Ming Zhao

Assistant Professor


Dr. Zhao is an assistant professor of business analytics in the Department of Decision and Information Sciences at the University of Houston. Before joining the University of Houston, he served as a senior operations research specialist in Advanced Analytics and Optimization Services (AAOS) group at SAS from 2009 to 2015. He received a PhD degree in the Department of Industrial & System Engineering at the University at Buffalo in 2008 and was a postdoctoral researcher in Business Analytics & Mathematical Sciences (BAMS) group at IBM T.J. Watson research center from 2008 to 2009.

Research Interests

  • Data Driven Optimization, Risk Management, Healthcare, Big Data Analytics.

Selected Publications

  • M. Zhao and N.K. Freeman, 2018, "Robust Sourcing from Suppliers under Ambiguously Correlated Major Disruption Risks," Production and Operations Management forthcoming.
  • N.K. Freeman, M. Zhao and S.H. Melouk, 2018, "An Iterative Approach for Case Mix Planning Under Uncertainty," Omega: International Journal of Management Science 76, 160-173.
  • M. Zhao, K. Huang and B. Zeng, 2017, "A Polyhedral Study on Chance Constrained Program with Random Right-Hand Side," Mathematical Programming 166(1), 19-64.
  • N. Esquejo, K. Miller, K. Norwood, I. Oliveira, R. Pratt and M. Zhao, 2015, "Statistical and Optimization Techniques for Laundry Portfolio Optimization at P&G," Interfaces 45(5), 444-461.
  • I.R. de Farias JR., E. Kozyreff and M. Zhao, 2014, "Branch-and-Cut for Complementarity-Constrained Optimization," Mathematical Programming Computation 6(4), 365-403.
  • I.R. de Farias JR., R. Gupta, E. Kozyreff and M. Zhao, 2013, "Branch-and-Cut for Separable Piecewise Linear Optimization: Computation," Mathematical Programming Computation 5(1), 75-112.
  • I.R. de Farias JR. and M. Zhao, 2013, "A Polyhedral Study of the Semi-Continuous Knapsack Problem," Mathematical Programming 142(1) 169-203.
  • M. Zhao and I.R. de Farias JR., 2013, "The Piecewise Linear Optimization Polytope: New Inequalities and Intersection with Semi-Continuous Constraints," Mathematical Programming 142(1), 217-255.
  • I.R. de Farias JR., H. Zhao, and M. Zhao, 2010, ''A Family of Inequalities Valid for the Robust Single Machine Scheduling Polyhedron," Computers and Operations Research 37(9), 1610-1614.
  • M. Zhao and I.R. de Farias JR., 2008, "A Note on the Continuous Mixing Set," Operations Research Letters 36(6), 726-733.
  • I.R. de Farias JR., M. Zhao, and H. Zhao, 2008, "A Special Ordered Set Approach for Optimizing a Discontinuous Separable Piecewise Linear Function," Operations Research Letters 36(2), 234-238.
  • M. Zhao and I.R. de Farias JR., 2008, "The Mixing-MIR Set with Divisible Capacities," Mathematical Programming 115(1), 73-103.

Contact Info

MH 290F
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  • SCM 8397: Supply Chain Modeling (Ph.D.)
  • BZAN 7320: Business Modeling for Competitive Advantage (MBA)
  • BZAN 6310: Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions (MBA)
  • SCM 4330: Business Modeling & Analysis (Undergraduate)
  • BZAN 3310: Intro. to Business Analytics (Undergraduate)


PhD in Operations Research at State University of New York at Buffalo