Presbytery to grant this petition, for the ministers had to be sent from Scotland, for there was not at that time any place in America for the theological education of the ministers of the Associate Church. And it was difficult to obtain ministers for the Associate Church of the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and South Carolina, where there were the greatest numbers of the Associate Churches. And there were a few churches in some of the New England States. But these people continued steadfast in their faith, and often renewed their petitions for a preacher of the Gospel. It was 16 years before they received their first ministerial visit. Between 1790 and 1792, John Gibson, and all of his children, and James Hogg, and all of his children moved to Blount County, Tennessee. I do not know if other families went with them, but it was always desirable to have a large colony in those early days, to form new settlements in new States. Their journeys were long and weary, some through the wilderness infested with wild animals, and the more terrible Indians. Our ancestors were always interested in having churches and schools, where ever they lived. And were educated, well informed people, as the times and their surroundings would afford. They journeyed down the Shenandoah Valley, between the mountains, following the streams and rivers, for then they were the main highways of the Colonies. And along the rivers were the most settlements. And the rivers afforded a supply of water for their stock, and for themselves. And the soil of the bottom land is the richest and the most productive. --------------end of Sarah Gibson's book------------------------------------------- Missing Link - John Parks of York County, PA - LK=OQ by Jean Churchill PS#934 Librarian The following report was compiled in September, 2003. The Lineage Key is OQ. This manuscript was put together from materials submitted by Richard Martens, PS#1242. Strong documentation links this John Parks lineage to the Andrew Gibson lineage. The geographic locations are Cumberland County and York County PA; Frederick Co, MD; Greene Co, OH; and White Co, IN. They were members of the Old Presbyterian Church known as Seceders, and also later joined the Church of God, known as the New Dunkard. John Parks was born about 1715, possibly in Ulster County, Ireland. He died about August, 1777 in Warrington Township, York County, PA. John married (1) Jane/Jean Alexander Morrow (widow), born about 1715, and thought to be the daughter of [?] Alexander and Elizabeth Knox. John married (2) Mary [?]. It is not clear who the children's mother is. John Parks made his will March 15, 1777. He mentions his wife, Mary Parks; his son Robert Parks; his daughter Margaret, wife of James Hoge; his son John Parks; his daughter Jane, wife of William Morrow; his daughter Mary Parks; his daughter Martha, wife of John Gibson; and his friend Adam Richey. Executors were his son, Robert Parks and Adam Richey; witnesses were Edward Ohail, Thomas Dobbs, and Cerley Hennes. (notes: Edward Ohail-- Taxable York County PA 1779 Elder Monagham Presbyterian Church was at Dillsburg, York Co, 1802 Election Judge York County 1786 Mentioned in "Forfitied Esatates of York County" Administrator Orphans Court Records York County, Pennsylvania, 1802 Thomas Dobbs (1750-1832) was a private in Capt. William Campbell's company, Colonel Purdy's regiment, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania militia, 1780. He was born in Dublin, Ireland; died in Pennsylvania. Adam Richey Born, circa 1758. Died, after 1819. Census: 1800, in Middletown, Londonderry Twp, Dauphin Co, PA. He married 2nd wife (mrs A Richey). Father David Richey was a constable in Huntington Twp, York Co, PA ) John Parks had six children: 1. Robert Parks (born about 1737) 2. Margaret Parks (about 1740-Sep., 1827); married James Hoge, 1762. Margaret is buried in Archer Cemetery, Princeton, IN. 3. John Parks, Jr. (about 1743-Sep.,1812); married Margaret Gibson, daughter of Andrew Gibson and Elizabeth Carnes, about 1765. Margaret was born about 1743 and died 23 April, 1813 in Baltimore, MD. Five children were born to John, Jr., and Margaret Gibson: a. Elizabeth Parks (about 1767-1819; Baltimore, MD); married Thomas McElderry 16 June, 1787. b. Jane Jenny Parks (about 1769-1844); married (1) S. Leggate, Dec., 1787; married Marriage Dec 15 1787 Frederick County Jane Parkes to Samuel Leggit Frederick County Marriage Book 1779-1798 pg 28 (2) Harm Alricks, Jan., 1791. c. Andrew Parks (see below) d. Margaret Parks, married Harmanus Boggs, 1806. e. Male Parks, died before 1813. 4. Jane Parks, born about 1746; married William Morrow. (Notes: This says: William Morrow and his wife Jane Parks and at least two daughters came from Ireland to PA with his father-in-law John Parks in about 1760, settling in either York or Cumberland Co. (later Franklin Co.). The family removed to Orange Co. NC ca 1767, settling at what became known as the Oaks community in southern Orange Co. A great grandson reported that William came along with his father and several brothers, one of whom (James, by tradition) “settled in the Cross Roads section in the northern part of the same county, Another settled in Mecklenburg Co.. Another went to Georgia”. The Crossroads refers to an area north of the current town of Mebane, Alamance Co., centered culturally and geographically about the Crossroads Presbyterian Church. See also this (see below) 5. Mary Parks, born about 1749; (Mary was not married in 1777). 6. Martha Parks, born about 1753, died 15 May, 1828, Greene Co, OH; married John Gibson, son of Andrew Gibson and Elizabeth Carnes. John was born about 1754 (PA?) and died 13 May, 1830 in Greene Co, OH. John is buried Old Massie's Creek, Xenia Township, OH. Ten children were born to Martha and John: a. Thomas Gibson (1774, Chambersburg, PA-?); married Martha Hogg (Hogue), 1792 b. Margaret Gibson (1776, Chambersburg, PA, before 1830); married John Long about Aug.1797 c. Andrew Gibson (1778 Chambersburg, PA-1851); married Jennie Stevenson, 1806 d. William Gibson (1781 PA/MD-1851 Carroll Co, IN); married Mary Chambers, 1808 in Greene Co, OH. e. John Gibson (1785, Chambersburg, PA-1836 IN); married Jane Clancy, 1811 f. Samuel Gibson (born Jan.,1788??); family tradition g. Othaniel Gibson (born Jan., 1791??); family tradition h. James Gibson (1793, Blount Co, TN-?); married Esther Cochrane i. Robert Gibson (born Aug., 1794??); family tradition j. George Gibson (Sep., 1798-after 1855); married Anna Nutt (widow) Sources: Will of John Parks (15 Married 1777; probate 6 Aug., 1777, York Co, PA); Will of Andrew Gibson (probate 24 Married 1783, Cumberland Co, PA); History of Frederick County, Vol. 1 pp.82-83; Schaef, J. T. History of Western Maryland, Vols. I and II, 1882, pp. 126, 134, 1189; Gibson, Sarah. Gibson Genealogy, ca.1910, pp.16-19; History of White County, IN, pp.676, 677. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- Supplemental info to the Sarah Gibson Book and John Parks of York Jane Parks daughter of John m William Morrow This genforum says Parks: William Morrow and wife Jane nee Parks are buried in the Morrow Family Cemetery near the community of Oaks, Orange Co. NC. Their stones read: William Morrow born in Ireland 1738[?], died 13 Nov 1807 age 73 Jennie Morrow born in Ireland 1731, died 2 Nov 1794 age 62. died in NC Andrew Parks son of John(James) tea merchant of Frederick/Baltimore From: this Says of Jane Parks dau of John (James) Parks Parks, Jane b. 1772 d. 29 MAY 1844 Gender: Female Family: Marriage:1791 Spouse: Alricks, Harmanus b. 16 FEB 1764 Carlisle, Pennsylvania (?) d. 28 AUG 1840 Baltimore, Maryland Gender: Male Parents: Father: Alricks, Harmanus Mother: West, Anne and this: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Parks, Jane (b. 1772, d. 29 MAY 1844) Note: Jane Parks's brother, Andrew, married Harriet Washington, the niece of President George Washington, daughter of his bankrupt brother, Samuel. In Washington's correspondence is to be found numerous letters between him and his sister, Mrs. Lewis, regarding Harriet, her brothers, and her marriage to Andrew Parks. Source: (Individual) Abbreviation: NYGBR Title: New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Data: Text: "Peter Alricks, of the Amsterdam Colony" by George Hannah, July, 1893, pp. 125-132. Given Name: Jane Death: 29 MAY 1844 Change: Date: 9 Feb 2003

Andrew Parks (1773-1836)

Son of John Parks (the tea merchant) and Margaret Gibson

We find this

The Diaries of George Washington. Vol. 6. Donald Jackson, and Dorothy Twohig, ed. The Papers of George Washington. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1979. September 1798 "4. Morng. Cloudy--Mer. at 69. Clear afterwards. Mer. 80 in the Aftern. & 74 at Night. In the Afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Parks of Fredericksbg. came here." Authors note: Mr. and Mrs. Parks were Andrew Parks, a merchant in Fredericksburg, and his wife, Harriot Washington Parks (1776--1822), youngest child of GW's brother Samuel Washington and his fourth wife Anne Steptoe Allerton Washington. When the topic of their marriage arose in 1796, GW, acting in place of Harriot's deceased father, assured Parks that if he were "a gentleman of respectable connexions; and of good dispositions," and able to support her decently, he would assent to the marriage, declaring: "my wish is to see my niece happy" (GW to Parks, 7 April 1796, DLC:GW; Betty Washington Lewis to GW, 27 Mar. 1796, ViMtV). GW sent his niece "a great deal of good advice which," Harriot replied, "I am extremely obliged to you for." The wedding took place in July 1796 (Harriot Washington Parks to GW, 17 July 1796, DLC:GW). There are letters between Andrew Parks and George Washington 17906-1798 see: this and Enter "Andrew Parks" see:this for an excellent discussion of George Washington's correspondence with Andrew Parks. Nineteen year old Harriet Washington is sent to Fredericksburg and falls in love with Andrew Parks. Andrew writes to President Washington asking for the hand of his niece Harriet:

Sir Fredericksburg 1st April 1796 Although entirely unknown to you, circumstances relative to your Niece Miss Harriot Washington and myself, makes it necessary for me to trouble you with a Letter, and to give you intimation of what has occur’d between us; I have made my addresses to her and she has refered me to you, whose consent I am to acquire, or her objections to a Union with me are I am assur’d insuperable, having therefore no hope of possessing her, unless I should be so fortunate as to obtain your assent, and as my happiness measurably depends upon your determination, I shall endeavour by stating to you my situation and prospects in Life, to merit and induce your approbation, yet they are such as I fear will not much conduce to your favourable decission; I have lived in Fredericksburg for more than three years. My connexions generally reside in Baltimore, and are mostly rich. I am engaged here in the Mercantile Business and concerned therein with my Brother-in-Law, Mr. McElderry of Baltimore.(see McElderry data below) My fortune at present does not much exceed three thousand pounds, but with industry and economy, I have every expectation of rapidly improving my condition in that respect. To enter into a detail of my family, I suppose would be unnecessary, however I shall be in Baltimore a few weeks hence, and if in the interim, you should propose no objection of me, I will take the liberty of writing to you again and give you a more particular account of myself and friends, when it is probable my pecuniary situation may be meliorated The inclosed Letter from Mrs Lewis, who I solicited to write and say something to you concerning me. I am Sir with infinite respect Yr most Obt Humle Serv. Andrew Parks
From George Washington to Andrew Parks, 7 April 1796 Philadelphia 7th April 1796 Sir your letter of the first instt has been duly received. The subject on which it is written is a serious one, and it shall meet, as it deserves, a serious consideration. My neice Harriot Washington having very little fortune of her own, neither she, nor her friends, have a right to make that (however desirable it might be) a primary consideration in a matrimonial connexion. But there are other requisites which are equally desirable, and which ought to be attended to in a union of so much importance; without therefore expressing at this moment, either assent, or dissent, to the proposal you have made, it is necessary for me to pause. My wish is to see my niece happy; one step towards which is, for her to be united with a gentleman of respectable connexions, and of good dispositions; with one who is more in the habit (by fair and honorable pursuits) of making, than in spending money—and who can support her in the way she has always lived. As you propose being in Baltimore in the course of a few weeks—I shall not object to the receipt of any further details on this subject, which you may be disposed to give from that place: which, when received, may enable me to write more decisively frome hence, or from virginia when I get there—which will happen, I expect, as soon as Congress shall have closed its session. I am sir your very Hble servt
From George Washington to Betty Washington Lewis, 7 April 1796 My dear Sister, Philadelphia 7th April 1796. Your letter of the 27th Ulto was enclosed to me by Mr Parks, in one from himself, dated the 1st insttt on the same subject. Harriot having very little fortune herself, has no right to expect a great one in the man she marry‘s; but if he has not a competency to support her in the way she has lived, in the circle of her friends, she will not find the matrimonial state so comfortable as she may have expected when a family is looking up to her & but scanty means to support it. Altho’ she has no right to expect a man of fortune, she certainly has just pretensions to expect one whose connexions are respectable, & whose relations she could have no objection to associate with. How far this is, or is not the case with Mr Parks, I know not for neither his own letter, or yours give any acct of his family nor whether he is a native or a foreigner—& we have his own word only for his possessing any property at all altho’ he estimates his fortune at £3000. A precarious dependance this when applied to a man in Trade. I do not wish to thwart Harriots inclination if her affectns are placed on Mr Park and if upon the enquiries I shall mak[e] or cause to be made into his family & connexions, there shall be found nothing exceptionable in them; that he is, as you say "very much respected by all his acquaintance, sober, sedate, & attentive to business;" and is moreover in good business; I shall throw no impedimts in the way of their Marriage, altho’ I should have preferred, if a good match had not offer’d in the meanwhile that she sh‘d have remained single until I was once more settled at Mt Vernon & she a resident there which, if life is spared to us, will certainly happen to me in ten or eleven months—because then she would have been in the way of seeing much company, and would have had a much fairer prospect of matching respectably than with one who is little known—and of whose circumstances few or none can know much about. Having had no business to write to you upon—and being very much occupied by my public duties, are the only reasons why I have been silent. I am persuaded you will enjoy more ease & quiet, & meet with fewer vexations where you now are, than where you did live—It is my sincere wish that you should do so and that your days may be happy—in these Mrs Washington joins with Your most Affecte Brother G. Washington
From George Washington to George Washington Lewis, 7 April 1796 Philadelphia 7th April 1796 Dear Sir Tuesday’s Post brought me a letter from a Mr Andrew Parks of Fredericksburgh, covering one from your mother; both on the subject of overtures of marriage made by the former to your cousin Harriot Washington: which, it seems, depend upon my consent for consummatn. My sister speaks of Mr Parks as a sober, discreet man; and one who is attentive to business. Mr Parks says of himself, that his "fortune at present, does not much exceed £3000, but with industry & œconomy, he has every expectation of rapidly improving his condition" being concerned with his brother in law Mr McElderry of Baltimore, in Mercantil[e] business. As I am an entire stranger to Mr Parks; to his family connexions, or his connexions in trade; to his mode of living; his habits—and to his prospects in trade; I should be glad if you wd ascertain them with as much precision as you can, and write me with as little delay as you can well avoid. Harriot having little or no fortune of her own, has no right to expect a great one in the man she marrys: but it is desirable that she should marry a gentleman; one who is well connected, and can support her decently, in the line she has always moved, otherwise she would not find matrimony with a large family & little means, so eligable as she may have conceived it to be. I am your sincere friend and Affectionate Uncle Go: Washington This letter will be accompanied by one to my Sister which I pray you to receive from the Post Office and send to her.
Sir Baltimore 30th April 1796 I have had the honour to receive your Letter of the 7th Instt, and pursuant thereto, I have communicated within a few days, that I have been here; the Subject, to my friend Mr Mc Elderry, on which I am so materially interested, for your approbation; he has written to the Secretary at War, and given him an oppinion of me, of which, I presume you have, or will, be advertisd. Mr Mc Elderry, has relinquished his part of the concern, in the business, I have been pursuing, which I shall conduct hereafter on my own Acct, and with industry; and his friendship, I suspect will be attended with considerable advantages; this is the only amendment in my prospects, I have it in my power to acquaint You with. I hope I possess most of the requisites, necessary to make your Niece, happy I have been for several Years, accustom’ed to Business, which has,, I am persuaded, kept me clear of a temper, for vicious dispositions; my connexions, are respectable generally, inasmuch as they are people of Business, and mostly in good circumstances. I have described to your Niece, as nearly as I could, what my Situation would afford, in the style of living; which wd not be more than genteel, and comfortable, this she sais, will perfectly satisfy her, and render her happy, provided you can think it sufficient. I am Sir with infinite respect Yr very Hbe Sert Andrew Parks
To George Washington from Betty Washington Lewis, 26 June 1796 June 26th 1796 My Dear Brother Your letter of the 27th of April I receiv’d and should have answerd it sooner but expecting you in dayly postpon’d writing untill you arriv’d at Mount Vernon, not hearing from you again on Harriots subject, I have been makeing all the enquirey I Could concerning Mr Parks that was in my power I have heard nothing to his disadvantage on the contrary he is respected by all his acquaintance he is A Constant Visitor here and I believe Harriots Affections are plac’d intirely on him, and engag’d so far as this if your consent can be obtaind. Harriot begs you will pardon her not writing her self but hopes your being fully acquainted with her Sentiments Concerning Mr Parks will be some apology she is not well I believe her anxiety for fear of offending and not gaining your consent has Produc’d this, your long Silence has given her much uneasiness. My Dear Brother if you have any Mules for Sale and Can let me have One I will with pleasure pay you the Price of it I am under the necessity of purchaiseing A Work Nag and prefer A Mule. Harriot Joines me in love and good Wishes for You and my Sister Washington and beleive me to be Your Affectte Sister Betty Lewis
On the same day, Washington wrote his sister saying he would throw no impediment in the way of their Marriage but he wished Harriot would wait. He had hoped she would make a better connexion. To accomplish this, he felt she would have plenty of opportunities when he came back home to retire. She could come up to Mount Vernon and meet a host of eligible young men for example, the son of the Marquis de Lafayette, who was then staying there. Since there was no F.B.I, or Price Waterhouse in those days to check the credentials of Andrew Parks, Washington asked some friends in Fredericksburg to look into the young man’s background. He particularly wanted to know whether Parks was a native or a foreigner, and how substantial his business was. Nothing derogatory was turned up. Andrew came from a respectable middle-class family in Baltimore, and his inventory, though not enormous, was not shoddy. So the couple announced their plans, and Washington sent Harriot a present of money for her trousseau. The couple were married in July, and Harriot quickly reported to Washington:
To George Washington from Betty Washington Lewis, 5 July 1796 My Dear Brother July 5th, 1796. I receiv’d your Letters of 26th and 29th of June, the day after I wrote to you I was attack with the ague and fever which has lasted ever since I had never been clear of a fever since, I Expected your comeing threw Baltemore that you would ascertain Mr. Parkes fortune thoe I believe he would not tell anything fals on the Occation, Harriot’s Brother Wrote her a letter from Baltemore and likewise one to Mr. Parks congratulateing them on there Intended Union which he sayes he makes no dout will be a very happy one, Lawrence was here at the time that Mr. Parks firs spoke to Harriot on the subject and I beg’d of him to make all the inquire he could but never hard from him untill the letter I have mention’d here and concluded from that he had Inquired and was well Pleas’d, when Mr. Parks ask’d my consent I told him I had nothing to say to it that you ware the Person to be appli’d to, I have never concern’d myself with it I think Harriot is Old Enougf now to make choice for her self, and if they are not happy I believe it will be her one falt, he bars the Best caracter of any young Person that I know. I now my Dear Brother have to thank you for your good intention of sending me a mule if you had any to spear, but had no write to Expect you to Disfirnish your self. I am mutch obliged to you for your invitasion to Mount Vernon but it is utterly out of my Power to get up, I believe I wrote to you last fall that I had but two old Horses and in Tenn word left out from that my stable was broken open and the best of them carri’d of and from that day to this I have not har’d a word of him that was the forth charriot Hors that I lost in Fredericks you may Believe I had no great Parsiallity for the Place, Harriot is Better and is gone to the forth of July in Town but I think she looks badly. My Love to you and my Sister Washington concludes me your Affectionate sister Betty Lewis. P.S.—I fear you will hardly make out this as I have a violent Headake and a horrid caugh—I believe Harriot is distressed to know how she is to be Provided with things for a Weding Dress.
To George Washington from Harriot Washington, 17 July 1796 Mill Brook July 17-96 Aunt Lewis received a letter from my dear & Honored Uncle a few days ago wherein he was pleased to send me thirty pound also a great deal of good advice which I am extremely obliged to you for and intend adhering most strictly to it. Believe me, my dear Uncle, my heart will ever with the liveliest gratitude most gratefully acknowledge and remember yours and Aunt Washington’s great goodness and attention to me and if my Uncle will only answer my letter and say he is not offended at my Union (which took place yesterday, Aunt Lewis’s going immediately to Berkley to stay untill the fall &: finding it not convenient to carry me with her wished us married before she went), I shall be happy for after my dear Uncle’s protection & kindness towards me I should be a most miserable being to reflect that I had displeas’d my greatest friend. I shall take the liberty of troubleing my Uncle to return my thanks to Aunt Washington for the earings she sent me from Philadelphia which I received but a week ago from Berkley. Aunt Lewis is much mended 8c intends answering your letter by the next post. Aunt Lewis joins me in love to you and Aunt Washington. I am my dear and Honor’d Uncle Your affectionate neice Harriot Parks
After their marriage Andrew and Harriet visited George Washington.
On September 4 and 8 1798 George Washington made the following entries in his diary: 4. Morng. Cloudy--Mer. at 69. Clear afterwards. Mer. 80 in the Aftern. & 74 at Night. In the Afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Parks of Fredericksbg. came here. [Editors note on the page:"Mr. and Mrs. Parks were Andrew Parks, a merchant in Fredericksburg, and his wife, Harriot Washington Parks (1776--1822), youngest child of GW's brother Samuel Washington and his fourth wife Anne Steptoe Allerton Washington. When the topic of their marriage arose in 1796, GW, acting in place of Harriot's deceased father, assured Parks that if he were "a gentleman"] Then 4 days later: 8. Morning clear Mer. at 58--70 at Noon and 66 at Night. Mr. & Mrs. Parks left this after breakfast
Andrew Parks also wrote other letters:
To Thomas Jefferson from Andrew Parks, 10 October 1806 Sir, Altho’ I have not the honor to be personally known to you, the circumstance of Mr. Purviance’s death the late Collector of this Port, has induced me to venture upon the liberty of addressing you, and to solicit You for the appointment.—I have the pleasure to be acquainted with Mr. Madison and I beg leave to refer You to him for his opinion of me.—It has so happened that I have never had the happiness to be known to you, though I presume you are acquainted with Mrs. Parks’s connexions generally. —I flatter myself that if it should be necessary, I can produce from this place, satisfactory testimonials of my character and qualifications for the Office.—And if I am so fortunate as to obtain from Your goodness, this very especial mark of your favour, I will endeavour, by the correctness of my deportment, and integrity in the discharge of the duties appertaining to the Office; to merit your approbation, and to give general satisfaction to the public.— Mrs. Parks desires to be respectfully remembered to you. & I am Sir, with infinite respect Yr. very Obt. Hbl. Servt. Andw. Parks
To James Madison from Andrew Parks, 14 March 1807 Baltimore 14th. March 1807 Dr. Sir. The Schooner Three Sisters from Madeira has arrived. She has two pipes of Wine for you, addressed by Murdoch Yuille Wardrop & Co. to me by the direction of Judge Washington. I sent you their Letter the other day which came via Norfolk. Be pleased to direct me in what manner you would wish I should forward you the Wine. With respectful Compls. to Mrs. Madison I am yr. very Obt. Hle Sert. Andrw. Parks
To James Madison from Andrew Parks, 26 March 1807 Baltimore 26th. March 1807 Dear Sir, I shall send one of your Pipes of Wine to Fredericksburg by the first safe Vessel going there, directed according to your instruction to the care of Mr. Stone. The other you will receive by the Alexa. Packet Capt. Wilkison. Before I received your Letter, I had Entered your Wine, with some others that came in the same Vessel and Bonded for the duties, which are Payable in twelve months. I have inclosed you a copy of the Entry for yours, which you will please qualify for at the Collectors Office in your district, at any convenient time [wi]thin the year, and return it to me. It’s requisite I should [deliv]er it to the Collector here, to cancel an Agents Bond it [was] necessary for me to give. With respectfu l Compts. to Mrs. Madison, I am yr very Obt. Hbl. Servt. Andw. Parks [NOTE: a pipe of wine is about 145 gallons]
To James Madison from Andrew Parks, 25 February 1808 Baltimore 25th: February 1808 Dear Sir, I have herewith inclosed you an acct. of the duties, Insurance, freight, and other expences attending your two Pipes of Wine. Let me request the favor of you to qualify to the Entry I sent you, before the Collector at Geo: Town, or Alexa., and return it me as soon as your convenience will permit, it being necessary very shortly, I should produce it to the collector here, to cancel my Agents Bond. With respectful compliments to Mrs. Madison, I am Dr. Sir Yr. very Obt. Hbl. Servt. Andw. Parks
To Thomas Jefferson from Andrew Parks, 6 April 1808 Baltimore 6th. April 1808 Sir, Having on a former occasion had the honor to address you, as an applicant for the appointment of Collector of this Port; When the Office became vacant at the death of Mr. Purviance.— The death of Mr. Christie has induced me again, to take the liberty of renewing my solicitation.— And if you should think me worthy of this mark of your favor, and approbation; I shall endeavour to deserve it, in estimating properly the importance, & responsibility of the Office, and by the stricktest integrity in the discharge of its duties; to give general satisfaction to the Public.— I am Sir with very great respect Yr. Obt. Hbe. Servt. Andw. Parks
Andrew Parks to James Madison, 22 January 1824 Kanawha County Virga. 22nd. Jany. 1824 Dear Sir, While John Payne Todd Esqr. was at the French Seminary at Baltimore, he contracted an account with me in the Store I Kept there at the time. Soon after the articles were had, I left Balte., and moved to the Western Country—Since which time, I have not had the pleasure to hear from Mr. Todd. I have herewith taken the liberty to inclose you the account, with a request, if it should not materially interfere with your convenience, to have it adjusted for me with Mr. Todd; who I am persuaded will recognize the items of the account, and pay me though it has been of so long standing. Permit me to ask the favour of you to write me on the subject of the a/c, and direct to me at the Kanawha Saline Post office. With sincere regards to Mrs. Madison I am Dear Sir very respectfully Yr. Obt. Servt. Andw Parks
Andrew Parks to James Madison, 1 November 1826 Burning Spring 1st. Novr. 1826 Dear Sir, I have been for some time expecting to get a letter from Mr. J. P. Todd, on the subject of my little a/c against him, a copy of which I sent you. Since your letter to me; I met with Mr. Jno. Payne in Clarksburg, he stated that until you recd. my letter, you supposed Mr. Todd had been furnished with what clothes he wanted from the French Seminary. As it respects Mr. Todd, I think this was not the case; Mrs. Madison wrote to my wife, and requested her to pay attentions to her son, and see that he was supplied with such things as he stood in need of. For some time Mr. Todd was in the habit of buying such articles as he wanted out of my Store, and when he recd. money from Washington, he always Paid me. I am therefore under the persuasion, that he got scarcely any clothes from the Priests, except the Uniform of the Seminary. I left Balte. very soon after Mr. Todd got the articles in the a/c I sent you, which leads me to conclude is the reason the a/c was not paid by him as it was usual with him to do, upon his getting money from Washington. If Mr. Todd would do me the favor to send me the amt. of the a/c, it would be a very great accomodation to me, in my present circumstances. I regret to be, the occasion of giving you so much trouble about this matter—Be pleased to excuse it, for I assure you, were it not that I am in a straight for money, I should not think of plagueing you with the subject of an old a/c. With respects to Mrs. Madison I am Dr Sir very respectfully yr obt. Servt. Andw Parks
To Andrew and Harriet's union were added seven children, and they lived happily ever after. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harriet inherited this famous portrait of George Washington:
by Charles Willson Peale (1741-1827) George Washington, ca. 1779-81 Oil on canvas; 95 x 61 3/4 in. (241.3 x 156.8 cm) Gift of Collis P. Huntington, 1897 (97.33) Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 Fifth Ave New York, NY Provenance/Ownership History (see this) then click on "Provenance" The sitter's niece, Harriet (Mrs. Andrew Parks), until 1822; her daughter, Mary Parks (Mrs. Milton Hanford); her cousin, Miss Bell, Tooting, Surrey, England; with Samuel Putnam Avery, Jr., New York, 1896; Collis P. Huntington, New York, 1896-97 Samuel Putnam Avery (1822-1904) was an artist and art dealer. He was an original trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Donation by Collis P. Huntington: "...In 1897 he gave to the Metropolitan Museum of Art a portrait of George Washington, painted by Charles Wilson Peale..."" See this this: Andrew Parks gets "Fort Necessity" in 1805 "The site of this renowned fort is well known. Its ruins are yet, (1858), visible. It stands on Great Meadow run, which empties into the Youghiogheny. The "Great Meadows," with which its name associates in history, was a large natural meadow or glade, now highly cultivated and improved. The place is now better known by the name of "Mount Washington,"on the National Road, ten miles east of Uniontown, Fayette county, the old fort being about three hundred years southward of the brick mansion or tavern house. In by-gone days thousands of travelers have stopped here, or rushed by, without a thought of its being or history; while a few have thrown a reverential glance upon the classic spot. Washington in all his after life, seems to have loved the place. As early as 1769 he acquired from Virginia a pre-emption right to the tract of land (234) acres, which includes the fort; the title to which was afterwards confirmed to him by Pennsylvania. It is referred to in his last will, and he owned it at his death. His executors sold it to Andrew Parks of Baltimore, whose wife, Harriet, was a relative and legatee "of the General. She sold it to the late General Thomas Mason, who sold it to Joseph Huston, as whose property it was bought at sheriff's sale by Judge Ewing, who sold it to the late James Sampey, Esq., whose heirs have recently sold it to a Mr. Facenbaker. An ineffectual effort was made some years ago to erect a monument upon the site. The first battle ground of Washington surely deserves a worthier mark of commemoration than mouldering embankments surmounted by a few decaying bushes."
Andrew Parks

Born: 10 AUG 1773      at:
Married: 4 JUL 1796    at: Richmond, Virginia
Died: 1837             at: Kanawha Virgina (now West Virginia)
Father: John (James) Parks
Mother: Margaret Gibson

       from this:

       In obedience to an Order of the Court of Kanawha County on the 11th day of July 1836
       being first duly sworn we have proceeded to appraise the personal estate and slaves of
       Andrew Parks as shown to us by Samuel Shrewsbury and William Thompkins administrators
       this 6th day of August 1837 as follows
       Negro man Peter aged 20 years
       Negro woman Melty aged 48 given to Mrs. S Shrewsbury
       Negro child Benjamin 1 year given to Mrs. S Shewsbury

 Wife: Harriett Washington
 Born: 2 AUG 1776       at: Harewood, Stratford VA
 Died: ABT 1822         at: Kanawha, Salines County W VA
 Father:Samuel Washington
 Mother:Anne Steptoe


Name: Anne Eliza Parks
   Born: ABT 1797         at: Baltimore
Married:                  at:
   Died:  1852            at: Malden WV

Name: Laurence Augustine Parks
   Born: ABT 1801         at: Baltimore MD
Married:                  at:
   Died: 1822             at: Salines, Kanawha County, West Virginia

Name: Bushrod Parks
   Born: 1806             at:
Married:                  at:
   Died: 1832             at: Louisiana

Name: Laura Parks
   Born: 15 NOV 1809      at: Baltimore, Maryland
Married: ABT 1828         at: Salines, Kanawha Co., Virginia
   Died: ABT 1885         at:
Spouses: Samuel Shrewsbury son of John and Martha Dickinson Shrewsbury d Mar 24 1865

  1. Albert Shrewsbury (1833 in Shrewsbury, Kanawha, VA-1877)
  2. Harriet Washington Shrewsbury (1840 in Shrewsbury, Kanawha VA-1876)
  3. Martha Dickinson Shrewsbury (1829 in Shrewsbury, Kanawha VA-1875) Married George Fitzhugh
  4. Laurence Washington Shrewsbury (1831 in Shrewsbury, Kanawha VA-1850 Klamath CA)
  5. Andrew Parks Shrewsbury (1836 in Shrewsbury, Kanawha VA-1920 NV)
  6. Cornelia Shrewsbury (1840 in Shrewsbury, Kanawha VA-1918 San Francisco CA) Married Enoch Gans
  7. Laura Angela Shrewsbury (1842 in Shrewsbury, Kanawha VA-1877 Married Nicholas Fitxhugh
  8. Samuel Shrewsbury (1847 in Shrewsbury, Kanawha VA-1877 Independence MO)
  9. Henry Clay Shrewsbury (1853 in Shrewsbury, Kanawha VA-1882 WVA)
Name: Andrew Parks (Major) Born: 1811 at: Baltimore MD Married: ABT 1842 at: Charleston, Jefferson Co., West Virginia by Dr. James Brown Died: 27 JUN 1863 at: Charleston, Jefferson Co., West Virginia
1850 Kanawha County Virginia, Charleston
Andrew Parks     38 lawyer 2,500 Kana VA
Margaret D Parks 27 OH
Hanud Parks       6 OH [says "Creed" -- difficult to read]
Bushrod Parks     5 Kana VA
Harriet Parks     3 Kana VA
1860 Kanawha County Virginia, Charleston
Andrew Parks    47 VA lawyer 10,000 2,000
Margaret Parks  37 OH
Creed Parks     16 OH
Bushrod W Parks 14 VA
Harriet W Parks 10 VA
Andrew Parks     6 VA
In The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 8, pg 413 is "List if Delegates to the Virginia Assembly from Kanawha County 1790-1863 1842 Andrew Parks 1847 Andrew Parks 1851 Major Andrew Parks" "During the War, Major Parks was arrested as a hostage, he having been a member of the seceding convention of his state whereupon a letter from him to Jefferson Davis was the means of his immediate release, because the other party was at once discharged on parole." This says Andrew Parks' roommate at Miami University was Joseph Davis (nephew of Jefferson Davis see this) He married in 1842 Margaret Davis Creed (b. 1823 in OH - died Charlestown WV June 9 1866) daughter of John Creed (1779 RI-1843 Faifield OH) and Margret Smith of Lancaster Ohio (see this). This John Creed's father was Captain William Creed (1739-1809) [See this interesting on Capt William Creed [A short biography of his son John also appears in the story]. Margaret Smith was the daughter of Benjamin Smith (1761-1812 Lancaster OH) and ELizabeth Cravens (bc 1762 Rockingham VA-1837 Lancaster). Benjamin's father was Captain Daniel Smith of Rockingham VA This says: "Daniel Smith, husband of Jane Harrison, was indeed a Captain in the Augusta County Militia as of 1776....By 1776 Daniel Smith had obtained the rank of Captain in the Augusta County Militia and, in 1778, was a presiding justice for the newly formed Rockingham County court. The first sessions of the new Rockingham County Court were held in Daniel's home. By 1781 Daniel Smith had been promoted to the rank of Colonel of the militia, but he did not hold the post long. When the local troops returned from Yorktown in the fall of 1781, Colonel Daniel Smith was thrown from his horse and injured during the "Grand Review" held in Rockingham County to celebrate the victory. He died shortly thereafter from his injuries. He had lived in "Smithland", which was located just two miles below Harrisonburg in Rockingham County." Also see this See this Smith family history This). Margaret Smith (1792-1823) was the daughter of Benjamin Harrison Smith (1761 Augusta VA - 1818 OH) and Elizabeth Cravens. This Benjamin Smith was educated at University of Ohio (as was Maj. Andrew Parks).

Margret Creed Parks two sons (Creed and Bushrod Washington Parks) were captured during the Civil War (battle of Cold Harbor, 1864). While being transfered from Point Lookout MD to Elmira NY, Creed was killed in the "Great Shohola Train Wreck" -- Bushrod survived. Mary Davis Parks is Bushrod's wife. Theordore Talmadge is here brother-in-law who married her sister Harriet. With two of her sons in Federal Prison, she visits Abraham Lincoln and this note survives:

See this (Creed's name is on the monument) and this on The Shohola Train wreck. Creed Parkswas killed and Bushrod Parks was injured.

From the Collected works of Abraham Lincoln, VII, pg 406. See this


"Allow this lady, Mrs. ? Parks ? , with her friend, Mr. Tallmadge, to see her two sons, prisoners of war at Point Lookout.

June 24, 1864. A. LINCOLN."

Annotation [1] Leslie J. Perry, ``Appeals to Lincoln's Clemency,'' The Century Magazine, LI (December, 1895), 254. Mrs. M. Davis ? Parks ? wrote Lincoln from Charleston, South Carolina, August 22, 1864, that her older son had since died while being removed from Point Lookout to Elmira Prison, and that her younger son, Bushrod Washington ? Parks should be released: ``Not only in my own name, but in that of Washington I make my request, as the Grand-son of Harriet Washington the much loved niece and adopted daughter of the great Patriot . . . I feel he should have the consideration of the representative of the people of this union. . . .'' (DLC- RTL).

This annotation is incorrect. Mrs. Parks wrote from Charleston, West Virginia NOT South Carolina. The letter (Aug 22) referred to is an abstract. Here is the actual contents of the letter:


From M. Davis Parks to Abraham Lincoln, August 22, 1864 Charleston, Aug 22nd, 1864.  

Respected Sir  

Under any circumstances but the existing one, I should feel that it was an unpardonable importunity, again to trouble you, after the very great kindness, so generously extended when I was in Washington.  

After receiving permission from your hands to see my children, I immediately proceeded to Camp Lookout,1 found them very comfortable, and received from them, a declaration, that they would reject an offer of exchange,  

Being Northern myself by birth, and my children's family having bestowed the government of the United States upon the people, I could not feel it would detract in the least from thier position, to acknowledge thier allegiance,  

I returned returned home to Virginia happy under the illusion, that my Northern friends would make every effort to have them released,  

But my happy home, and heart, was soon doomed to be darkened with sorrow; God in his wisdom saw fit, to remove my eldest son whilst being removed from Camp Lookout to Elmira Prison2, he lived but a few hours after the collision, the younger child had his arm broken and contusion of the breast.  

It is for my younger, I now make my appeal; As Hagar was directed to the hidden spring in prayer; so am I directed to you.  

I ask for the release and restoration of my child, in the name of the Great-God who reigns o'er us all, and as you hope, and ask for mercy and happiness in your own household, so dispense it unto mine  

If you reject me, God may see fit to soften your heart, by opening upon you, an unknown sorrow, within your own home.  

You say he has erred, do you cease to remember, that both publickly and privately your prayers are rising as incense before the throne of God, asking and receiving pardon for your manifold sins.  

Should you see fit to reject me and my orphan, I shall still have the consolation that my heavenly Father directs all things aright; and he has promised to protect the Widow, and be a Father to the Orphan.  

Not only in my own name, but in that of Washington I make my request, as the Grand-son of Harriet Washington the much loved niece and adopted daughter of the great Patriot therefore the same blood flowing in his vains. I feel he should have the consideration of the representative of the people of this union.  

His extreme youth and surroundings, are sufficient apolagy for his derelictions.  

Should you grant my request, my prayer morning, noon, and night, shall be, that the gentle blessings of heaven, may descend upon your wife and children, and to yourself:  

May those favors so graciously bestowed upon others, be returned unto you ten fold.  

With very great regard.  

M. Davis. Parks.  

P. S In case you regard with compassion my request, I enclose my son's address.  

Bushrod, Washington, Parks. Ward 14. Barracks 3. Prisoner's Camp. Elmira. N. Y.  

Footnotes: 1 The large Federal prison camp at Point Lookout, was located in Maryland at the mouth of the Potomac River. 2 This prison, opened in May 1864, was located on the Chemung River, near Elmira, New York.  

Four children listed are:

  1. Creed Parks (1843-1964) b Charlestown WV 1843 d 27 JUL 1864 POW died in a train wreck being transported from Point Lookout Maryland to Elimira New York See this and this 22 Virginia Infantry Company H 1st Kanawaha Rifles (Confederate) Service Record:
    • Creed Parks Private Company I 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Jul 31-Aug 31 1861. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha Courthouse by George S. Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, not dated. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Jul-Aug 1862. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, not dated. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Nov-Dec 1862. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Jan-Feb 1863. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Mar-Apr 1863. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, May-Jun 1863. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Jul-Aug 1863. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Nov-Dec 1863. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Apr 1 1864. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Mar-Apr 1864. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Present
    • J. C. Parks Private Company H 22nd Virginia Infantry, Muster Roll, Apr-Oct 1864. Enlisted May 8 1861, Kanawha C.H. by Capt Patton. Killed by RRoad collison in Yankeedom
    • Roll of Prisoners of War at Pt. Lookout MD. Arrived June 11 1864. Captured Coal Harbor June 3 1864. Transferred to Elmira NY July 12 1864
    • Roll of Prisoners of War killed and missing after RR accident at Shohola PA July 15 1864, Captured Coal Harbor June 3 1864
    • Roll of Prisoners of War received at Elmira NY July 17 1864 from Pt Lookout MD Captured Coal Harbor June 3 1864

    Historical Note: "Capt. Patton" (later Colonel) shown on all the compiled militray service records of both Creed and Bushrod Parks is "George S. Patton (1833-1864)" -- great grandfather of the famous WWII general George Patton. On September 16, during the retreat from Winchester, Colonel George Patton was wounded and taken prisoner. By September 25, Colonel Patton died refusing amputation to his leg. See this

  2. Bushrod Washington Parks (1847-1940) b. 1845 in Kanawha Co., VA - d. after 1877 Neosho, Newton County, Missouri [commonly found death data -- see refutation below]; 22 Virginia Infantry Company H 1st Kanawaha Rifles (Confederate) Service Record:
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll Sep-Oct 1862 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, present
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1862 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, present
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll Jan-Feb 1863 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, present
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll Mar-Apr 1863 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, present
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll May-Jun 1863 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, present
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll Jul-Aug 1863 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, present
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll Nov-Dec 1863 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, present
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll Apr 1 1864 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, present
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll Mar-Apr 1864 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, present
    • B W Parks, Private Compamy H 22nd Regiment Virginia Infantry Appears on Company Muster Roll Apr-Oct 1864 Enlisted Sept 15 1862 Kanawha by Capt. Laidly, absent, captured at Cold Harbor June 3 1864
    • Roll of Prisoners of War at Pt. Lookout MD. Arrived June 11 1864. Captured Gaines' Farm June 3 1864. Transferred to Elmira NY July 12 1864
    • Roll of Prisoners of War at Elimira NY from Pt. Lookout MD July 17 1864 Captured Gaines' Farm June 3 1864. Releases June 16 1865
    • Oath of Allegiance to the United Sates subscribed and sworn at Elmira NY June 16 1865. Place of residence Cincinnati OH Complexion Fair hair light eyes hazel height 5'10"

    Brothers Creed and Bushrod Parks were both captured the battle of Cold Harbor, VA June 3 1864. They were in the 22nd Virginia Infantry Regiment, "1st Kanawha Regiment" commanded by Col. George S. PAtton (grandfather of World War II general George S Patton). At Cold Harbor, the 22nd VA was part of Echol's brigade of Breckenridge's Division. (22nd VA Regiment, 23rd VA Battalion, 26th VA Battalion). See this map. You will notice "Patton" on the map next to the 22nd VA. The Union lines broke the confederate line at the space between the 26th and 22nd VA units (the blue arrow crosses the red confederate line). This was done by Brooke's 4th Brigade of Barlow's First Division of Winfield' Scott's II Corps (7 NY Heavy Artillery, 148 PA, 53 PA, 2 DE, 64 NY, 66 NY). This occurred east of the McGhee House. See this photo; this photo; and this photo of Elimira Prison where Bushrod Washington Parks spent a year in prison (June 1864 - June 1865). This says Bushrod b 1846 died 1940 married Mary Davis. There is an marriage record in Newton County Missouri: "Miss Mary Davis 30 Jan 1871 Newton County Missouri Spouse Mr. B W Parks" [ Missouri Marriage Records 1805-2002 orginal from Missouri State Archives] The entire text reads: "Certificate of Marriage State of Missouri County of Newton This is to certify that on the 30th day of January AD 1871 Mr B W Parks and wife Mary Davis were by me United in marriage according to Laws of God and the State of Missouri at Hickory Creek Furnace Newton County Missouri Wm. McDivitt Justice of the Peace Recorded March 13 1871"
    1870 Granby, Newton County Missouri
    John F Davis  58 KY farmer 424
    Sarah E Davis 25 TN
    [MO Marriage license to William Simpson, Newton MO dec 1870 from]
    Mary E Davis  20 MO <--------------------------------
    1865 Kansas Census Collection, Mound City, Linn County, Kansas
    91 miles north of Newton County Missouri Just across the Kansas-Missouri border
    John F Davis    53 KY farming
    Nancy A Craig   24 TN
    [m James M Craig
     in 1900 Hickory MO as head of household
     in home of daughter Mary  1910, Pulaski MO, age 70
     Mary Craig wife of George M Jones 1900, Hickory MO
     This says she died 1916 Polk MO
     See this grave in Hickory MO]
    James M Craig   32 OH "KS 12th K"
    Isaac A Davis   23 TN "KS 15th M" [Company M.--Recruited in Linn, county Kansas]
    Sarah E Davis   21 TN
    Malinda J Tucker
    William A Davis 17 GA
    Mary E Davis    15 TN <---------------------------
    Eudora T Davis  13 MO
    Cornelia S Craig 2 KS
    1860 Granby Newton Missouri
    John F Davis  49 MO farmer 40
    Nancy Davis   20 TN
    Isaac Davis   19 TN
    Sarah Davis   17 TN
    Melinda Davis 15 TN
    Matilda Davis 13 GA
    [This says she married James Adams
    Asbury Davis  11 GA
    Mary Davis     8 TN <-------------------------------
    Eudora Davis   7 MO
    1850 Bradley Tennessee
    John Davis   40 KY farmer
    Mary Davis   33 TN <-- see Lewis and Susan Huffaker -- her parents below
    Nancy Davis  11 TN
    Isaac Davis   8 TN
    Sarah Davis   7 TN
    Malinda Davis 6 TN
    Matilda Davis 5 TN
    Asberry Davis 2 TN
    Mary Davis    1 TN <--------------
    1850 Lawrence Missouri
    Lewis Huffaker    62 TN farmer 500
    Susan Huffaker    51 NC
    Wiley Huffaker    25 TN
    Thomas Huffaker   21 TN
    Mahaley Huffaker  28 TN
    Louisa A Huffaker 23 TN
    Willia Huffaker   18 TN
    1840 Bradley Tennessee
    John Davis   20-29
    1 female under 5 [should be dau Nancy b 1839, see above]
    1 female 20-30
    1830 McMinn Tennessee
    John Davis   15-20 [pg 23 of 156]
    1 f 15-20
    [image 23/156]
    William Davis 30-40 [pg 141 of 156]
    1 f 20-30
    1 f < 5
    Lewis Huffaker [pg 119 of 156]
    2 m < 5
    1 m 10-15
    1 m 15-20
    1 m 40-50
    1 f < 5
    2 f 5-10
    2 f 10-15
    1 f 20-30
    In the search feature of there is this from the McMinn County Deed Book: 394 2 May 1833 John F. Davis to Isaac George; his interest as heir of Wm. Davis dec’d. See John F. Davis' son Isaac here: This tree states that: William Davis (1750-1830 McMinn TN) m Elizabeth ? and has four children: 1. Elizabeth Davis 1798 – 1880 [well documented here, 1850 says b. TN, d. 1880 TX] 2. John F Davis 1812 – 3. James A. Davis 1815 – 4. Francis M. Davis 1817 – John F Davis wife has been identified as "Polly Huffaker". See for example this and this and this where the kids are correct but the husband is James Davis NOT John Davis (compare these trees with the census data)

    There is a Lewis Huffaker in McMinn TN in 1830 (see census above). He has a Land patent in Lawrence Missouri in 1853. In 1850 he is in Lawrence MO census (age 62, b. TN 1888). Lawrence County MO is adjacent to Newton County MO where John F Davis resides in 1860. This says Lewis' wife was Susan Caudle or Cadle. This version says it is Susan Caddel and she died in 1850 in Lawrence Mo.

    This tree says: "According to family oral history, Bushrod became a pony express rider." [This is from the Lowe/Eskew Family Tree on The connection between this family is the marriage of Margret Creed Parks (1893-1973) to Robert William Lowe. Margaret Creed Parks was the daughter of Andrew J Parks (1852-1928) brother of Bushrod Washington Parks.] Bushrod's data is VERY limited. It is common to find his death date as 1940 -- but it is often recorded as in Neshoho, Missouri (Newton County). We will refute this data below. I found a death record for "Washington B. Parks" in Rock Island County, Illinois March 21 1940 in the Illinois Death Index -- likely the source for this death date often seen on web records for Bushrod and then this at LDS: Washington B. Parks Death Date: 21 Mar 1940 Death Place: Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois Gender: Male Marital Status: Race or Color: Age: 92 Estimated Birth Year: 1848 Birth Date: 27 Aug 1847 Birthplace: Charleston, West Virginia Father: Andrew Parks <--------------------------- Mother: Margaret Creed <------------------------- Occupation: Farmer Residence: Rock Island, Rock Island Co., Illinois Street Address: Spouse: Mary Burial Date: 24 Mar 1940 Burial Place: Taylorville, Christian Co., Illinois Cemetery: Oakhill Washington B Parks appears on three Christian County Illinois Census records: in Taylorville:
    1900 Christian Illinois, Taylorville Census
    Wash B Parks 52 VA VA OH janitor school [b Oct 1847]
    Mary Parks   50 TN TN GA [b Sep 1849]
                     married 25 years 6 children 6 surviving
                     [places marriage in 1875 -- see below]
    Lottie Parks 17 IL VA TN [b Jun 1882]
    Andrew Parks 15 IL VA TN [b Aug 1884]
    James Parks  13 IL VA TN [b Nov 1886]
    Hallie Parks  9 IL VA TN [b Mar 1891]
    Ross Parks    6 IL VA TN [b Jun 1893]
    1910 Christian Illinois, Taylorville Census
    Washington B Parks 62 VA VA OH laborer odd jobs
    Mary E Parks       60 TN GA GA
                           married 38 years 6 children 6 surviving
                           [places marriage in 1872]
    Andrew Parks       23 IL VA TN driver coal mine
    James Parks        21 IL VA TN driver coal mine
    Lottie Parks       26 IL VA TN
    Hallie Parks       18 IL VA TN telephone operator
    Ross Parks         16 IL VA TN
    1920 Christian Illinois, Taylorville Census
    James Parks 23 IL VA TN miner
    Viola Parks 32 IL IL IL
    W B Parks   71 VA VA OH father widower
    W.B. Parks died 3/21/1940 Rock Island, Illinois buried Oakhill Cemetery in Taylorsville Illinois Block 12 Lot 148 Site 7 Mary Davis Parks died 3/22/1919 in Moline Illinois Illinois Death Index says: PARKS MARY F/W UNK 0013832 1919-03-21 ROCK ISLAND SOUTH MOLINE TWP 19-03-22 She is buried in Oakhill Cemetery in Taylorsville Illinois Block 12 Lot 148 Site 7 In 1930, his children Ross and Hallie (Hiller) appear in Rock Island Illinois census in the same location as where Washington B. Parks died in 1940. I cannot locate Washington B Parks on the 1880 or 1930 censuses. Is the Illinois "Washington B" the same as the "Bushrod of WVA"? Some confirmations include: 1. For "Washington B.", the parent birthplaces listed on the census data match "VA" and "OH" -- and in one case correctly "West Virginia" (son Ross on the 1930 census). His age and birthplace are approximately correct. 2. Age and name of Mary E Davis in Newton Missouri in 1870 match the Illinois data, and partially her parent's birthplace 3. He has a son named Andrew. Children of W. B. Parks and Mary Davis:
    1. Unknown eldest child based on the 1900 and 1910 census statements by Mary Davis Parks that she had 6 surviving children.
    2. Lottie Parks (1883/4- )
    3. Andrew Thomas Parks (1886-1945)
      1920 Christian Illinois, Taylorville Census
      Andrew Parks    35 IL VA OH miner coal mine
      Maud Parks      30 IL IL IL
      Russell Parks    6 IL IL IL
      Darrell Parks 9/12 IL IL IL
      1930 Christian Illinois, Taylorville Census 1930 Christian Illinois, Taylorville Census
      Andrew Parks        44 IL VA KS
        machinist coal mine
      L Maude Parks       40 IL IL IL
      Russell G Parks     16 IL IL IL
        farm laborer
      Darrel R Parks      11 IL IL IL
      Dwight P Parks 4 10/12 IL IL IL
      August F Rose      42 IL Ger Ger
      Iva J Rose         37 IL IL OH
      Vera E Rose        15 IL IL IL
        [future wife of Russell]
      Lavona M Rose      11 IL IL IL
      Wilma L Rose        7 IL IL IL
      Farrell J Rose 3 5/12 IL IL IL
      World War I Draft Registration Name: Andrew Thomas Parks Taylorville Christian County Illinois DOB Sept 3 1884 Present Occupation: Coal Miner Employer: Springfield District? Coal Co Taylorville Illinois Nearest Relative: Maud Parks Taylorville Illinois Height Tall Build Medium Eyes Blue Hair Dark Brown Died 6/14/1945 Buried Oakhill Cemetery Taylorsville Illinois Block 24 Lot 68 Site 4 beside wife: Laura Maude Price Parks b Mar 31 1889 died Feb 26 1966 Block 24 Lot 68 Site 3 Social Security Death Index: First Name: Laura Middle Name: M Last Name: Parks Birth Date: 3-31-1889 Death Date: 2-15-1966 Age: 77 First Known Location: Illinois Last Known Residence: Tinley Park, IL
      Ancestry of Laura Maude Price (1889-1966)
      Father: George W Price (1869 IL - 1929 Taylorville, buried Iuka Marion Ohio IL)
      Mother: Hester A. Kennedy ? (from IL Marriage license)
      Grandfather: David Price (1845-1933 Soldiers and Sailors Home Riverside,
                   Adams County, IL)
      Grandmother: Martha Johnson from IL marriage license
                   Martha Snow from "mother" on IL death certificate of
      			 son George W Price d 1929
      Greatgrandfather: Samuel Price
      Greatgrandmother: Nancy Lee
      Great great grandfather: Richard H Price b 1777 Baltimore MD-1857 Jackson OH
      Great great grandfather: Isabella Austin 1781 MD-1852 Jackson OH

      1930 Riverside, Adams IL Census
      Soldiers and Sailors Home
      David Price 84 IL OH OH inmate widowed civil war veteran
      1920 Christian IL Census
      Charles A De Hart 48
      Mattie De Hart    37 <---Maud's stepmother [Charles's 2nd wife]
      Valrie Price      15 <---Maud's sister
      Blanche Price     14 <---Maud's sister
      1910 Christian IL Census
      George Price   41 IL IL IL barber [b Apr 1869]
                     m2 7 years
      Mattie Price   28 MO KY MO [2nd wife]
                     m1 7 years 2 children 2 surviving
      [Callaway MO Marriage License:
       George W Price of Fulton, Callaway County MO
       Miss Mattie Freeman of Fulton, Callaway County MO
       11th of July 1903]
      Valerie Price   6 IL IL MO dau
      Blanche Price   4 IL IL MO dau
      Maud Price     21 IL IL IL dau <----[b. March 1889]
      Minnie Freeman 15 sister-in-law
      1910 Christian IL Census
      Davit Price   M 64 IL ?? OH cobler shoemaker
      Magie Price   F    IL PA PA
         married 17 years 3 children 3 surviving [m 1892]
         [This is Ann M Livergood -- see below]
      Edward Price  M 16
      Thomas Price  M 15
      Ruth Price    F 12
      Consider this from Illinois Marriage Archive:
      PRICE, DAVID LIVERGOOD, ANN M 1892-05-04 00C/0092 00007750 CHRISTIAN
      and this from LDS
      David Price
      Event: Marriage
      Event Date: 1892
      Event Place: Christian, Illinois
      Age: 47
      Estimated Birth Year: 1845
      Father: Samuel Price <----------------------------------------
      Father's Titles & Terms:
      Mother: Mary Lee <---------------------------------------------
      Mother's Titles & Terms:
      Spouse: Ann M Livergood
      Spouse's Titles & Terms:
      Spouse's Age: 33
      Spouse's Estimated Birth Year: 1859
      Spouse's Father: Henry Livergood [Henry Clay Livergood 1825 NY 1878 Christian IL)
      Spouse's Father's Titles & Terms:
      Spouse's Mother: Ann M Ober
      Ann Livergood appears on the 1880 Taylorville Census age 20
      1880 Christian IL Census
      Ann M. Livergood    55 PA PA PA
      Daniel W. Livergood 27 IL PA PA
      Ann M. Livergood    20 IL PA PA [bc 1860]
       [Daniel price's second wife, m 1892]
      John W. Livergood   18 IL PA PA
      Phebe S. Livergood  17 IL PA PA
      Edmund F. Livergood 16 IL PA PA
      1870 Christian IL Census
      H Livergood [Henry] 37 PA farmer 5200 1800
      Margretta Livergood 39 PA
      Francies Livergood  18 IL
      Daniel Livergood    16 IL
      Peter Livergood     15 IL
      Henry Livergood     13 IL
      Ana Livergood       12 IL
      John Livergood       9 IL
      Pheoba Livergood     8 IL
      Eddie Livergood      6 IL
      Adjacent is:
      1910 Christian IL Census
      William H Price  48 IL IL ??
        [George's older brother b 1862 see 1800 census below]
      Carrie M         40 IL IL OH
       married 25 years 8 children 2 surviving
      William E        26 IL IL IL barber
      1900 Iuka Marion Illinois Census
      Charles Price 26 IL IL IL barber <--George's younger brother
      Lawra Price   22 IL IN IL
        4 children 1 surviving
        [Laura Jones m 1896 Marion IL]
      Otto L Price   1 IL IL IL son
      Maud Price    11 IL IL IL niece <----b Mar 1889
      1900 Callaway Fulton MO
      John M Davis 46 MO MO VA Hotel Keeper
      George W Price 31 IL OH TN boarder [b Feb 1869] barber <---
      [one of 14 boarders]
      father of George and Charles Price:
      1900 Stonington, Christian IL
      David Price      54 IL MD OH b June 1845 barber
      Margaret A Price 45 IL PA PA
                       married 8 years [1892]
      Edward Price      7 IL IL IL
      Thomas A Price    5 IL IL IL
      Ruth Price        2 IL IL IL
      Denis Pittman    23 IL IL IL boarder barber
      1880 Omega Marion Illinois Census
      David Price      35 IL OH OH farmer [1845]
      Martha J. Price  34 TN TN TN [b 1846]
      [IL marriage David Price and Martha Johnson
          Marion IL 9/6/1866]
      William H. Price 12 IL IL TN
      George W. Price  10 IL IL TN <---- [Maude's father]
      John L. Price     8 IL IL TN
        [1930 Stonington, Christian IL census
         1920 Stonington, Christian IL census
         1910 Stonington, Christian IL census
      Charley Price     6 IL IL TN
      Anna N. Price     3 IL IL TN
      1880 New Market, Gallatin, Illinois [southeast of Marion]
      S. E. Kanady     26 IL - IL
      N. J. Kanady     52 IL - - [Nancy J]
      C. F. Kanady     21 IL - IL
      K. J. Kanady     20 IL - IL [Keziah J see below]
      G. J. Kanady     15 IL - IL [General Jackson see below]
      Hester A. Kanady 13 IL - Il F brother? [b 1867] [<---- Maude's mother]
      Polly Mccool     75 IL aunt
      Illinois State Marriage Archive
      PRICE, GEORGE W   KENNADY, HESTER A 1888-10-07 00E/0004 MARION
      1870 Marion Illinois Census
      David Price    25 IL farmer <---[Maude's grandfather]
      Martha J Price 23 TN [b 1847]
      William H Price 3 IL
      George W Price  1 IL <----[Maude's father]
      Illinois Marriage Database:
      PRICE, DAVID  JOHNSON, MARTHA 1866-09-06 00D/0038 00001293 MARION
      1870 New Market, Gallatin, Illinois [southeast of Marion]
      Jessy Kenndy          50 IL
      Nancy J Kenndy        4? IL
      George W Kenndy       18 IL [b 1852]
      Samuel Kenndy         16 IL [b 1854, 1870 Census Jefferson IL]
      Keziah J Kenndy       14 IL
      Evaline Kenndy        11 IL
      General Jackson Kenndy 7 IL
      Hester A Kenndy        3 IL <--------------
      Carney J Kenndy       11 OH
      adjacent is
      Merry McCool    68 KY [see above]
      George McCool   20 AR
      1860 Marion Illinois Census
      Nancy Price 60 VA
      David Price 15 IL <---[Maude's grandfather]
      1860 New Market, Gallatin, Illinois [southeast of Marion]
      Jesse H Kennedy   47 KY 2500 900 [b 1813, father of Hester]
      Nancy J Kennedy   35 IL
      James R Kennedy   13 IL
      George W Kennedy   8 IL
      Samuel E Kennedy   6 IL
      Keziah J Kennedy   4 IL
      Calvin F Kennedy   1 IL
      William E Kennedy 18 IL
      same page
      Garland M Kennedy 25 IL farmer
      Malinda           48 KY
      4 teenagers
      same page
      John A Knnedy 28 IL [see below]
      Jane          25 IL
      William R      4
      1850 Marion Illinois Census
      Samuel Price 46 MD
      Nancy Price  50 VA
      David Price   5 IL
      LDS says here
      Samuel Price m Nancy Lee 1830 Jackson OH
      1850 New Market, Gallatin, Illinois [southeast of Marion]
      Jesse H Kanddy   38 KY farmer [b 1812]
      Nancy J Kanddy   24 IL
      John A Kanddy    17 IL  [b 1833]
      Mary Kanddy      14 IL
      Martha Kanddy    14 IL
      Susan Kanddy      9 IL
      Michael Kanddy    7 IL
      James R Kanddy    3 IL
      Benjamin H Kanddy 1 IL
      1840 Todd Kentucky Census
      Jesse Kenedy 20-29
      2 f <5
      1 f 20-29
      W C Kenedy 40-50
      2 m < 5
      1 m 5-9
      2 m 15-29
      1 m 20-29
      1 f <5
      1 f 10-15
      1 f 15-20
      1 30-40
      1840 Jefferson, Jackson Ohio Census
      Samuel Price
      1 m < 5
      1 m 15-19
      1 m 40-49
      1 f < 5
      1 f 5-9
      1 f 10-14
      1 f 15-19
      1 f 30-39
      adjacent to James Price
      1 m < 5
      2 m 5-10
      1 m 30-39 same decade as Samuel
      Richard H Price pg 1/8 Bloomfield (1800-1810)
      1 m <5
      1 m 10-14
      2 m 15-19
      1 m 50-59
      1 f 60-69
      [Richard H Price b 1777 Baltimore MD-1857 Jackson OH
      see Richard Hammond Price grave at findagrave
      wife Iabella Austin (1781-1852) here. This tree is well documented
      1830 Bloomfield, Jackson Ohio Census
      Samuel Price
      1 m 5-9
      1 m 20-29
      1 f 10-14
      1 f 15-19
      1 f 20-29
      Richard Price
      2 m 10-14
      1 m 40-49
      1 f 10-14
      2 f 15-19
      1 f 40-49
      these two above are adjacent in Bloomfield pg 5/8
      1820 District 2, Baltimore MD Census
      0 < 10
      1 10-16 son born after 1805
      1 16-18 (also in next category)
      1 16-26 son born 1794-1804
      0 26-45
      1 > 45
      3 < 10
      1 10-16
      1 16-26
      0 26-25
      1 > 45
      1810 Patapsco Lower 100, Baltimore MD Census
      Richard Price
      2 m <10   [these two males do not appear on any ancestry genealogy]
      1 m 10-15
      1 m 26-44
      1 f < 10 [Lydia b 1807]
      1 f 10-15
      1 f 26-44

      From: Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947 see this George W. Price Death Date: 12 Feb 1929 Death Place: Taylorville, Christian, Illinois Gender: Male Marital Status: Race or Color: Age: 60 Estimated Birth Year: 1869 Birth Date: 05 Feb 1869 Birthplace: Luka, Illinois [should be Iuka] Father: David Price Father's Titles and Terms (original): Father's Birth Place: Ohio Mother: Martha Snow <-------------- see also brother charles below ------------------ Mother's Titles and Terms (original): Mother's Birth Place: Illinois Occupation: Barber Residence: Taylorville, Christian, Ill. Street Address: Spouse: Spouse's Titles and Terms (original): Spouse's Birthplace: Burial Date: 14 Feb 1929 Burial Place: Luka, Marion, Illinois [should be Iuka] Cemetery: Luka [should be Iuka] Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947 for see this Charles D. Price [George W Price's brother, son of David Price] Death Date: 28 Jan 1929 Death Place: Taylorville, Christian, Illinois Gender: Male Marital Status: Race or Color: Age: 54 Estimated Birth Year: 1875 Birth Date: 15 Apr 1874 Birthplace: Illinois Father: David Price <------------------- Mother: Martha Snow <------------------- Occupation: Barber Residence: Stonington, Ill. Street Address: Spouse: Mrs. Charles Price Spouse's Titles and Terms (original): Spouse's Birthplace: Burial Date: 31 Jan 1929 Burial Place: Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947 for see this David Price Death Date: 17 Apr 1933 Death Place: Riverside Twp., Adams, Illinois Gender: Male Marital Status: Race or Color: Age: 87 Estimated Birth Year: 1846 Birth Date: 28 Jun 1845 Birthplace: Illinois Father: Father's Titles and Terms (original): Father's Birth Place: Mother: Mother's Titles and Terms (original): Mother's Birth Place: Occupation: Common Laborer Residence: Riverside Twp., Adams, Illinois Street Address: Spouse: Spouse's Titles and Terms (original): Spouse's Birthplace: Burial Date: 19 Apr 1933 Burial Place: Iuka, Illinois Cemetery: Local Iuka There is an Ohio marriage license for: Samuel Price Nancy Lee Jan 1830, Jackson Ohio Martha J Johnson (bc 1847 TN-- ) sons death certificates BOTH say Snow There are three families in Marion Illinois in 1870 that could be the family of Martha J Johnson (b. 1847, she is NOT in Illinois in 1860)
      1870 Marion IL
      John W Johnson  48 TN 1600 700 farmer
      Docia Johnson   51 MO
      Joseph Johnson  21 IL <-- in IL by 1849
      Sarah E Johnson 17 IL
      Jane Johnson    16 IL
      Mary Johnson    14 IL <-- m Ball 1873 Marion
      Esther Johnson  12 IL
      D W Johnson      37 TN lumber dealer 2500 4000
      Ear Johnson      39 TN
      Leytha Johnson   17 MO
      Cevarda Johnson  13 MO
      Virginia Johnson 11 MO
      Thomas B Johnson  9 MO
      Clay D Johnson    8 MO
      N B Johnson       7 MO
      Joseph Johnson    6 IL <--- to IL in 1864
      Gercant Johnson   4 IL
      Melissa Johnson   3 IL
      1860 Washington, IL
      John W Johnson    38 TN
      Dotia D Johnson   41 MO
      Mary E Johnson    19 IL
      John M Johnson    15 IL
      Joseph A Johnson  11 IL
      Sarah E Johnson    7 IL
      E J Johnson     8/12 IL
      Charity J Johnson  6 IL
      Martha E Johnson   4 IL
      Samantha E Johnson 2 IL
      Susan A Johnson 7/12 IL
      1860 Johnson MO
      D W Johnson        27 TN 2000 700 farmer
      Loretta E Johnson  28 TN
      Lydia C Johnson     7 MO
      Cassandra Johnson   4 MO
      Virginia Johnson    2 MO
      Thomas B Johnson 7/12 MO
      David Price, Private Company D 111 Illinois Infantry Age: 18; Height: 6'; Hair: Black; Eyes: Blue; Complexion: Dark; Occ: Farmer Nativity: Marion County IL Joined Aug 12 1862, Omega IL Mustered in Sep 18, 1862 Camp Marshall IL Mustered Out June 6, 1865 Washington D.C. The 111th was in The Atlanta Campaign May 1 1864-Sep 8 1864, Battles: Resaca, Keenesaw Mountain, Battle of Atlanta, Seige of Atlanta, Jonesboro, Lovejoy Station, March to the Sea Nov 15-Dec 10 1864, Savannah, Bentonville. 16th Army Corps, 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade Nov 1863-Mar 1864 15th Army Corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade Mar 1864-Aug 1864 Atlanta Campaign: Major Gen. James McPherson (killed) Army of Tennessee Major Gen. John "Blackjack" Logan, 15th Corp commander Brig Gen. Morgan L. Smith's 2nd Division Brig Gen. Giles A. Smith's 1st Brigade Regiments: 55th Illinois 111th Illinois 116th Illinois 127th Illinois 6th Missouri 8th Missouri 57th Ohio 15th Army Corps, 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade Aug 1864-Jun 1865 Children of Andrew Parks Laura Maude Price:

      1. Russell G Parks (1913-1986) Last Residence: 62568 Taylorville, Christian, Illinois, United States of America Born: 30 Nov 1913 Died: Oct 1986 State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951)

        Buried at Oakhill Cemetery in Taylorsville Illinois Died 10/16/1986 Tombstone says: b Nov 30 1913 d Oct 16 1986 Wife: Vera E Rose b Jan 3 1915 d Oct 22 1988 daughter of Augustus and Iva Rose The State Journal-Register, Springfield, IL - October 18, 1986 Deceased Name: Russell G. Parks 73, of Taylorville died at 9:30 p.m. Thursday at St. Vincent Memorial Home. He was born on Nov. 30, 1913, in Benld, the son of Andrew and Laura Price Parks. He married Vera E. Rose in 1933 in Altamont. One brother preceded him in death. Mr. Parks was a member of the First Baptist Church and the United Mine Workers of America. He was a retired coal miner having been employed at Peabody Mine 10. Surviving are his wife, Vera; two sons, Lyle of Springfield and Leland of Austin, Texas; one daughter, Mrs. Linda McClung of Monteclair, Calif.; eight grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and one brother, Dwight Parks of Chicago. Services will be at 2 p.m. Monday at Sutton Memorial Home, with the Rev. John Curtis officiating. Burial will be in Oak Hill Cemetery.

        The State Journal-Register, Springfield, IL - October 23, 1988 Deceased Name: Vera E. Parks TAYLORVILLE 73, of Taylorville died at 7:45 p.m. Saturday at St. John's Hospital. Services will be at 10 a.m. Monday at Sutton Memorial Home, Taylorville. Burial will be in Oak Hill Cemetery. Surviving are two sons, Lyle F. of Springfield and Leland A. of Austin, Texas; one daughter, Linda McClung of Pleastan, Calif.;four sisters, Lavona Darienzo of Taylorville and Wilma Neidringhaus, Agnes Neidringhaus and Farel Dolacki, all of California; nine grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

        Here is a text-based ancestry diagram for Russell G. Parks and Vera Rose

        Vera Rose's ancestry:
        Father:      August F Rose 1888 IL-1935
        Mother:      Iva Jane Dial (often shown as "Deal")
        m 09-29-1911 Effingham IL (see this )
        Grandfather: August Fred Rose 1852-1928 (see this)
                     Arrival 1883 from Germany
        Grandmother: Bertha Lattsch
        1900 Effingham, Mound Census
        Ananst Rose 46 Ger Ger Ger b 1853 RR Laborer
        Bertha Rose 45 Ger Ger Ger b 1855
               7 children 5 surviving
        Tillie Rose  7 IL  Ger Ger b 1892 dau
        1910 Effingham, Mound Census
        August F Rose      56 Ger Ger Ger watchman railroad [b 1854]
        Bertha Rose        56 Ger Ger Ger
                           married 30 years 7 children 4 surviving
        				   [m 1880 prior to arrival in the US]
        August Fort H Rose 23 IL  Ger Ger day laborer
        1920 Christian Illinois, Southfork Census
        August F Rose    33 IL Ger Ger miner [b 1887]
        Iva Jane Rose    27 IL IL IL
        Agnes Rose        7 IL IL IL
        Alfreeda Rose     5 IL IL IL
        Mae Rose          1 IL IL IL
        August Fred Rose 68 Ger Ger Ger father miner [b 1852]
        1930 Christian Illinois, Taylorville Census
        August F Rose      42 IL Ger Ger
        Iva J Rose         37 IL IL OH
        Vera E Rose        15 IL IL IL
          [future wife of Russell]
        Lavona M Rose      11 IL IL IL
        Wilma L Rose        7 IL IL IL
        Farrell J Rose 3 5/12 IL IL IL

        Death Certificate: Name: August F. Rose Titles and Terms (original): Death Date: 24 Nov 1935 Death Place: Taylorville, Christian, Illinois Gender: Male Marital Status: Race or Color: Age: 47 Estimated Birth Year: 1888 Birth Date: 15 Jul 1888 Birthplace: Altamont, Ill. Father: August Rose Father's Titles and Terms (original): Father's Birth Place: Germany Mother: Bertha Lattsch <---------------------------------------------- Mother's Titles and Terms (original): Mother's Birth Place: Germany Occupation: Coal Miner Residence: Taylorville, Ill. Street Address: Spouse: Iva Rose Spouse's Titles and Terms (original): Spouse's Birthplace: Burial Date: 26 Nov 1935 Burial Place: Altamont, Effingham, Ill. Cemetery: Union Informant: Additional Relatives: Digital Folder Number: 4008390 Image Number: 881 Film Number: 1765620 Volume/Page/Certificate Number: cn 136

        Vera's Mother's Ancestry: Iva Jane Dial Daughter of: Charles T. Dial (1867 IL-1934 Fayette IL) ...son of James Dial (1834-1879 Fayette IL) and Prudence E. Horn (1849 OH- and Mary E. Turner (1869-1907) ...dau of William Wesley Turner (1849 Tuscarawas OH - 1898 Fayette IL) and Elizabeth Carpenter (1850 OH- 1923/5?) says: ------------------------------------------------- Charles T. Dial b 1867 IL m1 Mary E Smith (1869-1907) Fayette County IL <---WRONG ! William C Dial 1888 Iva J Dial 1892 Lawrence A Dial 1896-1990 Eva Mae Dial 1903 m2 Emma ? 1913 William Grover Dial 1910 1976 ------------------------------------------------ This site data above is incorrect. Charles T. Dial's wife is Mary E. Turner NOT Mary E Smith. Mary E. Turner (1869-1907 Fayette IL) m. Charles T Dial 1887 (IL marriage index says "Charles Deal" Christian County 8/2/1887) Mary's parents are William Wesley Turner and wife Elizabeth Carpenter. The father (William W Turner) died in Fayette IL in 1898. His wife Elizabeth then remarries John H. B. Smith in 1901: "John H. B. Smith b 1832 IN-1915 Fayette IL m Elizabeth Turner (maiden name Carpenter) in Effingham IL 1/29/1901" from Illinois Marriage Archive". This shows "J.H. Smith's wife Elizabeth">This says buried in Haley Chapel cemetery, Vandalia, Fayette County IL -- no dates This is the source of the error above. Below the 1900 Loudon IL census shows Charles T. Dial and wife Mary E and "mother-in-law" Elizabeth Turner. Mary E. (Turner) Dial dies in 1907 and her children (Iva Jane and Eva Mae move in with their grandmother -- the widowed Elizabeth Turner. There is a death certificate for Elizabeth Smith in Altamont Effingham IL dated 7/7/1923? At the LDS there is an Ohio Birth for Mary "Tarner" of William W. "Tarner" and "Elizabeth Tarner" in Killbuck, Holmes County OH 13 July 1869). Holmes County is adjacent to both Coshocton and Muskingum where William appears on censuses. It appears that based on this birthplace for Elizabeth,and the censuses below that Elizabeth's father is Isaac Carpenter (1827-1899 Holmes OH). This entry says: Isaac Carpenter b May 5 1827 in Ohio This says he was married three times: 1. Mary McDowell on Dec 20 1849 2. Elizabeth Fischer on March 24 1855 3. Celestia Neal on Nov 5 1870 The 1850 census (below) shows wife Isaac's wife as Mary and the 1860 census (below) shows wife as Elizabeth. So these multiple marriages seem correct. Thus Elizabeth Carpenter who married William W. Turner mother is Mary McDowell and her father is Isaac Carpenter. This says Mary McDowell's father is: James McDowell m. Elizabeth Patterson in Washington County PA (Mary's 1850 birthplace is listed as "Penn". Elizabeth Patterson (1795 Washington PA - 1864 Coshocton OH) was the daughter of John Patterson (1760 PA-1837 Washington PA) and Mary Caldwell (1776 Cumberland PA-1858 Cochocton OH). Elizabeth Patterson was the grandaughter of Arthur Patterson (1730 N. Ire-1803 Chambersburg PA). See this on John Patterson and this on Mary Caldwell Isaac Carpenter (1827 Holmes OH-1899 Holmes Ohio)as the son of: Thomas Carpenter (1786 Warrenton VA now WVA-1858 Holmes OH) and Delilah Critchfield (1792 Wellsville VA-1876 Holmes OH) she was the daughter of William Crithfield (1763 Washingtom MD-1848 Holmes OH) and Margaret Sapp (1779 Allegany MD-1842 Potage OH) (see this) Isaac was the grandson of: John Carpenter (1730 Hampshire England-1806 Cochocton OH) see this considerable story about John Carpenter's frontier service here or this story (this has some service record info) and this. This is another version, and another, and a short one and Nancy Beaver (1730 WVA-1806 Cochocton OH) she was the daughter of John Beaver see this survival story of Nancy here -------------------------------------------------------- Charles T. Dial was: son of: James Dial 1834 Knox Ohio - 1879 Fayette County IL (see this) who m 1865 Fayette IL Prudence E. Horn 1849 dau of Daniel Horn (1817 Knox OH-1886 Fayette IL) and Jane Rose Durbin (1817/20 Knox OH-1886 Fayette IL) Charles T. Dial was: grandson of: George Washington Dial (1792 PA-1860 Fayette IL) who m Margaret "Peggy" Logue (1798 MD- dc 1860 Fayette IL) daughter of Daniel Logue (1770 MD-1851 OH) and Honora Logsdon (1777 MD-1844 OH) great grandson of: George Washington Dial "Totch" (1771 Westmoreland PA-dc 1840 Fayette IL great grandson of William Dial 1747 Westmoreland PA - Ohio Elizabeth Walker (or Welker) Charles T. Dial and Mary E. Turner:
        1920 St. Elmo Fayette IL
        Elizabeth Smith 77 OH PA PA widow
        [This is Mary E. Turner's widowed mother
        2 houses from Katie Dial 38 widow
        daus Fontine 17 and Mary V 15]
        1910 Census, Mound Effingham IL
        John H B Smith  78 IN KY NY farmer
                        m2 married 9 yrs retired
        Elizabeth Smith 50 OH VA PA
                        m2 married 9 yrs 1 child
        [Mary E. Turner's mother]
        Iva J Dial      17 IL IL OH granddaughter
                        [of Elizabeth NOT John]
        Eva Mae Dial     7 IL IL OH granddaughter
        Widower Charles T Dial:
        Fayette County IL
        Charles Dial        40 IL ? IL farmer
        Emma Dial           21 IL IL OH
        [married 3 years 2 children 1 surviving]
        Laurence Dial       13 IL IL IL
        [[son of Mery E Turner]
        William G Dial 1 11/12 IL IL IL
        1900 Loudon, Layfayette IL
        Chas T Dial      32 IL OH OH b 1867
                     m 12 years farming
        Mary E Dial      30 OH OH OH b 1869
                     m 12 years 3 children 3 surviving
        Wm C Dial        11 IL IL OH
        Iva J Dial        8 IL IL OH
                     [Vera's mother]
        Lawrence A Dial   3 IL IL OH
        Elizabeth Turner 50 OH OH PA mother-in-law
                     [Vera's grandmother]
        <--------> TURNER LINE
        1880 Fayette IL 1880 Scott IL
        Prudence Dial  30 OH OH MD widow
        Thomas C. Dial 13 IL OH OH <----
        Marthy J. Dial  9 IL OH
        William W Turner 33 OH OH OH
          [Vera's grandfather]
        Elizabeth        30 OH OH OH
          [Vera's grandmother]
        Mary E. Turner   11 OH OH OH <---
        1870 Fayette IL 1870 Killbuck, Holmes, OH
        James Dial    35 OH farmer
        Prudence Dial 21 IL
        Chas Dial      4 IL <---
        George Dial    2 IL
        Wesley Turner    21 OH farmer
        Elizabeth Turner 20 OH
        Isaac Carpenter  44 OH
        Mary E Tumer      1 OH
        1860 Fayette, IL 1860 Zanesville, Muskingum OH
        Geo Dial      67
        Margaret Dial 64
        Jas Dial      26 <---
        Phillip Dial  22
        Sarah Dial    17
        Johnson Turner   32 OH Farming
        Eliza Turner     30 OH
        William W Turner 11 OH
           [Mary Turner's father]
        Sarah J Turner    9
        Isaac Turner      5
        Joab Turner       3
        In Holmes County Ohio is
        William Turner's future wife
        Elizabeth age 10
        Isaac Carpenter 33 OH
        Elizabeth       27 OH
        Elizabeth       10 OH
        1850 Fayette, IL 1850 Tuscarawas, Coshocton, OH
        George Dial   57 PA
        Margaret Dial 52 PA
        Sarah Dial    19 OH
        James Dial    16 OH
        Philip Dial   13 OH
        [adj Benjamin Dial 23
             John     Dial 28]
        Johnson Turner   23 OH
        Elizabeth Turner 18 VA
        William M Turner  1 OH
        Eleanor Maner    16 OH
        nearby in Holmes county Ohio is:
        Isaac Carpenter       23 OH farmer
        Mary Carpenter        22 Penn
        Elizabeth Carpenter 5/12 OH
        Charles T. Dial' ancestors:

        • George Washington Dial (1792 PA-1860 Fayette IL)
        • Margaret "Peggy" Logue (1798 MD- dc 1860 Fayette IL) daughter of Daniel Logue (1770 MD-1851 OH) and Honora Logsdon (1777 MD-1844 OH)
          • Daniel Logue (1769/70 Frederick MD-1851 Knox OH) son of James I Logue (1720 Allegany MD-dc1793 Allegany MD) See this and Mary Ellison Lawson (1732 Allegany MD-1831 Allegany MD) daughter of John B Lawson (1690 Baltimore MD-1767 Baltimore MA) See this and Francis Davis (1700 MA-1738 MD)
          • Honora Logsdon (1777 Allegany MD-1844 OH-Knox Ohio) dau of Ralph Logsdon (1736 Baltimore MD-1818 Allegany MD) and Mary Durbin (1739 Baltimore MD-1818 Allegany MD) dau of Samuel Durbin bc 1698-1752 Frederick MD (see this and Ann Logsdon (1703-1770 MD) dau of William Logsdon (1663 Bedford Eng-1730 Carroll MD) [See this story). William was married to Honora O'Flynn (1686 Kerry Ireland-?). Daughter Ann was the sister of John Logsdon (see below) Ralph Logsdon was son of: John Logsdon (1716 Carroll MD-1797 Frederick MD) and Margaret Wooley (1720 Baltimore-1787 Baltimore MD)
        • Daniel Horn (1817 Knox OH-1886 Fayette IL) and Jane Rose Durbin (1817/20 Knox OH-1886 Fayette IL) James Dial (father of Charles Dial above) was married to Prudence Horn dau of:
          • Daniel Horn (1817 Knox Ohio) Father born PA, Mother B NJ Little appears on Daniel Horn's ancestors The 1820 Knox Ohio census shows 4 Horn/e men: Benjamin,Charles, Jacob, Joseph Benjamin has 3 sons < 9, adjacent is Joseph with 3 sons < 9 Charles 1 son < 9 Jacob 1 son < 9
          • Jane Rose Durbin (1821 MD- dau of Benjamin R Durbin (1792 MD-1868 Knox OH) and Marian Wadell
        William Wesley Turne's Military REcord: See this, the 2nd entry in findagrave says: William W Turner was in Company I 121 Ohio Infantry But the NPS Soldier and Sailor system says: William W. Turner 121 Ohio Infantry Company F The book 121 Regiment Ohio Volunyeer Infantry, page 21 says: Turner, William W. private enlisted March 8 1864 for 3 years transferred to Company I 69th Ohio Vol. Infantry June 2 1865. Company F of the 121st Ohio was... "Mustered in Sept. 11, 1862, at Camp Delaware, O., by A. F. Bond, Captain 2d Infantry, U. S. A. Mustered out June 8, 1865, at Washington, D. C., by George Scroggs, 1st Lieutenant 125th Illinois Infantry and A. C. M. 2d Division, 14th Army Corps." Battles: PERRYVILLE, KY., OCTOBER 8, 1862. CHICKAMAUGA, GA., SEPTEMBER 19-20, 1863. LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN., . . . NOVEMBER 24, 1863. MISSION RIDGE, TENN., NOVEMBER 25, 1863. BUZZARD ROOST GAP, GA., .... MAY 8, 1864. ROME, GA., MAY 18, 1864. KENESAW MOUNTAIN, GA., . . . JUNE 9-30, 1864. PEACH TREE CREEK, GA., .... JULY 20, 1864. ATLANTA, GA. (Siege of), JULY 28 to SEPT. 2, 1864. JONESBORO, GA., AUGUST 31 and SEPTEMBER 1, 1864. [also in Sherman's March to the Sea] BENTONVILLE, N. C., MARCH 19-21, 1864 [actually 1865] from Oct 1863 to the end of the war, the 121 Ohio was with: 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, XIV Corps, Army of the Cumberland to June 1865 Chicamauga Reserve Corps, Major Gen. Gordon Granger First Division, Brig. General James B Steedman 2nd Brigade Col John Mitchell 78th IL, 98 OH,113 OH, 121 OH, battery M 1st Illinois Atlanta campaign 14th Corps Major Gen. John M. Palmer 2nd Division, Brig Jefferson C Davis 2nd Brigade, Col. John Mitchell 34th IL, 78th IL, 98 OH, 108 OH, 113 OH, 121 OH, battery M 1st Illinois says: William W. Turner (1849 Tuscarawas OH - 1898 IL) m Elizabeth Carpenter (1850- He was the son of Johnson A Turner (1827 Coschoton OH-1903 Lee IL) see photograph here son of Joab H Turner (1795-1868) and Ary Johnson (1805-1875) see this story on Joab here and Eliza Ann Vains (1831 Coschoton OH -1885 Effingham IL)
      2. Darrel R Parks (1919-1965) (veteran) Died 4/2/1965 and is buried in Oakhill Cemetery Taylorsville Illinois beside him is wife Opal b June 21 1915 d Jan 8 2005 State Journal-Register, The (Springfield, IL) - January 10, 2005 Deceased Name: Opal L. Parks TAYLORVILLE - Opal Lucille Parks, 89, of Taylorville died Saturday, Jan. 8, 2005, at Heritage Manor in Pana. She was born June 21, 1915, in Herrin, the daughter of Joe M. and Alberta Mae Watkins Bond. She married Darrell Parks; he died in 1965. Mrs. Parks was a legal secretary and a member of Business and Professional Women's Association. Survivors: sister, Violet Norris of Prescott, Ariz., and many nieces and nephews. Services: 11 a.m. Wednesday, Shafer Funeral Home, Taylorville, the Rev. Bob Spurgin officiating. Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Taylorville.
      3. Dwight Parks (1925-1986) Last Residence: 77339 Humble, Harris, Texas, United States of America (Kingwood) Born: 25 Sep 1925 Died: Aug 1986 State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951) This page by Judith Walker Beekman says: Dwight Parks b. 25 Sep 1925 in Taylorville, Christian Illinois d. Aug 1986 in Humble, Harris, Texas, United States of America m. Relna Jean Shaw in Cook County Illinois on November 20 1953 Relna Shaw Parks daughter of Byron Shaw 1895-1933 and Mabel Augusta Sandberg (1892-1976) b 1933 Chicago Illinois d 1985 Harris Texas
    4. James R Parks (1886-1939) (Jimmie)
      1920 Christian Illinois, Taylorville Census
      James Parks 23 IL VA TN miner
      Viola Parks 32 IL IL IL
      W B Parks   71 VA VA OH father widower
      World War I Draft Registration Name: James Parks 905 W. England Taylorville Illinois DOB Nov 2 1886 Present Occupation: Miner Employer: Springfield Coal Co Taylorville Illinois Blind father, wife Height short Build slender Eyes Brown Hair Dark Brown Died 5/24/1939 Buried Oakhill Cemetery Taylorsville Illinois Block 23 Lot 28 Site 5 adjacent is Viola Parks died 8/3/1966 Block 23 Lot 28 Site 1 "Illinois Statewide Death Index, 1916-1950" PARKS JAMES RUSSELL 1939-05-24 CHRISTIAN
    5. Hallie C. Parks (1895-1972 Jasper TX) Married Julius M Hiller (1894-1964 Jasper TX)
      1920 South Moline, Rock Island, Illinois
      Julius M Hiller   25 IL IL IL core maker engine factory
      Hallie Hiller     25 IL VA MO
      Howard L Hiller 0/12 IL IL IL
      1930 Rock Island Illinois Census, Rock Island Township
      Jelius M Hiller 36 IL IL IL Tinner
      Hallie C Hiller 36 IL VA TN
      Howard L Hiller 10 IL IL IL son
      Ross L Parks    34 IL WVA TN brother-in-law washer laundry
      Hazel Parks     34 IL IL IL sister-in-lawmarker laundry
      Phyllis Parks    8 IL IL IL niece
      Regnaild Hiller 33 IL IL IL brother
      Edna Hiller     32 IL IL IL sister-in-law
      Loraine Hiller   6 IL IL IL niece
      Deevia Hiller    3 IL IL IL nephew
      Children of Julius and Hallie Hiller:
      1. Howard Lee Hiller (1919-1986 Jasper Texas) PFC US Army WWII Married Maxine V. ?
    6. Ross L Parks (1893-1954 Iowa)
      1920 Christian Illinois, Taylorville
      Dan Fleming   62 IL TN VA truant officer public schools
      Susan Fleming 59 MO OH IL
      Hazel Parks   23 IL IL MO daughter
      Ross Parks    26 IL VA TN son-in-law truck driver laundry
      1930 Rock Island Illinois Census, Rock Island Township
      Jelius M Hiller 36 IL IL IL Tinner
      Hallie C Hiller 36 IL VA TN
      Howard L Hiller 10 IL IL IL son
      Ross L Parks    34 IL WVA TN brother-in-law washer laundry
      Hazel Parks     34 IL IL IL sister-in-lawmarker laundry
      Phyllis Parks    8 IL IL IL niece
      Regnaild Hiller 33 IL IL IL brother
      Edna Hiller     32 IL IL IL sister-in-law
      Loraine Hiller   6 IL IL IL niece
      Deevia Hiller    3 IL IL IL nephew
      World War I Draft Registration Name: Ross L Parks 901 E. Stephens Taylorville Illinois DOB Nov 22 1893 Present Occupation: Laundryman Employer: J.W. Bowdich Taylorville Illinois Wife and child under 12 Height short Build medium Eyes Brown Hair Dark June 5 1917 This ancestry page says: Ross L. Parks b. June 23 1893 Mount Auburn Christian County, Illinois d. June 23 1954 Davenport Scott County Iowa buried Oakhill Cemetery Taylorsville Illinois m Hazel Irene Fleming b Feb 14 1897 Taylorville Christian Illinois d June 6 1977 Louisville Jefferson Kentucky buried Oakhill Cemetery Taylorsville Illinois m in 1915 Taylorville Illinois Children:
      1. Mary Ester Parks d. 3/21/1919 buried Oakhill Cemetery Taylorsville Illinois
      2. Living Parks
      See also this
    [ Patricia Showalter Gilbert] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Harriet b. 27 oct 1848 in Kanawha Co., VA d. 1877 Columbus Ohio) issue: Flora Talmadge (b. 1868 Columbus OH) Andrew Talmadge (b. 1870 Columbus OH) Spouse: Theodore Tallmadge b Jan 25 1827 Marysville KY son of Darius Tallmadge (b 1800 Schaghticole, Rennselear County NY - 1874 Lancaster Fairfield OH) and Sarah A Wood grandson of Josiah Tallmadge b 1749 d 1802 Schaghticole, Rennselear County NY and Margaret Hoffman b 1751 Poughkeepsie NY -1810 Schaghticole, Rennselear County NY dauof Robert Hoffman and Sara van Aalstein great grandson of James Tallmadge 1716 New Haven Connecticut (spy Benjamin Talmadge (1754-1835) by Ny d CT) m Mary Floyd dau of William Floyd 1734) 1900 Washington DC census Theordore age 73 b 1827 Ohio Patent Attorney parents b NY and NY Harriet 48 (says b 1851) Andrew P Tallmadge age 30 Electrician 1880 Census of Washington DC in the boarding house of Elizabeth Humphries Theo W Tallmadge 53 b KY parents both b NY Claims Agent Harriet W b VA parents b MD Ohio Theordore 17 at college b Ohio Flora 11 at school b Ohio Andrew 10 at school b Ohio 1870 Census Columbus Ohio Thodore 43 b KY Claim Agent Hattie 23 b WVA Sallie 18 b Ohio Frank 16 b Ohio Darris 11 b Ohio Theodore 7 b Ohio Flora 2 b Ohio Parks 5/12 b Ohio 1860 Montgomery Franklin Ohio T W Talmadge 33 b KY Real Estate Agent Ellen 30 b Ohio Sallie 8 Frank 6 Darius 1 1850 Fairfield Ohio Census Theodore Talmadge 23 b KY Lawyer Ellen E 19 Ohio
  4. Andrew Parks (lawyer?) b.27 OCT 1852 Charleston, Jefferson Co., West Virginia d. 1877 Charlestown WV Spouse: Maria Stone One the 1870 Charleston WVA census, there is an Andrew Parks living with Benjamin H Smith, age 17, attending school. Benjamin H Smith was a prominent attorney Compare this fact to the ones below regarding this Andrew Parks: this says Andrew was 1852-1923 m Maria Stone has a West Virginia Marriage record of Andrew Park and L.M. Stone on Nov 24 1881 in Roane County WV Maria Stone appears on the 1870 census of Smithfield, Roane County, WV as age 7 in the home of John B Stone age 40 farmer b WV Sally W Stone age 35 b WV John S Stone 75 b Connecticut other siblings, Phillip 16, Mary A 15 John B 4 (all b WV) she also appears in 1880 in Smithfield Roane WVA John B Stone 50 b VA father b VA mother b NY Sally W 46 b VA father b VA mother b VA Maria H 16 John B 15 The Andrew Parks below has the correct birthdate (more or less) and the correct birthplace for the mother (Ohio) but incorrect for the father (should be MD) In 1900 Andrew Parke appears in Smithfield, Roane WVA: Andrew age 46 b Oct 1853 b WVA father b WVA mother b Ohio farmer Nellie M age 36 b Jul 1863 b WVA father b WVA mother b WVA Benj S age 17 b Oct 1882 Nellie S age 9 MArgret C age 7 In 1910 Andrew Parks is shown in Smithfield Roane County WVA: Andrew age 56 m 28 years 3 children b WVA father b WVA mother b WVA farmer Nellie M age 47 m 28 years 3 children b WVA father b WVA mother b WVA Nellie S age 19 Margret C age 17 Benjamin S age 27 (Head) Physician Effie age 27 In 1920 Andrew Parks is shown in Spencer Roane County WVA: Andrew age 66 m b WVA father b WVA mother b Ohio Banker Nellie M age 56 m b WVA father b WVA mother b Ohio Nellie S age 28 Margret C age 25 Benjamin S age 37 (Head) Physician Effie age 37 (no children)
Name: Mary Parks Born: ABT 1813/14 at: Baltimore Married: ABT 1840 at: Kanawha Co., Virginia Died: at: Clifton WV Spouses: Milton H. Hansford Name: John Parks Born: 1816 at: Baltimore, Maryland Married: ABT DEC 1845 at: Kanawha Co., Virginia by Rev. Stuart Robinson Died: ABT 1877 at: Salines, Kanawha Co., Virginia Spouses: Lucy M. Anderson daugther of Robert N and Maria C Anderson of Salines WV Children: Name: Albert Washington Parks Born: 14 MAY 1853 at: Salines, Kanawha Co., Virginia Married: at: Died: at: shown on 1880 WV census age 26 with father John age 59, mother Lucy M age 52 and two sisters below age 19 and 21 shown in 1900 WV census head of household age 46 mother Lucy age 73 Anna (sister) age 38 NO children Spouses: Name: Laura Shelton Parks Born: 27 OCT 1855 at: Salines, Kanawha Co., Virginia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Anna Wall Parks Born: 21 AUG 1859 at: Salines, Kanawha Co., Virginia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thomas McElderry (brother-in-law (m. Elizabeth Parks in Hagarstown MD) and business partner of Andrew Parks (above) see: this Name: Thomas McElderry Sex: M Birth: 1758 in County Antrim, Ireland Death: 28 MAY 1810 in Baltimore, MD Reference Number: Newman Occupation: Shipping 1 Father: Patrick McElderry b: 1720 in Ballymoney, N. IRE (ANTRIM) Mother: Margaret Marriage 1 Elizabeth Parks b: 1770 in Hagarstown, MD From The Architecture of Baltimore: an Illustrated History by Mary Ellen Hayward and Frank R. Shivers, page 56:

"In Baltimore the first grand rows were built by enterprising merchants who sought people like themselves as tenants. In 1796 two prominent flour merchants Cumberland Duggan and Thomas McElderry erected expensive and impressive three and a half story rows facing each other on their respective, neighboring wharves which extended some sixteen hundred feet into the harbor. With London's Adelphi Terrace as a model the leased commercial space at the wharf level and rented commodius living quarters above. The group of houses merited enough attention to be included as one of the two architectural details found on Warner and Hannah's contemporary (1801) map of the city"

These two projects are named in The Baltimore Rowhouse by Mary Ellen Hayward and Charles Belfoure as: "...wharves extending south from Market Place (the site of Centre Market and the commercial hub of the town)...Dugan and McElderyy also built fancy mixed use rows just north of the wharves on either side of Market Place. "St.Patrick's Row" McElderry's project, was occupied initially by a ships chandler, merchants, a cabinet maker, and a gentelwoman In the "Papers of the War Department 1784-1800" Date April 11, 1796 Author Name: Thomas McElderry (primary) Location: Baltimore Recipient Name: James McHenry (primary) Location: Philadelphia Summary: Appears to be vouching for the character of a young man [Mr. Parks?] McElderry took under his instruction and protection after the man's father fell on hard times; believes the young man to now be a good businessman and a good potential husband, compared to many [other?] young Virginia gentlemen who have large estates and many slaves. The man has been practicing business [perhaps opening a store] in Fredericksburg, VA, since 1792; admits that a precise assessment of the man's net worth cannot be made at present. The vouching for character seems to be in regard to a proposed matchmaking. Mentions acquaintances, including one who is discriminated against for being Irish. [What any of this has to do with McHenry, or his office as Secretary of War, is unclear]. Document Format Autograph Letter Signed ------------------- end of supplemental Parks/Gibson/Hogg Data-----------------

Session Laws 1793
An ACT for the relief of sundry infolvent debtors.

WHEREAS John Parks, Englehart Crufe, Francis Cracroft, Leonard
Swingle, Andrew Floyd, William Lowrey, William B. Micks and
Francis De Blok, of Baltimore county, Jacob Hole, Jofeph Weft
Plummer and William Beckwith, of Frederick county, James Glanvill and
Spencer Beedle, of Kent county, Randolph Johnfon and William Keene, of
Dorchefter county, James Porter and Clement Holliday, of Caecil county, Jofhua
Dorfey, of Henry, Vachel Stevens and Samuel Chew, of Anne-Arundel county,
Nicholas Boone and Thomas Mitchel, of Prince-George's county, Naylor Har-
vin, Philemon Burgefs and John Holmead, of Montgomery county, William;
Weatherall and William Mitchel, of Harford county, James Smith, William
Burk and John Waters, junior, of Queen-Anne's county, and William Allen,
of Calvert county, by their petitions to this general affembly, have fet forth, that
by reafon of many misfortunes they are unable wholly to fatisfy their creditors,
and have prayed that they may be difcharged, upon their delivering up all their
property for the ufe of their creditors; and the prayer of the faid petitioners being
found reafonable, therefore,

John Parks of Baltimore, son of Edward

The descendants of this early Maryland Family DO NOT MATCH the Parks' on this page.
See David Parks b 1742 (
here) who is identified as Park/e/s Society Lineage Key "XP" and is NOT genetically linked to the Joseph/William-Robert-James-Andrew of this page. See for Group with Lineage Key=XP. This David alledgedly descends from William b 1714 below, thus disproving any relationship to the descendants of Edward Parks (and thus invalidating the Duggan/Harmon statements about Joseph and William -- topic of this website)

From "Baltimore County Families 1659-1759" the Parks family data shows the connections of a consistent family. Note the authors use of "poss" (i.e., possible connection) on the children. In summary:
1.0 Edward Parks
    In Baltimore by 1705 (Spesutia Hundred)
    m. Dorothy
    Conved property to his son Robert 1724
    1.1 Mary b 1706
    1.2 Robert b 1707
        conved property to his son Laban 1763
        1.2.1 Laban
        1.2.2 Robert m Mary Fuller 1761
    1.3 (poss) Philip b 1712 m Hannah Packow 1746
    1.4 (poss) John (Sr.) m1 Bridgett Milhouse 1743
        (Baltimore will 1787)
        administered will of Bartholomew Milhouse 1744
        Owned "Ebenezer Park" (50 ac.), "The Forest" (310 ac.)
        (Note children below from will of 1787)
        1.4.1 John Parks (Jr) m Keziah Rutledge 1761
        1.4.2 Aquila Parks
        1.4.3 Priscilla
        1.4.4 Sarah m. Walker
        1.4.5 Elizabeth m Thompson
    1.5 (poss) William b 1714
        Purchased "Turkey Cock Alley" in 1754
        Was conv. 19ac "Chenowth's Adventure" 1761
        1.5.1 David
    1.6 Sarah m  William Litchfield 1749
    1.7 (poss) Elizabeth m Aquila Milhouse 1749 Baltimore
    1.8 (poss) Edmund m Elizabeth Sinkler 1764 Baltimore
1.0 Bartholomew Milhouse d 1743
    (see will below)
    m Bridget issue:
    1.1 Charles
    1.2 Miles
    1.3 Aquila
    1.4 Elizabeth m 1742 John Rutledge
        1.4.1 Keziah Rutledge b 1745
           m John Parks
     Sophia Parks
    1.5 Francis m Thomas Cotterell

Here is some of the Edward Parks group from 1768:

SEAT FROM JOPPA TO BALTIMORE TOWN, 1768....... pg 520 581

  This Petition Handed to the several Subscribers p William Govane &
  Ezekiel Towson
  No. 21
  John Rutlidge
  Edmund E Parks Sr.
  John Parks Sr
  Aquila A Parks
  Elisha Parks
  John Parks son of John
  .on the next page
  Laban Parks

David P. Parks pg 559
James 572
Phillip 536
William 531

LINDA MULLEN's genforum postings on John Parks
I have an Elizabeth Milhouse/Millhouse married to John Rutledge 20 Dec 1742, Baltimore.
Her daughter Keziah/Kezia married a John Parks. Her father was Bartholomew Milhouse/Millhouse,
married to Bridget. Their children were Charles, Miles, Aquila, Elizabeth and Frances.
After his death in 1743, his widow Bridget married a John Parks on 29 Oct 1743, Baltimore, MD.
Looking for information on Bartholomew Milhouse who died in 1743 in Baltimore, MD.
His widow, Bridget, remarried to a John Parks on 29 Oct 1743 in Baltimore.
Bartholomew and Bridget had issue: Charles, Miles, Aquila (married Eliz. Parks),
Elizabeth (married John Rutledge 1742, Baltimore) and Frances (married Thomas Cotterell/Cotterall).
Names sound familiar? Trying to figure out where they come from.
Sophia PARKS born in Maryland, died about 1820 in Montgomery Co., OH
Married Jacob EVERSON of Chester Co., PA, on 8 Feb 1783 in Baltimore, MD
Father John PARKS of Maryland. 1776 MD Census shows him at St. Raights Hundred,
Dorchester Co., MD. 1798-1808 on Baltimore tax rolls, 1801-1803 showing him as a merchant.
John PARKS married Keziah RUTLEDGE on 3 Nov 1761 in Baltimore, MD
Do any of these people sound familiar to you and do you have any information on them?
Thanks, Linda (Everson) Mullen
Given Name: Bartholomew
Sex: M
Birth: in England or MD
Death: 1743 in Baltimore Co., MD
Will: 28 Mar-7 May 1743 Baltimore Co., MD 1 2
Probate: 9 June 1743 Baltimore Co., MD 1
Bartholomew "in Balto. Co. by 24 Mar 1733/4
. . . he wit. the will of Ralph Woodall". . .
left "a will, 28 March 1743-7 May 1743, naming
s. Charles, and sons Miles and Aquila, graddau.
Seaborah, and w. Bridget; admin. bond posted 9
June 1743 by the extx. with John Hallowey and
Walter James; est. admin. by Bridget w. of John Parks,
on 21 July 1744." ("Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759," p 450)

Estate administered 21 July 1744 by widow Bridget, remarried to John Parks.
("Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759," p 492)

Marriage 1 Bridget UNKNOWN
Married: c 1720 in Maryland
 Elizabeth MILHOUSE MILHUGHES b: c 1725 in MD

 Eliz m. John Rutledge

 Daughter Keziak Rutledge m John Parks

 Name: John PARKS
 Given Name: John
 Surname: PARKS
 Sex: M
 Birth: about 1740 in "of Maryland"
 Death: 1778 in Baltimore, MD
 Census: 1776 St. Raights Hundred, Dorchester, MD
 Baltimore, MD 1789-1808 tax rolls John Parks
 Baltimore, MD 1801-1803 tax rolls John Parks listed as a merchant

 Marriage 1 Keziah RUTLEDGE b: 16 June 1745 in Baltimore Co., MC
 Married: 3 Nov 1761 in Baltimore, MD 1 2
  Sophia PARKS b: about 1770 in Maryland


Title: Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759, p 450
Publication: On-Line Genealogy Library, electronic

Title: Maryland Probate Records, 1674-1744, Calendar of Wills, Vol 8, p 223
Publication: On-Line Genealogy Library, electronic

-----------------------------end of Baltimore John


Maryland County Map Current


OTHER PARKS STUFF FROM MARYLAND from Maryland Archive Searches

Maryland Probate Records from Archive of Maryland search: Parks Joseph 1771 Frederick Administrative Accounts (see below) Thomas 1703 St. Mary's Inventory and Accounts Clement 1699 Inventory and Accounts Robert 1723 Kent John 1744 Baltimore Accounts Bridgett 1744 Baltimore Accounts Henry 1735 Dorchester Wills William 1725 Queen Anne's Will Arthur 1760 Somerset Wills Andrew 1771 Frederick Accounts John 1710 Kent Bonds -------------------------------------------------------------- 1666-1667 Processing and Acts of The General Assembly To the Rt Honoble the Lord Proprys of Maryland In most humble wise Complayning Humbly sheweth John Jarbo of Dijon in the Realm of ffrance Augustine Herman of Prague in the Kingdom of Bohemia Ephraim Georgius and Casparus Sonns to the said Augustine Anna Margarita Judith and ffrancina his daughters Anna Hak George & Peter her Sonnes That whereas the said John Parks was borne att Dijon in ffrance and whereas the said Augustine Herman was borne... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Index to Maryland Provincial and General Court Deeds, 1658-1790 MD Archive Land PARKS, EDWARD. Lib. S (17244 1685-1662 ), Com., pp. 52, 60, 89, 97, 161, 164, 225, 410. Park's Hall to WILLIAM BLACK. Lib. P.L. No. 8 (17256 1731-1737), Deed, pp. 247, 251. PARKS, JOHN. Lib. J.G. No. 1 (17273 1788-1790 ), Bond, p. 174. Wit., p. 265. PARKS, JOHN, JR. Lib. T.B.H. No. 1 (17271 1786-1788 ), Sec, p. 83. PARKS, WILLIAM. Lib. E.I. No. 9A (17259 1749-1756 ), Men., p. 205. PARKS, WILLIAM to CHARLES CALVERT. Lib. P.L. No. 8 (17256 1731-1737 ), Deed, pp. 55, 57, 247, 251. Wit., pp. 132, 135. PARKS, WILLIAM to MICHAEL MACNEMARA. Lib. E.I. No. 8 (17258 1744-1749 ), Power of atty., p. 546. James Park to THOMAS SPARROW. Lib. E.I. No. 8 (17258 1744-1749), Deed, p. 564 ------------------------------------------------------------ Early Edward Parks from 1658 Edward PARKES CHRISTENING: 5 JAN 1622, Old Swineford, Worcestershire, England Edward PARKS CHRISTENING: 21 MAR 1645, Old Swineford, Worcestershire, England Father: Edward PARKES Family 1: Margaret DICKONS Edward PARKS Thomas PARKS Mathue PARKS Jane PARKS +Elizabeth PARKS Mary PARKS John PARKS Sarah PARKS +Edward PARKS ------------------------------------------ Below establishes Charles County 1658 Commission Charles County Vide 3 Md. Arch. 341 Caecilus Absolute & Prope of the Prouinces of Maryland & Aualon, Lord Baron of Baltemore &c: To John Hatch, James Lindsey Henry Adams, Edward Parks, James Walker & Robert Hunley Gent" Greeting, Know yee That Wee for the ease & benifitt of the Poeple of this oe Prouince & for the spedyer & more exact Admistraon of Justice haue erected, & doe by these pesents Erect all tht Tract of Land of this oe Prouince of Maryland Bownded with West Wicoco- moco Ryuer, up to the head thereof, & Sowth wth Patowmeck ruyer from the mouth of Wicocomoco up as high as any Plantaon under oe gouermt is now seated, And from thence wth a right Line drawne from such plantaon as aforesd to the head of Wicocomoco Ryuer, into a County, By the name of Charles County, in honoue of Our only Sonne & heyre apparant Charles Caluert Esqr And for the great trust & confidence, Wee haue in yor fidelities, circumspections, prouidences, & wisdomes haue constituted, ordeyned & appointed & doe by these pents constitute, ordaine & appoynt you John Hatch, James Lindsey, Henry Adames, Edward Parks, James Walker & Robt Hunley, Gentn Commissioners Joyntley & seuerally to keepe the Peace in Charles County aforesd And to keepe & cause to be kept all Lawes & Orders made for the good & conserua5n of the Peace, & for the quiett rule and gouermt of the Poeple in all & euery the articles of the same, And to chastice & punish all persons offending agst the forme of any the Lawes & Orders of this oe prouince, or of any of them in Charles County aforesd as according to the forme of those Lawes & orders shall be fitt to be done. Wee haue allso constituted & ordayned you & euery fowre or more of you, of wch you the sd John Hatch (unlesse some one of oe Councell bee pesent) are allwayes to bee one; Commises to enquyre by the Oath of good & lawfull men of yor County aforesd of all manner of ffellonies, Withcrafts, In- chantmts, Soceries, Magick arts, Trespasses fforestallings, Ingross- ings, & Extortions whatsoeuer & of all & singular other misdeeds & offences of wch Justices of the Peace in England may or ought law- fully to enquyre by whomsoeuer, or whensoeuer done or perpetrated, or wch hereafter shall happen to be done or perpetrated in the County aforesd agst the Lawes & Orders of this Our prouince, Prouided you ...Gyuen under the great Seale of this Our prouince of Maryland this Tenth day of May in the 26 yeare of Our Dominion ouer the sd prouince, & in the yeare of oe Lord 1658. Wittnes oe Right Trusty, & wellbeloved Josias ffendall Esqr oe Leiutt of the sd prouince Josias ffendall. ---------------------------------------------------- George Parks Somerset 13 SEPTEMBER 1695 55 ~ William Polke, cooper, Pltf. vs Ephraim Wilson, Deft. for debt of 400 lbs/tbco; Sam Worthington, attorney for Polke, presents account of George Parks, cooper, with 400 lbs/tbco due Polke from 10 April 1693 at Manokin; Parks has since left the County and Wilson is his attorney but refuses to pay claimed debt; Peter Dent, for Wilson, asserts he is not liable; Court rules a non-suit. Cepi. - - Caps agt George: Parks to answer unto James: Inglish plea of trespass on the Case ------------------------------------------------------------- 1730 Henry Parks The Petition of many the Inhabitants of Great Choptank Parish in Dorchester County Most humbly Sheweth p. 30 That in the said Parish the Church thereof is placed on the Side of Choptank River, a great distance from your Petition ers so that they could not possibly attend Gods Worship therein That your Petitioners in Regard to the Great Distance to the Parish Church aforesaid, did in or about the Year 1709 by the Assistance of the then Vestry and their own Contribu tion obtain a Chappel of Ease scituate in Vienna Town by Nanticoak River on the other side of the Parish aforesaid Notwithstanding the peaceable Enjoyment of the said Chappel ever since, as well as convenient Scituation ... The Premises considered Your Petitioners humbly intreats such Relief herein, as may prevent the Vestry erecting the new Chappel, the securing and repairing the Old, or such Orders and Determinations in this Matter as in your Great Wisdoms may be for the Quiet and Ease of Your Petitioners in their Possession of the sd Chappel, and preventing design ing Persons giving them Uneasiness therein for the future, and Your Petirs as in Duty bound shall pray Edwd Elliott Michl Stockdell Henry Parks John Hurley Jno Creek Jacob Charles Rogr Hurley Wm SmithIsaac Charles Darby Hurley John MinishJoseph Hust Morris WKenney Wm Guy John Lamey Rogr Dudley Nathl Mitchell Robt Dixon --------------------------------------------------------------------- Supplement to Early Settlers Query by Dr. Carson Gibb Parks, Edward Qo:237 Film No.: Transported 1657 Transcript. Q:68,362 MSA SC 4341- Parks, John 18:296 Film No.: Transported 1674 MSA SC 4341- ------------------------------------------------------------------ PARKS, EDWARD. Lib. S (17244), Com., pp. 52, 60, 89, 97, 161, 164, 225, 410. Park's Hall to WILLIAM BLACK. Lib. P.L. No. 8 (17256), Deed, pp. 247, 251. PARKS, JOHN. Lib. J.G. No. 1 (17273), Bond, p. 174. Wit., p.265. PARKS, JOHN, JR. Lib. T.B.H. No. 1 (17271), Sec, p. 83. PARKS, WILLIAM. Lib. E.I. No. 9A (17259), Men., p. 205. PARKS, WILLIAM to CHARLES CALVERT. Lib. P.L. No. 8 (17256), Deed, pp. 55, 57, 247, 251. Wit., pp. 132, 135. PARKS, WILLIAM to MICHAEL MACNEMARA. Lib. E.I. No. 8 (17258), Power of atty., p. 546. ----------------------------------------------------- Liber 24, folio 278 19 July 1745 BIRD, ARABELLA, Somerset Co. To son-in-law Thomas Tyler, extr., & my dau. Jemimey, his wife, all estate, incl. flax & corn at my son Jacob Cullins. To dau. Rebecca Trice, my best gown. To Henry Culling, a young cow. Witn: John Evins, Job Parks, Ansalener Parks. 11 Feb. 1745, sworn to by Job & Ansalener Parks. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Liber 25, folio 139 15 July 1747 WINGATE, JOHN, Dorchester Co., planter. To son Thomas Wingate, Joseph Stanaway Lott, Fox Point, part of Wingates Design, part of Southampton near the Min[g?] Marsh to an oak betw. s Thomas land & his sister near Fox Creek, hhold furn, stock, & tools. To dau. Rachel Scott the rest of Southampton, the rest of Wingates Design, a heifer, a dish, a plate, & negro Nan. To son John Wingate, The Heart of Farham & part of Hants Content, both near the head of Farham Crk., & tools. To dau. Lucy Parks, Museetor Neck & Colliers Forest & my young bay mare. To dau. Priscilla Sanders, a bed & my maple chest of drawers. To dau. Rebecca Wingate, negro boy Peter, my great chest, a heifer, & a sow. To dau. Mary Wingate, negro Moll, a heifer, a sow, & a dish. To dau Comfort Wingate, a bed & other hhold furn. & my little negro girl Nan. To dau. Mary Ritchett, a pewter candlestick & my money scales. To daus. Elizabeth Harper & Hanner Meridith, 2 black chairs each. To dau. Ann Ptitchett, a heifer. To son Henry Wingate, a ewe, a lamb, & a black chair. To my little boy James, a young grey horse. To wife & extrx., for life, my dw. plntn. Witn: Benjamin Todd, William Wingate, John Mesick 20 Aug. 1747, sworn to by Todd & Wingate. --------------------------------------------------------------- James Parks on a 1768 Baltimore Petition ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1794/03/14 3963: John Parks. BA. Insolvent estate of Parks. ------------------------------------------------------


Andrew Addis Parks (1760-1848)

FTDNA kits: 4405

Of the 17 related Parks FTDNA tests, there is one associated with Andrew
Park of Monongalia Co., VA (now WV) -- This descendant is closely related to
the Park/e/s Lineage Key=IW Robert Parks of Lancaster County PA.

...stuff at:*v04t3354&id=I0121

Andrew Addis Park Sr.
Sex: M
Birth: 1760 in Monongalia Co., WV
Death: Y 1848 in Mill Run, Clay Dist, Monongalia Co., WV; buried in Park Cemetery
Lived 87y - 88years. Notes for Andrew Park, Sr.:

Jun 1810 - Andrew Park Sr. purchases 100 acres on Days Run from Elias Hoskinson & wife, Clay District,
 Monongalia, WV. Monongalia deed OS 5:58.

Ed. note: Andrew Park Sr. lived at the head of Mill Run, a branch of Days Run, Clay District,
 Monongalia, WV, and is located to the W of SR 281, 2.46 miles S of the intersection with SR 7
 near Blacksville. This site is also near the ridge between the headwaters of Kings Run and
 Thomas Run. The main house recently burned, but in more specific terms was located at
 N39 41.591', W80 13.543', USGS 7.5' Blacksville, WV-PA Quad.

Mar 1812 - Andrew Park Sr. purchases additional 100 acres from John Baldwin, Days Run,
 Clay District, Monongalia, WV. Monongalia deed OS 5:307.

20 Jun 1829 - Andrew Park Sr. and wife Mary sell 68 acres to David Jones.
 Monongalia deed OS 10:380.

20 Jun 1829 - Andrew Park Sr. and wife Mary sell 36 acres to (son?) William Park.
 Monongalia deed OS 10:381.

28 Apr 1842 - Andrew Park Sr. & wf sell 25 acres on Miracle Run to son
 William Park. Monongalia deed OS 17-199.

16 Jun 1847 - Andrew Park Sr. sells 100 acres on Davis Run to son James.
 Monongalia deed OS 18:548.

circa 1848 - Andrew Park Sr. (age 88) dies, Monongalia, WV. Buried in Park Cemetery on
 ridge near the headwaters of Kings Run and Thomas Run, Clay District, Monongalia, WV.
 His wife Mary Anne unknown is buried at his side, but without dates on her stone.

>>Locator note: Park Cemetery is located on the hillside to the E of SR 281, 2.46 miles
 S of the intersection with SR 7 near Blacksville. In more specific terms, the cemetery
 is located at N39 41.461', W80 13.244', USGS 7.5' Blacksville WV-PA quad. The enclosed
 cemetery is within fenced pasture land, so as with all private property, seek permission
 before entering.

25 Apr 1850 - Andrew Park Sr. (estate?) sells 210 acres to son Hamilton Park.
 Monongalia deed OS 20:326.

>>Ed. note: At least 5 deeds for lands on Miracle Run are not included since
 it is not clear which Andrew Park is being referred to.

More About Andrew Park, Sr.: Age at time of death: 1848, About 88 years old.
 Burial: 1848, Park Cemetery, Clay Dist, Monongalia, WV. Fact: Dates are per found gravestone
Date: 21 Nov 2003

Ancestral File #: C8R2-JB
Change Date: 21 Nov 2003 at 20:34:36

Marriage 1 Mary Anne b: 1762 in Monongalia Co., WV
Married: Y ABT 1780 in Monongalia Co., WV
Change Date: 3 Mar 2004
 Phoebe Park b: 1781 in Monongalia Co., WV
 Mary E. Park b: 1784 in Monongalia Co., WV
 Margaret Park b: 1787 in Monongalia Co., WV
 Andrew Park Jr. b: 21 MAR 1792 in Miracle Run, Battelle Dist, Monongalia Co., WV
 Joseph Park b: 1795 in Monongalia Co., WV
 William W. Park b: 14 FEB 1798 in Monongalia Co., WV
 James Park b: 12 AUG 1802 in Monongalia Co., WV
 Sidalina Park b: 1805 in Monongalia Co., WV
 Nancy Park b: 1806 in Monongalia Co., WV
 Polly Park

Title: Park Census Data
Text: 1800 Greene Co. PA census for the Dunkard Twp district 33 6

PARKS, Andrew 5 boys, 1 boy 10 to 16, 1 man 26 to 45 years; 1 girl, 1 girl 10 to 16, 1 woman 26 to 45 (A.P., Sr.)

1810 Monogalia Co., WV census (A.P., Sr.)
529 13 Park, And'w 4 boys, 2 boys 10 to 16, 1 man 45 & up; 3 girls, 1 girl 10 to 16, 1 woman 26 to 45

1810 Monongalia Co., VA census (A.P., Jr.)
529 6 Parks, And'w 1 man 16 to 26; 2 girls, 1 woman 16 to 26

1840 Monongalia Co., VA Census Roll M704-567 P.127 Image 256
James Park 1 wm 20-30; 2 wf under 5, 1 wf 5-10, 2 wf 20-30

1840 Monongalia Co., WV Census Roll M704-567 P. 127 Image 256
Andrew Park 1wm 15-20, 1wm 20-30, 1 wm 40-50; 2wf 5-10, 2wf 10-15, 1 wf 15-20, 1 wf 20-30, 1 wf 40-50 (A.P, Jr.)

1850, 37th Dist, Monongalia, WV Census, pg 345, dwelling 771, family 772
Andrew Park age 58, male farmer B. VA (A.P., Jr.)
Sarah Park age 58, female b. PA
Dianna Park age 19, female b. VA

1850 Monongalia Co., VA Census 37th District, Page 345b
Census: 1850, 37th Dist, Monongalia, WV, pg 345, dwelling 772, family 773
Hamilton Park age 25, male farmer, $1000 real value, B. VA, cannot read or write
Catharine Park age 28, female b. PA, cannot read or write
William T. Park age 3, male b. VA
Sarah M. Park age 1, female b. VA

1850 Monongalia Co., VA Census 37th District Page 345a
Joseph Park age 32 Male Farmer, $1000 real value, b. VA
Lovenia age 24 Female b. VA
Plesant age 5 B. Female VA
Barbary E. age 1 Female b. VA

Census: 1880 Walnut Twp, Wayne, IA, pg. 390A, widow Sarah (Sally) Park living with son Sanford Jones
Title: Park Census Data
File: Old files/Images/Park Census.txt
Date: 21 Nov 2003


Addis/Park ca 1740's
Posted by: Ann Newell (ID *****9219) Date: August 27, 2002 at 06:34:36
   of 405

Seeking information that could lead me to the parents of Andrew "Addis" Park b 1760 d 1848.
I believe he md. Mary Ann Lancaster b 1762.
They named their children; Phebe,Mary,Margaret,Andrew Jr, Joseph,William,James, Sidonia & Nancy
Andrew "Addis" Park lived in Green Co. PA in 1800 Census
He was in Monongalia Co. VA/WV 1810-1820 & died 1848 in Monongalia Co.VA/WV
His children md. into the Darrah/Darough/ Dorrah family several times.
The oldest Phebe Park b 1781 md. Joseph Darrah
Joseph b 1795 md Mary Darrah
James b 1803 md Sarah Darrah
These marriages are not recorded in Monongalia County.
Is it a coincidence that his middle names is ADDIS or is he related somehow???????
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Note Andrew Parks and Abraham Hayter who sold real estate in Maryland in 1770 era:

Abraham married a Darrach and so did Andrew


Robert Parks (1699 Ireland-1752 Lancaster PA)
Park/e/s Society Lineage Key = IW

FTDNA kits: 100636, 100720

Of the 17 related Parks FTDNA tests, this is there are two associated with Robert
Parks of Lancaster County PA. One is closely related to Park/e/s Lineage Key=Z
Andrew Park of Monongalia Co., VA (now WV) -- and the second closely related to
the Park/e/s Lineage Key=LQ brothers Joseph and William Parks of Tennessee.

This genetic linkage to the other Park/s above is relatively new. Most
of the sons of Robert moved to Mecklenburg NC -- except for son Joseph.
One of the references below states Robert's Irish origin as Ballylagby,
County Donegal, Ireland.
posted by Janet Burks, June 2007

I continue to document since 1975 the descendants of Robert Parks born 1699
Ireland and his wife Elizabeth Russell. Robert died 1752 in Hanover Twp,
Lancaster Co, PA. Both Robert and Elizabeth are buried at Detty Cemetery.

Their children were:
1. REBECCA PARKS b. 15 Sep 1730, PA or Ireland; m. JAMES RIDDEL, JR.,
Abt. 1747.
2. DAVID PARKS SR., b. May 1732, PA or Ireland; d. Bef. 14 Aug 1813,
Mecklenburg Co, NC, wife Martha
3. MARY PARKS, b. 1734, Lancaster Co, PA.
4. JOHN PARKS SR. b. Dec 1736, Lancaster Co, PA; d. Bef. May 1813,
Mecklenburg Co, NC wife Jennett/Jeanette
5. JAMES PARKS b. May 1737, Lancaster Co, PA, wife MARY
6. ELIZABETH PARKS, b. 12 Jun 1738, Lancaster Co, PA md WILLIAM MCMULLEN.
7. ROBERT PARKS II b. 1740, Lancaster Co, PA; d. Bef. 20 Apr 1780,
Mecklenburg Co, NC, wife Martha/Mary
8. MARY ANN PARKS, b. 05 Oct 1742, Lancaster Co, PA; d. 02 Apr 1806,
Mecklenburg Co, NC md William JOHNSTON
9. ESTHER PARKS b. 03 Jul 1744, Lancaster Co, PA; d. 1808, Indiana
Co, PA md Robert WILSON
10. JOSEPH PARKS SR. b. 03 Aug 1746, Lancaster Co, PA; d. 12 Apr 1814,
Warren Co. OH, wife Jane
11. MARY PARKS b. 16 May 1749, Lancaster Co, PA md JAMES THOMPSON.
12. SARAH PARKS b. 17 Nov 1751, Dauphin Co, PA.
13. JOSHUA PARKS, b. 16 May 1753, Lancaster Co, PA

Neighbors of Robert Park #1 were: Thomas McNair b 1737,John Hutchison
b 1711, John Riddell d 1747, Robert Wallace b 1712, Rev. William Bertram
b 1674, Robert Snodgrass, Thomas Walker, William Walker, William Wilson
b 1673 and George, Hugh, Joseph and Robert Rogers.

An alternative version by Becky Shultz,1998

Immigrant ancestor Robert PARKS of IRELAND b. 1699 married Elizabeth RUSSELL.
Their children, some of whom were born in Dauphin Co, PA are:

Rebecca PARKS RIDDLE b. 1731
Mary PARKS b. 1734
John PARKS b. 1736
Elizabeth PARKS McCLELLAN b. 1738
Robert PARKS b. 1740
Mary Ann PARKS b. 1742
Esther PARKS WILSON b. 1744
Joseph PARKS b. 1746 Dauphin Co, PA

Then there is this:

10. Robert Parks was born 1699 in Ballylagby, County Donegal, Ireland,
and died 22 OCT 1752 in Hanover, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He was
buried in Derry Cemetery, Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania.

11. Elizabeth Russell was born 1710 in County Donegal, Ireland, and
died 16 SEP 1793 in Hanover, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. She was buried
in Derry Cemetery, Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania.

Children of Elizabeth Russell and Robert Parks are:
5. i. Rebecca Parks was born 13 SEP 1731. She married James Riddle,
son of James Riddle and Janette Jones. He was born in County Donegal,
Ireland, and died 1789.

ii. David Parks , Sr. was born MAY 1732 in Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania,
and died BEF 14 AUG 1813 in Salisbury Dist., Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina.
He married Martha 1768 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. She was born 1748 in
Ireland, and died 10 OCT 1803 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina.

iii. Mary Parks was born 1734, and died BEF 1742.

iv. John Parks , Sr. was born DEC 1736 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania,
and died 11 SEP 1810 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. He married Jennet
?? 1753. She was born 1739, and died ABT 1811 in Mecklenburg Co., North

v. James Parks was born 1 MAY 1737 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He
married Mary.

vi. Elizabeth Parks was born 12 JUN 1738 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.
She married William McMullin.

vii. Robert Parks was born 1740 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, and died
BEF 20 APR 1780 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. He married Mary 1769
in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina.

viii. Mary Ann Parks was born 5 OCT 1742 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania,
and died 2 APR 1806 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. She married William
Johnston. He was born 1741, and died 2 DEC 1812 in Mecklenburg Co.,
North Carolina.

ix. Esther Parks was born 3 JUL 1744 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania,
and died 1808 in Indiana Co., Pennsylvania. She married Robert Wilson
29 JAN 1765 in Paxtang Presbyterian Church, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania,
son of Joseph Wilson and Elizabeth Rosenborough. He was born 4 OCT
1741, and died 1812 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.

x. Joseph Parks was born 3 AUG 1746 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania,
and died 12 APR 1814 in Turtle Creek Twp., Warren Co., Ohio. He
married Jean Robeson 27 FEB 1772 in Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania.
She was born 14 MAR 1752 in Londonderry, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania,
and died 26 AUG 1825 in Turtle Creek Twp., Warren Co., Ohio.

xi. Mary Parks was born 16 MAY 1749 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania,
and died 2 APR 1806 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. She married
James Thompson. He died in Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina.

xii. Joshua Parks was born 17 NOV 1751 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.

xiii. Sarah Parks was born 16 MAY 1753 in Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania.
She married Andrew Young 16 JUN 1772 in Paxtang Church, Dauphin Co.,
Pennsylvania, son of James Young. He was born in Scotland.

I am trying again, to find info on the ROBERT PARKS b. 1699, m. Elizabeth
Russell b. 1701, poss. in Ireland. Their children include : Rebecca
1731;David,1732;Mary ,1734;John,1736;James,1737;Elizabeth,1738; Esther,
1742; Sarah, 1751; Joshua, 1753;Joseph,1746.
The birth dates of ROBERT & ELIZABETH are questionable.
This information was gleaned from a Parks Family Bible.
There is more information on the descendency of this family who came from
Ireland, then Chester Co. PA and later Warren Co. OH. Does anyone
The last information I have is JAMES PARKS m.GRIZELLA MCMEEN . They both
died in Warren Co. OH. Possibly Blue Ball. Their dtr. Mary, m. George
Wm.Crawford my gggrandfather in 1839 in Warren Co.OH.

ID: I19356
Name: Robert Parks Sr.
Surname: Parks
Given Name: Robert
Suffix: Sr.
Sex: M
Birth: 1699 in Ballylagby, Donegal County, Ireland
Death: 22 Oct 1752 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Burial: Derry Church Cemetery, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Reference Number: #
_UID: 259A206813DD0443B18E398ADCC5C4C9AEC6 1
Change Date: 27 Jul 2009 at 23:12:40

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Russell b: 1710 in Donegal County, Ireland
Married: 1724 1
 Rebecca Parks b: 13 Sep 1731
 David Parks Sr. b: May 1732 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
 Mary Parks b: 1734
 John Parks Sr. b: Dec 1736 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
 James Parks b: 1 May 1737
 Elizabeth Parks b: 12 Jun 1738 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
 Robert Parks Jr. b: 1740 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
 Mary Ann Parks b: 5 Oct 1742 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
 Esther Parks b: 3 Jul 1744 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
 Joseph Parks b: 3 Aug 1746 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
 Mary Parks b: 16 May 1749 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
 Joshua Parks b: 17 Nov 1751
 Sarah Parks b: 16 May 1753 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Some Other Josephs:


Cumberland county PA is over South Mountain to the west of Frederick
and up the Cumberland Valey northeast to Carlilse (county seat of Cumberland
County where William (son of Joseph) was bc 1777.

Discussed Thompson land in Cumberland CTY PA adj Joseph

"Beginning at a post standing on a stream of water known by
the name of the Dry Spring Thence (including the head of said
spring) by land of Alexander Scroggs the three several courses
and distances next following (to wit) south 51 degrees and 30
minutes west 26 perches to a white oak south 36 degrees east
81 perches to an Hickory and south one degree and thirty minutes
east 126 perches to an white oak thence by land formerly the
claim of David Kilgore now of Joseph Parks south from 40 east
140 perches to a white oak grub and north 42 degrees east 93
perches to a post thence by land claimed by James laughlin north
one degree west 69 perches to a post thence by other land of the
said John Thompson ...(unreadable)...the same tract north 57
degrees 30 minutes west 268 perches and a quarter of a perch
to the place of beginning containing 200 acres and 107 perches
and the usual allowance of six acres allowed for roads and highways
(it being part of a tract of 364 acres and 114 perches for which
a certain Hugh Laughlin obtained an order of survey bearing date
at Philadelphia 22 August 1766."
Census Year: 1790   State: Pennsylvania   County: Cumberland   Page No: 78
Reel no: T498-0002   District: Hopewell, Newton, Toboyne, West Pennsboro Townships
Transcribed by Calista Sanderson  and Proofread by for USGenWeb. Copyright: 2001
| Column 1                           | Free White |Fe=Free White Females
| --------                           | Males |    |Ot=Free Others
|                                    | 16  0 |    |Sl=Slaves
LINE | First Name         Last Name       |  + 16 | Fe | Ot | Sl | SNDX | Remarks

   70 |  Joseph            Parks           |  3  3 |  3 |    |    | P620 |




Ancestry Maryland ALL Parks
RICHARD PARKS MD  Baltimore County  S Side Patapscounty Hund  1701
RICHARD PARKS MD  Baltimore County  So. Side Of Patapsco  1701
ARTOR PARKS MD  Somerset County  Anomesex Hundred  1723
JOHN PARKS MD  Somerset County  Anomesex Hundred  1723

WILLIAM PARKS MD  Queen Anne's County  Levy Books  1729

ARTHUR PARKS MD  Somerset County  Coventry Parish  1745
ARTHUR PARKS MD  Somerset County  Coventry Parish  1745
JOB PARKS MD  Somerset County  Coventry Parish  1745
JOB PARKS MD  Somerset County  Coventry Parish  1745

JOHN PARKS MD  Dorchester County  St.Raights Hundred  1776
JOHN PARKS MD  Dorchester County  St.Raights Hundred  1776
JAMES PARKS MD  Harford County  Broad Creek Hundred  1776
JAMES PARKS MD  Harford County  Broad Creek Hundred  1776
JANE PARKS MD  Harford County  Broad Creek Hundred  1776
MARTHA PARKS MD  Harford County  Broad Creek Hundred  1776

Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD
Aquilla Parcks Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD 1790
Archabel Parcks Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD 1790
Fredaricks Parcks Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD 1790
John Parcks Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD 1790
John Parcks Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD 1790
John Parcks Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD 1790
Philip Parcks Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD 1790
Sarah Parcks Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore, MD 1790

Maryland State Archives
Census Indexes Search Results
(6 records)

Parks, James
Date: 1776
County: Harford
Hundred: Broad Creek

Parks, James
Date: 1776
Age:; Sex: ; Race: w; Born:
County: Harford
Hundred: Broad Creek

Parks, Jane
Date: 1776
County: Harford
Hundred: Broad Creek

Parks, John
Date: 1776
County: Dorchester
Hundred: Straights

Parks, John
Date: 1776
County: Dorchester
Hundred: Straights

Parks, Martha
Date: 1776
County: Harford
Hundred: Broad Creek Maryland Census 1776

James Parks
Parish: Broad Creek
County: Harford
State: Maryland
Estimated Birth Year: 1713
Age: 63

James Parks
Parish: Broad Creek
County: Harford
State: Maryland
Estimated Birth Year: 1764
Age: 12

Jane Parks
Parish: Broad Creek
County: Harford
State: Maryland
Estimated Birth Year: 1724
Age: 52

Martha Parks
Parish: Broad Creek
County: Harford
State: Maryland
Estimated Birth Year: 1761
Age: 15

John Parks
Parish: Straight's
County: Dorchester
State: Maryland
Other Residents: Males:   2 un.10, 1 21-30,
                 Females:          1 21-30, Negroes: 0

John Parks
Parish: Straight's
County: Dorchester
State: Maryland
Other Residents: Males:   3 under 10, 2 10-16, 1 21-30,        1 50-60,
                 Females: 2 under 10, 2 16-21,         1 40-50,        Negroes: 0

1790 Frederick County, Maryland Federal Census Index [Surnames N-Z]
Last Name        First Name            Page    Line
 Parks            James                 212     2087
 Parks            John                  230     2779

Details:                                               MALES           FEMALES
                                                   |  16 and          |                       |
                                                   |    up            |                       |
                                                   |   incl.   Under  |Incl. Under  Oth  Sla  |
Page #  Line # Last Name        First Name         |   Head     16    |Head    16   ers  ves  |
        2087   Parks            James                    2       2      5
        2779   Parks            John                     3       2      3                 5

Dorchester 1790
Census_Year: 1790
Microfilm:  #M637-3
State:  Maryland
County:  Dorchester

---------------------Begin Actual Transcription----------------------------------

   |    |                                  |MALES      |       |      |      |
   |    |                                  |16   |Und  |       |All   |      |
   |    |                                  |Up   |16   |FEMALES|OTHERS|SLAVES|
Pg#|Ln# |Last Name   First Name            |(1)  |(2)  |(3)    |(4)   |(5)   |
56  62   Parks       Mark                    1     1     1       .      8

1790 Baltimore MD Census
130-3   Parks,          Benjamin            Back River
130-4   Parks,          David               Back River
135-18  Parks,          David  >>           Back River
129-21  Parks,          William             Back River

CENSUS YEAR: 1790    STATE: MD    COUNTY: Baltimore     HUNDREDS: Back River
                                       |FREE WHITE     |ALL    |      |
                                       |Males  |       |OTHER  |      |
      |HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD               |16  to |       |FREE   |      |
PG#   |LAST NAME       FIRST NAME      |up  16 |Females|Persons|Slaves|Remarks
129-21 Parks,          William          1   1   2       .       1      .
130-3  Parks,          Benjamin         1   1   2       .       .      .
130-4  Parks,          David            3   2   3       .       .      .
135-18 Parks,          David  >>        1   .   .       .       11     Overseer for William McCullin


of Interest
John Sr.
of Baltimore
John, Jr.
John (James)
"tea merchant"
of Frederick
Son of John
d 1777 York PA
of TN
"Grayson" James"
"Belmont" James
of WV
of PA
father of
"Belmont James"
of MD
DNA Kits 28921
Bornbc 1743 Ire1743?1757 NC1781 MD
1850 OH census
1760before 17551746
Died1812 Baltimore1814 TN1806 Grayson VA1861
Belmont OH
Monongalia Co., WV
after 18281814
Bridget Milhouse
widow of
Bartolomew Milhouse
Keziah Rutledge
Margret GibsonRuth1780
Hannah Martin
Eliz Davis
b 1781 NJ
1850 OH census
Mary Ann ?
Eliz Towson
ChildrenEdward In Baltimore by 1705
m. Dorothy
property to son Robert 1724
1.1 Mary b 1706
1.2 Robert b 1707
    conved property to son Laban 1763
    1.2.1 Laban
    1.2.2 Robert m Mary Fuller 1761
1.3 (poss) Philip b 1712
    m Hannah Packow 1746
1.4 (poss) John (Sr.)
    m1 Bridgett Milhouse 1743
    Baltimore will 1787
    admin will Barth. Milhouse 1744
    "Ebenezer Park" (50 ac.),
    "The Forest" (310 ac.)
    (children below from will of 1787)
    1.4.1 John Parks (Jr)
        m Keziah Rutledge 1761

    1.4.2 Aquila Parks
    1.4.3 Priscilla
    1.4.4 Sarah m. Walker
    1.4.5 Elizabeth m Thompson
1.5 (poss) William b 1714
    (This Wm's son in last col)
    Purchased "Turkey Cock Alley" 1754
    19ac "Chenowth's Adventure" 1761
    1.5.1 David 1742-1814
    (This David in the last col)
1.6 Sarah m William Litchfield 1749
1.7 (poss) Elizabeth
    m Aquila Milhouse 1749 Baltimore
1.8 (poss) Edmund
    m Elizabeth Sinkler 1764 Baltimore

John bc 1743 IRE d 1812 MD
    m Margert Gibson
    Elizabeth 1767
        m McElderry
    Jane 1769
        m Alricks
    Andrew 1773 m
    Margret m Boggs
    Male db 1813
Martha b 1753 Down IRE
     m. John Gibson
    Thomas 1774 m Hogg
    Margret 1776 m Long
    Andrew 1778 m Stevenson
    William b 1781
    John 1785 m Clancy
    James Parks 1793
    George 1798
Robert b 1737

Mary b 1749

Jane b 1746
    m Wm Morrow

Margret b 1740 d In
    m James Hogg

William 1777 PA
Mary (Polly) 1779 NC
Robert 1780 VA
John Rev. 1782 VA
Abner 1787 VA
Samuel 1789
Ruth Margaret 1788 TN
Rebecca (Becky) 1793
James 1781 nc 1882
  Hannah 1815;
  William E. M. 1816,Va
  James c. 1833
  Hezikiah 1810
  Fielden Beax 1833
  George Washington 1822
John C b 1785
  Jacob 1816
  James M 1817
  Johnson 1825
  William C 1821
  Isaac J. 1824
  Susan 1828
  Minerva 1831.
  Matilda 1832
  Elizabeth 1822
Andrew 1790;
  Elizabeth 1826
  Pilgrim 1810
  Daniel isaac 1812
  Marcy 1818
  Jackson B 1819
  Sarah 1822;
  Andrew jr 1824
  Elizabeth 1825
  Aimy 1828
  George .
 David 1802
 Jonathan Davis 1806
 Elizabeth 1810
 James 1812
 John B. 1815
 Josesh 1818
 Thomas 1821
Phoebe Park b: 1781
Mary E. Park b: 1784
Margaret Park b: 1787
Andrew Park Jr. b: 1792
Joseph Park b: 1795
William W. Park b 1798
James Park b 1802
Sidalina Park b 1805
Nancy Park b: 1806
Polly Park
  3,2,3 1790 census
Benjamin b. 1764
  1,1,2 1790 census
Peter b 1764
Mary b 1765

Mapping these "Families of Interest" against the Maryland census of 1776 and 1790

1790 Maryland Census

  1. Baltimore Back River (M<16; M>16; F)
    Parks, William 1,1,2
    Parks, Benjamin 1,1,2
    Parks, David 3,2,3
    Parks, David 1, ,

  2. Frederick
    Parks, James 2,2,5 Parks, John 3,2,3 + 5 others
  3. Baltimore City
    Parks, Archibald 1, ,1 Parks, William 1, ,3
  4. Kent Parks, John 1,4,2
1776 Maryland Census 1776

James Parks
Parish: Broad Creek
County: Harford
State: Maryland
Estimated Birth Year: 1713
Age: 63

James Parks
Parish: Broad Creek
County: Harford
State: Maryland
Estimated Birth Year: 1764
Age: 12

Jane Parks
Parish: Broad Creek
County: Harford
State: Maryland
Estimated Birth Year: 1724
Age: 52

Martha Parks
Parish: Broad Creek
County: Harford
State: Maryland
Estimated Birth Year: 1761
Age: 15

John Parks (young 1776 dorchester John bc 1750)
Parish: Straight's
County: Dorchester
State: Maryland
Other Residents: Males:   2 un.10, 1 21-30,
                 Females:          1 21-30, Negroes: 0

John Parks (old 1776 dorchester John bc 1720 w son 21-30)
Parish: Straight's
County: Dorchester
State: Maryland
Other Residents: Males:   3 under 10, 2 10-16, 1 21-30,        1 50-60,
                 Females: 2 under 10, 2 16-21,         1 40-50,        Negroes: 0
Maryland State Archives
(Assessment of 1783, Index)
MSA S 1437

Anne Arundel County
Philip Parks. AA Upper Fork & Bear Ground Hundred, p. 5. MSA S 1161-2-1 Location: 1/4/5/45

Baltimore County
William Parks. ground rent. BA Deptford Hundred, p. 11. MSA S 1161-2-7    1/4/5/45
(note: "ground rent" British term for rent paid for land to be used chiefly for building)
Aquillow Parks. BA Middle River Lower Hundred, p. 6. MSA S 1161-2-9    1/4/5/45
Elisha Parks. BA Middle River Lower Hundred, p. 7. MSA S 1161-2-9    1/4/5/45
Elizabeth Parks. BA Middle River Lower Hundred, p. 10. MSA S 1161-2-9    1/4/5/45
John Parks, Jr. BA Middle River Lower Hundred, p. 6. MSA S 1161-2-9    1/4/5/45
John Parks, Sr. BA Middle River Lower Hundred, p. 6. MSA S 1161-2-9    1/4/5/45
David Parks. BA Middle River Upper & Back River Upper Hundred, p. 12. MSA S 1161-2-10    1/4/5/45
William Parks. Parks Death Knott, pt, 171 acres. BA Middle River Upper & Back River Upper Hundred, p. 12. MSA S
   this property appears again in
   Date: 1795/01/16
   2134: Thomas Gist, Penelope Deye, and Thomas Deye Cockey
   vs. Job Hunt and William Parks. BA. Contract to purchase
   Turkey Cock Alley, Parks Death Knot. Recorded (Chancery Record)
   65, p. 354.

Dorchester County
Arthur Parks. 150 acres. DO Lower District Hundred, p. 11. MSA S 1161-5-4    1/4/5/48
Arthur Parks. Margrits Quarter, 50 acres. DO Lower District Hundred, p. 43. MSA S 1161-5-4    1/4/5/48
Arthur Parks. Colliers Forrest, 100 acres. DO Lower District Hundred, p. 43. MSA S 1161-5-4    1/4/5/48
Arthur Parks, Jr. DO Lower District Hundred, p. 19. MSA S 1161-5-4    1/4/5/48
John Parks. DO Lower District Hundred, p. 11. MSA S 1161-5-4    1/4/5/48

Kent County
Thomas Parks. KE 4th District, p. 14. MSA S 1161-7-4    1/4/5/50

Somerset County
Arthur Parks. SO Great Annamessex p. 103
John Parks. Pitchcraft, 130 acres. SO Little Annamessex p. 126
John Parks. SO Little Annamessex p. 126

Talbot County
John Parks. TA Island, Tuckahoe and Kings Creek p. 12. MSA S1161-10-3. 1/4/5/53

MD 1790 Census:

Baltimore (all Back River)
Benjamin 1 1 2 0
David    3 2 3 0
David    1 3 4 0 (Peter on Image David on Index)
William  1 1 2 0

Baltimore Town
Arcibald 1 0 1 0
William  1 0 3 0


James 2 2 5
John  3 2 3

Prince George

From census search (note censustaker spelling)

Aquilla Parcks   1 3 5
Archabel Parcks    4 0 1
Fredaricks Parcks   1 3 6
John Parcks    1 1 6
John Parcks    1 1 6
John Parcks
Philip Parcks   4 4 3
Sarah Parcks   1 1 1

Countypre-17001700-17761776 Census1783 Tax List1790 Census
not stated1766 Petition David
Edmund Sr & Jr Aquila
  m 1785

Philip James

Frederick1746 John (road cemetery)
2 m > 16
2 m < 16
5 f

3 m > 16
2 m < 16
3 f

Baltimore Back RiverDavid (b 1742)
William (son bb 1764)
(tax list)
William (son)
David b 1742
David (son)
Benjamin b 1764
  m 1783
Baltimore Middle RiverAquillow
  m 1785 Elizabeth
John Sr
  m 1743
John Jr
  m 1761
All tax list
Baltimore TownArchibald 1 ? 1
William 1 0 3
Patapsco Lower HundredAquilla Parcks 1 3 5
Archabel Parcks 4 0 1
  m 1789 Fredaricks Parcks 1 3 6
  m 1787
John Parcks 1 1 6
John Parcks 1 1 6
Philip Parcks 4 4 3
Sarah Parcks 1 1 1
wife and he
2 m < 10

m 50-60 (bc 1720)
1 m 21-30 1750
5 m < 16
1 f 40-50 (bc 1730)
4 f < 21

both Straight's

  m 1781
both Lower District
HarfordJames b 1713 (age 63)
Jane b 1724 age 52
James b 1766 age 12
Martha b 1761 15

MD Marriages

Name Gender Marriage Date Spouse County

Henry Bell Male  01 Nov 1783 Priscilla Parks Baltimore
Ann Bosley Female  26 Aug 1789 Archibald Parks Baltimore
Rachel Brannan Female  02 Mar 1785 Elisha Parks Baltimore
Delia Busick Female  25 Aug 1786 Mark Parks Dorchester
Peter Fiveash Male  12 May 1784 Charlotte Parks Baltimore
Keziah Foxwell Female  13 Aug 1781 Arthur Parks Dorchester
Mary Fuller Female  19 Nov 1761 Robert Parks Baltimore
Cloe Greene Female  30 Mar 1782 William Parks Baltimore
Ruth Hendrickson Female  01 Sep 1788 John Parks Baltimore
Eleanor Jones Female  25 Sep 1783 Benjamin Parks Baltimore
Priscilla Jones Female  11 Sep 1790 Peter Parks Baltimore
William Lunchfield Male  26 Mar 1749 Sarah Parks Baltimore
William Lynchfield Male  26 Mar 1749 Sarah Parks Baltimore
Mary Mildews Female  07 Aug 1784 William Parks Baltimore
Bridget Milhews Female  11 Sep 1743 John Parks Baltimore
Aquila Milhuse Male  17 Dec 1749 Elizabeth Parks Baltimore
Hannah Packcow Female  22 Dec 1746 Phillip Parks Baltimore

Archibald Parks Male  26 Aug 1789 Ann Bosley Baltimore
Arthur Parks Male  13 Aug 1781 Keziah Foxwell Dorchester
Benjamin Parks Male  25 Sep 1783 Eleanor Jones Baltimore
Charlotte Parks Female  12 May 1784 Peter Fiveash Baltimore
Edmund Parks Male  09 Jul 1764 Elizabeth Sinkler Baltimore
Elisha Parks Male  02 Mar 1785 Rachel Brannan Baltimore
Elizabeth Parks Female  17 Dec 1749 Aquila Milhuse Baltimore
Frederick Parks Male  23 Dec 1787 Rachel Parks Baltimore
John Parks Male  11 Sep 1743 Bridget Milhews Baltimore
John Parks Male  29 Oct 1743 Brigett Wilhughs Baltimore
John Parks Male  03 Nov 1761 Lezia Rutledge Baltimore
John Parks Male  01 Sep 1788 Ruth Hendrickson Baltimore
Mark Parks Male  25 Aug 1786 Delia Busick Dorchester
Mary Parks Female  10 Apr 1784 James Whitely Baltimore
Peter Parks Male  11 Sep 1790 Priscilla Jones Baltimore
Philip Parks Male  14 Dec 1746 Hannah Peckon Baltimore
Phillip Parks Male  22 Dec 1746 Hannah Packcow Baltimore
Priscilla Parks Female  01 Nov 1783 Henry Bell Baltimore
Rachel Parks Female  23 Dec 1787 Frederick Parks Baltimore
Rachel Parks Female  30 Sep 1790 Southy Ward Dorchester
Rebecca Parks Female  07 Apr 1785 Nicholas Richards Baltimore
Robert Parks Male  19 Nov 1761 Mary Fuller Baltimore
Sarah Parks Female  26 Mar 1749 William Lunchfield Baltimore
Sarah Parks Female  26 Mar 1749 William Lynchfield Baltimore
Sarah Parks Female  20 Jun 1778 Basal Waller Baltimore
Thomas Parks Male  11 May 1785 Lucy Philips Baltimore
William Parks Male  30 Mar 1782 Cloe Greene Baltimore
William Parks Male  07 Aug 1784 Mary Mildews Baltimore

Hannah Peckon Female  14 Dec 1746 Philip Parks Baltimore
Lucy Philips Female  11 May 1785 Thomas Parks Baltimore
Nicholas Richards Male  07 Apr 1785 Rebecca Parks Baltimore
Lezia Rutledge Female  03 Nov 1761 John Parks Baltimore
Elizabeth Sinkler Female  09 Jul 1764 Edmund Parks Baltimore
Record Basal Waller Male  20 Jun 1778 Sarah Parks Baltimore
Southy Ward Male  30 Sep 1790 Rachel Parks Dorchester
James Whitely Male  10 Apr 1784 Mary Parks Baltimore
Brigett Wilhughs Female  29 Oct 1743 John Parks Baltimore
Robert Maxfield Male  02 Oct 1702 Ann Park Kent Co
Ann Park Female  02 Oct 1702 Robert Maxfield Kent Co

Aquilla Milhughs Male  17 Dec 1749 Elizabeth Parkes Baltimore
Elizabeth Parkes Female  17 Dec 1749 Aquilla Milhughs Baltimore

MD Immigration
 Year Age Place of Arrival

Arthur   Parks 1761     Maryland
Edward   Parks 1729     Annapolis, Maryland
Edward   Parks 1729     Annapolis, Maryland
Edward   Parks 1729     Annapolis, Maryland
Edward   Parks 1729     Annapolis, Maryland
Edward   Parks 1657     Maryland
Edwd     Parks 1728     Maryland
James    Parks 1738     Maryland or Virginia
James    Parks 1738     Maryland or Virginia
James    Parks 1738     Maryland or Virginia
James    Parks 1738     Maryland or Virginia
John     Parks 1666     Maryland
John     Parks 1666     Maryland
John     Parks 1674     Maryland
Patrick  Parks 1739     Maryland
Richard  Parks 1770     Maryland
Sampson  Parks 1755     Maryland
William  Parks 1764     Maryland
William  Parks 1732     Annapolis, Maryland
William  Parks 1752     Maryland
Joseph   Parkes 1772     Maryland
Robert   Parkes

William Winchester

See Winchester data: (1) "Maryland Genealogies" article by Ferdinand B. Focke, pg 479-485 (2) "Maryland Historical Magazine", Vol 9, pg 349; Vol 11 p 174 (3) "History of Maryland" by Scharf, Vol 2 pp 155-174 (4) Will Frederick 1790 at:

The relevancy of the Winchester data below is to confirm the Rev. Frazier assertion of the three children of Joseph's father (not named) where the only daughter is made to her brothers legacy to recover some lost fortune. Clearly this daughter Mary married William Winchester Jr in Frederick. The genealogies above note that the 5th son George (1787-1840) of William Winchester, Jr had a son named "Andrew Parks Winchester" (1817-1875). [THIS MAY BE IN ERROR: The book Winchester Notes by Fanny Winchester Hotchkiss, 1912, New Haven CT, The Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, Company says this is "Alexander" not "Andrew"] Also 4th child of George, John Marshall Winchester had a son named "Andrew Parks Winchester" (1865-1872).

Chart for William Sr and William Jr.

William Winchester Birth 22 Dec 1710, London, Westminster England Death 2 Sep 1791, White Level, Carroll Co. MD Father James Winchester (1772-) Mother Sarah Owings (1773-) Marriage 22 Jul 1747 Spouse Lydia Richards Birth 4 Aug 1727, Baltimore Co.MD Death 19 Feb 1809, White level Frederick MD (note T.L.) Father Edward Richards (1678-1755) Mother Mary Head (1689-1785) Children 1.0 F Katherine Winchester Birth 22 Nov 1748, Baltimore Co.MD Death 6 Oct 1815 Spouse Edward Hotchkiss 2.0 M Col William Winchester Jr. Birth 1 Dec 1750, White level Frederick MD (note T.L.) Death 24 Apr 1812, Baltimore Co.MD Spouse Mary Parks 1750 - 14 Oct 1821 Wstminster, Carroll County Maryland Marriage 30 Oct 1771 Children: 2.1 James 1772-1806 m Sarah Owings dau Samuel Owens and Deborah Lynch 2.1.1 Samuel D. 1800 Jane Winchester Francis Ann Mary Winchester 2.1.2 Anne 2.2 Lydia Winchester 1774-1821 m 1790 George Moore 2.2.1 Maria Moore 2.3 Sally Winchester 1777 2.4 Catherine (Katherine) 1779-1822 m 1801 William Welling (1774-1835) 2.4.1 James W. Welling 1803-1882 m Mary M. Crawford (1815-1896) James Henry Welling 1852-1914 2.4.2 William 2.4.3 Hery 2.4.4 Elizabeth 2.4.5 Mary 2.4.6 Rebecca 2.4.7 Lydia 2.5 William 1781-1864 m.1814 Harriet Cromwell dau of Thomas Cromwell and Anne Waters 2.5.1 John Cromwell 1815-1816 2.5.2 James Winchester 1816 m 1846 Elizabeth Smith Emily William Ann I Arthur S Elizabeth 5 Mary 2.5.3 George Winchester 1818 m. Jane C. Nixon dau Col Richard Nixon Mary Henrietta 1840 William 1842 George 1844 Thomas Irwin 1845 William 1846 Nixon 1849 Elizabeth 1850 Ann Cromwell 1852 John Cromwell 1854 Ellen Irwin 1856 James 1857 Jennie Nixon 1860 2.5.4 Thomas C Winchester 2.5.5 Anne C 1821 (Fielder Israel? -1889) 2.5.6 Elizabeth J. Winchester 1823 2.5.7 Talbot Winchester 1826 2.5.8 William H William 1828 2.6 George 1787-1840 m. Anne Owings dau of Samuel Owings 1733-1803 and Deborah Lynch dau of William Todd Lynch and Elanor Dorsey 2.6.1 Mary 1812 2.6.2 William 1813 2.6.3 Sarah 1816 2.6.4 Andrew Parks 1817-1875 m Susan Scott THIS MAY BE IN ERROR: The book Winchester Notes by Fanny Winchester Hotchkiss, 1912, New Haven CT, The Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, Company page 323 says this is "Alexander" not "Andrew" 2.6.5 Samuel Owings 1819 2.6.6 John Marshall 1821-1877 m Anne Gordon Price Mary 1857 James Price John Gordon George Andrew Parks 1865-1872 Sydney Marshall 1868-1895 Lycurgus 1874-1904 m. Katherine Griswold Pratt In 1860 Castle Delaware in home of James E Price 50 DE I Marshall Winchester 38 MD Ann G Winchester 34 DE Maria Winchester 3 MD James P Winchester 1 MD 1870 Baltimore MD Census J Marshal Winchester 46 MD Anna Winchester 35 DE James Winchester 11 MD George Winchester 8 MD Parks Winchester 5 MD Sydney Winchester 3 MD Marshall Winchester 2 MD A Parks Winchester 49 MD older brother Andrew? above 2.6.4? m2 Marie Campbell Ridgeley 1827 2.6.7 Louise 1828 2.6.8 Elizabeth Campbell 2.7 David 1789-1844 m 1817 in MD Sarah Forney 1795-1872 dau Daniel Forney and Sarah Sabina 2.7.1 Rebecca 1818 Reistertown MD 2.7.2 Sarah F 1821-1872 2.7.3 Charles Burill 1820 2.7.4 William David 1825-1871 m Mary Anne Currie Mary Ella 1859- Sarah Francis 1863- 2.7.5 George Parks 1827- 2.7.6 George Lycurgus 1833 York Haven PA 2.8 Lycurgus 2.9 Rebecca 1785-1812 m 1770 James Campbell 2.9.1 J. Mason 1810 2.9.2 Mary 1811 2.10 Charles 1795-1824 m1. Betsy Pennell m2. Elizabeth Dannell 2.10.1 Lycurgus 2.10.2 Sarah 2.10.3 Mary 3.0 M General James Winchester Birth 6 Feb 1752 Death 27 Jul 1826 Spouse Sarah Black 4.0 F Mary Winchester Birth 17 Oct 1755 Death 31 Oct 1799 Spouse Dr. John Roberts 1748- 5.0 M George Washington Winchester Birth 6 Mar 1757 Death 9 Jul 1794 6.0 M Richard L Winchester Birth 17 Apr 1759, Frederick Maryland Death 18 Jun 1819, Vale of Eden Jefferson KY Spouse Rebecca Lawrence Marriage 26 Oct 1789, Maryland 7.0 M Stephen Winchester Birth 30 May 1761, White level Frederick MD (note T.L.) Death 17 Apr 1815, Sumner Co.TN Spouse Sarah Howard Marriage 17 Feb 1792, Frederick Maryland 8.0 F Elizabeth Winchester Birth 19 Aug 1763 Death 2 Jun 1847 9.0 F Lydia Winchester Birth 27 Dec 1765 Death 19 Apr 1849 10.0 M David Winchester Birth 10 Apr 1769 Death 13 Jan 1835 Notes for William Winchester Served in Revolutionary War Immigration: 1729 on ship "Hume" Christening: 1712 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, England Notes for Lydia Richards Children who did not marry are the last three Elizabeth, Lydia,& David (T.L.) ------------------------------------------- end Winchester --------------------------

OTHER INTERESTING PEOPLE: Andrew Park. London Bridge, pt, 6 1/2 acres. QA Upper District p. 6. MSA S1161-9-1. 1/4/5/52 Maryland State Archives MARYLAND INDEXES (Assessment of 1783, Index) 1783 Queen Anne's County 1783 Maryland State Archives MARYLAND INDEXES (Assessment of 1783, Index) 1783 Harford County MSA S 1437 James Parkes. HA Broad Creek Hundred, p. 84. MSA S 1161-6-1 1/4/5/49 Patents Maryland State Archives MARYLAND INDEXES (Patents, Index) MSA S1426 Arthur 1761 Colloiers Forest DO Benjamin 1802 Addition to Matthews Meadows BA Hugh Parks 1803 Ann's Addition HA Benjamin 1802 Parks Reserve BA Patrick Parks 1739 Simms Farm KE William Parks 1732 Park Hall "Now Frederick" (this is Wm Parks the printer") This tract, in what was then Prince George's County, was surveyed for William Parks on April 9, 1731. It contained 1,550 acres. It is not to be confused with another "Park Hall" surveyed for James Carroll on November 24, 1727, lying in what is now Carroll County, the earliest survey of land made in that county. Mr. William B. Marye of Baltimore, has kindly transmitted the foregoing facts to the author. William Parks 1754 Turkey Cock Ally BA William Parks 1764 Parks Death Not BA All William Winchester: 1730 Little Britan 66 BA 1746 Collenton 50 Now Carroll 1746 Winchester's Lot 50 Now CArroll 1752 Winchester's Lott 973 BA 1755 Pomerania 50 BA 1758 Prussia 50 BA 1761 Partneship with Richard Wells and Wm Roberts 22.5 BA 1762 Florida 99.5 FR 1763 Addition to Weedings 7 now Carroll 1764 Mesopotamia 1958 partner with Andrew Stiger BA 1765 Everything Needful 1646 with Samuel Owings and Andrew Stiger BA 1765 Little Britan Enlarged 242 BA 1768 Resurvey on Part of Bedford 98 FR 1774 Addition to Whites Level 5 FR 1803 Williams Advebture 509 FR JAMES PARKS in Maryland

bc 1756 Frederick MD shown as brother of Joseph bc 1743, William bc 1758, Mary bc 1751) according to Duggan document 1768 Baltimore Petition 1775 Rev War Soldier Corporal on 1775 Frederick Militia at Emmitsburg (called the Game Cock Company) Captain W. Blair 1776 census of MD Maryland Census 1776 This "Harford James" appears once in Harford then disappears James Parks Parish: Broad Creek County: Harford State: Maryland Estimated Birth Year: 1713 Age: 63 James Parks Parish: Broad Creek County: Harford State: Maryland Estimated Birth Year: 1764 Age: 12 1783 MD Assessment 1783 Harford County MSA S 1437 James Parkes. HA Broad Creek Hundred, p. 84. MSA S 1161-6-1 1/4/5/49 1790 Census Frederick County MD (males over 16, Males < 16, females) James 2 2 5 with John 3 2 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frazier (daughter of Joseph Polly (mary) m. Samuel Frazier) see: Samuel Frazier [son of George Thomas Frazier and Mary Pugh] born: 10 April 1749 - Edgecombe county, North Carolina died: 10 April 1839 - Bearden, Knox county, Tennessee married: 17 March 1771 - Guilford county, North Carolina wife: Rebecca Julian born: 17 March 1747/48 - Winchester, Frederick county, Virginia died: 23 August 1838 - Knoxville, Knox county, Tennessee Samuel Frazier, Jr. born: c1774 died: c1826 married: wife: Mary "Polly" Parks [daughter of Joseph Parks and ? ?] born: 1779 died: 1848 George Frazier (father of Samuel) is in Maryland 1757 Ex.d This Indenture Tripartite made on the fourth day of December in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and fifty Between Robert Wade Janior of Prince Georges County Planter of the first part George Frazier of the same County Gentleman of the Second part and Thomas Harwood $160 of the same County Gentleman of the third part Whereas the ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wiley in MD 1776 Officers in Col. Edward Cockey's Battalion of Militia in Bal- timore County, to wit. Beal Owings Capt. Henry Howard Capt. Wm Harvey 1 Lt John Wilson 1 Lt Wm Scarff 2 Lt Wm Ensor junr 2 Lt Joseph Hart Ens. Joshua Welsh Ens. John Talbott Capt. Daniel Shaw Capt. John Dunnock 1 Lt John Sharp 1 Lt James Norris 2 Lt Abm Cox 2 Lt Joshua Anderson Ens. John Wiley Ens. Frazier, Samuel, House (added 1989 - Building - #89000878) Also known as BL-409 Jct. of Marble Hill Rd. and Big Springs Rd., Friendsville Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering Architect, builder, or engineer: Unknown Architectural Style: Other Area of Significance: Architecture Period of Significance: 1750-1799 Owner: Private Historic Function: Domestic Historic Sub-function: Single Dwelling Current Function: Domestic Current Sub-function: Single Dwelling --------------------------------------------------------------- McCollum Stuff McCollum Farm (added 1978 - Building - #78002605) SW of Greenback on Morganton Rd., Greenback Historic Significance: Event, Architecture/Engineering Architect, builder, or engineer: McCollum,Joseph Burton Architectural Style: No Style Listed Area of Significance: Agriculture, Architecture Period of Significance: 1850-1874, 1875-1899, 1900-1924, 1925-1949 Owner: Private Historic Function: Agriculture/Subsistence, Domestic Historic Sub-function: Agricultural Outbuildings, Animal Facility, Single Dwelling Current Function: Agriculture/Subsistence, Domestic Current Sub-function: Agricultural Outbuildings, Animal Facility, Single Dwelling -----------------------------------------------------------------

BIG SPRINGS PRESYBETERIAN CHURCH, Friendsville TN 114 Meadow Rd, Greenback, TN


Big Springs Cemetery and Church are located nine miles west of Maryville, TN, on the Friendsville Road. The Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Blount Co.and the oldest grave with the oldest legible tombstone.

Among the graves there, one is of Joseph Johnston and his wife Margaret. Another is John Walker and his wife Mary. Both were Revolutionary War veterans and have markers over their graves provided by the D.A.R. Also buried there is Margaret Johnston Shaw, wife of Samuel Shaw, dec'd, sister of Joseph and John Johnston. The Church is thought to be the oldest Church organization in Blount County. Records of the beginning of the word here were lost but records elsewhere establish the fact that as early as 1782 a petition was signed and presented to the Synod of the Associate Presbyterian Church requesting the services of a minister. No settled pastor was secured at this time but the call was answered by traveling ministers who came long distances on horseback traditionally from Middle Tennessee, where there was the head-quarters of the Church. Churches such as this one and Fork Creek, in Monroe County, were commonly known as "Seceders". The Associate Presbyterian Church being a descendent of the first secession from the Established Church of Scotland--therefor "Seceder". The land that the church and cemetery lies on was deeded to John Walker from James and Francis Jones on 16 March, 1839. The church took its name from the Spring which really justified the name Big Spring being many times larger than it is now. It was not until about 1825 that a pastor came to reside within the community, the Rev. David Carson. These were a Psalm singing people. The life of these early Scotch-Irish settlers in remote Tennessee revolved tightly around the church. It provided spiritual leadership, a point of social activity and it governed the moral life of the community. Our people living in Blount, Monroe and McMinn counties belonged to the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. This group, also referred to as "Seceders," was strict, allowing no musical instruments in the church. Only the human voice was heard, singing the Psalms, on the Sabbath Day not even a piano in a home was heard. Unnecessary work, using musical in instruments, travel by wagon or horseback (except to and from services) on Sunday, was strictly prohibited.

Cemetery list at:
NO Parks

Oldest graves are:

Alexander, Samuel             5-30-1799   2-15-1876
Cochran, James                1786        9-26-1851
Duncan, James                 8-25-1782   11-15-1834
Henderson, Alexander          1744        1-27-1813
Henderson, John               1776        11-13-1817
Henderson, Anney S.           1736        9-14-1813
Johnston, Elijah F.           1787        1819
Johnston, Francis             1787        3-13-1817
Lane, John                    5-15-1761   4-13-1845
Lane, Payton                  8-28-1796   2-27-1845
McConnell John                12-7-1779   7-21-1858
McCoy, Robert                 1759        1845         SGT. Purorance Co.
                                                       Davidson's Regt. Rev. War
McCulley, Elizabeth           6-3-1770    12-24-1838
McCulley, Robert Jr.          8-23-1794   11-25-1814
Rhea, Joseph                  10-5-1794   1-16-1834
Sterling, Robert              1759        1844         VA. Militia Rev. War
Walker, Jane                  1752        5-12-1812
Walker, John                  1747        8-6-1837     PA. Line Rev. War
Walker, Mary (Rowan)          1756        11-12-1845   Wife of John
Walker, Elijah                2-14-1785   4-12-1875
Walker, David                 10-31-1781  4-9-1864     Wed Dec. 14, 1808

Joseph and William in Loudoun County VA

Bob Duggan's Guestbook

Name: Ann Newell 
Date: 2006-03-06
Which are your surnames of interest?  Parks
Care to share your data?  Yes!
I have 2 deeds in Loudoun Co Virginia 1779 that mentions Joseph & Ruth (?)
Parks-William & Mary (?) Parks The dates were 1778-1779 They bought & sold
land then disappeared from County records. 
Do you think this could be James & Ruth Parks just passing thru Loudoun Co VA?
They also appear as paying tithes 1774-1777 in Shelburne Parish
William Parks appears 1774 Cameron Parish.
Frederick Co MD is just above Loudoun Co VA
Thanks for any input!
Ann Newell
HC 75 Box 320
Chloe,WV 25235

Here is the real data and references: "Index to Tithables of Loudoun County VA & to Slaves and Slaveholders 1758-1786" by Margret Hopkins This is an index for Hiatt and Scoot's three volume set below. Hopkins coding uses: (1) Name (2) Year (3) c= Cameron Parish Loudoun County or s= Sherborn Parish Loudoun County Under Parks: Andrew 74s Daniel 80c John 72s Joseph 74s-77s Robert 76s-77s, 80s Roger 74c-77c, 79c-81c, 83c Roger 78s William 74c Here is the Gibson Part: Gibson Aaron 71s-74s Alice 69, 79s David 86s Isaac 69-70, 71s-77s, 79s, 81s-82s, 84s-85s James 69-70, 71s-77s John 69-70, 71s-77s, 79s, 85s Joseph 69-70, 71s-77s, 84s-85s Joseph Jr 86?s [difficult to read] Moses 69-70, 71s-77s, 79s Thomas 65, 69-70, 71s-77s, 79s-80s, 86s William 84s The orginal volumes are: "Loudoun Country Virginia Tithables" Volume 1 1749, 1758-1769 Volume 2 1770-1778 Volume 3 1779-1786 by Marty Hiatt and Craig Roberts Scott Iberian Publishing Co. Athens, GA 1995 There are several variations of Parks: namely Parke and Park in Volume 2 Andrew Parks 1774 Sherborn Parish 1 tithable (see marriage below) (Note: on the same page are: John Gibson and Wm. Acquaintance 2 tithables Moses Gibson 1 tithable Isaac Gibson 1 tithable James Gibson 1 tithable) Joseph Parks 1774 Sherborn Parish with Thomas Gibson and Wm. Young 3 tithables Joseph Parks 1775 Sherborn Parish with Thomas Gibson, Thos Greenwood, James Barber 4 tithables Joseph Parks 1777 Sherborn Parish with Robert Parks 2 tithables William Parke 1774 Cameron Parish 1 tithable (on the same page is: Roger Parke 1774 Cameron Parish 1 tithable Roger Park 1775 Cameron Parish 1 tithable Roger Parke 1777 Cameron Parish 1 tithable Also in Volume 2 is a sequence of the individual Thomas Gibson. Specifically: 1770 Thomas Gibson w Joseph Eaton 2 tithables 1771 Thomas Gibson w William Young and George Cummings 3 tithables 1772 Thomas Gibson w William Young and Tarsena Curry 3 tithables 1773 Thomas Gibson w William Young 2 tithables 1774 Thomas Gibson w William Young, Joseph Parks (as shown above) 3 tithables 1775 Thomas Gibson w Joseph Parks, Thomas Greenwood, James Barber 4 tithables 1777 Thomas Gibson w James Barber 2 tithables here is the Thomas (1734-1784) data From RootsWeb:see this "Hopefully, I will find some information on THOMAS GIBSON & his wife ANN. Unfortunately, I don't know where in Virginia they moved or when. He died there in 1784 age 44. THOMAS GIBSON b.1734 Chester Co. Pa s/o JOSEPH GIBSON & ALICE JACKSON GIBSON from Ireland." message&r=rw&p=localities.northam.usa.states.virginia.counties.loudoun&m=3019.1.1.1 Here is the only will book entries for a Thomas Gibson in Loudoun. GIBSON, Thomas Appraisal: Court order dated 12 Sep 1803; farm and household items, totaling $1401.23. Returned to court 12 Mar 1804. [G:171] GIBSON, Thomas Jr. Settlement of 17 Jan 1827 with Admr A. GIBSON: payments beginning 8 Dec 1804, including £43.10.3 each to David GIBSON, James HIXON, A. GIBSON, Eli GIBSON, Levi GIBSON. Scr: Burr POWELL. Returned to court15 Feb 1827. [Q:266] See this James Holifield I just read your reply to Edna Hardy. I was wondering do you have the Loudoun Co History book? If you do could you do me a favor and do 2 look ups for me? THOMAS GIBSON & wife ANN ? GIBSON THOMAS b.1740 Chester Co.Pa d. 1784 Va. THOMAS & ANN maybe the parents of an AGATHA GIBSON b. 1776 Married JEREMIAH COUCH Sr. in 1796. JEREMIAH COUCH b. 1776 Grayson Buckingham Co Va. ISAAC GIBSON & ESTHER SINKLER/SINCLAIR ISAAC b.1734 Chester Co.Va. d.1807 Fairfax Loudoun Co Va. ISAAC & ESTHER married on 3-26-1761 in Pa. All their children were born in Fairfax - all birth years are approximate. JOSEPH GIBSON 1762 WILLIAM GIBSON 1764 MOSES GIBSON 1766 SAMUEL GIBSON 1770 ELIZABETH GIBSON 1774 RACHEL GIBSON 1776 All information courtesy of Helen H. Sposa. This Thomas (1740 Nantmeal, Chester - 1784 VA) from Joseph (1699-1764 Chester PA) and Alice Jackson Gibson (b 1703-1787 Name: Joseph Gibson 1 Sex: M Death: 1764 in Nantmeal 1 FHLC Film N0. 0896543, Item 3, Proceedings of the Sesqui-Centennial Gathering of the Descendants of Issac and Ann Jackson at Harmony Grove, Chester Co., PA, August 25, 1875, shows: Isaac born in 1665. He married Ann, daughter of Rowland Evans, of the County of Wicklow, and removed to reside at or near Ballytore. Alice Jackson and Joseph Gibson came with their family to Pennsylvania in 1728, and resided in Chester County many years. They had a family of eight or nine children, viz: Anne, Isaac, Thomas, Rebecca, John, James, Moses, and William. Joseph Gibson 1753 Chester Taxlist So Thomas Gibson had one child (Agatha). Was born in Chester PA, Died in 1784 VA? Who is Thomas Gibson Jr.? And then this on Andrew: "Seeking info on Jane Walker who md Andrew Parke in Loudoun Co. VA 1774 Shelburne Parish by Rev David Griffin" from

WILLS of another Joseph Parks Will of Joseph Parks 1808 Augusta VA


Page 390.-- -- ----, 1808. Joseph Parks' will--To son, James; grandsons, Joseph, Thomas, and John Parks; children of son, Thomas, deceased, infants; to son, Joseph; son, William; son, David; daughter, Ann Wilson; daughter, Rebecca Finley. Executors, (son) Joseph Parks and Joseph Cowan. Teste: Richard, Reuben, Fanny Holt, Jas. Kennerley, Jr.; Andrew Barry. Proved, 24th September, 1810. Cowan refuses. Parks qualifies.

Here is a Joseph Parks Witness on a will in Cumberland County PA

April 18, 1778 12 September 1782.
Wife Isabella.
Sons Alexander and Ezekel Mitchel and their five sisters, at home, viz.,
Susanna, Margaret, Agness, Jean and Ruth.
Sons, James and Robert.
Son-in-law, Josias Brown.
Extx.: wife Isabella Mitchel.
Wit: Joseph Parks, James Hathorn. D. 110-111.

Robert and Joseph Parks 1769 Dauphin County (PA) Hanover Church congregation
Petition Of The Inhabitants Of Hanover Township Against The Division Of The Said Township, February Sessions, 1769

Taken From Egles Notes and Queries - Historical and Genealogical Chiefly Relating To Interior Pennsylvania Edited by William Henry Egle, M.D. M. A., 1890 - First Edition - Vol. 1, Pages 85-86
Robert Parks Joseph Parks
Andrew Parks -- Executor of Joseph Parks' Will Frederick MD 1771 Andrew has a lot of transactions involving the two of them.


...Andrew Parks on the 1753 Chester PA Taxlist (Coventry township)
...Joseph of Colrain Twp on 8th April ___ for 70 acres in Lancaster Co
joining the land of Andrew PARKS, John TAYLOR and others.

* Peter Counce
* 3 Apr 1767 - Addition to Brooks Discovery on Rich Land 9105 A, Andrew Parks &
Adbraham Heater to Peter Counce

(9105 Acres?) -- is this a typo?
See below

These are from Land Records of Frederick Co, MD:

pg 57 Andrew Park and Abraham Hayter recorded 25 sep 1764 made Aug 28 1774 between James Brooke Sr. of FC for 486 pcm Penn paid by Joseph Parke, Andrew Parke, Stephen Baldwin and Abraham Hayter he sells unto Andrew Parke and Abraham Hayter part of tract "Addition to Brooke's Discovery on Rich Lands" on the branch of the Monokasy River, M&B given to intersect 12th line of tract called York to a tract called Peggy and Molly's Delight standing near the mouth of a small branch that falls into the north side of of Piney Branch and continuing to a parcel of land that James Brooke made over to a George Buchanan out of Addition to Brooke's Discovery on Rich lands, then to the 12th line of a tract called Epping Forest and continuing to the first line of a tract made over to Abrahan Hayter and following the 10th line of a parcel made over to Josiah Dyer and with that reversed to the end of the 93rd line of Addition and laid out for 1624 acres of land more or less. Signed James Brooke before Charles Jones, David Lynn. Deed Ack by James Brooke, AF paid.

This appears to be the original land purchase of 1624 acres that Andrew and Abraham divided and resold.

Benjamin Patton Mar 27 1765 between And Parker and Abr Hayter "Addition to Brooks Discovery on Rich Lands" parcel from James Brooks sold to Geo. Buchanan containing 104 acres, before James Wood, Wm Blair, ack by Rachel Parker and Sussana Hayter released dower rights

Fred Co, Md Land Rec, Liber K Abstracts, 1765-1768

Frederick CROUSE recorded 18 Apr 1767, made 3 Apr between Andrew PARKE & Abram HAYTER, both of FC for &60 sells tract called Addition to Brooke's Discovery on the Rich Lands, beginning at end of 4th line of parcel made over to John CROUSE, containing 93 acres. Receipt ack; dower released of Rachel & Susannah. AF paid.

John CROUSE recorded 18 Apr 1767 made 3 Apr between Andrew PARKE & Abram HAYTER, both of FC for &60 confirms parcel of land called Addition to Brooke's Discovery on the Rich Lands, for 93 acres. Receipt ack; dower released of Rachel & Susannah. AF paid.

Philip CROUSE recorded 18 Apr 1767 made 3 Apr between Andrew PARKE & Abram HAYTER for &60 sells part of Addition to Brooke's Discovery on the Rich Lands, containing 93 acres. Signed Andrew PARKE, Abraham HAYTER before Joseph WOOD, William BLAIR. Receipt ack and Rachall and Susannah, their wives released dower. AF paid.

Valentine CROUSE recorded 18 Apr 1767, made 3 Apr between Andrew PARKE and Abraham HAYTER for &70 sells tract, Addition to Brooke Discovery on the Rich Lands, M&B given containing 180 acres. Signed Andrew PARKE, Abraham HAYTER. Receipt ack before Joseph WOOD, William BLAIR of Andres PARKE & Abraham HAYTER and their wives Rachell and Susannah released dower.

Wendle CROUSE recorded 18 Apr 1767, made 3 Apr between Andrew PARKE and Abraham HAYTER for &60 sells part of Addition to Brooke Discovery on the Rich Lands, containing 79 acres. Receipt ack; Dower released. AF paid.

Samuel Baldwin 29 Apr made 3 Apr 1767 between Andrew Parke and Abraham Hayter for #30 sells a tract called Addition to Brooke's Discovery on Rich Lands adj to Epping Forest containing 100 acres M&B given Signed Andrew Parke, Abraham Hayter before Jos Wood, Wm Blair, Recpeipt Ack, Dower releases Af paid.

Elijah Baldwin 20 Apr made 3 Apr 1767 between Andrew Parke and Abraham Hayter for #60 sells a tract called Addition to Brooke's Dsicovery on Rich Lands adj to Epping Forest containing 200 acres M&B given Signed Andrew Parke, Abraham Hayter before Jos Wood, Wm Blair, Recpeipt Ack, Dower releases AF paid

Peter Coonce 2 May made 3 Apr 1767 between Andrew Parke and Abraham Hayter for #52.10 sells a tract called Addition to Brooke's Dsicovery on Rich Lands adj to Epping Forest containing 50 acres M&B given Signed Andrew Parke, Abraham Hayter before Jos Wood, Wm Blair, Recpeipt Ack, Rachall and Sussana wives of aforesaid released dower AF paid [marginal note exd and delted to Paul Croonce son of Peter Coonce Sep 25 1782]

Thoas Fisher of York Penn 17 Apr 1767 made 3 Apr 1767 between Andrew Parke and Abraham Hayter for #35 sells a tract called Addition to Brooke's Dsicovery on Rich Lands containing 100 acres M&B given Signed Andrew Parke, Abraham Hayter before Jos Wood, Wm Blair, Recpeipt Ack, Rachall and Sussana wives of aforesaid released dower AF paid

State of Maryland, Frederick Co. Land Grants Liber. P. 73-75 Indenture dated Nov.. 4, 1771. Andrew Park and Abraham Hayter, farmers of Frederick County convey to Joseph Rhea, Minster of the Gospel, of the same county for 280 pounds current money, a part of the Addition to Brooke's Discovery on the Rich Lands (tract name) containing 201 acres. Witnessed: William Blair (revolutionary soldier and active Presbyterian near Emmitsburg) and Alexander Shannon. Susan Hayter gave her consent. Money was paid Nov.. 7, 1771. This large tract of which Rhea purchase was a small part lay roughly north of Taneytown. The lot on which the Piney Creek Presbyterian Church stands was sold to the Church trustees for a nominal sum by Hayter from the large tract in Feb. 1771 after which time a big meeting house was erected. From

Fred Co, Md Land Rec, Liber M Abstracts

pg 41 And Parks 24 Jul 1769 John Walker of FC for 40s assigns lot in town of New London on NE side of main street #37 1/4/ acre part of a tract called Timber Ridge

pg 42 And Parks for 2# lot #12 in New London SW side of main street (same as above)


Early Parks in VA -- Data from 1746

See also: says the John Parks below is the oldest son of Dr. Roger Park of Huntington Co NJ
Frederick County, 2:208, 5 March 1746
On the petition of James Coddy, Thomas Smith, John Parks, William Naylor, Josiah Arnold, George Potts, Darby McKeaver, Samuel Farrington, George Hoge, Peter Foster, and Walter D[illegible] for a road from Park's graveyard near Cape Capon water, over Dillon's Run, into the Wagon Road on Joseph Edwards's land, it is ordered that the said road be cleared by the siad petitioners and that they work on the same under James Coddy, who is hereby appointed surveyo r thereof. And it is further ordered that the said James Coddy cause the said road to be kept in good repair and make bridges thereon where required according to law.

NOTE: This appears to be Frederick County Virginia later Hamphshire County Virginia and ultimately Hampshire County ( West Virginia

The location mentioned is south of the Potomac along the Capacon river. There Parks cemetary may be "Park's Hollow" Cemetery ( Dillon's Run parallels Highway 50 from Romney east toward Frederick. Joseph Edward's Land is a well known Ft.Edwards

There are also land grants here: STATE OF VIRGINIA ENUMERATIONS

The names on these lists were taken from microfilm of the early Census Records of Hampshire County. Microfilm relating to these names is available at the National Archives in Washington, DC, which has been shown as the source of material for all names. The first and second Census records for Virginia were lost as a result of the War of 1812. Certain State of Virginia enumerations taken by the early Justices during the years 1782 and 1784 for Hampshire County have been used in lieu of the 1790 and 1800 Census.
On the list for 1782, the only information given other than the name of Head of Family was one total figure in a column for whites and another column for total number of blacks. The last column is a code column that gives the name of the justice who recorded the name of the Head of Family and other data on the manuscript for record purposes.

Park, Andrew 5 - 5
Park, John 11 - 5
Park, Samuel 6 - 5

This Park group is NOT related to Joseph by virtue of its DNA matching to Dr. Roger Park of Huntington Co NJ descendants.



 Jeremiah M. Parks Oglethorpe County Georgia Civil War Veteran

I have found NO data on the ancestors of Jeremiah M. Parks -- maimed solider in the 38th Georgia infantry from Oglethorpe County GA.

This narrative follows three men named Jeremiah Parks who lived in northeast Georgia.

1. Beginning with Lucy Parks in Fulton County Georgia who married Lon Nash, to...

2. her father James Rufus Parks, son of...

3. Thomas Espy Parks of Madison County Georgia...
     one of at least seven brothers (Thomas, John A., and Jeremiah M Parks
     (but not the Oglethorpe GA Jeremiah M. Parks)...

4. who were the sons of Jeremiah S. Parks of Jackson County Georgia.

The Jeremiah M. Parks who matches the other Parks families on this page, may be related to this group

Lonnie Eugene Nash (1887-1945) married Lucille Parks (1884-1962) daughter of James Rufus Parks (1848-1916) and Lucille Heard (1860- ). She was the granddaughter of Capt. Richard Heard (1836-1900) and Victoria Parham (1841- ). Below are census and parentage records for Lucy Heard and James Parks. Lucy (Heard) Parks appears with her only child Lucy and husband Lon Nash in 1920.

1910 Fulton GA Census, Atlanta
John R Parks 62 GA GA GA cabinet maker coffins
Lucy Parks   50 GA GA GA married 23 years 1 child 1 surviving
Fred H Heard 33 GA GA GA ? laundry
1900 Fulton GA Census, Atlanta
James P Parks 50 GA GA GA plow fitting
                          [image initial appears to be "R" not "P"]
                          [born Oct 1849]
Lucy Parks    40 GA GA GA married 13 years 1 child 1 surviving
Lucile Parks  12 GA GA GA  <----------
Frank Heard   25 GA GA GA  clerk
Henry Heard   20 GA GA GA  typesetter
Will Coleman  20 GA GA GA  painter
Charles Jones 30 GA GA GA  telephone lines
John Sheppard 40 GA GA GA  day laborer

"James R. Parks" and "Lucy M. Heard" have a marriage recorded on March 31 1887 in Fulton County Georgia.

Atlanta Constitution, March 24, 1918, page 5.

J.R. Parks, A Pioneer of Atlanta is Dead

J.R. Parks, for 50 years a citizen of Atlanta and for many years attached to the office of the city marshall died yesterday at his residence, No. 114 Sinclair avenue. He was 72 years old. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at the chapel of Barclay & Brandon, internment to be at Oakland. Mr. Parks is survived by his wife; a sister Mrs. W.J. Williams of Birmingham; a daughter Mrs. Lon Nash and three brothers A.S., A.C. and D.C Parks.

Tracing back for James R. Parks prior to his marriage, there is:

1880 Fulton GA Census
James R. Park 32 GA GA GA works in rolling mill
Mary A. Park  27 GA GA GA sister
                          [1910 and 1920 Jefferson Al census
                           husband W.J. Williams (Will), b GA, painter
                           married 1881, 2 children
                           son Herbert E]
Amezi F. Park 25 GA GA GA brother works in rolling mill
1870 Fulton GA Census, Atlanta 1870 Madison GA Census, Danielsville
Thomas Park    38 GA rolling mill hand
                     [age 58?]
Elizabeth Park 41 GA launderess
James Park     25 GA stoker?
Albert Park    20 GA porter?
Mary Park      18 GA nurse
Ames Park      16 GA apprentice blacksmith
Dilles Park    14 GA laborer [Delmus]
Doulton Park   12 GA laborer [Dalton]
John Park       7 GA
Jeremiah Parks 55 GA farmer 350 220
Sarah Parks    62 GA keeping house

1860 Madison GA Census, Danielsville
Thomas E Parks  41 GA farmer 175 [bc 1819]
Elizabeth Parks 33 GA [bc 1827]
James R Parks   14 GA  <-------- see above
Albert C Parks  10 GA
Mary A Parks     8 GA  <-------- see above
Amaziah Parks    6 GA  <-------- see above
Dilmus C Parks   4 GA
Dalton T Parks   2 GA

in Clarke County Georga (Athens)

John A Parks        43 GA driving dray
Amanda M Parks      40 GA seamstress
Sarah A E Parks     18 GA school teacher
Mary J A Parks      16 GA
William T J B Parks 13 GA
Newton M F T Parks  11 GA
John J J Parks      10 GA
Burrel C Parks       6 GA
Marshall Parks       4 GA
Jeremiah M Park 43 GA farmer 300 362
Prudence Moon   90 GA [Moore not Moon]
Mary Parks      80 GA
Sally S Parks   48 GA
1850 Jackson GA Census 1850 Madison GA Census
Thomas E Park    38 GA  farmer [bc 1812]
Elizabeth E Park 24 GA
Janes R Park     11 GA
                 image shows "4" not "11"
                 and "James" not "Janes"]
Albert C Park     1 GA

adjacent is:

John A Park     29 GA wagoner
Amanda M Park   27 GA
Sarah Ann E Park 8 GA
Mary J A Park    5 GA
William T Park   3 GA
Newton M Park    1 GA
Mary Park        66 GA
Sarah S Parks    40 GA
Jeremiah M Parks 32 GA laborer
Prudence More    60 GA
1840 Madison GA Census
Mary Parks
2 males   20-30 (Jeremiah and Thomas?)
1 female  20-30 (Sarah?)
3 females 60-70 (Mary and Prudence? and ?).
1830 Madison GA Census
Mary Parks
2 males  10-15
1 male   15-20
1 female 30-40

adjacent is Prudence Moore
1 male   50-60
1 female 20-30
1 female 50-60
1 female 60-70

P J Parks
1 male   20-30
1 female   < 5
1 female 20-30

Thomas E. Parks married Elizabeth Barron in 1844 in Jackson County Georgia.
Brother John A Parks married Amanada Melvina Barron in 1840 in Jackson Georgia

From here is a list of children of John A. Parks and Amanda Barron:

  1. Sarah Emeline Emma Parks 1843 - 1913
    Married 1874 in Jackson GA Thomas Jefferson Pilgrim
  2. Mary J A Parks 1844 -
  3. William T J B Parks 1847 -
  4. Newton M F T Parks 1849 -
  5. John J J Parks 1850 -
  6. Burrell C Parks 1854 -
  7. Marshall Parks 1856 -

Thomas E. Parks appears on the 1840 Madison County GA Tax List among the "Nowhere district" taxpayers;

PARKS             Jeremiah M.       Nowhere (pole)
PARKS             John A.           Nowhere (125 acres)
PARKS             Thomas E.         Nowhere (pole)

The tax and census data imply there are three Parks brothers: John A; Jeremiah M; and Thomas E. and probably mother "Mary".

As to Thomas E. Parks' father, he must have died prior to 1830. I have no specific indications about his name. However, I have found this data about a "Jeremiah C. Parks" who has many conforming characteristics:

  • The data above does NOT confirm the relation of "Jeremiah S. Parks" and the Madison/Jackson county widow Mary and sons Jeremiah M., Thomas E. and John A. (or S). The connections to this family are: the last name; the shared first names with a son; geography; and age. Other Parks men of interest in Franklin are:

  • Thomas E. Parks as Thomas Espy Parks

    From the Buena Vista Baptist Church, Athens, GA, record book (here)
    Georgia State Archives, Manuscripts section
    December 11th 1858

    "The following names were constituted into a church, vz

    ... 16. Thomas E. Parks

    PAGE 21

    Buenavista, 10th Septr. 1859

    Church in Conference - Present br. J. G. White, who acted as Mod. Brethren Burrell H. Yerby, John White, Wm Ledbetter, W. S. P. Barrett, W. G. Brown and Wife Espy Parks and Wife, Joiner and daughter Rebecca, Sister Barbour & Son Marcus, and W. G. Barrett.

    1885 Tabular View of Baptisms, rec’t by letters, exclusions, deaths &c of the Buenavista bap. Ch. Geo. Clarke Ch.

    6. Bro. Espy Parks., fr. Crooked Crk. Rec’d by letter 1858
    7. Sister Elizabeth Parks, his wife Rec’d by letter 1858
    ... 73. Mary Parks

    Note that this might br the same Burrel Yerby mentioned by Jerermiah Parks in 1814.

    Most importantly, this specifies Thomas E. Parks' middle name as "Espy". This therefore might coonnect to the Espy Mill on Sandy Creek where Jeremiah S. Parks' land was located and imply he was related by marriage to the Espy family.

  • Confederate Service Records of Jeremiah S. Parks' sons

    Both Thomas E. Parks and Jeremiah M. Parks served in R. D. Moore's Artillery Battery (Georgia State Troops) in 1864. Both are listed as "canoneers". They each have only one service record card at Both say "Limit of service, Athens and Vicinity". They were both over 40 years old during their service.

    Thomas E. Parks' son James R. Parks served as a young man. There is a a Private James Parks who served in the 23rd Georgia Infantry Regiment, Company A. He has a single service record card at It states: "Appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War captured by U.S. Forces under Brvt. Brig. General W. J. Palmer and paroled. Roll (not dated). Where captured: Athens Ga. When captured: May 8 1865"

    There is also an service card for Private J. Parks in Capt. W.H. Sims' Company of the 23rd Battalion Georgia Infantry -- Local Defence (Athens Battalion, Enfield Rifle Battalion). Age 16 years. Appears on the company muster roll for Sept 1863. A footnote says he was employeed by Cook's company -- same battalion.

    I think the 23rd Battalion Infantry Georgia Local Defense is the actual unit. When captured, the Union forces probably did not distinguish between the 23rd Regiment and the 23rd Battalion. During the dates above, the 23rd regiment was part of Lee's Army of northern Virginia and was in Virginia until Appomattox and nowhere near Athens GA. The state of Georgia units -- like the 23rd battalion -- were restricted by Gov. Stephens from leaving the state and were mostly composed of older and under aged men enlisted to defend the state.

    It appears James has joined his father Thomas and uncle Jeremiah in Athens.

    John A Parks died of disease in West Virginia in 1861. From and this story

    Georgia, USA
    Death: Aug. 14, 1861
    Pocahontas County
    West Virginia, USA

    Pvt. Parks was a member of the Troup Artillery, organized in Athens. He was survived by wife Amanda Melvina Barron Parks, whom he married 29 Dec 1840 in Jackson Co., GA. They had 7 children. He died Aug. 14, 1861 and was buried the following day."

    From here and here:

    Troup Artillery, also known as Captain Stanley's and then later as Captain Carlton's Battery of Georgia Artillery. This company was mustered into Confederate service on April 24, 1861, as part of the 2nd Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry. In December 1861 it joined Cobb's Legion and in early 1863 it became part of Cabell's Artillery Battalion until the end of the war.

    There are only two entries in John A. Parks' service record:

    1. John A Parks, Private, Troup Artillery, Register of Officers of the Army of the Confederate States who were killed in battle, died of wounds or disease. Deceased August 14 1862. Where Huntersville VA.
    2. John A Parks, Private, Troup Artillery, Register of Officers of the Army of the Confederate States who were killed in battle, died of wounds or disease. Deceased August 14 1861. Where Huntersville VA.

    Note these entries differ only by the death date.

  • The Oglethorpe Jeremiah M. Parks

    By comparison and not to be confused with is this 38th Georgia Infantry website

    "Jerry M. (or Parks) - Pvt. Jeremiah M. Parks 9/29/1861 . Wounded in head and permanently disabled, at Cold Harbor, Va. June 29, 1862 . Discharged, disability, March 1864 . (Born in Ga.)"

    His extensive service record states that he enlisted in 1861 Lexington GA (Oglethorpe County). His service record does not record the Gaines Mill battle wound (called then Cold Harbor) as stated above. He is last shown "present" in April 1862. He is listed as "sick on furlough" on the May-Oct Muster Roll. He returns in June 1863. In November 1863 he has been detailed to Guard duty in Atlanta and is discharged in March 1864. There is a single card that states: "Prisoner. Camp near Summerville Ford. Nov 11 1863" in Virginia. This may in fact be "Jerry" Parks of Oglethorpe county GA who married Milly Elenor Busbin in 1854 who appears on the 1860 Oglethorpe GA Census. This Parks was born in 1829 according to the 1860 Oglethorpe census and is younger than the Jeremiah M. Parks of Madison county.

    This Jeremiah M Parks files for a pension in: Gordon County in 1889, Murray County in 1890; Catoosa County in 1891 (Keith GA) and Banks county 1907; and Clarke County 1913. All listed as "J.M Parks" in Company E 38th Georga Infantry.

    1860 Oglethorpe GA Census
    Jerry Parks   31 GA farmer
    Milly E Parks 34 GA
    David H Parks  1 GA
    1870 Oglethorpe GA Census
    Jerry Parks   40 GA farmer 50
    Eleanor Parks 40 GA
    David H Parks 12 GA
    Sally F Parks 10 GA adjacent to Dolly Busbin
    1880 Oglethorpe GA Census
    Jery M. Parks   52
    Milly E. Parks  53
    Sarah C. Bushin 45 sister-in-law
    adjacent to families:
    Harrison D Parks 22
    John W Parks 25
    1900 Catoosa GA Census
    Jere Parks    68 GA GA GA farmer
    Nancy Parks   40 GA GA GA
                     married 11 years 5 children 4 surviving
    Keister Parks 15 GA GA GA
    Maud Parks     9 GA GA GA
    Charlie Parks  5 GA GA GA
    1910 Whitfield GA Census
    Nancy Parks   51 GA NC GA widow
                     5 children 4 surviving
    Keistsh Parks 22 GA GA GA folder cotton mill
    Maude Parks   18 GA GA GA spinner cotton mill
    Charlie Parks 14 GA GA GA
    1920 Whitfield GA Census
    Charlie Parks 24 GA GA GA  laborer cotton mill
    Maude Parks   27 GA GA GA  sister employee cotton mill
    Clinnie Parks  7 GA GA GA  niece

    There are parents listed for Jerry parks on post #1879:

    "Jeremiah "Jerry" M. Parks, from oral family history, is the son of Eli Parks and Elizabeth Pervie Hudspeth. This was told to me by a cousin who is now 86 yrs. old, but went to Alabama in the 1930's with other relatives and visited with "Uncle Jerry", as she called him.
    Eli Parks b: 1/1/1805, Wilkes Ct., GA
    d: 9/29/1862, AL
    m: 12/3 (family Bible has 4)/1825, Washington Ct., GA
    Spouse: Elizabeth Pervie Husdpeth
    b: 10/2/1807, Wilkes Ct., GA
    d: 5/27/1897, Brundidge, Pike Ct., AL
    There were 14 other children born to this union and my ggrandfather was:
    John Reeves Parks b: 9/17/1829, Monroe Ct., GA
    d: 5/5/1888, Union Parish, LA buried in Parks Cemet.,LA (this is NE LA) m: 8/24/1854, Troy, Pike Ct.,AL
    Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Smith b: 4/13/1832, GA d: 12/1908, Union Parish, LA buried-Parks Cemet., Union P.,LA
    I've been trying to locate information on the other children of Eli/Elizabeth P Hudsbpeth Parks. Let me know if this is of any help. I know your post was awhile back, but maybe others can also add facts.
    Phyllis Pickett"

    I am of the opinion that "Uncle Jerry" is James Clark Jerre Parks (1850 Al-1944 Pike AL), son of Eli Parks and Elizabeth P B Hudspeth -- NOT "Jeremiah M Parks". See this. See also the 1920 Pike Alabama census where "Jerrie C Parks" age 68 is living and also in Pike Alabama in 1930 where "Jerry C Parks" is living age 78.

    In the 1871 Atlanta City Directory, page 121:

    In the 1877 Atlanta City Directory, Amaziah, Dilmus and James are working at the Atlanta Rolling Co., page 263:

    In 1880 the Atlanta City Directory says:

    In 1888 the Atlanta City Directory says:

    In 1899 the Atlanta City Directory says:

    In 1913 the Atlanta City Directory, page 1292 says:

    Elizabeth Barron is listed as a daughter of Thomas C. Barron of Jackson County GA in his will of 1853 (See this). She is listed as Elizabeth Park. Her sister Amandy Park is also shown. Note that brothers Thomas E Park(s) and John A. Park(s) are adjacent in the 1850 Jackson Census (with wives Elizabeth and Amanda -- i.e., Barron sisters). A good reason to leave brother Jeremiah and mother Mary at home in Madison.

    Thomas C. Barron (1780 Endgecombe NC-1854 Jackson GA) was a private and sergeant in the War of 1812 in the Regiments of Thomas and Harris. He was married to Sally Titsworth daughter of Isaac Titsworth. Thomas and his brother Barnabas Barron (1792-1864 Hart GA) were the sons of Thomas Barron and Obedience Rogers of Edgecombe NC. On the same webite is:

    "In the Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files I found: 1. Barron, Thomas; Obedience R565, NC line, sol. appl 25 Oct 1832 Jackson Cty Ga, aged 76, b. 15 May 1757 Tarboro in Edgecomb Cty NC & enl there, wid appl 17 Sep 1838 Jackson Cty Ga aged 78, m 8 Jan 1778, sol d 28 Mar 1836, son Thomas C. Barron was b. 15 Feb 1779, (there was in the file the following but I did not fina a relationship to sol or wid, towit; John Hampton m Joyce Malone 19 Sep 1793 & their 2 sons; William b 27 Feb 1783 & Joseph b. 24 Jul 1784, these records were in Jackson Cty Ga as of 8 Jan 1839"

    Isaac Titsworth (born between 1751-1760 sc - dc 1840 Jackson GA) is discussed in this thread. See these deeds relating t Isaac Titsworth in South Carolina. He appears on the 1840 Jackson GA census here age 80-90. He appears on the Pendelton Distric 1790 census here, 1800 here, 1810 here (Pendelton district was was discontinued in 1826 and became Anderson and Pickens Counties SC).

    Garrett's Necrology lists:


    I cannot Connect Jeremiah S. Parks or his three sons: Thomas Espy Parks; John A. Parks; and Jeremiah M. Parks to the Jeremiah M. Parks of Oglethorpe County GA. Although there are seven lissted with Jeremiah S. Parks in 1820 at least four of which are unaccounted for who might be related to the Oglethorpe Jeremiah M. Parks.

    Further, I have not seen nor can I find any trace of the Oglethorpe Jeremiah M. Parks' parents.

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Abraham Hayter real estate partner of Andrew Parks of MD

    Abraham M. Hayter, b. ca. 1735 in Bucks Co., PA, d. 22 August 1815 in Washington Co., VA, buried aft. 22 August 1815 in Hayter-Litton cemetery

    Father: Abraham Hayter, b. ca. 1709 in Bucks Co., PA, d. 1754 in Bucks Co., PA
    Mother: Martha Rankins, b. ca. 1713, d. 18 July 1769 in Bucks Co., PA

    Spouse: Susanna "Annie" Darrough, b. ca. 1728, d. 2 February 1809 in Washington Co., VA, buried aft. 2 February 1809 in Hayter-Litton cemetery

    Married ca. 1753 in Washington Co., VA.

    Children: 1. Israel Hayter, b. 2 October 1754 in Washington Co., VA, m. Anne Crawford, 23 April 1781, d. 11 February 1829
    2. William Hayter, b. 1755/6, m. Margaret ???, ca. 1783 in Washington Co., VA, d. 20 April 1797 in Washington Co., VA
    3. Ann "Nancy" Hayter, b. 1760, m. John Jamison, 1780, d. 9 April 1833
    4. 2. Abraham M. Hayter, Jr., b. 1762 in Frederick Co., MD,
    m. Sarah ??? in Washington Co., VA,
    m. Jane Hutton, 14 November 1786 in Washington Co., VA
    5. Esau Hayter, b. 1764 in Frederick Co., Maryland,
    m. Elizabeth Allison, 23 April 1789
    6. Susannah Hayter, b. ca. 1765 in Frederick Co., Maryland,
    m. William Allison, 3 January 1792, d. 16 June 1835
    7. Frances Hayter, b. ca. 1768 in Frederick Co., Maryland,
    m. Edward Hutton, 8 September 1791
    8. Margaret Hayter, b. 1772 in Frederick Co., Maryland,
    m. Robert Allison, 3 January 1792

    Andrew Parks and Abraham Hayter were exec of Joseph Parks' will of 1771 in Frederick MD

    Abraham was the Captain of Piney Creek Hundred Militia during the Revolutionary War. He was also Constable of Piney Creek Hundred, PA.

    It is believed that Abraham's real estate partner, Andrew Parks, may have been his brother-in -law (supposing that Parks's wife Rachell was Susannah's sister

    Note this references says the "Brooks Discovery on the Rich Lands" is only 1003 Acres

    Note: Abraham's wife is Susannah Darrock b: 1728 in Prob. Horsham Township, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania).

    In a deed of 18, November 1786, both Hayter & Parks are listed as being of Virginia. Hayter was popular with the German immigrants of Maryland in the 1760s because he could speak their language. They petitioned the court to appoint him justice of the peace. In 1771, he gave two acres of land to be used as the site of the Piney Creek Presbyterian Church. It is believed that the Hayter family originates in Northern England, then moves to Northern Ireland, then settles along the Delaware River, moving down to southeast Pennsylvania to Frederick County, MD. (Source: Basil L Crapster) 21 Jun 1777 - Frederick County Land records (RP p.179) deed - [Recorded 20 Aug 1777] Thomas Fisher, merchant of York County, Pennsylvania transfers to Rudolph Crapster, farmer of Frederick County, 100 acres, part of the tract called "Addition to Brooks Discovery on the Richland" and adjacent to a parcel recently made over by Andrew Parke and Abraham Hayter to Peter Coonce.

    From the Crapster Papers:


    Dr. Crapster has provided a chronological summary of Abraham Haytor's business activities and land transactions between 1760-1786. There are records of his jury duty in Frederick County and service as a Commissioner in Chancery Court. Some genealogical information is included. Haytor served as captain of the Piney Creek Hundred Militia during the American Revolution. It is believed that Abraham's real estate partner, Andrew Parks, may have been his brother-in -law (supposing that Parks's wife Rachell was Susannah's sister). In a deed of 18, November 1786, both Hayter & Parks are listed as being of Virginia.

    Hayter's Gap

    end of Hayter Data --------------------------------------------------


    For William Parks (Powell Valley) see:


    Schreiner-Yantis, Florence Speakman Love
    Genealogy Books in Print
    Springfield VA
    1987Person ChargedWhiteBlackBlack
    with TaxMalesMalesMales
    CountyTaxpayer(s=Self)>21> 21< 16HorsesCattlePageNotes
    AccomockPARKS, Charless0103785
    PARKS, Roberts0001385
    PARKS, Benjamins0232285
    PARKS, John, Sr.s0001285
    PARKS, John, Jr.s0000085
    PARKS, Johns0000085
    PARKS, Tabithas0001686not tithable
    AmherstPARKS, Marys11427188not tithable
    PARKS, Jno. (Estate)s01420188not tithable
    Lincoln (KY)PARKS, Williams00010307
    Hampshire WVPARKS, Samuels00040393
    PARKS, Andrews00068393
    PARKS, EnosAndrew PARKS393
    PARKS, Johns00035393so of Andrew
    PARKS, Johns100315393
    PARKS, Johns00024393
    PARKS, Jno.s010161250459not tithable
    PARKS, SamuelJno. PARKS459
     PARKHAM, Susannas01004459not tithable
    PittsylvaniaPARKS, William473not found on 473 per index
    MecklenburgPARKS, Mary023715552not tithable
    PARKS, RandolphMary PARKS552
    PARKS, JohnMary PARKS552
    ShenedoahPARK,  Jamess00030612
     PARKS, Henrys00000612
    CulpepperPARKS, Johns00112699
     PARKS, Richards076516700
    GreenvillePARCKS, Josephs02323779
    PARCKS, Jeconiass01049779
    PARCKS, Lucys01225779not tithable
    PARCKS, Chinas00000779
    RockbridgePARKS, James Sr.s00024805
    PARKS, James Jr.s000510805
    PARKS, Johns010310805
    Frederickburg TownWINDER, Edwards01110886
    PARKS, JosephWINDER, Edward886
    CATTON, JohnWINDER, Edward886
    Prince WilliamGIBSON, Johns110229022 wheeled carriages
    PARKS, JamesJohn GIBSON902
    Ohio WVPARKS, Jamess100151037
    Princess AnnPARK, Jno.s085561161
    LouisaPARKS, Dicks000221218
    Prince EdwardPARKS, Josephs0577361299
    SHANKY, RichardPARKS, Joseph1299
    PARKES, Roberts000341315
    New KentPARK, Edmunds04751013281 riding Chair
    Monongalia WVPARKS, Andrews000111371
    Berkeley WVPARKS, Williams000781412
    PARKS, Samuels20110211412
    PARKS, Jno.PARKS, Samuel1412
    PARKS, Josh?PARKS, Samuel1412
    WILSON, JnoPARKS, Samuel1412
    PARKS, Jamess03010391412
     DOROUGH, Johns000131499get page correction
    Jefferson KYPARKS, Josephs00011468
    PARK, Andrews00001477
    ?PARKS, Andrew14772 unamed Males over 21
    ?PARKS, Andrew1477


    Rev. John Wesley Parks b. 1848 Bradley Co. TN -d. 1939 Forsyth Co. GA Pvt. Co. E 4th Tennessee Federal Cavalry Baptist Preacher Son of Andrew J. Parks 1817 TN-1870 TN Grandson of William Parks 1777 PA -1852 TN Great grandson of Joseph Parks 175? MD? -1816 TN

    Dr. Walker Belle Parks b. 1872 GA d. 1951 Atlanta GA

    Sydney Parks b. 1905 GA d. 1987 Atlanta GA

    Michael Sydney Parks b. 1947 Atlanta GA
    Jaana Susanna Porra b. 1962 Helsinki Finland
    Julian Jackson Pora Parks b. 2001 Houston TX



    1. Who is Joseph's and William's father?

      According to the John Parks/Sarah Gibson documents: ...Joseph and William are too young to be a son of the John Parks d York PA 1777 ...They are too old to be a son of John (James) Jr. tea mechant of Hagerstown and Baltimore ...They may be the right age to be a son of Robert (exec of John Parks' will of 1777)

      They are not of the old Maryland Edward/Robert/John Sr/John Jr line

      They are not of the old Baltimore Parks line through David (assumed to be same as abovei.e., son of William)

      • John (James) Parks the Tea Merchant of Frederick and John Parks of Baltimore who married Bridgett Milhouse ARE NOT THE SAME

        John (or James according to Sarah Gibson) of Frederick is well established in Frederick (later Carroll) county between 1770 and 1779. He is in Baltimore at least until 1781 and "buys" his way out of jail for 1,000 pounds (a huge amount).

      • The Old Baltimore crew In Baltimore at the same time is John Parks Jr and Senior are in Baltimore in 1746, 1768, maybe the 1776 census in Dorchester County MD.

        John Jr dies in 1778. The crew (Aquilla, Elisha, Frederick, etc.) appear again in Baltimore in 1790.

        ...there would have to be three generations of John's in this group:

        ...John m Bridgett Milhouse Baltimore 1743,
        ...son John2 marries Keziah Rutledge 1761 and he dies 1788
        ...another son John3 for the 1790 census two show two Johns back in Baltimore

        ...this sequence of Johns appears beginning in 1743

        If according to data John of York PA doesn't arrive until 1760 this can't be the son John (James) in Frederick MD

    2. Joseph Parks as the father -- The 1771 Frederick MD will of Joseph Parks

      The will (with executors Andrew Parks and Abraham Hayter) says Joseph has three children -- no widow. Clemons/Frazier also says he had two sons and a daughter.

      If we assume this is the person the Rev. Frazier speaks of, then the daughter marries William Winchester Jr. in Frederick in 1771. As Clemons comments on Rev. Frazier, he notes:

      "...There has been speculation that Winchester saved his father-in-law from confiscation by the Whigs on the condition that he get the inheritance of his two brothers-in-law."

      Clemons/Frazier have the right number of children. Joseph dies in 1771 and Mary marries Winchester, Jr.

      Assuming two minor sons (one being Joseph and the other William), Joseph and William shortly appear in Loudoun county VA from 1774 to 1777 in the home of Thomas Gibson (who is there for decades). Then he and William lease 100 acres of land in 1778 through 1779. Joseph has a son William in 1777 in PA (according to the 1850 Bradley TN census)

    3. So, who is Joseph and William's father?

      There are only two Maryland Parks candidates left:

      1. Robert Parks (Joseph Parks' connection to Gibson/Hogg and thus to John Parks' York PA 1777 will)

      The father of Joseph and William might be the executor Robert mentioned in the John Parks 1777 York PA will and known progener of the Parks/Hogg/Gibson connection. Using the 1737 birth date, he could easily have fathered Joseph bc 1755 and William.

      This Robert owns land in York PA (Warrenton township) as does the John Parks of the 1777 York will.

      Most importantly, a Robert Parks household shows Joseph as a tithable in Loudoun VA in 1776. Robert is also listed in Loudoun as a tithable in 1775. This is the only possible direct tie to the Gibson/Hogg/John of York PA.

      This Robert then disappears from the records.

      Joseph Parks is continuously in Loudoun from 1774 to 1778 or 1779. One connecting link is the convergence of the Parks, Hogg and Gibson families in Blount county Tennesee in the 1806-1815 era.

      I have found no other male descendants of John Parks of York PA. John "the tea merchant" Parks's only adult male child is Andrew who married Harriet Washington and lived in WV as detailed above. This Andrew's children left no male grandchildren who had male descendants.

      This Robert as the son of Joseph (and thus the Parks/Gibson/Hogg connection) has no support other than Loundon VA tithing list of 1775/6. and now...

      Added 2015:

      I have located a direct line descendant of the John Parks who died in 1777 in Warrington township York PA. (and hence is related to both Robert Parks who was the executor of John Parks' York PA will and brother of John Parks the "tea merchant" above).

      The line of descendant from John Parks who died in York PA 1777 to the descendant with DNA test is:

      1. John Parks ( - died 1777 in York PA)
      2. John Parks (bc 1743-1812) the tea merchant married in 1765 Margaret Gibson
      3. Andrew Parks (1773-1836/7 Kanawha VA)
              married 1796 Harriet Washington
              (niece of President Washington)
      4. Maj. Andrew Parks (1811 Baltimore MD- 1863 Charleston WVA)
              married 1842 Margaret Davis Creed (1823 Ohio- 1866 Charleston WVA)
      5. Bushrod Washington Parks (1845/47 Kanawha VA)-1940 Rock Island Illinois)
              married Neshoho MO 1871 Mary Davis (bc 1850 Bradley TN-1919 S. Moline Rock Island IL)
              both buried Oakhill Cemetery Taylorsville Illinois
      6. Andrew Thomas Parks (1884-1945)
              married circa 1911/14 Laura Maude Price (1889-1966)
      7. Russell G Parks (1913-1986)
              Married 1933 Vera E Rose (1915-1988)
      8. male

      The familytreeDNA Y test proves that the tested male descendant is NOT related to ANY of the Parks families on this page.

      This leaves us with only one solid candidate:

      2. The mysterious Joseph Parks of Maryland whio died in Frederick in 1771

      Rev. Frazier his grandfather had a daughter and two sons:

      ...He had two sons and one daughter. A Mr. Winchester married his only daughter and was made his heir..."

      This matches the count of children on Joseph Parks 1771 Frederick County MD will where Andrew Parks and Abraham Hayter are shown as executors. Yet the grandchildren of Mary Parks -- who married Winchester show two occurences of children named "Andrew Parks Winchester." Wouldn't this be "Joseph" if the will and Fraziers story match up?

      As Andrew is old enough to do business in 1760 with Abraham Hayter he could either be related to the deceased Joseph as a brother. So, we might conclude that:

      But there is NO specific data to connect Joseph and William to the Frederick MD Joseph who died in 1771 other than: the matching children count of the extremely detailed Rev. Robert Frazier story that is held together soley by the Winchester tale AND the 1771 Frederick will of the Joseph Parks with three children.

      Hayter and "allegedly" Andrew Parks both married Darrock (Darrah) sisters. The wife of this relator Andrew Parks is named "Rachel" on several dowry releases on Hayter/Parks real estate deals. But NO females named Rachel appear in either William or Joseph descendants.

      Interestingly, the Andrew Park of Monongalia WV (the matching DNA group 4405 above) had several children who married into the Darrah family.

      Since Andrew is doing business in early 1760s, he could be connected to the Andrew of Monongalia WV (b 1760 ?). I have found no good guesses as to the father of this Monongalia Andrew.

    4. The Mercantile Angle and the Geography of the Great Wagon Road

      Joseph and William Parks' descendants seemed intimately mercantile.

      • Two references to William Parks involving transporation of goods are referenced in correspondences between Josph Martin and Patrick Henry in the 1780s
      • In Penelope Allen's "Leaves of the Family Tree" Joseph's son Samuel Parks is identified as the fellow who operated "the Baltimore Wagon Train". In Emmet Starr's "History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore", of Samuel was "...a fiscal agent for John Ross (Chief of the Cherokee) in 1838-39, securing wagons and teams for him."

        Four of Samuel children were merchants:

        1. George Washington Parks was "one of the early merchants in Cleveland"
        2. Thomas Jefferson Parks "was a successful merchant" in Indian Territory
        3. Jeannie Parks m2 Joseph Collier was a "prosperous merchant ...killed by a desparado in Ft. Gibson OK"
        4. Robert Calhoun Parks kept a store in Cleveland for his brother

      • Joseph's son Abner received the Joseph's land (granted 1806) in Blount County TN on "Parks Bend" where the "Parks Ferry" is identified.
      • Andrew J. Parks (son of William, grandson of Joseph) was a blacksmith in Bradley TN and was involved as a witness in a famous murder trial. Andrew happened to be in the tavern when the stage driver was murdered by a pssenger in 1849. Son Henry was a wagon maker, son Robert was a blacksmith and son John was a wheelwright.
      • William Parks' son William (Joseph's brother) was a blacksmith in Illinois

    5. In addition, the entire Parks Maryland connection seem to be in the mercantile trade. We know:

      • From the Sarah Gibson Book John Parks:
        was an immigrant from County Down Ire;
        made a will 1777 York PA;
        was a Baltimore merchant;
        sent his son John(James) to Elizabethtown (Hagerstown) to run a store in 1770.

        This son John(James):
        was a "tea merchant" who:
        moved back to Baltimore in 1779
        was the jailed for treason 1781
        died in Baltimore 1812

        His son Andrew
        m Harriet Washington (niece of George Washington)
        was a merchant in Fredericksburg VA in 1796 when he propsed to Harriet
        business partner Thomas McElderry who was married to Andrew's sister Elizabeth
        moves to West Virginia in 1821

      • A Joseph Parks dies in Frederick Maryland in 1771. If this Joseph was running the Parks operations in NW Maryland in 1770, this would be a good reason for John to send his son to Hagerstown. This would imply that the Joseph who died in Frederick MD in 1771 and John who died in 1777 in York VA were perhaps immigrant brothers? {NOT]

      • Thomas Gibson (double brother-in-law of John(James) Parks) was a merchantile partner with James Sterling in Baltimore.
      • An Andrew Parks appears in Greene County TN in the 1800 decade where he purchases town lots for commercial purposes. Another Parks out of the blue.

      If we examine some of the geography of their locations and its relationship "Great Warrior Road" we see that by the 1820s Samuel Parks still doing business in Baltimore -- at least fifty years after the John the tea merchant.

      The Great Warrior Road goes by many different names depending on the location and era. It arises through the Appalachian Trough a vast valley that lies between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains to the west. It goes from Pennsylvania to Georgia. Is the original migratory path for the great buffalo herds that migrated north and south seasonally. Joseph and William appear:

      • in Loudoun VA which is on a branch of the road which left Frederick Maryland and crossed the Potomac farther south than the Valley portion of the wagon road. It passes through Leesburg in Loudoun County where Joseph and brother William Parks are located from 1774-1779. This branch was referred to locally as the "Carolina Road". This portion continued south to Fredericksburg.

      • William and Joseph then appear adjacent to wagon road near the NC/VA border (Rockingham NC and Henry County VA) along the Mayo river where the main wagon road continued south to Salsbury NC and ultimately Augusta GA. This branch ran from Roanoake to Salisbury NC and was also locally called the "Carolina Road".

      • In Tennessee where Joseph and William later settled in the 1790s, Joseph is along the Great Warrior Path (Interstate 81) in Greene County Tennessee that ran south along Bay's Mountain the northwestern boundary of Greene County. Brother William was eight mile west in Bull's Gap. This lays along the east-west Wilderness Road (US 11 W) to the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky blazed by Daniel Boone in the 1760s. William perhaps ran an "ordinary" -- see the John Sevier diary above.

        In Tennessee, Joseph's location is along the Great Warrior Path (Interstate 81) running SW to NE to the Shenandoah Valley. Brother William's land -- just a few miles away in Bull's Gap -- lies on the Boone trail from NC to the Cumberland Gap (US Highway 11E).

      Regarding the matching DNA:

      Other than William and Joseph Parks being matched, for "Belmont James" Parks, "Grayson James" Parks, "Lancaster PA" Robert Parks and "Monongalia Andrew" Park, I can find nothing far enough back to connect any of these matching DNA lines. August 2009